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  • Jenna Gaskarth (Day 5 of 7)
  • Andy Oliver (Day 4 of 7)


  • Our first task will be announced on August 1st. Please remember, participation is mandatory but don’t sweat it. You have the whole month to do it. If you need a refresher on tasks, revisit the rules and FAQ. Remember, not everyone will be given the task this month. If you already know you’ll be unable to participate, please message us as soon as possible for an exemption. Keep in mind however, that if you’re not included in August’s task, you’ll probably be included in September’s.
  • Go ahead and unfollow The Rumour. Gossip pages just aren’t a thing anymore. If you guys really want it, we’ll keep it, but for now it’s a no go.
  • That’s it, I don’t have anything else worthy of reporting unless you count the fact that I’m about to face the Elite 4 on Pokemon X as relevant. If not, just like this post and go about your business.