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I lost sight of who I was… People pressure me, saying you gotta be sexy, you gotta be cute, you gotta be nice, you gotta be all these things. And I’m sure you all can relate. You all have pressure that you have to deal with every day—with school, with work, with friends, with parents, with family. Until recently, I had given in to that pressure. I’ve learned from my actions, and for all the things I’ve done, I’m proudest of that.”


Joe Toye had been at the aid station for three days and everybody was glad to have him back. Especially Bill Guarnere.

I find it interesting the reactions to the Hound and Bran, and how much they differ. On one hand, you have a self-professed child murderer, a man who terrorized Sansa to the point that she thought he was going to kill her, makes disgusting sexual remarks about her, said terrible things about wanting Bran and Summer to die, and kidnapped and verbally abused Arya before being left to die by her.

Then we have Bran, a child who was violently paralyzed and forced to flee his home on threat of death. He has this gift that he knows nothing about, and exercises it in a way that helps him cope with his own loss of his legs; now, we as readers know skinchanging Hodor is an abomination, and though Bran feels like something is off about it, he doesn’t know for sure. Because, you know, he’s a little boy, and no one has taught him different (unless I’m misremembering and Jojen has told him?).

And now as a fandom we’ve found out that canon Bran will have, in some time paradox kind of way, unintentionally have traumatized young Walder to the point that he can only say Hodor for the rest of his life. And it’s like a rally, the way people go after Bran for being “selfish, cruel, stupid, a monster.” This is an eight-year old here (maybe nine) and he receives so much vitriol and hate for messing up these very confusing powers he has, never mind the fact that Bloodraven probably has something to do with encouraging the Hodor moment to happen given that he’s Bran’s teacher and is obviously keeping things from him.

But the Hound, oh lord the Hound, deserves every ounce of love and happiness because he got stitched up and is digging graves for the Elder Brother. Somehow some dirt, a shovel, and a shut mouth redeems him for the years of despicable shit he did - some of it directly to the Stark household.

It’s just frustrating I guess to see a grown ass man with control over his own choices get babied while a young, inexperienced child is hung from the highest tree as a villain.

Ikunlun Chinese Scans - Retrace CIII: Call Your Name

The one thing I don’t like about Tumblr is how quick everyone is to jump on bandwagons. Like sometimes it’s good to spread awareness to things but other times it’s just like “The majority of Tumblr loves/hates this, therefore I love/hate this”.


Hello guys! So I recently reached 2k followers. Something I never really thought I would get to be honest. So to celebrate I’m doing a follow forever~ I started this blog a couple months ago and I’m in shock that so many lovely people follow me ♡

This  is just a small thank you to everyone who has followed me and always reblog and like my stuff,  and to everyone who make my dash a really nice beautiful place. You’re all awesome! ^^

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me: do u want a bag?
person: no
me: u sure?
person: yeah!
(rings out their stuff)
me: have a good night
person: where’s my bag?
me: stares at them until I no longer see a person just a mesh of colors and shapes and proceeds to realize that bags aren’t a real concept and that the only real bag is me bc I am a trash bag.

so i just watched tfa again and I’m not okay
there are like fifty things i will never be over and ill make a more extensive list later, but
Near the end, when they land, everyone is celebrating? And stuff? And Poe Dameron should be in the fray, because he’s the best damn pilot in the resistance, one hell of a pilot, but no.
He’s running alongside the freaking cart/transportation thing that’s taking Finn to the freaking med ward.

These two will end me.

C L O S E D  P O S T

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I think the reason a lot of fans don’t like arzaylea is because luke hasn’t confirmed anything yet, and she’s out there subtweeting him constantly, posting pics of them together (which she later deletes, after millions of people have seen it), tagging him in stuff which he obviously isn’t going to see bc he gets millions of notifs a day, and she probably does it bc she knows it’ll come up in ppls notifs. She’s literally trying to make herself seem as involved with him as possible, and lukes not acknowledging it and I think that’s what a lot of us don’t like, the fact that she’s doing all she can to let people know about their “relationship” and luke isn’t, and it makes it seem like he isn’t happy or he thinks it’s something to hide ?? Which is probably the opposite of the truth but idk it’s just sketch and I love Luke I just hope he’s happy and that she’s a nice to him


I adore you guys so much please keep up the good work. So proud!

ranting bc just talking to myself about this appears to not be enough.

okay, we’ve all seen how lukas treats philip sometimes. he doesn’t think what he’s doing, saying or the consequences of his actions. he acts out of fear, the fear of not belonging, wanting to show other people that he is cool, a guy you can hang out with.

but that obviously does not justify his actions. definitely not. i really hope in the next episode or some others philip gets to actually get things off his chest, say how he feels and be understood. 

lukas’s scared of himself, the side of him he’s unraveling, the side he never thought existed. but i hope he understands he can’t just keep saying hurtful shit and then say he’s sorry. i want him to actually apologize. talk them out of this. get the situation clear.


greenokapi  asked:

Ahhh I just need to say you draw CC so good and I love all the art you keep doing~ Also I'm glad to see more people agree that the 'girls ship' thing was OOC as hell

     [ / loud flattered noises!!!!! ]

tbh sometimes I feel bad bc I don’t always send people like. the compliment memes or the “how’s my writing” memes and stuff. but like. they take so much effort out of me to write?? I love everyone that I follow and I think everyone here is amazing but I can never quite put into words why and what makes them so unique to me. might be an ASD thing, honestly.

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hey!! Just wanted to say I rly love your blog and your writing! <3 also noticed you don't post much about Elena, do you like her?

Hey anon! thanks a lot for dropping by and reading my stuff and liking my blog. I’m glad you enjoy it!

And about Elena, well- 

*UC fandom immediately holds me at gun point*

s-sure…I love her…w-who doesn’t like Elena Fisher…?

psst psst if u ever disagree w stuff i say w/r/t my interpretations of characters n stuff….. i am all for having discussions abt it???

like, if i post smth on tumblr, i am fully aware that people may disagree w me and i’m 300% cool with people telling me that and explaining why.

seriously if you want to try to change my mind, i am completely open to DIALOGUE n shit!!! i can’t promise you’ll change it bc i’m an insufferable know-it-all but i’m also not entirely closed to the idea that i can be wrong and also i love meta so there u go.