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OiTsukki and 💙? If that's not your jam, KuroTsukki :3

💙: who is more protective? (i’m gonna go with kurotsuki bc the first pairing is… not… my jam… at all im sorry fhaskjdhg)

it’s tsukki!! it’s not a jealousy or possessive kind of thing (neither of them are actually) but kuroo is just… tsukki loves that he cares about his friends so much, that he’s there for everyone, but sometimes he’s there even for people who don’t deserve it? he’s not stupid or naive or anything, kuroo just isn’t really the type who’d make a big deal out of a confrontation as he’s the “forgive and forget” kind of guy. tsukki, though. tsukki never forgets. so the next time he passes the guys in kuroo’s class who tried to load all their group work on kuroo to the point of kuroo almost passing out from days long of all nighters, he sure as hell will give them the nastiest glare. kuroo laughs at their scared and confused face but waves at them with a smirk anyway.

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i was talking to some friends about wonder woman today and one of them said how she didn’t like steve, bc wonder woman didn’t need a man, it was supposed to be an empowering film about women and not men 

and here’s the thing, we live in a patriarchal society, yet we’re told by women and feminists everywhere that a woman doesn’t need a man, and that’s is entirely true. women don’t need men! but loving a man doesn’t make a woman weak! it doesn’t make wonder woman any less empowering for loving steve! the problem is that female characters are so often lost in the ‘love interest’ trope that they aren’t empowering characters, and are hardly characters at all outside the relationship. but wonder woman, and many more films and tv shows today, aren’t like that anymore! so let’s stop aligning powerful women as not having a man, and non-powerful women as having a man!

a woman loving a man doesn’t make her any less powerful and independant, and we need to stop portraying and seeing it in that light

When they get married, Keith tells Lance that their wedding won’t abide by gender roles, so they both get a best man and a maid of honor. Hunk and Shiro are the best men (Hunk is Lance’s, Shiro is Keith’s) and Allura and Pidge are the maids of honor (Allura is Lance’s, Pidge is Keith’s.) Coran officiates, Klaizap carries the rings, and Rover 2.0 is the flower bot. 




       Around them, the temple shook and trembled with the energy of it’s own impending destruction. The obelisk the sith-holocron had been placed in sparked violent currents that charged the air between them with sharp static, and for a moment, she almost forgot all about the sabers in her hands, the frantic sounds of Ezra and Kanan calling for her to hurry. The door was slowly inching shut, and yet she stood rooted to the spot, fixated by the terrible wheezing sounds made by the monster behind her. 

      Vader rose slowly, body straining under the pressure of a damaged breathing apparatus trying frantically to process oxygen to burnt lungs. She’d cracked his mask and exposed a portion of his face — exposed the charred skin and sith-yellow eyes underneath.  Time slowed. 

      “Ahsoka,” the monster rasped.  The sound came out distorted and broken, but the voice was achingly familiar; she’d heard it in her dreams, and in memories so old that they felt as if they were from another life entirely. She could’ve wept at the sound. This was Anakin.

       “I won’t leave you,” she said, heart aching. “Not this time.”

      The lone eye stared back, and for a moment she could’ve sworn that she saw the yellow give way to blue. 


philip shea + textpost meme (a pair piece for my lukas one) 


Well, I’m not on my own, I’m here with you, High Warlock of Brooklyn.
                                             — I have tremendous respect for the new Head of the Institute.