I watched Whip It the other day and I really wanted to draw a badass roller derby girl, somehow it turned into Ghostbusters fanart?

I tried to come up with derby names for each of them but I’m bad at puns so if you have any suggestions send them my way! I was thinking Abby’s should have something to do with soup, but that’s as far as I got.


Noel and Richard’s honeymoon trip to Copenhagen 

anyways: imagine ur otp scenario

who would be the one to want to go to laser tag and who would be the one that wants to go to a zombie killer enactment thing 


Look at how beautiful Lothal could’ve been. 

Too bad it’s just another reminder of how everyone could’ve gone down a better path, a brighter future…

And by everyone, I mean literally everyone. Even the Imperials.

Sam/Josh fic recs

Spiral Down and Back Around by  rainbowLivinda (gaylussacia)

“I just want someone to say to me,
“I’ll always be there when you wake.”
You know I’d like to keep my cheeks dry today
So stay with me and I’ll have it made.
AU where Josh doesn’t go through with the prank and instead of betraying Sam, he relies on her.”

★ Screen by moenochrome (madkinggangrel)

“I do not know why I would go
In front of you and hide my soul
Cause you’re the only one who knows it.

( A collection of Josh / Sam drabbles based on prompts I received. )”

[This world is] not a place to be on your own by talverrar (joshing-machine)

“Josh doesn’t like diaries. He remembers what’s important and lets go of what isn’t.
Shameless fluff. Like, really. Just snippets from their relationship as it progresses.
This ship is the worst.”

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jinyoung has such a cute habit of covering his mouth when he laughs 😊😊😊 he’s trying to keep his amusement contained but it’s adorable when he finds something so hilarious he can’t keep it from escaping from him

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Mildred is SUUUUUUUPER GAY. Badass roller derby girl from the early 1900s? Dude, she probably barely skates in a straight line she's so gay. I might be a tiny bit drunk right now because I'm definitely not a responsible adult and I'm thinking about how Mildred is ***** AF

I was going to mention she’s gay af bc she’s in roller derby and she’s surrounded by girls all the time but I didn’t want to stereotype LMAO.

I can’t believe we just give head canons to any little cameo natasha and elise are in XD

midnight pomegranate

summary: mall au, where mark works at hollister and dislikes his job for very personal reasons. (aka no one can be a hipster.)

pairing: markjin (jr/mark), super slight jackbum (jackson/jb)

length: one-shot, nearly 23k … wow

rating: pg13 (swearing, underage drinking, immature tomfoolery… etc.)


author’s note & link to story under the cut~

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rami, mahershala, tom ;)

I’d ride a roller coaster with: TOM HARDY (because i also want to hear Tom scream & also a roller coaster would give me an excuse to grab onto him in fear bc roller coasters terrify the shit out of me but ID DO IT FOR YOU, TOM.)

I’d venture into the woods with (at night): RAMI MALEK (i GUARANTEE we’d both get lost, be scared & nervous, and be in over our heads but i honestly just want to experience being confused with Rami and both of us taking out our phones in desperation where it says ‘No Signal’ so we just keep walking and then by the time we DO get to a road we’re flipping a coin to see who’s gonna try and signal down a car to hitchhike. To which im gonna convince Rami he has to do it bc hes more recognizable and im wearing a hijab and everyone is gonna pull over for Eliot Alderson. Also id protect Rami w my life)

I’d watch Netflix with all night: MAHERSHALA ALI (he probably has the best shows on queue and also i would have the best conversations with him on everything we just watched and itd truly be the most fulfilling movie/show watching experience of the century)


