Matt Fincham: This is a plea to tumblr,


do not clip it!Nick Grimshaw: ‘I love willy’. There’s an opportunity to clip it. ‘I love willy’. Here’s another one. ‘I love willy’ And here’s another one.

That time Matt Fincham stated he loved ~willy and got teased mercilessly for what was likely only just a beginning of forever - Breakfast Show 19.06.2013

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Nick Grimshaw: ‘LMC, Why do you hate mine and Finchy’s love of his eyes and his love of my hair? I know you never liked the crinkles round Matt’s eyes…’

’…alongside the likes of McFly, Harry Styles, Olly Murs, Matt Fincham. All the pin ups. You’re gonna be in it as well. It says’s all your favorite DJs and more. You’re more, you’re more than any of those.’

- Body Confidence week on BBCR1 Breakfast Show 27.11.2012. (3 min long)