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Despite her prominent role in Cursed Child, we seem to have a lack of Delphi art so here are some old pencil sketches I colored! I based her clothes off of @kingdomforscorbusdescription on her appearance and the one (can you believe it! one!) promo photo we have of her :’)


(i saw many people making these intro things so i thought i would too!)

my name is elizabeth (or betsy) and i am new to the studyblr community and would love some new friends n people to follow :^)

i am doing maths, psychology, government + politics, and religion, philosophy + ethics as a-levels in the uk. 

i made this bc i constantly found myself procrastinating (lol) and then i made some study collections on my weheartit but all the photos were from tumblr so i made a tumblr.

my main insp:

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I love your blog, seriously so interesting! Just basing this off of the amount of posts about Victoria BC, but are you from there?

Thank you! I usually tend to get focused on photos from a specific area for a little while (Junction City, Kansas; Chicago; Los Angeles, etc and people always ask that - but this time the answer is yes! I am. :)

More photos of my hanayo cosplay!!
I love these photos so I am posting more here♡♡(Yea I am attracted by myself lol)
Everyone please take care well of your body;o;
Bc I am already sick due to the changing of weather😭

Halloween UR
Photo thanks BaiBai!!

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I'm a diff anon but i love your blog for Hillma and just purely Hillary bc every other "hillary blog" posts some gem photos of her but there's some random old dude who is always in them??? And i do not have time for that in my day. But it's so cute H/H are still "together", I shouldn't be surprised but I am!

RIGHT!! I’m desperately searching for a neutral Hillary photo blog. If anyone finds one, direct me to it.

I really hate this photo of me and I’m gonna regret posting this but w/e I’m doing it for Tally bc I love her so much.

LOOK AT WHAT @transzero GOT ME FOR VALENTINES DAY!! I’ve always wanted one of these cute lil alpaca plushies and I finally have one!!

Her name is Pam and I love her (She also got me a wolf plushie that I named Jim. They are in love and I am Office Trash™). 

I love her so much aaaah it’s so nice to celebrate Valentines Day with someone I love so much. <3 <3 


Happy 1 Year Anniversary, Astro!!! 💖💫

Today I have been filled with so many emotions… I would love to write all my feelings down but I can guarantee that I will cry for hours (and I can’t do the rn bc I am prone to severe headaches). Instead, here is a photo on the right (a tragic candid photo of me lmao) that is a pretty accurate representation of how those 6 boys on the left make me feel when I am not crying. I call it overwhelming happiness and love. I am extremely proud of Astro (the actual loves of my life) and only want what is best for them. I can tell you that I am here for the long run…

Thank you so incredibly much Astro!!! ❣️

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Mm I am like not sure if I should post my couple selfies of me and my bf J because like some of my friends are super upset about Valentine’s day and they see that as hurtful
but I wanna post couple selfies bc my abusers told me every day I’d never be loved and my father has been incredibly homophobic towards me to the point I hated myself for being gay

So like when I post them I often get vaged about or people get aggressive towards me because people who are single are jealous/angry and people who are together sometimes see us as a threat(??)/are mean towards me (for being gay/trans in a gay relationship) so I tend to not post the pictures because I don’t want people being creepy about the photos in which I am truly happiest in, but I wish I could share them because ive been threw so much and they make me smile… Idk I deserve better then the gross people in my life…

@90s-forever and @fcyaa staging at the drift union invitational 2015. penticton, bc 

    one thing that i am already having fun with being able to scan my own photos now is being able to create natural borders from the edge of the negatives. it took me a few scans before i realized i could do it, so only a few of these infrared have it. in highschool photo class there was one enlarger that had a bigger negative holder than all the others that would allow me to create borders on the enlargements we made. i always snagged that enlarger. i would love to set up a dark room soon.

canon ae-1 - 50mm f1.8 / konica infrared 750nm

Hey, remember that time @briancrawfordphotography worked his white cisdick magic on ya girl and convinced me to practice #visvamitrasana prep in wet ass sand while wearing @maleshactivewear. Moments before and after this photo I was literally drenched in water by the biggest waves this east coaster has seen irl. This guy even convinced me to #headstand in the wet sand with waves crashing everywhere. I mean, I have a natural so who cares, right? And even though I look like I pissed myself + I was moments away from slipping out of this pose bc the WAVES WERE THAT FUCKING REAL- in spite of all that, I am cheesing like a fool in all of these photos. I got to be a kid on the beach that day- frankly, I rarely get to be a kid in the other parts of my life. The life hustle is real- big femme pants are of the utmost necessity at all times. But I love the fuck out of my yoga practice for continuously and consistently bringing me back to a place where I can take of my big femme pants and remember how dope it can be to spend an evening rolling around on the beach, not bothering to give even an iota of a fuck. top+bottoms- @maleshactivewear

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Ok ok ok okkdkdkdkd i didn’t get it before but I think this photo is implying exactly who is endgame! The way the have them pictured is important. Lucaya are always gonna be teasing and playful with one another bc that’s who they are. They won’t change themselves to be with one another. Riarkle is going to be the soulful love. The love that happens in the background and is barely recognized but when it happens it’s real and committed.

photocredit to @huckleberryspancake