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You think too highly of yourself lmao. You're really just average, your icons could be better, and your writing is sometimes bland. I'm surprised someone would try to imitate you at all, tbh

okay - maybe my icons could be better (i honestly agree with this, actually), and sure, my writing IS bland sometimes. that’s a natural part of the process, of life, and a natural part of human fallibility. i’m not perfect - not by a long shot. and maybe i DO think too highly of myself ; again, a result of my not being perfect. i’m not denying my flaws, i’m not denying what you may think of me, but i would’ve really taken you a lot more seriously if you’d come to me without the anonymous veil. but, since this is the last thing i’ll be saying about the matter, i’ll admit the vagueblogging was petty. yeah, shitty thing to do, and i apologize to all of you. however, the subject of the vagueblogging was something that i’ve been noticing for a while, and needed to just get off my chest. i’ve since deleted it, as it’s not important. but thank you for your comments. uvu.

does anyone know a good umbrella term to use for stuff that isn’t about cishet people?

cause like, among the few people irl i’m both out to and close with (which is basically just my mom and 2 other people), i mostly use the word “qu**r”, bc i don’t find it offensive and it’s very inclusive imo.

but since it’s a reclaimed slur, there are a lot of people in the community that don’t like it, and there are still a lot of cishet people who use it as a slur. i don’t want to use a word that makes people in the community uncomfortable, and tbh i don’t like using it in public bc of all the negative connotations it has.

but at the same time i don’t like the LGBT acronym bc 1.) it’s very hard to say when you’re speaking, 2.) it’s not very inclusive, and 3.) the fully inclusive version LGBTQIAP+ really sucks, and almost no one outside the community (and a lot of people inside it tbh) knows it exists or what it stands for.

and i know some people just use “gay” as an umbrella term for sexuality stuff, but i really don’t like that. i’m not gay, and i don’t want to use that term bc i don’t want people to think i’m gay. bc i’m not gay.

from what i’ve been able to find, the MOGAI acronym seems like the best option, but like, literally no one outside the community knows it exists? and a lot of people i know inside the community don’t know either. or they just don’t like it.

so does anyone else know of a good umbrella term to use? or should i just try to start using MOGAI, and just explain it to anyone that asks?

I wish my mom knew how hard it is for me to get all the stuff done she asks me to get done. she has me doing stuff all day (without a break, because normal people don’t need breaks from calling colleges or filling out dmv forms), but I feel like I’m dying, but she gets mad when I fall asleep at 8pm or when I just eat ramen for dinner because I’m tired and it’s all I can stomach and she just thinks I’m being difficult and I wish she knew how much I’m struggling

Today at the doctor my sister was getting checked and things bc pregnant and like afterward when her doctor was writing stuff down my sister was like “Taylor, never get pregnant,” and I was like “well that’s particularly easy as i don’t like guys” and i thought her doctor was going to piss himself for laughing so hard

i probably would have shipped sasnaru if i hadn’t been so alienated by the hypersexuality of the fandom like the gaanaru fandom actually focuses on platonic stuff and it doesn’t always have to end in hot sweaty sex and make out sessions…  the sasnaru fandom makes me feel broken for being aro-spectrum ace. especially bc i look at sasuke’s behavior and see a mirror of my own aro-ace tendencies. so seeing sasuke in sexual acts makes me cry sometimes bc it reminds me that that’s all people see and that’s all people want and that i’m undesirable as a partner because i don’t want sex and making out.

The possessed Mabill thing I’m working on is honestly going to use brushes I don’t have so here I am studying intently people’s strokes on their art, looking at GF backgrounds, and trying to figure it out.

