bcuz of you

one’s a desert boy and the other is a beach boy let them share a scarf bcuz it’s hella cold and they’re both freezing

SO SORRY THIS IS FOR THE @voltron-ss SECRET SANTA AND IT’S SO LATE!! ERINN!!!!! @omgklance!!!!! I APOLOGIZE FOR BEING SO LATE!! I was gonna draw the whole squad and christmas day shenanigans but stuff happened and it’d take too long. SO, i thought that bcuz of ur url, klance would be a safe bet and this ended up being really cute?? are they red bcuz of the cold or bcuz of smth else??? :3 i hope u like it bcuz i enjoyed drawing it!

tbh i don’t understand why letting your son play with barbies will ‘turn him gay’ bcuz you’re literally letting him play with an overly-sexy female doll where he can take her clothes off and touch her boobs


that’s so gay


They both joined team Instinct in the end.


This is based off the original telephone game post, using Seto Kaiba as our character for the game! Thank you so much to all of the artists for your wonderful work and for your patience!!! This was tons of fun to do :D

Artists, in order:
anocurry, yugirl-with-dragons, zelka94, phuijl, masaya90, onisuup, cricket-farmer, thiefprincess, fimyuan, mykenbomb, kvgua

Teal - Clarity. Trust. Healing. Stability. Serenity.

Aaaand its 5 am and ive been working on this mess since september /scREAMS/ or was it october…@msmarshmallowmadnessi told you a kiss was coming 😈 i guess i’ll dedicate this to our awesome prguy @teamlolirock bcuz you and the squad have given us all so much already! Thank you guys for making lolirock bcuz it honestly means so much to us! We wish you all of the above!  #alsolowkeycelebratorykiss4s2 😉

Wtf Sherlock fandom????

I’m so sad and disappointed at some people in this fandom. I’ve seen comments and posts that truly make me want to pull my hair from my scalp. The fact that someone doesn’t support your ship or a new character(rosamund Watson) “destroys” johnlock and you wish death to a baby even IF fictional is fucked up and you need Holy water and Jesus bcuz seriously you’re fucked up. Stop whining about every single thing the creators choose to show us. I understand the anticipation for the new season but the amount of hateful comments from some fanatics really makes me sick. Support what you support,ship what you ship I don’t care,but don’t insult me and anyone who doesn’t agree with you bcuz I’m gonna burn the heart out of you. So don’t fucking test me

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Hah. Instead of the jikook pencil one, I'll ask for a yoonseok fic. 1 punched 2 in the face and then felt bad, so he tries to kiss it better.

“What’s the hell, Hoseokie!”
There’s a blueish blemish blooming on Yoongi’s left cheek marring the skin and Hoseok would dare say it’s beautiful- the contrast of the rainbow liveliness of the bruise against the ghost pallor of the skin- if it wasn’t his doing.

Few minutes earlier, Yoongi creept up on him when he was engrossed in monitoring their dance moves and blew air on his neck. Hoseok got startled so bad and flailed his arms around, resulting in the new decoration on Yoongi’s face.

“Come on hyung, you know it wasn’t on purpose”
Yoongi turns his head away, arms crossed, and pouts. Freaking pouts. Hoseok knows Min Yoongi is a grumpy teddy, so he muses the idea to humor him.

“Should i kiss it better, hyung?” Amused laughter ensues at the dust of pink on the older’s face.
Yoongi feels buffs of air against his cheek and he thinks that maybe scaring Hoseok often wouldn’t be a bad idea.

send me a pairing + an Au setting and I’ll write u a three sentence fic

For realz

It is funny to watch the Johnlockers have their meltdown, but it is getting a bit offensive. Don’t you think it’s sexist to assume that two men with a close friendship are gay? It’s clear and old sexism from a patriarchal society – bcuz “real heterosexual men” don’t cry or love each other, according to that bullshit. And don’t say it’s for representation, bcuz there are shows and characters out there that are gay and they’re wonderfully written. Mark Gatiss is a gay man himself, you honestly think he wouldn’t make one of them gay if he really wanted to? If it was really the story he wanted to tell? Johnlockers, you were seeing things that weren’t there, bcuz you were fetishing the idea of two men having romantic and sexual feelings for each other….and I have a feeling it’s more about the acting chemistry of Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman that motivates this. You can really tell who the Johnlockers are, too, even ones that were low-key about it, lol. They’re so angry but in denial, coming up with irrational excuses like “Merr, how did Eurus escape Sherrinford? Makes no sense, this episode sucks” When that shit has been answered already in the episode. It’s like not having Johnlock or even Sherlolly come true sent ppl’s brains into a fog and they’re pissy about it.

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hey there! i was wondering if you could write an scenario where you are sf9's taeyang gf and he gets jealous bcuz you're fangirling over svt's hoshi?

A/N: This was so awful as I wrote it when I was sick so I’m really sorry about that :( I’m also so sorry it took me so long to finish but I really hope you like it I tried really hard to make it good enough for you xx

Promotions time wasn’t very far away now and tensions were high as they were trying to nail and finish this choreography before the music video shooting tomorrow. Everyone was very stressed out and the most you could do was to be there for the boys and comfort them as they felt like crap because they were being pushed so hard.

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