I always wondered how tf undyne got a fully functioning baby grand in the underground. Like something that big, heavy and delicate falling into the dump in pristine condition seems so unlikely. So i hc that she got it from asgore.

Its p likely based on imagery and boss monster age canon that asgore was alive before the monsters were sentenced to the underground, and something that large and lovely and historic probably wouldnt be given to or inherited by just anyone. I think it was meant to be a royal family heirloom they got to keep when they got locked down there.

But when asgore was training undyne to beat him pre-game, i hc that he’s the one who started to teach her piano, to help her focus and redierct her aggression, much like how she is training papyrus to cook, and eventually just gifted it to her since he no longer had a child of his own to pass it down to.

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84, jihan!

84. “The key is under the mat.”

  Joshua packs his things slowly, eyeing his roommate with a small glare. “I can’t believe you’re making me move out.” 

  Mingyu gives him a grin, and shrugs his shoulders. “But you agreed to move out next month.”

  Joshua sighs and massages the bridge of his nose. “A month is 31 days, or four weeks, not 24 hours.” 

  Mingyu goes over to hug him from the back. “Please Josh, you know how much it means to me. Plus, Jeonghan’s really nice. He keeps to his room, and he looks stunning, and I know it’s true because Wonwoo doesn’t lie. Plus, he’s got good taste in men.”

  Waving Mingyu off him, he sighs. “You know I’m the nicest friend you have right?” 

  “You’re my best friend, you’re supposed to be,” Mingyu gets off him and claps happily when their doorbell rings. 

  Joshua’s still packing when someone steps into his room, and sighing, he turns around to assure Mingyu he’s almost done. Instead, he’s surprised to see Wonwoo and with a long haired boy. 

  “Hi,” Wonwoo greets awkwardly. He scratches the back of his head, shuffling his feet. Joshua swears he’s only being this nice because Wonwoo’s a great person and he keeps Mingyu grounded, which as a best friend, he really appreciates. Plus, he likes Wonwoo enough.

  “Hey Wonwoo, I’m almost done.”

  “I’m sorry, uh, about Mingyu being so pushy. I told him it was fine,” Wonwoo says quietly. 

  “Trust me, I’m used to his…quirks.”

  The two look at each other and share a laugh. Joshua stands, zipping his bag. He’s got that and two other boxes, and he has no idea how he’s going to carry it all to the new apartment alone. It’s a floor below, so it’s not like he’s moving to another country, but still. Trust Mingyu to come up with ideas like this. 

  “Seriously, I don’t know how you’re dating him,” Joshua jokes, while Wonwoo blushes. “S’not that bad. And uh, this is Jeonghan, your flatmate.” He steps aside to let Jeonghan step forward. Mingyu was right. 

  “Hi, I’m Jeonghan,” he extends his hand, and Joshua shakes it. 

  “I’m Josh.” 

  Jeonghan smiles widely, and looks around the room, stopping when he notices the boxes. “I can help you move them down?” 

  “Yeah, that’d be great, thanks.” 

  They reach the apartment below, with Jeonghan balancing one of the larger boxes in his arms and Joshua trying not to drop his bags and another smaller box. Placing the box down, Jeonghan bends down. 

  “The key’s under the mat. It’s a spare one, because Wonwoo and idiot and used to forget his. You can keep it,” he picks up a small metal key, and places it in Joshua’s shirt pocket. 

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If there's been 'no romantic development' between Bellamy and Clarke so far, how do you explain his actions in 302?

listen, bellamy’s completely out of nowhere angsting over clarke last episode threw me so hard that i almost broke a bone

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Headcanon: The dirk that faded into the glitchy area after the game over sequence is still alive, but is heavily affected by it. He lives out his days, fading in and out of reality, wondering, which glitch will take him out of this hellish reality, and god it hurts, it's hurts like you're being ripped apart, but it doesn't hurt as bad as knowing you weren't fast enough to save your friends lives. (Enjoy your sick day <3)

Man for real tho, I think glitch!Dirk is interesting for a lot of reasons–I’ve always kind of thought of it as a sort of traumatic derealization, but how does that work when the universe gets retconned? Does he cease to exist or exist indefinitely? Is he part of an offshoot, inaccessible universe or does he become part of the retconned one? Who knows! Especially since all of the [S] Game Over ghosts found themselves in paradox space..but he’s not dead, so does that apply to him to some degree or nah? 

Interesting and p sad to think about, and I’m not sure if we’ll get an answer :o splinters are hard to keep track of haha but v good for so many headcanons 

I remember back in 2012 when calling people “peasant” was all the rage on tumblr and this girl at my school who didn’t know I had a tumblr literally said unironically to my face “you’re a peasant because you don’t have tumblr hahha” and I was just stood there like ?????? Trying to comprehend what this girl had just said to me

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You another one of those self diagnosed retards?

it’s funny, because i used to be self-diagnosed? except i went to a doctor and told him that i was. the doctor asked if i had taken an internet test, and when i said yes, he confirmed i was definitely autistic and gave me my Professional Diagnosis

it’s almost as if you people and your nonsense are completely unfounded and only serve to enforce classist, racist standards. weird.