Some previews of the insides from my new zine Abortos. Each is different and they all contain original scrap drawings. Look for it at my table, upstairs at the BCGF!

The gorgeous sparse line-work and atmospheric classical desert planet action of Lando’s “Olympic Games”. One of several stunning items from UK comics collective (co-run by Lando) Decadence that turned up in limited numbers on the Picturebox table. I’d never encountered Decadence before, but they’re absolutely ones to watch.

(Actually should have been posted to my other tumblr with the rest of Maya’s and my scans from Brooklyn Comics and Graphics this weekend, so head over there for more where this came from.)



First pic, top left 2 bottom right: Casual Casual antho published by Picturebox, Kuti Kuti Newspapers, “Windowpane” by Joe Kessler, “Time Tunnels” by Panayiotis Terzis, “Zombie Island Massacre” by Josh Freydkis, “RAV 6” & “What does the garbage man say?” by Mickey Zachilli, Cop #1 collab between Mickey Z, Michael Deforge, and Patrick Kyle, “Kawaii” antho between Brennan Kelly, Kris Mukai, Jesse Tise, Nick Iluzada, and Niv Bavarsky, “Party Plans” I &  II & “Let’s do it” by Zejian Shen, “Anosmia” and “Snake Girl” by Sara Drake, “Sweetmeats” 1 &2 by Edie Fake, “Wtf stoner aliens” by Sean T. Collins, “Sketchbook” by Tara booth, “Crooked Teeth” #5 ½ by Nate Doyle, Untitled zine by Oliva Fox

Pic 2: “Water Phase” by Conor Stechschulte, “Jammers” by Lizz Hickey, “Baby Town News letter” by Michelle Chrzanowski, “Kuti Kuti Specter” by various artists, “leon the inappropirate Janitor” by Noel Friebert,  "Providence Comics Consortium" 2, 7, 8, & 9 & “The Survivors” by various artists, published by the Providence Comics Consortium, Untitled Newspaper by Lala Albert, 2013 Calendar by Katrina Avocado, “Barking to the North Star” by Katbus, and “Hatred” by Zach Hazard Vaupen :)