First pic, top left 2 bottom right: Casual Casual antho published by Picturebox, Kuti Kuti Newspapers, “Windowpane” by Joe Kessler, “Time Tunnels” by Panayiotis Terzis, “Zombie Island Massacre” by Josh Freydkis, “RAV 6” & “What does the garbage man say?” by Mickey Zachilli, Cop #1 collab between Mickey Z, Michael Deforge, and Patrick Kyle, “Kawaii” antho between Brennan Kelly, Kris Mukai, Jesse Tise, Nick Iluzada, and Niv Bavarsky, “Party Plans” I &  II & “Let’s do it” by Zejian Shen, “Anosmia” and “Snake Girl” by Sara Drake, “Sweetmeats” 1 &2 by Edie Fake, “Wtf stoner aliens” by Sean T. Collins, “Sketchbook” by Tara booth, “Crooked Teeth” #5 ½ by Nate Doyle, Untitled zine by Oliva Fox

Pic 2: “Water Phase” by Conor Stechschulte, “Jammers” by Lizz Hickey, “Baby Town News letter” by Michelle Chrzanowski, “Kuti Kuti Specter” by various artists, “leon the inappropirate Janitor” by Noel Friebert,  "Providence Comics Consortium" 2, 7, 8, & 9 & “The Survivors” by various artists, published by the Providence Comics Consortium, Untitled Newspaper by Lala Albert, 2013 Calendar by Katrina Avocado, “Barking to the North Star” by Katbus, and “Hatred” by Zach Hazard Vaupen :)


I met a lot of people who are really nice and some who aren’t.  The room smelled of some kind of human soup.  It was hot as hell.  Later I took my brain out and laid it on a pile of awesome comics I had acquired.  Got orders from the doctor that just read “put your body on ice and put your youtube to rap music” and that’s what I am doing.

In some alternate and truer place I was awarded the “king of comics” medallion and paraded around.  Maybe later I got a tour of a private garden where I could beat classically beautiful but totally ugly animals (like peacocks) to death with a jeweled stick.

If you look around the table and can’t figure out who is socially retarded, then it is probably you.  Yourself.  Also if you’re at a table and you’re playing cards, then remember the Kenny Rogers song:

It’s a totally depressing song about a Vietnam vet who returns from war disabled, singing plaintively to his girl who is leaving at sundown to “take (her) love to town”.

It’s a fucking depressing and beautiful song but I bring it up to make this point:

There are a lot of great people making amazing comics and I had a chance to meet some of them and I am happy about it.

Thank you,

Arbe Delaciencia Esq.

Here’s the map of the Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival and where the Collective Stench table shall be. It’s table D-12. i don’t know why they numbered it considering there’s only one table downstairs in the Dungeon, and it’s really big. Don’t go upstairs, you’ll get hunted.

November 10, 2012 12- 7 pm

Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church

275 North 8th Street
Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY

First look at the collab zine I’m putting together with my buddy Ross Hernandez. It’ll be a collection of his short stories, and drawings from me. (The title is forthcoming.) I’m really excited to be working with R.H., I really admire his work.

This is the beginnings of my screenprint positive that will be the centerfold for the zine.

To debut at BCGF!

I’ve been working on a secret project for the Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Fest. It will be 20 pages + covers, full color, 18+ NSFW, experimental, not quite comics not quite art book.

Basically, something that is everything I’ve done and nothing I’ve done. I am really excited about it. This will be the cover. I think they will sell for $5 each. Maybe $6, depending on printing costs.

Charles Burns signed my copy of X'ed Out at BCGF. I was overcome with hero worship and nerves so I didn’t get to have a meaningful conversation with him beyond a few cracking some awkward jokes and squirting out “Your work is really inspiring” as I scuttled away. But still, getting to be in a room with people like Charles Burns and Chris Ware and whatnot is definitely the best part of these kinds of events for me. Very humbling/motivating.