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I just.. want to say that your stance on Armin is really refreshing haha, I actually really liked his character in the very beginning but now I'm at a point where I definitely dislike him and it's frustrating since he's such a central character. I feel the same way about child genius characters that you do, and I just.. like, the way Isayama portrays Armin has me going ?? Half the time it feels like Armin just makes these huge leaps of logic that are conveniently correct? Like, I dunno, I-(c)

-he doesn’t even feel to me like a particularly believable Brilliant Child character. To me he went from one of the ones I identified with to being really difficult to get invested in because he’s So Super Smart. I’m frustrated with Isayama’s writing a lot of the time, but Armin has become particularly annoying to me and I always lose interest in new chapters when I see they might be Armin-centric. It’s hard to talk about since 99% of the fandom adores him. Refreshing to see other views! (2/2)

I like you, anon.

I’ll admit that I never identified with Armin, though I think if I was watching this series as a teenager I’d probably find some things about his character to be pretty relateable. 

I was personally really hoping we’d see a darker side of Armin. I know Isayama mentioned something about a rift between Armin and Eren. Eren’s shift in character (angry to tired to determined to do what it takes) had me thinking that soon Armin would be getting some similar development…just in another direction. I’d have liked to see that. I was hoping Armin would be the first of the Kid Crew to understand and accept the necessity of death and killing people. But in reality it seems that role isn’t going to be his.

I’m a little on the fence about it myself. On one hand I’m happy to see Jean accepting how shitty things are and how limited their choices are. Jean recruited Marlowe and couldn’t shoot his gun/protect himself (forcing Armin to kill someone), so it seems likely to me that he’s going that route himself wrt killing Reiner.

I had hoped Armin would be the one to take the ruthless stance in the series, which would have made him interesting to me on some level or another. The things these kids have seen have been pretty terrible–and I don’t just mean the titans and stuff. The government was against them and they were fugitives. Erwin was going to be hanged. The senior soldiers tortured a man and they had to hear it.

Like–it was understandably frightening. And here are all these 15-18-year-old kids asking themselves in the ends will justify the means and none of them have an answer to that question. Like Jean seems to have done recently, and Eren as well, they have to set aside every doubt and just assume it will work.

But most of what we’ve gotten from Armin has been unrelateable. He desperately lies to Bertholdt and then pukes after he kills someone. And then wants to talk to Bertholdt the next time he sees him…and lies again. 

I don’t know what I was hoping for, or what I was expecting, but that was not it. I could go with an Armin who doesn’t want to kill, who strongly believes there is another way, that talking is the answer. I could go with an Armin who believes in ruthlessness because if you’re going to kill people do it decisively don’t waffle on that kind of thing. Either you’re in or you’re out.

But the Armin we’ve had lately doesn’t seem dedicated to one side or another, and I don’t mean it as a compliment of his character: it doesn’t feel like an intentional split to me. It feels like Armin isn’t really getting development so much as he’s become a convenient plot device–a character used to push the plot along while offering relatively little to the story/other characters’ development/getting no deep development himself. :/

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