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Amedotbomb8 Day 3: Camping

Well, I think Peri would love to watch ants and look at fire idk 

Do you know what hurts me the most about ObiYuki? It’s that Obi and Shirayuki relationship right now is so good, so well developed, but is probably just being used as a way to “confuse” the readers.

Shirayuki and Zen relationship is also good, but for me, it lacks actual development. They got together so fast ( something I loved in the beginning), but now there is always this “tension” between them, which ends up difficulting their development. It is as if they just scratched the surface of each other, which wouldn’t be a big problem if the author didn’t decide to show us another relationship in which two people started getting to know each other in depth by actually spending time together and getting closer. There is a palpable difference in Obi and Shirayuki’s relationship from the beginning of the series to where they stand now. Again, this is in no way Zen or Shirayuki’s fault since they keep getting separated by their own duties, but it was a conscious choice made by the author.

Sure, we could see Obi and Shirayuki’s relationship as an old and good bromance/platonic relationship IF one side of the equation didn’t have romantic feelings for the other, and it is simply disappointing that the author is building this wonderful relationship between them… that is probably  going nowhere, because as we all know, their chances are low and the main ship will prevail in the end.

And this is where I get to my main point ( and the reason I’m writing this post in the first place lol), what will happen to Obi in the end?  Sure, he’s completely devoted to Zen and Shirayuki and support their relationship and happiness, but there’s a limit to how much you can stand seeing the person you love with someone else, even if you happy for them, and his feelings for Shirayuki are nowhere near to disappear ( they getting stronger, tbh).  Kiki and Mitsuhide are also going to be a couple sooner or later, but what about Obi? Is he going away after Shirayuki and Zen get together for good and leave the only place he felt like he belonged behind? Or will he stay with them while keep harboring feelings for Shirayuki? What I want to say is that, right now, I can’t see an ending where I’ll be satisfied when it comes to Obi, because there’s no ending where he will be truly happy.

Maybe (probably) I’m suffering in advance and the author will show us a way, but now I’m just … so, so frustrated.

PS: I’m in no way bashing ZenYuki* I know they’re good! I’m just frustrated to see a good chara being used as a plot device and getting my hope up just to be letting down at the ending,


They both joined team Instinct in the end.

nongay ppl need to stop using terms like “Gays” “Gay™️” -(no matter what word comes before it)- like its literally the most obviously dehumanizing/objectifying gross way to refer to gay people; it was created by homophobes and if you use it n ur not gay then youre…also…a..homophobe…

signs as things from my diaries

Aries: fuck me in the ass!!???!!!!!!! i dont care!!???!!!

Taurus:  i want a punch buggy bcuz i condone violence

Gemini: kylie from the 2nd grade ruined my life

Cancer:  i wrote that in invisible ink bcuz i dont want my mom finding out

Leo: the only reason i havent killed myself is because im awesome

Virgo: die antwoord makes me feel pretty

Libra: i hunger for justice… always

Scorpio: maybe its because im obsessed with murder

Capricorn: i think i might be a lesbyen?


Aquarius: it just occurred to me theres a world outside of tomblor dot hell





i am in no way popular on tumblr but my mutuals deserve a post so,,

YOU ARE APPRECIATED (even if we don’t talk much (we should tho))

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dear, you don’t have to feel like you have to do anything for me, for us; you don’t owe us anything and honestly, I’d prefer if you looked after yourself instead of others first haha- but thank you for the kind thought, it’s heartwarming to see *hugs*

// hn g hfdkjhkjfg;;; thank you aaaa;; please take care though,,

so i just watch the china il season finale (which was a cute hour long musical) and then posted this

cuz ok ya theyre super funny n cute together but i didnt think anyone would pay attention to my dumb lil ramblings but then

in case u dont know, thats the creator of china il and im currently embarrassed

the upcoming godfest isnt rly something to write home about, but i’ve got some magic stones to spare so i guess i’ll roll anyway??