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being jeon jungkook’s girlfriend;

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bts; bulletpoints

rated; m (lightly)

  • him taking forever to confess and ask you out
  • by the time he does, you already know he likes you cus his hyungs tease him relentlessly
  • and taetae might have accidentally let it slip his tongue while you were hanging out
  • him being very shy and giggly in the beginning
  • taking you to the movies for the first date, to keep it classic
  • but doesn’t take too long to warm up to you bcus as soon as you’re dating, you hang out 24/7
  • his hyungs whining that they can’t hang out with you anymore cus he’s keeping you all to himself
  • him teasing you every chance he gets, about everything he can
  • if you’re short like me, you’re doomed
  • first kiss is the cutest most innocent thing ever
  • probably just a peck bcus both of you start giggling
  • once you two start with the kissing, he will never stop
  • except for when the guys are around, he’d be too shy
  • so if you want to make him flustered, kiss him while the others are there
  • the first time you make out, it would be super giggly and playful
  • but with time, it would get less innocent
  • him pinning you down against the couch, or you straddling his thighs
  • prepare for when the guys intentionally interrupt a make out session just to tease you two
  • except for jin who accidentally walks in on you and covers his eyes, scolding the both of you (mostly jungkook)
  • him forcing you to play video games with him, whether you like it or not
  • get ready to lose constantly, bcus just cus you’re his girlfriend, doesn’t mean he’ll let you win
  • if you do end up beating him, he’ll pretend like he actually did let you
  • he’d never admit defeat
  • eating together = junk food
  • cup noodles are a go-to
  • the two of you watching weird meme videos on youtube until 4 am while stuffing yourselves with snacks
  • he makes you cuddle with him every time he wants to take a nap, wherever it is
  • “but, jungkook, I need to-”
  • “shh, babe, shh,”
  • *tightens hold*
  • gets incredibly jealous whenever the other guys make you laugh or hang out with you
  • like, he gets too jealous for nothing
  • overprotective
  • but he’s embarrassed about it so he’ll never tell you
  • he will just pretend to be indifferent and not kiss you for awhile
  • but he kisses you anyway cus he can’t refuse
  • on the other hand, he loves the fact that the guys like you as well
  • he values his hyungs’ opinions very much and is a proud boyfriend to you
  • backhugs
  • just a shit ton of backhugs
  • he’ll even give you backhugs in front of everyone else because he fucking loves giving you backhugs
  • the kind where his arms are wrapped over yours, head leaned on your shoulder
  • hates it when you don’t pay attention to him
  • starts poking you or playing with your hair so you’ll do something with him instead
  • you cave in bcus this boy just doesn’t give up
  • him grinning whenever you do
  • him making you do crazy shit
  • like if you’re at an amusement park, he’ll force you onto the craziest rides
  • laughing when you scream
  • makes you eat so many sweets with him
  • if you’re easily jumpscared like me, prepare to have heart attacks on the daily
  • like I said, constant teasing
  • supports you in everything you decide to do
  • cus he firmly believes in following one’s dreams
  • cries more than you whenever you’re sad, cus he hates seeing you like that
  • whatever you feel, he feels
  • that’s why he makes sure to always keep you happy
  • he just feels so much for you
  • but the few times you fight, he can often get angrier than he should
  • which also makes you angrier than you should be
  • he’s probably very depressed afterwards
  • idek who would apologize first
  • but he would swallow his pride and do it first for you
  • is extra cuddly and clingy when you make up
  • makes sure you can’t even hate him if you wanted to
  • preferably the big spoon, it makes him feel manly
  • you probably wake up before him in the mornings
  • he’s a heavy sleeper
  • you have to kiss him to wake him up
  • he’s actually awake but pretends to be sleeping just so you’ll kiss him
  • bcus when he’s not actually awake it’ll take more than a kiss to get him up
  • but when he wakes up before you, he likes to just watch you sleep for a while
  • you’re just so cute
  • wakes you up by tickling you cus he’s a little shit
  • sometimes you get revenge by waking him up by touching his nipples
  • he glares at you and rolls over to pin you down onto the mattress for fucking with him
  • cue playful morning make out
  • possibly more, if he’s feeling horny that morning
  • about sex;
  • takes quite some time to get your relationship to that stage
  • it’s not that he doesn’t want to
  • he definitely wants to, boi, he fucking wants to
  • he’s just a shy little cutie pie and doesn’t know how to approach the situation
  • honestly, it could go on forever that you guys don’t start getting sexually active
  • it would most likely have to be you who mentions it casually at some point
  • like you just casually ask him what he thinks about it and if he’s comfortable with it
  • prepare for a red-faced kookie
  • it will just casually be brought up and then things will be just like normal again
  • until it finally happens
  • once he knows you’re comfortable with it, you don’t have to be the one to initiate it
  • it can kinda be both of you
  • like with everything else, the first time will be very playful and cute
  • but then you will start to discover each other more in depth
  • like each other’s kinks and stuff
  • he definitely prefers being more dominant, but could switch
  • doesn’t necessarily like being too rough
  • he doesn’t want to hurt you in any sense of the word
  • gets turned on by giving you pleasure
  • knowing that you feel good because of something he’s doing is definitely something he likes
  • gets horny often cus he’s still basically a teenager
  • boners from like really odd things that you do
  • like things that aren’t meant to be sexy but he thinks they are
  • like if he’s tired and sleepy and you’re in bed and he subconsciously pushes you away and turns around
  • but then you groan and scoot over and hug him tightly again
  • for some reason that makes him horny because you take charge
  • ik, he’s weird XD
  • but so are you
  • he fucking loves showing off in front of you
  • and always teases that “look what I can do, and you can’t”
  • likes intentionally getting you turned on in public by doing different things discreetly
  • but gets turned on himself cus you’re turned on and instantly regrets it
  • greets you by hugging you and lifting you off the ground
  • jin jokingly flirting with you to make kook jealous
  • the other boys treating you two like babies
  • but are reminded that you are not babies anymore when they wake up to loud noises in the middle of the night
  • acts like he hates when you steal and wear his clothes
  • “baby, you know I don’t like sharing clothes”
  • secretly loves it tho
  • but only uses that as an excuse to get them off of you so you can have some fun no clothes needed
  • constantly sends you memes and ugly pictures of his hyungs saying “you’re lucky to be dating the only hot one in bts, babe”
  • pretends to be a bad boy but is actually a tiny bunny
  • loves you with all his heart, like literally
  • you definitely don’t have to get jealous of other girl idols
  • he doesn’t value looks the most
  • besides, he already thinks you’re the most beautiful thing he’s ever witnessed
  • be prepared for an adventurous and fluffy relationship with this boy
  • good luck surviving it

