So today is Guest poster # 3!  with my featured nail blogger Grace, from NAIL WHORE!

Her site features playful and color rich designs on super long fierce nails!


These are my love jellies. I recently came back from a trip and it has really made me appreciate nature. I think jelly fish are cool because they come in so many colors so I made some jellyfish with hearts since valentines day are right around the corner. I added some seaweed and coral at the bottom just for detail.  Love, Grace Nail whore <3 Polishes used: Borghese orange. OPI Malaysian Mint, Fly, Ate Berries in the Canaries, Dating a Royal, Big Apple Red, Just Spotted the Lizard, Glitzerland, Bright Lights-Big Color, and Animalistic. Milani 3D 510. NK Magical. Sally Hansen Limestone. Lastly one nail art brush.  _____________________________________________________________________________ *Forgot what day it was, sorry for the delay*
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Guest Poster #14 Charlie from POPPINGNAILS!

This is the second Guest Post the amazing Charlie has done for BCTCNAILS, (actually one year ago to the day!) I’m a big fan of Charlies' unique designs and use of color and i think you (if you aren’t already) will be too! To check out her first click here –>  http://basecoat-topcoat.tumblr.com/post/42385952822/guest-poster-5-charlie-from-popping-nails  or visit the Guest page http://basecoat-topcoat.tumblr.com/GUEST

Enjoy! :)


When Kelly asked if I could do a guest post for her, I was really excited. I wasn’t planning on doing any Valentine’s Day themed nails myself on my blog but I thought of this idea quickly and loved it. It’s not the typical hearts and roses obvious Valentine’s Day design but that isn’t my style and something quirky like this is. I used a base of W7 Sheer Pink just to give my nails a nice neutral shade and to get rid of any staining. All the black I used is Barry M Black and I went in with the bee to start with, along with Barry M Yellow and Sally Hansen Polar Bare for the wings. I then did the lettering with Barry M Black and Pomegranate filling in the bottom. I then added in some hearts using Barry M Passion Fruit, Strawberry Ice Cream and Sinful Colors 24/7. I love the look of these nails, and hopefully you can see as well the trail from the bee is a question mark giving the nails a “Be Mine?” theme. Anyway, I hope you all like this design and thanks to Kelly for letting me create something for her. 


Thanx Charlie I love them!

Be sure to check out Charlies site at poppingnails.tumblr.com!

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Guest Poster #9 - Megan from POLISHOPHRENIA!

Megan’s nails are always crazy beautiful! Her fiercely long nails are always colorful, awesomely illustrated, and feature unique designs! Not to mention the line quality is something to be admired! So check out Megan’s talons here —-> Polishophrenia.tumblr.com

Here’s megan!


Alright! So.. Hi everyone! I’m Polishophrenia, or Megan. I’ve never done a guest post before, so this is pretty exciting! I wish I could describe my excitement when I got the message asking me to do this.. But yeah. :D

To make this design, I used Sally Hansen’s Insta-Dri ‘Blue-Away’ and a ton of Stripe Rites.. Black, White, Light pink, Pink, Magenta, Green, Dark Green, Yellow, and Orange. I also used China Glaze Strong Adhesion Base Coat and Seche` Vite. Since Spring is around the corner and pastels are the thing, I was all over using pastels. I just couldn’t figure out the Spring part. On one of my nail wheels I had done a butterfly so I figured that could be my next design before I start the Easter designs. And since this is a guest post, I wanted something that would be like, “Woah! Yeah super cool!” and just be pretty awesome. I like to think it’s awesome.. Then another part of me thinks I still could have gone further with more detail.. Oh well. I hope everyone enjoys it! “How is she gonna do her dominant hand?”

Let me tell ya’.. I have no idea. :1


Thanx Megan!

