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i haven’t done this in a month or so but here goes a  munday picture  !

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Post apocalyptic Yuuri + Victor from my Inferno: Yuri No Ice AU.

AU Intro/synopsis HERE

Played with some frames from the Program:01 comic with the Portra app ^ ^


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REALLY wish I could have seen the total solar eclipse in person but, well, TIMEZONES HAD IT SO THAT IT WAS 2 AM HERE

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candy apples were something they had done every year for as long as ned could remember. his mother started it but after she died, it only lasted for another year. after that, they hadn’t touched the candy apples. within recent years, since rickon was old enough to help, they began making them again. sometimes the others joined in, sometimes it was just ned and arya. with hallowe'en right around the corner, ned figured it would be a good thing to pull out again.

it would give genevieve, micah, and their two boys something to do for the holidays. he was quiet sure hallowe'en hadn’t really been taken into consideration with everything going on. already bran, arya, and rickon had declared what they were going to be. when ned had asked genevieve if she wanted to help him, she seemed all too eager, a sight he was more than happy to see. it’d been too long since he’d seen her so eager.

“your hair is stuck,” ned laughed, shaking his head. he was not surprised as he pulled the frizzy hair from the caramel. “it takes a little bit to get use to the whole process and the stickiness of it. maybe you should wash your hands and pull your hair back. that way we don’t find little hairs all over the apples.”

*Pacific Rim voice* In the beginning these prompt responses were a few hundred words. Then a thousand. The last one was nearly 2k. This one is nearly 3. If this keeps up we could be seeing the blogger writing fuckin novellas every week because they don’t want to focus on their actual responsibilities.

Anyway this is not what the prompt meant by “witch” but here we are. This probably needs a cw: for child abuse.

Tuesjade prompt: witch

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Ok as a HUGE big bro x Elena shipper…

What the fuck was that engagement?

It didn’t even feel like they tried, it was so… rushed and very very unromantic? Because they should have at least adressed that he was basically forced to propose. And then maybe he could have pressed how much it made him realize that it IS what he really wants. I would rather read something really cliche because the dialogue felt really CHOPPY and forced, like the writers just wanted to get it over with.

Uh, I don’t know I hope it feels differently when I replay it because as it is rn… I am NOT pleased. I did expect better tbh? Because I love them together so much and can’t recall feeling like this regarding a scene with them before? And no, the diamond scene didn’t really redeem it either so. I’m disappointed. The whole proposing thing was shit from the get go of course but they could have done it so much better.

Certain times when there’s MBTI discourse, people tend to run into those that are supposedly well read on Jung’s works and whatnot. And after a bit of debate, it reaches this awkward point where they’ll say that fundamental aspects of my knowledge and understanding of MBTI isn’t what Jung taught. And at some points, I see their point. That if what I know has no basis, it’s Te false. But then on the opposite hand, I feel a theory Jung never bothered to expand upon would be full of holes and shortcomings that would need to be filled and clarified upon. But on the opposite hand once more, do we as students of his work have the authority to build upon what he has made? And if we stray too far, is that okay? Ti says yes, but if the premise and core of our logical foundation is wrong, then what we built with Ti won’t matter in the end either. Idk man I’m torn. If you didn’t bother to read Jung’s work, is it still possible to truly understand MBTI?

Im really worried for Muslim and Sikh people in the us because tomorrow is 9/11 and with the states being such a hotbed for white supremacy im afraid to hear tragic news reports of innocents being hurt.

Also worried bc trump is bound to give a 9/11 speech and knowing him he’s bound to say something insulting or something thatll incite aggression from his fascist fanbase :/

Stay safe