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You roll into a small town early in the evening, go to the local diner and order a steak off the menu. You’re brought soup. You are confused. You look around you and you notice everyone else is being given soup, yet are still ordering a variety of things from the menu. You think it’s a joke but upon a second look of the menu it is merely all soup. The chefs special is Soup soup with soup. You bring it up to a waitress. She seems startled by your accusation. She asks another person at another table what they ordered. They say soup and then have a startled look on their face. Everyone within earshot begins to panic and ask eachother what is going on. The room descends into chaos. You try to leave through the front door. But there is only soup.

There is a Transgender woman running in the 2017 provincial election in BC, Canada.

I just thought I should bring this to tumblr’s attention. Transgender activists rarely have the opportunity to run for political office, but Morgane Oger just became the official party nominee in a riding in Vancouver, for one of the two large political parties in the province of British Columbia.

To my knowledge a transgender person has never successfully been elected as a MLA (member of legislative assembly) in Canada.

Morgane Oger is running for the BC New Democratic Party (NDP) in the Vancouver riding of Vancouver-False Creek. She’s running against Sam Sullivan (one of Vancouver’s former mayors), who belongs to the BC Liberal Party.

The BC NDP = Centre-Left Party.

The BC Liberals = Centre-Right Party.

If you want to know more about the political views of the BC NDP (because most people vote on policy not the person as much), you can read more here. They’re a social democratic party (similar in views to people like Bernie Sanders with support for expansion of public services and social justice).

If you want to support her campaign, you can sign up here, and there is an option to say that you’re interested in volunteering or donating to her campaign.

The election isn’t until next May, but I thought I’d spread the word about it now.

British Columbia ends high heel dress code requirements - BBC News
Employers in British Colombia will no longer be able to insist staff come to work in high heels.

A Canadian province has scrapped the dress code which requires female employees to wear high heels.

The government of British Columbia (BC) says the requirement is discriminatory as well as being a health and safety issue because they are dangerous.

It says that high heel wearers face a risk of physical injury from slipping or falling as well as possible damage to the feet, legs and back.

Footwear should be designed to allow workers to operate safely, it says.

The announcement of the ban comes after a provincial Green party politician in March introduced a bill in the BC legislature aimed at preventing employers from setting gender-based footwear requirements.

BC Green Party leader Andrew Weaver filed a private member’s bill “designed to prevent employers from setting varying footwear and other requirements based on gender, gender expression or gender identity”.

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