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I meant to talk a bit about Dora back when I watched Parental Bonding, but since she appears again in Prisoners of Love, this is a decent excuse to bring her up again.

Anyway, I thought it was cool that Dora showed up multiple times as a side character before getting a focal episode, but my sister and I thought of an idea when watching Parental Bonding that could’ve had her in more of the show and been kinda funny and cute.

What if Dora had developed a crush on Tucker after this?

Tucker’s always trying to woo the ladies, and Dora’s always wishing to go to the ball.

I think it could’ve been interesting to see Dora show up a few more times, asking Tucker to take her to the ball or dance with her. Tucker’s her beret-wearing prince charming.

I don’t even ship them at all, I just think this could’ve been an amusing and cute running thing, especially because I always love seeing this ghost princess.

@meganegz said:

I do love that they decided to take this side character/occasional villain and make more out of her later on- and she had the real potential to become a great ally to their cause, even if she didn’t become actively involved with Team Phantom most of the time (ruling princess; naturally she has her own things going on that are equally or more important); she could offer knowledge on a great variety of things, I think, and offer asylum in the ghost zone if necessary.

I love Dora, and as far as I’m concerned, she’s an ally of the team post-Beauty Marked. There’s a lot she could offer, and she’s actually a very powerful ghost despite being kept under Aragon’s thumb for so long. I like to think that she and Sam remain friends, because even if Sam frustrated her at first, she was also the one who helped her to stand up to her brother.

My witch!Sam chats with her occasionally using her Ouija board.