bcs i cannot deal

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Sheila: 98,99,100? :)

98) Do you have any phobias? What are some of them?
99) What’s your favorite time of the year?
100) Top bunk or bottom bunk?

That thing where it’s like multiple holes. If I see them I cannot deal with it 

Winter bc when it snows, I’m out of school! 

T o p B u n k

(Real quick announcement bc my computer is abt to die! The livestream will be held back bc my computer charger is broken and I’m typing this with 1% battery power left. The charger will be here by Tuesday if the weather isn’t so severe!)

Mod Sheila

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what do you think about lena being part of a organization called checkmate? i've seen some ppl talking about it because of that shady thing with the chess piece ppl think she could be a white knight (its like a title, im bad at explaining so probably would be good to google about it sorry)

i Don’t Think,,,, white knight just moves like an L and she’s a lesbian, there is nothing shady going on she just wants to buy kara flowers and eat donuts with her Let Her Live Leave Her Olone

Yodo Redesign

Ok so I’m even more pissed at Kishi than usual bc I Cannot Deal with yodo’s design at this point. I’m tired of drawing her w/ her hoodie zipped up bc Kishi added in his notes on the design that he wanted to make her look ‘sexy’ w/ the unnecessary hole in her bodysuit and when he drew her wearing a tube top. Because you know, she’s TWELVE. And apparently her hood is to keep out dust and heat even though its zipped right up…0% of the time. That’s really gonna help, right Kishi?

I’ve decided to redesign her in clothing that NOT ONLY will keep the dust and heat out, but is also suitable for a 12 y/o desert-welling ninja. You’re welcome. 

Lemme know what you think!

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"18+ dating people 10 years or older is still pedophilia" who does it worse Voltron or Overwatch

OW discourse when people say the ship roadrat is pedophilic bc roadhog is like 40 or something and junkrat is like 25 or something literally makes me want to stab myself in the toe bc I literally cannot deal with the stupidity behind that kind of thinking and I don’t even fucking ship roadrat

i am trying to watch shinsuke’s match from last night bc i missed it, but i really, really cannot deal with jbl saying that fighting d*lph z*ggler on a b ppv is the “major leagues” compared to being iwgp heavyweight champion and fighting aj styles at njpw’s biggest show of the year in tokyo dome. i mean i can’t deal with the idea that njpw is the minor leagues in any way, but like even someone who only watches wwe could tell you that a title match against aj styles is a bigger deal than any match against z*ggler lol



i keep like leaving the parlor every 45 mins or so bc i just cannot deal with being in there and i cannot deal with another 90 minutes of this quite frankly

I’m without my anti psychotics for another two weeks because my worthless psychiatrist could not be bothered to fax my prescription like she promised to do three weeks ago and apparently needs to be reminded to perform the most basic tasks required of evil psychiatrists and my essentially useless insurance plan will only pay for my drugs through the mail so I should probably just kill myself like I’ve been meaning to bc I cannot deal with this right now lol