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CHECK OUT POPPING NAILS for the guest post on this funky spring design i’m calling the “Pointed Puzzle French” Thanx Charlie for making it happen! Check out and follow Popping Nails Here: http://poppingnails.tumblr.com/, Here http://poppingnails.blogspot.com/ and poppingnails on IG!



Hey guys, It’s time for another guest poster! – #12 is Megan from Meg-lacqsit.tumblr.com!

Megan’s site features gorgeous nail art with floral, tribal print and abstract designs, swatches from big and small brand polishes and lots and lots of bundles of nail mail and goodies! ps: i love the name, so punny! :)

**So check her out at MEG-LACQSIT.TUMBLR.COM or find her in instagram @razonmeg

and finally here is meg:


Hey! It’s Megan from “meg-lacqsit”. I’m a huge fan of BCTC and I’m uber excited to be a guest poster!

Floral designs are one of my favorites to do. This was inspired by a plastic storage container I saw at Big Lots! Lol. To create this design I started by painting my thumb, middle, & ring fingers with Essie’s “Blanc”. Then I painted my index finger with “Con Limon” by Floss Gloss and my pinky with “Coral Bikini” (also by FG). I used those 2 colors to make the floral pattern on the white nails by making teardrop shapes. Thanks so much for having me, Kelly! I hope you like this design I created! xx


Thanx Meg! I love it!

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Hey guys! im so so so excited to announce my very first guest post! not only am I thrilled to be starting this, but I’m even more excited to be sharing with you one of my favorite nail bloggers, Alice from ONE NAIL TO RULE THEM ALL! 

Her designs are beautiful, original and so well photographed, oh and the title– so awesome! So if you don’t know her stuff go get acquainted RIGHT NOW! :) You can check out her tumblr http://onenailtorulethemall.tumblr.com/ and her blogspot http://onenailtorulethemall.blogspot.co.uk/p/about-me.html

 Without further delay here is ALICE!


Hi everyone! I’m Alice, and this is my first guest post, ever, so please be nice to me haha. These nails were done on the spur of the moment, I didn’t really have a plan for them I just knew I wanted to use my newly acquired China Glaze - Glistening Snow which I got for only £2 in the Sallys sale! My go-to design has always been hearts, and I always love outlining things in black so these are the perfect combination.  I used NYC - Lexington Yellow, Barry M - Blueberry, OPI - Who The Shrek Are You?, Essie - Fear and Desire and China Glaze - With Love, all outlined with black acrylic paint. I hope you all like them and thankyou Kelly for having me! ____________________________________________________________________ I hope everyone enjoyed this! you can check out all guest posters (hopefully there will be more) featured here by searching in your dash #BCTCGP or #bctc guest If you are interested in being the next guest poster please email me at basecoattopcoat.kelly@gmail.com! :)


Hey guys check out this guest post i did at Hannah’s awesome nail blog THE DALAI LAMA’s NAILS! http://thedalailamasnails.com/ To see about polish used and more pictures check it out!

and congrats to Hannah who is getting married!!!! <3 :)


Guest Poster #8 - Ana from Magnifique nails!

http://magnifiquenails.tumblr.com/ <—- Click here!

If you are always looking for new designs on #nail art than you have seen Ana’s work almost every day! Proving that size doesn’t matter, :) her little nails are full of fun, funky and beautifully patterned designs that POP with color! So check out the magnificent Magnifique nails in the link above! :)

Heres Ana!


Hey Everyone! I’m Ana, and this is my first guest post, which I’m pretty excited about. I have to be honest I had no idea what I wanted to do. Normally, I get inspiration wherever, but yesterday my Diosa Nail polishes came and the colors were so pretty, it made me think of flowers. Yeah, I know! I actually got inspired by nail polish colors…lol. Anyway, I enjoyed doing the ‘Swirling Hearts’ design, I decided to do the same method and include the flowers. Perfect since spring is around the corner! The colors I used are all from their Subtly Sassy Collection. Enjoy! :)


Thanx Ana for sharing these gorgeous spring nails!

