bcgf 2012

um so here’s a funny story: at bcgf, i was walking around next to my girlfriend and i went to put my arm around her but she wasn’t looking and had moved to the other side of me and another girl who i didn’t know but was wearing the same color shirt and had the same color hair was walking next to me so i put my arm around her and then i looked over and saw caitlin on the other side of me and the girl i had my arm around started laughing and i just started apologizing and blushing and put my arm around the right girl and walked away really fast.


ELCAF was this past weekend in london. and my U.K. counterpart david clayton saw joe kessler again. david got me this signed copy of joe kessler’s WINDOWPANE last year, plus i met joe at BCGF 2012 too. he was the one who made the rounds to all the afterparties in brooklyn! nice fellow who does terrific work, definite up-and-comer to keep an eye out for future work! photos by chris anthony diaz