daddyzenpie  asked:

Just an idea where Victor saw Yuuri on a coffee date with Pichit and get a lil jelly bcs they're so close that it make him misunderstood??

Lawl, Victor is such a jealous man-child XD
He’d probably feel at least a little jealous seeing his Yuri be so friendly with someone else ^^
but, I think he is at least mature enough not to let that affect how he would treat one of Yuri’s friends o3o
And also he’s a pretty direct guy, so, if he misunderstood he’d ask Yuri and get it cleared up pretty quick :D

anonymous asked:

I love my family bc after all, they're my flesh and blood, but living in this house with them is making me depressed. I can't express myself with them bc they're so close minded. I find myself spending more and more time either in my room or outside the house. Sometimes I'm even afraid to go to the kitchen bc I'm afraid of starting an argument. I already have mild depression and they don't understand or even try. How am I supposed to work on myself if I can't even be supported by my own family?

Just because they’re your flesh and blood doesn’t mean that they are your real family. I always say that you can choose/pick who your family is (your real friends and the people who really love you) because they will be there for you no matter what and family won’t always be.