so I was in a store and there was a filipino section and I was over there and the white girl across from me picked up a cup of buko pandan and was like “hm idk what this is looks weird but this is my favorite section in the store” and I wanted to jump across the table and swing on her


Similarly as the Hyakuya orphanage, the Athena Plan was a smaller group working with human experimentation on twenty-six kids under the age of five. Ultimately, they were creating kids with the durability and strength as vampires, without the bloodlust. Most of these kids died in the process. Nine and Twelve escaped as kids, and for the most part they do retain similar powers as akin to a vampire. However, Nine heavily suffers from what he experienced during his time in the facility and deals with the burdens of regular night terrors. For the most part, he sticks away from both vampires and humans alike, and harbors no positive feeling towards either. However, once he learns of the Seraph gene and the human experimentation he will not be pleased. 

wingsof-flame i mean the problem is that i recently bought a new wig for medusa bc u know how fucked up my old one is but i tried to style it and it ended up HORRIBLE!!!! so i need a new wig if i want to wear her again which is a SHAME bc i got those really cool bracelets to use ugh but yeah i cant do her till i get a new wig

one time i was scrolling down the tag for where i live and found this girls tumblr that went to my school and it was super nsfw and she posted nudes (shes 17…) i was horrified