I decided the other day that I’d try and make some backgrounds for an iPhone 5/5S, so these are the best 10 I made. I might make some more if people like them. Each photo is 640x1134, the appropriate size for the 5 or anything above. I’ll make some 4 and 4S sizes as well, and if you see one you like that doesn’t fit your phone, just message me. If you use one, please like this post.


@katyperry: #FBF when I was on The Warped Tour & stage dove into the crowd & lost a 👞 S/O @yungskeeter @MDMOLINARI in bckgrnd 🙏

Steve having a “selfie” of him and Sam together on his phone (Sam had insisted on taking it: Steve doesn’t know his angles) that he flips to surreptitiously when he wants to look at Sam, and it always makes him smile, stomach full of butterflies, face warm

After they get together he saves it as his phone background, and one day Sam looks at it and tuts-
“We have to update that, you might forget how much more handsome I’ve gotten since you met me—”  
And they take a bunch of increasingly silly and sappy selfies hugging and kissing and making faces-

And Sam will send Steve little pictures of himself doing silly things (Brooklyn Blackout Cake) with the message “Nu bckgrnd 4 u”
And Steve will shake his head and laugh quietly and text back “Nerd”
And get back, in seconds, “I no U R! B-) Luv u”

Steve loves technology