to vote respond with the number and the design with the most votes will be the next tutorial!

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Which one should i do next? 

1 - cable knit nails

2 - Leaping lambs

3 - want fried with that?

4- dew drops on roses

5 - pink gator

6 - watermelon

7 - leafy greens

8 - love in the clouds

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Hey guys i’ve decided to start a section of my blog that features PRODUCTS  I LOVE!!!! I’ll be regularly adding things to the list where you can buy items such as nail art beads, face masks, glitter, polishes, nail accessories, tools and storage!

One of the items listed is the awesome color club polish i used for EPIC OPAL!  

so Check it out http://basecoat-topcoat.tumblr.com/Product <—- or visit Products I love page on BCTCNAILS! 

ps: if you have any questions about any products i added feel free to ask me :)

another future tutorial

Hello, hello, hello, 

so a lot of people have been wondering how i did the druzy nail design. So i think i’ll do a tutorial on them when i start doing video tutorials. They were done using a needle brush, and lots and lots of tiny blending and such which i think would be hard to explain in the pic tutorials i do now and have like 100 steps (probably not the many, but a lot) so… i’ll add it to the list. :)

*** you can see the list of future picture and video tutorials on my TUTORIALS PAGE at the bottom***