Sai is a beautiful program but I’ve yet to unlock exactly how to achieve certain looks I can do traditionally. Also I don’t want to open PS because it runs way too slow on my PC. If only my tablet worked on my Mac.

i’m kinda glad i made this safe blog bc like. i don’t have to set so many requirements for myself?? like literally, i had 6 separate blogs i was running, all w different content and stuff i needed to keep updated. but here i can reblog what i like to one blog and it feels good. i don’t have to put myself to such a high standard to get people to like and follow me.

but like, the only thing i’m struggling w is lack of attention?? like on my main i have 200+ followers so people like my posts and reblog my stuff and generally, i’ll get some messages when i ask for them. but here, not many people follow me and i base m value and self-worth on how many people like/reblog my stuff and since i’m not getting much it’s kinda like?? i wanna go back to my main but i’m SCARED

ugh I had a dream :/ I’m not going into detail because I’m superstitious (for good reason) when it comes to my dreams. Whenever I remember my dreams (which is rare) especially if it’s a reoccurring dream, I have to pay attention to it. It’s always telling me something. I’ve had recurring dreams from elementary to high school. I hate remembering my dreams bc they are always super realistic. I never do any of that fun stuff that people do in dreams. It can make me dissociate. I had to fact check with my mom this morning and a lot of my “facts” weren’t.

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Did all the people getting Splatoon early in the UK buy it from Nintendo? I bought the game from Amazon and the amiibo from GAME and it looks like all my stuff will still be coming on the 29th. Just asking out of curiosity.

I don’t know about the others, but I got it from this site called ‘gameseek’ who are definitely worth a look if you want to save a few quid on games and such, given that they’re cheaper than amazon and that’s saying a lot. but it’s possible, probably incredibly likely, that they could have gotten it from that site too because from what I’ve seen, eshop only allows customers to buy pre-orders atm and I don’t think their online shop would be any different.


someone is tagging jiraiya as a pedophile bc he was trying to make naruto lose focus on his chakra (and called him “sexy”) so he could verify what was going on with the kyuubi’s chakra and what was wrong with the seal containing it


really lmao

man you guys wanna pick a fight about literally everything and anything, even if it means forcing western culture on everyone else in the world.

stop holding people to your americanized standards, it doesn’t work everywhere and people don’t do things with the intentions you seem to believe they do


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I know you said you don’t think it’s a hardware thing, but do you think it could be a sound card issue? It facilitates the sound processing, so the predictable timing of the failures could be because of that.

i had thought that if something was spontaneously failing it wouldn’t have such even timing, but i barely know anything about the subject, so i could easily be wrong… sound card issues are the things that come up most when i search for sound help, anyway, but none of the potential solutions so far have helped. do you know what in particular the problem with it could be?? it’s updated, and works half the time, it’s just… the other half :/

actually now that i’m playing with the sound settings again it’s NOT passing its own playback tests anymore, but it’s also not telling me there’s any problems…

mostly i’m just confused because the computer thinks it’s playing when it’s not, so it seems like the problem is somewhere in between getting the sound and playing the sound (since it’s probably not a speaker issue), and i don’t know what’s in between those steps… also i’m concerned about how often videos and wmp simply don’t work, which seems like it should be unrelated to audio playback, but those problems (seem to) have been going hand in hand…

oh, another thing i just found out: when i bring up the sound mixer, if music is actually playing the sound level changes to reflect that, but when music SAYS it’s playing but isn’t, it doesn’t show any speaker activity. so that part of the system knows it’s not working? but the rest doesn’t??

im not even all about this business, but no one’s ever done the “I’m so proud of you for coming out” thing to me. maybe cuz I’m bi? but so far I’ve gotten mhms and laughter from my dad bc he doesn’t believe it’s a thing and then complete nothing from my mom since she’s just not okay. i guess i just hold that sort of thing too highly. like i guess it feels like more of a deal to reveal it to people than it is :/

does trying to be happy and stop cutting count as “recovery” ? Bc idk it seems like such a minor thing I mean it’s hard for me but compared to things other people go through it seems minor and recovery is such a prominent word
I have kind of accomplished some small things though
Like im learning to communicate instead of bottling stuff up
And not seeing things/people in black and white
I just really need to work on controlling my anger/mood swings ://