bcuz i dont


They both joined team Instinct in the end.




Happy Valentine’s day @tu-surak!!!!

evveryone wwho makes a crytype joke that isnt Directly WWander-Specific owwes a neurodivvergent person 50$ im sorry i dont make the rules

errr …. someone request me to make this , (well2 GenoSai again )

When Genos suddenly get fever n Saitama immediately take Geno’s first aid + cooler machine too … (bcuz Saitama forget set to low power vibrate …  )
n powerfull vibrate make him ….
ok nevermind …. ( “ =-=)

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im not even gonna try and redeem myself anymore  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯!!!!!!!!!!! im absolu te garbage for a fictional muppet man !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i cant beleive i chose 2 draw this instead of the latter 

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in voltron, do you HC anyone to be alpha/beta/omega (in terms of omegaverse)? & if so, who's what?

LANCE IS OMEGA bcuz i like that for him. Shiro is Alpha bcuz i like THAT and THEM together in that way. Hunk and Pidge are betas bcuz i see them as very level headed and not rlly swayed by intense emotions/feelings to the degree those dynamics usually go. Keith can be whatever he wants to be bcuz i’ll ignore him either way bcuz i dont care abt keith lol but probably Alpha or Omega bcuz he’s always got something intense emotions going on 24/7. Allura is Alpha, Coran is Beta!

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do you think kl fans have some kind of fantasy about keith having to answer to lance, and that's why they want lance to pilot black? it rly sounds like fic fodder that they want bcuz tbh i dont see lance being happy in a leadership role in canon

i don’t see lance as wanting to lead them either he’s just never came across as being the leading type