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Going back through my World Cup photos (which I never finished editing), I found this cute little sequence. What started out as JJ and Moe making snow angels in the gold confetti to entertain baby Boxxy, soon became a team effort. Within about 2 minutes, virtually the entire team joined in the fun, throwing confetti like overgrown kids. That’s Syd in the bottom photo making a “snow” angel of her own. 

2015 Women’s World Cup Champions. BC Place, Vancouver. July 5, 2015.

Photo cred: ME (allthingsarecuredbysaltwater) 


rediscovers my love for pokemon, also rediscovers my love old pokemon boyfriends and girlfriends

n wtf why is ur hair hard as balls to draw

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not all heroes wear capes, mine wear the real madrid logo on their chest. 

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Okay now for something more lighthearted. Sha Lin/Kinessa, going to the beach!

You got it! This was super fun to write, although I should have been doing work.

- Mod Mal’Damba

The weekend was blazing hot and with the heat endlessly drumming on Frog Isle, there was no better place to go than the beach. While the team set up their umbrellas, driving the poles into the sand, Sha Lin pulled off his shirt, tossed it aside and ran off from the group to the far end of the beach before anyone could ask him where he was going.

He returned not too long later, slowing down to admire the girls as they lounged under the shade of the many umbrellas they had. Evie had a permanent cold breeze about her and wouldn’t stop complaining about the heat. As beautiful as all the girls were in their swimsuits, he went straight for Kinessa, pulling her off her towel.

“What are you doing?” Kinessa asked, brushing sand off her legs. She lowered her sunglasses to scrutinise the Desert Wind, who had a wide grin on his face.

“I want to show you something.” He took her wrist and pulled her off, running back towards the far end of the beach and tugging the Headhunter along with him.

They ran in rhythm across the hot sand, their feet protected only by thin slippers, dodging through other people on the beach, sliding under umbrellas and expertly leaping over people tanning in the sun.

The end of the beach was marked by a short rock wall which Sha Lin began to climb over, his hands gripping crevices and cracks and hoisting himself over the short wall. He only paused at the top of it to check if Kinessa was coming. She followed after a moment of hesitation, following his path up the wall.

When she swung her legs over the top of the short rocky barrier, she was greeted by a beautiful rock pool, crystal clear water sitting blue in the dip of rocks, slowly filtering in from the sea itself. 

“Wow… how did you know about this place?” Kinessa asked. She experimentally put one foot in the water, enjoying its cool feel on her skin. Sha Lin remained seated on the smooth slab of rock, swinging his legs in the air.

“I visited this beach many years ago when I passed through and found it,” he shrugged, “figured it might still be there. Thought you might like it.” He jumped down from the rock he was seated on as Kinessa waded into the shallow pool of water until it stopped just below her chest. When he got too close, she splashed at him.

He flinched as the cold water suddenly hit him. “Hey!” In retaliation, he leapt into the water, the huge splash drenching Kinessa in water. Pushing her wet hair form her face, she tackled Sha Lin into the water playfully.

They play-wrestled in the water until they got tired, after which Kinessa went underwater to look for shells and interesting pebbles. She emerged from the water with a round pebble of green frosted glass, presumably a shard from a beer bottle years ago that had been smoothed and frosted from constantly being dragged about in water. She held it up to the sun, clicking her tongue to get Sha Lin’s attention.

She tossed the pebble at him. “Reminds me of your eyes,” Kinessa commented. The Desert Wind examined the piece of glass, rolling it about in his hand. He took a dive with it, returning with a brownish-red rock in his other hand. 

“And this reminds me of yours. Although yours are a little more pink.” He stepped closer to really look into her eyes, although he wasn’t really looking at the colour of them, but instead watching every sparkle in them. He pulled away after awhile. “There’s a whole lot of neat rocks and shells down there so… whoever gets the most wins?”

“Depends, wins what?” 

Sha Lin pondered about it for awhile. “How about dinner?”

Kinessa smirked. “You’re on, tiger.” She dove down below the water, shortly followed by Sha Lin, both sifting through boring, dull pebbles to look for pieces of frosted glass and other precious rocks.

Their competition went on until they both amassed a neat pile of pebbles and rocks and Fernando went looking for them, peeking his head over the rock barrier at the two still diving for rocks and tossing them into their piles.

“Having fun, lovebirds?” The Knight called, watching them with amusement. Sha Lin emerged from the water, flicking his hair from his face.

“We’re just having some uh, friendly competition.” Kinessa emerged from the water shortly after him, depositing a handful of stones on her pile.

Fernando laughed. “Well Barik is barbecuing so you two better come back before we eat everything.” With that the Knight disappeared beyond the wall again. Quickly, the two pocketed any stones they wanted to keep and swept the rest back into the pool, their competition forgotten. One by one, they pulled themselves out of the water, over the rock wall, and ran back to the team, their wet feet leaving footprints in the sand as they went.

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Can you do hc of a girl who liked EXTREMELY tall like competing with Darry. I just think it'd be funny tbh...

you always give me the best hcs ilysm

— “how’s the weather up there” says everyone of the gang at one point
— “sorry I can’t see you to acknowledge you?”
— you drink milk Like A Champion bc there is no way you’re gonna let Darry be taller than you
— I’m talking gallons of milk
— “y/n what are you doing I bought that”
— “I’m getting tall!!!”
— back-to-back measuring 25/8
— “turn around”
— “no”
— you’re both the same height for a rlly long time
— “HA!! I’m taller.”
— “HA!! you’re wearing heels.”
— if there was Miracle Gro for people, you’d buy that shit and a half
— measuring occurs every day
— “and on the right,, y/n y/l/n,, weighing uh um I don’t know ,, who will win?! who is the Height Champion???” (two-bit)
— “you guys are the same fucking height as usual wow.”