Things I want to see in season four of arrow:

-An established olicity.(Like Felicity and Oliver actually dating)

-More of Felicity’s apartment (bc her place is so cute and I just want Oliver to be living there)

-Bratva flashbacks!!!!

-Team arrow being awesome and what not.

-Donna Smoak reappears constantly to check on Felicity. ( and also if Felicity’s dad is the main villain for next season AND I EXPECT A ROMANCE WITH HER AND CAPTAIN LANCE)

-Flash/Arrow/Spin-off crossovers (you can’t have too many superheros in one show, just saying)

-More Thea and Felicity scenes. (thelicity, is that their ship name??)

-Less angst!! (I already have enough of that this season)

-Diggle tracking down HIVE. (And possibly finding out Felicity’s dad has something to do with it)

-Oliver needs to just smile more!! (his smile is adorable)

-SARA!! (enough said)

aggressivelybicaptainamerica replied to your post “harley quinns outfit for ss… um wow…thats something…that exists :/”

DC goes to all the trouble to write a comic where Harley comes to terms and starts recovering from the abuse of the Joker and then they throw her in a daddy issues shirt…

Its incredibly disrespectful to her character & it makes me worry that the writers aren’t taking her seriously. 

Just the design feels so far removed from BTAS Harley & even current comics Harley’s design (which I’m not a fan of either)



how do you fight in these

random fact: I can handle horror movies from Saw, Paranormal Activity, VHS and The Banshee Chapter etc and I’ll sleep like a baby afterwards. Give me any of the final destination movies and five minutes in I’m already riddled with anxiety and biting my nails half off and ready to cry.

man that fucked up my mood for the rest of the day cuz this bitch will say i hate everything and say im negative over anything like… i cant say i dont care for pop music or i dont ride roller coasters bc of a traumatic experience without this hoe tellin me that i need to lighten up like…??? shes the one whos always a nervous stress wreck bc she never takes a break n goes on trips every 3 days and drinks 7 cups of coffee in the morningn. shes gonna die of a goddamn heart attack from all this bullshit. i dont force myself to do shit bc i like to be healthy and calm and not fuck myself up??? k


Saturday was our last bout of the season… We faced our sister team, the Finger Lakes Lunachicks. These women are amazing, and we just love them!!

We played them at home earlier in the season, but we just can’t get enough!! Our team has come a long way this season, and having the majority of our skaters being first year bouters, I’d say we haven’t done too bad!

We are already hitting the track hard and going back to basics in preparation for next season. We are having open recruitment and are looking forward to having some new bodies on the track. Derby love 💚💜

youwishyouhadmygirl asked:

alright i'm picking random numbers without knowing what the questions are; 6, 10, 12, 24, 28, 91

6) What was your coolest Halloween costume?
- roller derby girl bc I roller-skated every-fucking-where

10) Favorite ice cream flavor?
- prolly strawberry cheesecake

12) Your favorite pair of shoes?
- my khaki mid-top vans

24) How many pets do you have? What kind?
- I have 2 doggy children* (& yes, I’m including twix)

28) What makes you feel the happiest?
- who: punksgottapunk

91) What is your favorite word?
- your mom’s chest hair


GTI x A4 x EVO - VancouverFitted feature.