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Enjoy! :)


Hey guys its monday, which means i’ll be featuring my fellow blogger as my (2nd ever) guest poster!

MAY from NAILPHILE is U.K. based nail artist/blogger. Her designs are super cute and feature a mix of girly, edgy and nature inspired designs with rich colors.

This design is so creative, and i thought was also perfect for this time of year!

and here she is :)….


Hi, I’m May (‘The Nailphile’), I’m fairly new to this nail art stuff, but I hope you all like my designs! This design was nothing like what I was going for, I found other things I was using..but I accidentally sprayed my nails when I was spraying feathers and I liked the speckles, so decided to go with it. Then I saw the little weeds/leaves behind which had all the gold paint on them and thought they looked so pretty - so I picked them and stuck them on my nails! That’s about it really, just used real things to make my nail art this week instead of painting, which seemed to work and I have seen it work other times too. I had the cut out and studs on there to add a bit of interest to the nails too, and made sure I put a clear over the top to protect the leaves!


 thank you MAY!  For these awesome nails!

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IT IS TIME TO JOIN THE LACQUER PARTY!!! I love this adorable spring time mani, and as you can see, the Lacquer-crat’s nails are AMAZING! Her work ranges from graphic, to painterly, inspired by everything from anime, nature, love, art and more! and I am so jealous of her long nails!! :)

You can follow her on tumblr —> http://lacquer-crat.tumblr.com/ and/or  blogspot —> http://lacquer-crat.blogspot.com/

Here’s the Lacquer-crat! :)


Hello everyone! Apparently March came in like a lion and is staying that way, but that doesn’t mean I can’t pretend it’s spring! For this design I used Sinful Colors Orange Cream as the base, Finger Paints Paper Mache & Gumdrop andDeborah Lippmann Let’s Hear it for the Boy. The sprigs were made using a small striper brush and the flowers were done with a dotting tool.


Thanx so much for sharing these inspiring spring time nails!

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Guest poster #4 is Hannah from THE DALAI LAMA’S NAILS

I love the colors she used and the mix of feminine and graphic motifs. PLUS Who doesn’t love a good design medley?!? :)

Hannah’s nails are so cute, girly, very colorful and almost always covered in glitter! Not to mention she does a mean ombre nail… it’s amazing! So go check her out now!


Hi there BASE COAT TOP COAT readers! I’m Hannah, from The Dalai Lama’s Nails and I am super-duper excited to be a guest poster! My manicure today is what happens when I can’t decide what to do - I end up with a little bit of this, and a little of that. Always some glitter! I decided to do a mashup of some of my favorite designs, and I used some of the polishes I got during the recent Zoya promotion (Zoya Aurora, Pippa, and Shawn, as well as some Color Club stripers). Hope you like it!

- Hannah


Thank you Hannah!

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Guest Poster # 5 - Charlie from POPPING NAILS 

Charlie is a U.K. based nail blogger who rocks loud patterned, fem and playfully textured claws!  be sure to check her out:  HERE <- tumblr or HERE  <- blogspot!


Hi guys, I’m Charlie from Popping Nails. I couldn’t resist putting my name forward to guest post here on Base Coat Top Coat because I am a massive fan of everything Kelly creates here. 

For these nails, I wanted to create a sort of kaleidoscope pattern but I knew I wouldn’t be able to get all the symmetrical patterns easily but I decided to give it my best with a dotting tool. The base colour for these nails is Barry M Strawberry Ice Cream and all the other colours are Barry M Bright Purple, Models Own Tangerine Queen, American Apparel Neon Yellow and a mixture of Barry M Pure Turquoise and W7 Sheer Mint.

I don’t quite think these look like a kaleidoscope but I love the pattern that was created and nothing is too much for me when it comes to nail art. 

I want to thank Kelly for letting me show my nails on here and I hope you all enjoy them! 


Thanx Charlie for the beautiful nails! 

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