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afl voltron, Kieth would have gone for the bombers before the whole drug thing and is now too stubborn to change (may be based on my mum) and i just feel like Lance is more of a Geelong fan (since they're blue and Geelong and Essendon fans don't get along)

keith going for the bombers was my initial thought too !! but. hMMM

Swings - SeXing fic

/whispers/ because sexing is too ridiculously cute and I can’t deal with them so I’ll write you a thing here in an attempt to deal with my feelings

(based on this post)



Oh crap, not again.

Sehun keeps his head down, focused on his book and trying to read the next chapter of How to Destroy Your Enemies because that’s definitely far more important than anything else especially that familiar whiff of vanilla -

“Sehunnie- ack!”

Without thinking, Sehun is half out of his seat, his arms stretched out and Yixing - Zhang Yixing - is stumbling into his arms, his hands tight against Sehun’s wrists and yet not the slightest bit painful.

“Oh, thanks! I can’t believe I fell into you again. Sorry I’m so clumsy.” Yixing laughs, a little embarrassed, as he regains his balance and stands again. He lets go of Sehun’s wrists, and Sehun refuses to think about how cold his hands suddenly feel.

“Y-you should be.” Sehun isn’t stuttering. He never stutters. He might not be the ruler of the universe yet, but he will be, and stuttering is not befitting of a king.

Yixing just laughs lightly and sits himself down in the swing beside Sehun, straddling the seat so he can face Sehun while they chat. “What are you reading?” he asks curiously, glancing down at the book, and Sehun’s eyes widen.

“Nothing! Just- just something for school.” He flails, glancing down to make sure the book’s title isn’t visible or anything - he can’t have anyone knowing his plans for world domination, not yet - but Yixing barely looks down, just keeps staring at Sehun and he’s not sure if this is better or worse.

Yixing is smiling though, so Sehun supposes it’s better - no, it’s not, since when does a ruler look for others’ acceptance? It matters not to me whether he smiles or not - or so he tells himself. “That’s cool. You’re really smart, right? Luhan-ge said Baekhyun told him you’re really smart and stuff.”

“Luha- oh. Him.” Sehun remembers, vaguely, the photographer that had tried to break into Baekhyun and Chanyeol’s apartment. Baekhyun seems to hover between liking him and hating his guts, mostly dependent on how much he wants to get Chanyeol’s nude pictures. Sehun quite likes the photographer precisely because he makes Chanyeol so uncomfortable. “How do you know him?”

“He’s my cousin.” Yixing says with a bright smile, swinging a little on the swing. He pushes himself forwards, and backwards, but because he’s sitting sideways it instead brings him closer to Sehun… and further… and closer again -

“Too close!” Sehun yelps, shoving at Yixing’s swing without thinking.

Yixing swings out, faster, further this time, and his eyes widen when his momentum starts to turn. “Oh - Sehunnie - ack!”

Their swings collide, and Sehun drops his book, gripping onto the chains for dear life as his swing starts to move to the side. Yixing settles to a near stop, his momentum largely transferred to Sehun, and an absent part of Sehun’s mind tells him that this is conservation of momentum, demonstrated in real life while the rest of him screams as his swing moves a little too far for his liking.

But then there’s a hand on his, gripping the chain of the swing tightly so he doesn’t swing further out, and he looks up, and Yixing is there, his hand tight around Sehun’s hand around the chain, holding him close. With their added weight, they don’t swing nearly as much, and Sehun slowly loosens his deathgrip around the chain as they settle to a slight sway.

“Wow, that was scary,” Yixing comments, but he’s still smiling like nothing happened, like nothing bothers him, and Sehun gapes. “Are you hurt?”

Sehun is still staring. “But - that was my fault - aren’t you mad?”

Yixing shakes his head, still smiling. “Nope! You didn’t mean it, did you? And neither of us are actually hurt, so it’s ok, right?”

“R-right.” Sehun doesn’t understand Yixing, doesn’t understand how someone can be so damned nice but it’s scary and terrifying and I’m the future ruler of the universe I can’t afford to be nice I can’t afford to be swayed by niceness I can’t afford to get tainted by Zhang Yixing -

But when Yixing is beside him and smiling at him that same stupid dumb smile he always has and still holding onto Sehun’s hand Sehun can feel his cheeks heating up and he wrenches his hand away and scrambles for his book because he’d totally prepared for this he’d be ok it would be fine.

He holds up his book, hiding his face behind it, and hopes that Yixing gets the message.

How to Destro-

With a horrified yelp, Sehun flips the book around before Yixing finishes reading the title, checking this time to make sure he’s faced it the right way, but Yixing is laughing, cute hiccupy laughter filling the air.

“You’re so cute, Sehunnie!”

And Sehun’s cheeks flush further red and he thinks - maybe he doesn’t want Yixing to GO AWAY after all, even if the note taped to the back of his book says otherwise.


(I’m still flailing I love your SeXing so much and I want to play in this universe forever I might write KaiLu next - can I ship XiuChen though they’re both single and both kinda split personality look at Chen protecting his baby Chanyeol - imeanwat - or I’ll just write KaiLu since that’s an actual ‘crack’ pairing in here.)

(I mean of course there’s no pairings in here only platonic!baekyeol everything else is in our imagination, right? *wink*)

(You don’t have to post this as a submission or credit me tbh just take the story and make it an anonymous page if you want) (if you credit you might want to credit tranquil-twilight instead, that’s my writing blog)

(I think I’m adding too much AN at the bottom for this to be a proper submission anyways so yeah)

(Anyways I love this blog I love you both and thank you so so much for making this universe a thing I love it so much!!! I really love all your drawings and writings and your characters are hilarious and I just love everything about this blog ok ;u; thanks again for sharing this universe with us!)