I’ve always thought that Bilbo actually didn’t lie to Gandalf in that moment, because he did spare Gollum and according to what Gandalf said before, that constituted as an act of true courage.

- carryonlordof221b :)

you guys i’m so happy bc i’m back to writing a book again!!

why am i such a wiener about making random starters for people, a symphony in three movements

idk man I really hate these sob stories that people post on tumblr asking for money, like it’s sad that people can’t afford university or medical bills and stuff (both of which aren’t an issue at all in my country so I often forget it’s an issue elsewhere) or are just generally suffering but for some reason they just don’t sit right with me. Like you’ve got to be a fool to believe every single one of these stories, because how do you know these people are just wanting money from people as an easy way to earn quick cash? I’m sure some of these people are legit and the Internet is their last port of call for help, but you’ve got to be so stupid to send money to someone over the Internet who you don’t know bc you don’t know how legit they really are

captngerrard replied to your post:there’s this beautiful girl i really like at…

IT SOUNDS LIKE THOSE YURI MANGAS??? oh my god. what is the plot twist going to be

omfg i wish it was one of those yuri mangas. i had to stop la vie d’adele twice to take pics of the movie bc she looks exactly like adele.. she’s so beautiful and so pathetically annoying it stresses me out

no but people who defend lexa:

it’s like we agree to cheat on a test together, then i make you steal the answer sheet and do all the sneaky hard stuff. then the teacher’s like ‘ok i know one of you 2 did this’ and i sell you out immediately bc i have to think with my head and not my heart.

i screwed you over but sucks for you bc my parents would be so disappointed otherwise and i can’t let them down i have a duty towards them. and you suffered through some hard shit and your parents might be devastated but aw shucks see you i hope we meet again, don’t be mad.

like being rational is one thing and betraying someone to benefit yourself is another. it’s just low.

do you ever like really like something and you wanna show someone but they just shut you down and ridicule you for liking that certain thing but they’re like also really obsessed with something different and you let them show you stuff and videos about it but if you even like try to mention the thing that you really like their like, no stop. And then you just feel sad for liking the thing you really like

I’m going to sleep at 9:30 I’m an old woman

for the amount that I talk, people know surprisingly less about me than they think that they do it’s great

even people who’ve known me for years

makes letting go of people and making new friends the easiest thing in the world

my friends meaning two people i asked to read my research paper said that i write like an adult

and i was thinking

maybe i could write fanfiction with that talent then lol

anonymous asked:

I follow 510...

Oh goodness, that is a lot. I sometimes feel that I miss all of the posts relevant to the things I blog already but I can’t unfollow people, it hurts me physically (unless I see hate or something that bothers me). It’s also one of the reasons I go through someone’s blog carefully before I follow. I know it’s nitpicky but if I see my dash go 100+ within 5 minutes I want to die. I’m weird like that.

(( aside of my reminder to read my RULES, which you should totally do if you haven’t yet, can I also ask everyone to TAG THEIR UTAPRI SPOILERS for all star after secret? my blog will not remain spoiler-free because I’m too excited to learn stuff about Camus’s route, and I don’t think I will mind it much if they remain untagged , but it’s just considerate towards other people who do not wish to see spoilers. So yes, I will reblog spoilers about Camus’s route when I get info about it and yes, I will tag said spoilers accordingly.))

i honestly wanna remake my old blog now bc i miss interacting with my friends you can do so little on an aesthetic blog tbh but jfc i have problems rn interacting with irl friends how do i expect it to be better here

also stuff prompted by watching ariana

just fyi it has to do with weight and food and the like so maybe don’t click if that’s bad or triggering for you ♡

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