• gets hella hyped for this holiday like as soon as Christmas is finished he’s excited about the upcoming one like seungcheol!!!! chill!!!!
• like he buys 200 advent calendars so that he could always be counting down for Christmas 25 days at a time aw
• but this upcoming Christmas was the most important for him bc he gets to spend it with you and it has to be the best Christmas you’ve ever had!!!!!
• makes you watch marathons of cheesy Christmas movies on the couch all day and he’s more into it than you.
• “jagiya, let’s be like them too, okay?”
• and even though it’s a Christmas movie and everything ends happy in those, he always goes through an emotional roller coaster bc of it like he’ll be so depressed and crying in the sad parts but like ecstatic and crazy when it ends happily ever after what a cutie
• goes full on hard out when it comes to decorating, he’s got like a whole shed filled with tinsel, wreaths, etc. and is always going on about using them ALL otherwise they might feel left out
• draws an entire plan out about how he wants the house to look bc if the members come over to visit, then it has to look better than what they got
• told you he didn’t need a star or Angel on top of the tree bc your the star of his life and an angel that came from heaven :))))
• doesn’t know what to get you at first but asked his dongsaengs to find out for him and report back, but you caught onto it real quick and told each of the boys different things and it just really confused the poor boy
• like dino came back saying that you wanted a necklace
• but jeonghan said you wanted a huge teddy bear
• but hoshi said you wanted socks???
• you on the other hand found it so easy to get his present bc he’s been making it so obvious, he’s been eyeing this one mixtape for ages. not to mention the fact that he tries to drop that word every chance he can.
• wears reindeer antlers and a red nose wherever he goes bc he’s ‘seungcheol the red nosed reindeer’
• tries to make you wear ugly sweaters with him, like those itchy stuff you get from your grandma and you literally have to sleep with one eye open bc you know this boy will probably try put it on you in your sleep.
• got REALLY excited when it started to snow and literally dragged you out of bed and dumped you on the snow and started chucking snowballs at you and yOU WERENT EVEN READY LIKE STOPPPP :(((
• but eventually you came to your senses and started to chuck them at his face as well YAY
• dislikes the fact that Christmas is only a one day thing and it’s at the end of the year and he gets rlly sad bc of it
• spent all day shopping when it was Christmas Eve bc he didn’t have time to buy the members presents so he went all out on that day and you didn’t see him until like 9pm
• when he got home he immediately declared the two of you go to sleep or else Santa won’t come and you just laugh bc ur boyfriend is so cute and go to sleep with him
• when it’s finally Christmas Day he’s literally on top of you, prying your eyes open and yelling in your ear BC ITS CHRISTMAS!! he then proceeds to contact everyone he know wishing them a v v v v merry Christmas at like 6 in the morning. He THEN opens the door to the world and yells out MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALLLLLL and all the neighbours are like SHUT UP
• you two celebrate Christmas with the members and their family and it’s just filled with laughter and happiness and all that good stuff
• when it was time to open presents seungcheol handed you this MASSIVE bag and inside was all the things the boys told him you wanted and you were in awe bc omg did he actually buy it all and you were flustered and happy and AWJSJWJSISM
• when he saw what you got him, which was the mixtape he nearly cried and was like HOWD H KNOW I WANTED THHIS MY LOVE??? and ur just like in ur mind idk I just guessed, it definitely wasn’t bc of the many times you pretty much said it
• then later on in the night, seungcheol sneakily out a mistletoe above the two of you and started wiggling his eyebrows and winking at you and you wanted to be a tease and walk away but he just grabbed you and kissed you happily.
• “this has been a Christmas to remember, thank you, seungcheol.”
• “I love you.”

UPDATE; Things I want to see in season four of Arrow:

-An established olicity.(Like Felicity and Oliver actually dating)

-More of Felicity’s apartment (bc her place is so cute and I just want Oliver to be living there)

-Bratva flashbacks!!!!

-Team arrow being awesome and what not.

-Donna Smoak reappears constantly to check on Felicity. ( and also if Felicity’s dad is the main villain for next season AND I EXPECT A ROMANCE WITH HER AND CAPTAIN LANCE)

-Flash/Arrow/Legend of Tomorrow crossovers (you can’t have too many superheros in one show, just saying)

-More Thea and Felicity scenes. (thelicity, is that their ship name??)

-Less angst!! (I already have enough of that this season)

-Diggle tracking down HIVE. (And possibly finding out Felicity’s dad has something to do with it)

-Oliver needs to just smile more!! (his smile is adorable)

-Oliver and Felicity taking care of baby Sara, because that’s long overdue!!

-SARA!! (enough said)

-Laurel being her badass self as black canary and as a district attorney.

-Roy needs to come back for at least two or three episodes next season. (Regardless if he’s not a series regular anymore, Roy is still important to Thea and Team Arrow)