bcs it is too accurate

when you writing a star wars fic and trying to make it as accurate as possible

if mcu adam doesn’t have perfect lips and wavy golden locks i’m going to be sorely disappointed 


“Chibi Kenma is a clever, psychic setter. It can easily pick up on other Pokemon’s movements and just as quickly decipher a new play of attack with its sharp eyes and even sharper mind. However, this Pokemon is weak when it comes to video games because it loves to play.”

Pokemon Trainer Kenma and Chibi Kenma!
↳ Happy Birthday Marissa @kenmasan(〜^∇^)〜


They all looked so happy in this frame! ( ´o ωo`)c


me: *looks up new celeb crush’s sign* 

me: *finds out they’re not compatible with me at all*

me: why do they hate me 


#me af

PSA: How to Help Promote Troye’s Music When it Comes Out (Soon)

These are just some things I thought of, if anyone has any suggestions, corrections, or clarifications feel free to add on.

1.) Buy it on iTunes - This one kind of goes without saying, nothing catches people’s attention like sales. So buy it and help get it to the top of the iTunes charts (and/or the Billboard ones). If for some reason you can’t, don’t worry, there are plenty of other things you can do to help.

2.) Play it on Spotify- Believe it or not, Spotify listens actually count as sales which will help contribute to Troye’s overall chart position. (Fun fact: 1,500 streams from songs on a single album will actually account for one album sale.) Spotify also has many real time chart playlists that are based off of the number of daily listens, so if enough people stream a song it’ll be added to those (very popular) playlists.  

3.) Watch it on Youtube- Once a official music video is released, go watch it (again and again and again). Youtube views are tracked by Nielsen and considered in Billboard chart positions (x). Also, enough views would hopefully help the video get featured on the Popular Right Now youtube section which always garners a lot more views. 

4.) Tweet about it- Billboard has something called the Trending 140 and Realtime Charts, (if you use twitter you’ve seen it, it’s always promoted onto your timeline), which is based completely off of twitter. When a single is released be sure to tweet about it like crazy, which I’m pretty sure we would do anyway. Also, trending certain hashtags never hurt. (All lot of this goes for other social medias too, just spread the word–offline and online.)

5.) Shazam it- I’m not that familiar with Shazam, but they do have their own charts (i.e. which songs were shazamed the most often). I’m pretty sure that in Australia they have a radio show, Shazam Top 20, which is a countdown completely based off of what was shazamed most often

And on that note…

6.) Request it on radio- Ah, good ‘ol radio play. It’s undeniably the best and most effective way to get an artist’s name and song out there. If Capitol is doing their job, they should have sent out Troye’s future single out to radio, which means all you have to do is go to your local station’s website and request it. If they haven’t sent it out, it’s not a big deal, there should be a section for you to custom request it. If a station gets enough requests, they might add it to their spin cycles/playlists. 

Troye has put his heart and soul into this music, let’s help make sure all that hard work wasn’t in vain. 

(And so, my fellow fans: Ask not what Troye can do for you, but what you can do for Troye.)

yuuri-loves-you  asked:

Klance Road trip au YES okay so we know that Keith and Lance have different tastes in music so they would probably fight over who chooses the music, but what if they found something they both liked listening to? what if Bohemian Rhapsody came on and they're bOTH JAMMING OUT? Lance is headbanging at the whole "mama mia let me go" part and Keith is so into the song sometimes he forgets to turn until last minute. Also Lance is freaking out in the passenger seat bc "kEITH YOU'RE DRIVING TOO FAST"

this is good?? and accurate??? i fully support this?? like keith probably gets so into singing his eyes fall shut and lance is sitting in the passenger seat ready to grab the wheel whenever this happens. tbh that’s how they drive for most of the trip; lance holding the wheel while keith’s in the drivers seat