bcs bound

snow white took every apple
in the kingdom and threw them
into the river / she cut down trees
with a saw-blade so sharp
it sent shivers down her spine.
she remembers
how it felt to choke, like a hand
had wrapped itself around
her throat / she remembers
the feeling of falling to the
floor, whisper weak and fading.
she took her trauma
and shaped it into a weapon / a way
to fight back against the ghost of a queen
who was already dead.
—  l.s. | AN APPLE A DAY © 2016

something else that made me feel happy !! i was looking through my design sketchbooks and its like super clear that all my designs go really well together like they could all be part of a collection!! it just made me happy bc i think i found my style, i’m sure my design style will change bc creativity has no bounds but all of my designs have like a certain element (,,,,,corny) that makes them just fit together 

I kinda wanna change my url back to leviathkand??? idk it’s obscure and strange but this one feels so basic and idk I miss the giant water dragon aesthetic hnnnnn–


I only have about 40 seconds of material left to add into my clace video before i’m fully done with it! finallyyy 🙌🏼


It’s a different kind of danger
too fast for f r e e d o m
these chains never leave me
I keep d r a g g i n g them around

                                                             (what you and I had made me f r e e)

hp fanfic idea

. totally started by watching a very potter musical.

. death eaters go back in time…to kill lily and james when they’re 15 ish so 1) they can’t get together and make harry and 2) are too weak to fight them off properly as they would’ve been as adults (because we all know james and lily were feared as a badass back-to-back battle couple during the war)

. They go. Things get fucked up. Everyone is suddenly everywhere. Everyone knows there are people from the future in the past. People from the past somehow end up in the future

now. this got long.

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Get To Know Me | 5 Favourite Male Characters

↳ Hiro Hamada from Big Hero 6 (2014)

“Trust me, I know about robotics. We can be way more.”


color inspo from 17′s 아낀다