bcky couture

hooray hooray! new video up!  ✫ bcky couture | my own fashion brand! ✫ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WatvOsXjBhc showcase and introduction!

anonymous asked:

hi beckii i hope you're having a fun & fab time in the US! i really like bcky couture stuff, however i am a plus size apple shape and although i realise everything is made to measure, i am a little nervous about buying things online because i am never sure how things will fit. do you have any example pictures of your clothing on plus sizes? in the future would you consider having model photos of people of different shapes/sizes so people could see what it would look like on their body shape?

thank you so much! well actually bcky couture has been a hit with plus sized ladies, about 70% of our orders are made for that category! we’re a made to measure brand so in theory it should fit you perfectly. but i know that garment cuts may not look the same from one person the the next so there’s still an element of uncertainty there! 

currently it’s easiest to model the clothes myself as the prototypes etc are made to my measurements, so they’re ready to go. i hope that my customers will share their photos too, but i won’t demand that! i really want to showcase the clothing on models of all sizes so in the future i will take that into account. we only buy in small amounts of fabric at the minute though, so we can’t afford to right now, but i will put it up the priority list for future collections, i know it’s important!

just so you know though, you can also specify skirt lengths, as i know that’s one of the factors which matters to larger ladies, so if you take the measurements of some clothing which you know fits you comfortably you can estimate the right length for your couture garments too!