More class comics! Nobody in Oregon ever gets tired of hearing about that time we blew up a whale. Prompt was “journalism”

since this is becoming a common thing lets do some lgbt hcs yea?:

  • sesshomaru and naraku are both agender; sess is too good for your stupid genders and naraku is a Mess of too much to fit any binary
  • kohaku is a tranboy and feels he has to work even harder to be a Man™ than anyone else which is one of the reasons he was so nervous on his first mission 
  • rin grows to be genderfluid, just because their most comfy being whoever they want to be at any given time and they are a whimsical being
  • kikyo is an asexual lesbian lets just get that out the way and she has a small crush on sango
  • pansexual miroku & naraku
  • are you tryna tell me bankotsu was straight?
  • kagura is a transgirl who admires sesshomaru’s effortless and genderless beauty
  • all the other incarnations are agender
  • kagome is bifurious 

UHm? can u believe im this late??? jfc this is day 4 lmaooo// @karabita

Karabita day 4; Blind!Karamatsu AU and/or support .either or i guess,,,, hope it doesnt look more like trash the next time i look at this :,^)

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75/86 with Calum

Here you go!! Sorry this took me actually 98 years to get to you. Most of this had been sitting in my drafts and I honestly forgot about it until I came across it rn. So I finished it up and here it is! Some angsty calum for you! I hope you like it!!

Calum let out a loud groan when the rays of sunshine from his hotel window pulled him from his deep drunken slumber. He had been awake not 30 seconds and was already plagued with a headache from his heavy drinking the night before. He had no desire to get up from the comfy bed to deal with anyone in the world so he rolled over and pulled the pillow onto his face attempting to block out the persistent sun. His mind was slowly slipping back to sleep when the memories from the night before came crashing into him like a two ton truck.

“Calum don’t you think you should maybe take it a little easy on the drinking?” (Y/N) asked softly, from her spot on the bed. She had been in her pajamas for hours now, chilling in the hotel room alone, again. He had abandoned her once again to go to another club, or house party she couldn’t keep track at this point. She understood sometimes being alone was part of the deal when she would visit on tour, the boys were busy doing promo, interviews, their job. What she didn’t understand was her best friend, the person she came all the way here to see, seemingly insist need to leave her behind. But even all that paled in comparison to her actual concern about what the media was starting to say about him. Horrible things about how all he did was drink now, the party boy who caused trouble, started fights. She was terrified those things were becoming true and she never wanted him to become that person.

