Ive been playing with MV a lot in my spare time and i finally started writing the Story into the game so I guess its gonna be a thing? the cooking system is to make healing items of course and I’d like to make the form change system work in battle so the relationshp stats are tied to that if I can figure out how, its not really a romance system like the main game, All characters have relationship points with eachother

if whenever I get a playable demo out for this, it won’t be out until at least after the final demo for the main VN so dont get excited just yet :^p

hey another fun fact: mga wlw and polyamorous wlw aren’t greedy or like. selfish or whatever the shit these people come up with!! it’s totally okay and cool to want to be with more than one person at a time, and to like multiple genders, and to not feel fulfilled with monogamy. you’re not cheating if everyone has consented, and you’re not straight bc you like guys as well as girls. you all are great keep on rocking

this includes trans wlw and not t//we///rfs or other transphobes

someone told me the other day that i t was hard to assume im a guy bc i have such a feminine presentation and theyre right!!!!!!! theyr fucking right!!! no one sees me as a guy they see me as some fucking cis girl im so mad!!!! just view me as a guy please im begging you im sorry noire is my strongest id i dont want her to be im sorry!!!!

im in a bit of a better mood but also hnn

Dating Soonyoung ~

1st installment of my *dating svt* series~ (i died while making this im just a poor lil hoshi stan)

  • first off: squishy faces whenever he’s sad
  • or mad
  • or happy
  • just squish face. love this concept.
  • this kid is either 0 or 100 there is no in between like one second he’s being so extra and literally jumping off the walls
  • and the next thing you know hes asleep on your shoulder
  • and youre like??? what are you doing hosh
  • but you wouldnt wake him up bc this guy works so hard let him sleep
  • so clingy in private. backhugs, laying on your lap, hanging on your leg so you cant walk away… ok
  • likes when he lays on your lap and you play with his hair he’s out in like .02 secs when that happens
  • sometimes you do it to shut him up bc om g
  • but in public he wouldnt be like that, he might link pinkies or hold hands when walking through crowds or something just so he knows your there and safe b y e
  • lowkey very protective of you
  • doesnt show it much bc he doesnt want to seem overbearing but this boy is CONSTANTLY worried about you
  • sleeps literally on top of you. its so hot and you cant move but you love it bc… its Hoshi… baby
  • writes you lil notes that he leaves in random places so you can find them when hes gone aw
  • texts you at like 4am bc he heard a song that reminded him of you and he NEEDS to tell you. now.
  • also needy texts…. this boy…….he’s good with his words too like… he’d have you needy as well in no time… gonna stop here
  • tries to play off like he’s not wrapped around your finger but..
  • all the members are like… boyyy…. you whipped
  • and he is. but so are you. youd do anything for each other
  • cute Polaroids everywhere at all times
  • “y/n youre the cutest”
  • carries one in his wallet always
  • he’d never even question you when you told him something, he trusts you 100% bc
  • like your first and only fight was once when you were trying to plan a surprise for his birthday or something and you came back late
  • and he asks where you were and you cant think of a good excuse so youre just like babe… youre going to have to trust me.. it was important
  • and he didnt say anything but you can tell he was mad and he didnt talk to you for the next few days
  • but then the surprise happens and hes so happy!!!
  • and then he realizes that he was a jerk to you when you were trying to do something nice and he seriously almost cried
  • from then on he never mistrusted you for a second bc he knows you wouldnt lie to him
  • imagine just the simplest things with soonyoung are made to be fun adventures! like you have to go to the grocery store? its a race to see who can get to the candy first!
  • then the fruits! and somehow all the oranges are on the floor and youre both blushing but laughing and you run out of the store without any groceries and have to order out for the night  
  • once you wanted to go on a walk in the park but he comes over and then its raining before you can get out the door and your just like
  • :(((((
  • but never fear soonyoung is here!!
  • he immediately starts building a crazy complicated and awesome blanket fort in your living room and puts on some super chill music
  • and you guys sit in there the whole night playing card games and talking and messing around
  • basically he’s the best boyfriend ever and i’m a  m e s s

i think the new theme might be a farm related thing, sadly.

perhaps an orphanage in the middle of no where on a farm???

idk, but honestly i’d rather not speculate until more things are released and i doubt there will bc on insta i saw something that said nothing but the teasers are gonna be released until the season actually starts.

i like that they’re going for a mysterious vibe here and i can’t wait to see what it is, and if it happens to be forest then i won’t be disappointed or anything, i just feel like it’s hard to come up with a solid answer for obvious reasons and i can’t make connections to it being a forest bc we have yet to see trees and the like in any of the teasers.

one thing i’m curious about however is the fact that the teaser with the family(?) in the dark, had “alien” type music playing, and it makes me wonder what exactly is going on.

i also saw something that said the season might be broken up into two or something? like split? idk, the only things i trust at this point are the teaser videos. ^^

anonymous asked:

Hi! I have a quick question. When you did the series poll (the one with Monster!Seventeen) I was wondering what you did to make that poll? Thank you! - Dokey Kong anon (I'm going to use this til I know it's used)

Dokey Kong is not yet taken anon~~ Also I used this website right HERE It’s super easy to make your own poll and you can toggle different options to set for your poll and share it with anyone!! Feel free to use it^^

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Gerard talking about the MCR thing

interviewer: so the My Chemical Romance twitter page put out the teaser the other day. What can you say about that?
Gerard: Not much because the band’s not heavily involved with any of that stuff so you know, it was a lot of misinformation when that came out so we asked the label to put out a statement to clarify things. But umm, yeah there’s not much to talk about.
interviewer: But it’s kinda cool though that many fans kinda got excited about it like ‘Oh they might be getting back together’. There’s still a love for your music, a love for all of you guys. That must be kinda nice.
Gerard: Yeah, that was really nice, yknow. I think everybody felt that it was nice but at the same time I think everybody felt like it was a little out of hand so we asked the label to clarify stuff.

Source (starts at 6:43)


girl crush

I play splatoon and I’m sad about the last splatfast being the last splatfest ;;; the girl squids are actually really cool tho (and really skilled…rip me) the boy squids are cuter than they are cool imo ;;; boy squids are coming soon tho!!