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            “bangi1022 Instagram Update with Donghae| 151216″

The [Lady] who posted the pic of Donghae today posted another msg said that since she posted that pic of Donghae, fans from all over the world left a comment Asking in korean if Donghae is okay. Also there were fans leaving commnets which pointed out that he looked sad in the pic. But (she think) Donghae’s okay. He’s really brave and his skin was glowing. And after she praised him he said “oh is that so?” his answer was so manly and she thinks he’s healthy 

PS*  the photo was taken at Asan Hospital for children with cancer. The police unit performed magic tricks, beatbox, played instruments..She also said that the police guys who were there are all handsome but the only person who stands out is Donghae ..she’s also quite confused if she will address him as Donghae~nim or Donghae~ssiㅋㅋ

T: GyuHaeBiased Info by:  tinyyhae