“What are you talking about? I’m fiiiiiinnne,” He slurred, still making his way into the room wobbling with each drunken step.

“I don’t think you are. You should probably tone the partying and drinking down a bit. Maybe take a rest from the whole scene for a while,” She suggested.

“Just because you are a dud doesn’t mean I should have to be,” He said offhandedly, starting to attempt at taking his shirt off. All he managed to do is get tangled and frustrated in his drunken stupor.  

“This isn’t about me, Calum. This is about your health for one, this can’t possibly be could for you to be spread so thin all day doing promo and shows every night then partying and drinking out until,” She quickly checked the clock, “4 in the morning when you have to get up again tomorrow to do it all over again. Also its bad for your reputation. Do you really want to be known as the party boy who can’t handle his alcohol and starts fights?”

“Who the fuck said I can’t handle my alcohol?!” He asked, ignoring all the concerns (Y/N) had just voiced.

“That’s not the main concern here,” She said, pushing up off the bed in frustration. “You need to make serious changes Calum, I’m worried about you.”

“Well, stop worrying. I’m fucking fine. Stop trying to tell me what to do, I didn’t fucking ask for your opinion,” He said beginning to wrestle his shirt off once again. This time succeeding. “Everyone wants to offer their fucking opinion when no one asked! I didn’t ask, (Y/N)!”

Do you even realize how much stuff like this hurts me? I hate seeing people say disgusting things about you Calum! You’re my best friend! I want people to see you as the caring thoughtful person I know, not this drunken fool you are being,” She said.

“Maybe you don’t know me as well as you fucking thought! Why are you even here?! All you do is bitch at me. ‘Don’t do this Calum. Don’t do that. Smoking is bad, watch your drinking.’  Why the fuck do you care? You’re not my mom, and you sure as hell are not my girlfriend so leave me the hell alone.”  He exclaimed before he plopped down on the bed, shoving his face into one of the pillows obviously too drunken or too pissed off to care about continuing the conversation. But it didn’t even matter at that point. Before his face even hit the pillow (Y/N) was already gathering her things, packing everything back up into her suitcase. She was ready to leave within minutes, pajamas long gone regular street clothes replacing them. Calum was right, she wasn’t his girlfriend. No matter how deep her feelings for him were or how much she loved the idiotic boy she wasn’t his girlfriend and wouldn’t ever be. So she picked up her bag and left Calum in the dark room, snoring oblivious to the mess he had caused.

He bolted upright, his eyesight going spotty for a second from the sudden movement. The bed next to him was empty, his chest tightened, what the hell had he done?! He swung his legs to the floor getting up to look for her luggage, but it was gone. All that was left in the room was his duffel. Forgoing shoes and a shirt Calum ran out of his hotel room making a beeline for Michaels. He refused to stop knocking until the blue haired boy answered the door.

“Wow, you look rough,” Michael snorted, but Calum didn’t even take notice he pushed right past the pale boy into his room.

“Where is she?” There wasn’t much room to search in the tiny space. Luke and Ashton were occupying a bed together passing a phone back in forth laughing at whatever was on the small screen. There was only one other bed in the room and (Y/N) was not there, she wasn’t in his room, she was gone and Calum was struggling to breathe.

“Where IS SHE?! Where is (Y/N)!” He shouted, as if the boys could just pull her out of thin air to calm his racing heart.

“She fucking left, mate,” Michael said crossing his arms, obviously pissed off at Calum.

“Wha-what do you mean she left? Like left to go out and explore the city or..or left..” He didn’t even want to finish asking. He didn’t want to believe he had been such a horrible dick to her to make her leave the country to go back home. He would never forgive himself.

“She went home, Cal. We took her to the airport this morning,” Luke said quietly, obviously sensitive to Calums distress.

“Well, why the fuck would you do that!!!” It wasn’t a question, it was a demand.  

“Because we aren’t a bunch of shit heads! We weren’t going to force her to stay! She didn’t feel wanted here Calum and it wasn’t because of any of us. We love (Y/N) and we told her so, insisted we did want her here. It wasn’t anyone but you who made her feel unwelcome! I can’t even believe you’d treat her like that! She does so fucking much for you! She’s been there for you through it all! Always defending you always standing by your side and how do you repay her? By being a major dick,” Michael was infuriated.

“She really left,” He couldn’t breathe, really couldn’t. His chest was impossibly tight and all he kept thinking was don’t cry, don’t fucking cry. “I really lost her.”