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☄ if you're still doing it!

your writing has always made me feel so warm! i remember discovering ur blog and just sitting there reading ur work for like at least an hour bc it’s so good jesus…when u followed me i was so excited! you’re one of my favorite writers on tumblr. you also have really pretty eyes. i’d love 2 talk to u/get to know u (but haven’t really tried to bc i’m a Nervous Person)

My Mum, at dinner: Ooh its almost our wedding anniversary soon! Our 20th! we should do something special! : )

Dad: Get a divorce?

Me in the bg, banging 50 pots and pans together: Why!!! are!! you married!!!!!! why are you!!!! such a shit bag!!!!!!!! cant you even!!! pretend!!!! to be a nice!!!! person!!!!

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   “ 很少,我很抱歉。”