Pepsi Commercial from 2002

seriously the best part is seeing her body chain whip around. i wish i wasn’t so obsessed with it. hahahahahahahaha

Beyonce appreciation month: Why I Love Beyonce

Of course the hardest thing for me to put into words would be the first question.

well it all started when i was eight years old. I got a CD player for my birthday from my father. He was completely clueless because i didnt even own any CDs. The first CD i bought was Destinys Child Survivor. i played that cd to death. That was when i started using music to escape. My grandmother was in the hospital at the time and i couldnt stop listening to Emotions and Brown Eyes. And as a pick me up i played everything else lol. I always wondered what it would be like to have sisters and i pretended destinys child could have been my sisters from time to time. (sidenote-when i found out beyonce had a sister i got really jealous-then grew to love solange too)

fastforward to beyonce going solo. I was beyond obsessed with her music. Then i finally got internet and cable tv, and omg ive never been the same. the more i learned about her the more i loved her. Shes one of my biggest inspirations. following her career has taught me alot about life and business and love. im constantly proud of her and i feel like i made a great decision when i was eight.