bcs of the hair

pureoutsiderstrash  asked:

Do you have any Pony and Curly friendship headcanons? ;-; Or Purly headcanons idm tbh

-Curly has walked in on Pony dancing in just his underwear more than he’d like to admit

-Darry is teaching Curly how to cook and Pony is often subjected to eat the food he makes

-Best friend anklets

-Pony likes to play with Curly’s hair bc it pisses him off

-Curly in return will steal Pony’s books and hold them high over his head 

-They share cigarettes a lot

-Not the best friendship but they make it work yknow

i jus wanna know who’s stylin chris’ hair bc it looked nice in early episodes but now they like… swipe the entire thing on one side like r u even tryin

it can’t be the same person who does melissa’s hair, it’s just not realistic

Sasako…wearing glasses…