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While Your Lips Are Still Red

Title: While Your Lips Are Still Red
Pairing: Fanxing
Rating: PG
Length: ~2.6k
Summary: Yifan knows that the conversion is an honour, a mandatory step of progression in their society but he doesn’t think he’s ready for the parting that comes with it.
A/N: Writing this fic was an accident I hadn’t planned on happening, it just suddenly got into me o__o

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I just wanted to say thank you to anyone and everyone who has ever liked/reblogged one of my posts or followed me or sent me a nice message or just kept up with my weird mess of a blog; you’re completely and totally amazeballs for taking the time to acknowledge my posts aannnnddddddd I just wanna smother you all with love mmkay good night now

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I know that this isn’t what I normally post but I just started my second semester of college and I finally have my shit together as far as notes so I wanted to share bc I’ve had such a hard time w notes my whole life and maybe this will help someone

so, first of all, especially with all four of my classes being lectures, I don’t have time in class to make the notes look pretty, and I write in shorthand in handwriting that I can barely read so as soon as I can, I transfer the notes

this is also a good idea bc then you’re reviewing it at you’re rewriting it which is studying and studying is rad

another suggestion that works for me is, when I’m reading the chapter, I highlight but I don’t take notes. the day of the lecture, I take notes, then when I transfer it, I add the book notes and lecture notes together for one big MEGA NOTE

I also use a color code system for highlighting and for notes (using the same colors for both makes sense) so I use blue for vocab, yellow for definitions, orange for main points and important facts, pink for quotes and opinions, and green for dates. same goes for the written notes, except in notes I added a blue/grey color that I use for examples the professor gave in his lecture

and there’s a reason for the divide in my notes. actually, there’s more than one

first, when I’m studying, it’s super easy to just block off one side and study, and that way I don’t have to make a ton of flashcards

second, it’s way easier to find info when what the info is is in big bright letters all by itself

yeah I don’t really know what else to say except this is what works for me and maybe it can help some of you thatd be rad

newsies-in-onesies thank you for the compliment! (I’m not publishing the ask since it was from yr main and idk if yr comfortable sharing yr main) i started out just as a soprano, took voice lessons for years, then had to stop because i started high school. 

kept working on my range on my own (see what i did there) though, and somehow managed to keep most of my top notes while starting to sing lower as well. 

i can’t hit all the notes i used to, but i feel like if i picked up voice coaching again i would, but i still want to be able to hit low notes too. i honestly have no clue what my current range would be classified as oops.

I’m about to go to bed but I just need to get this off my chest first. Also I’m on mobile so I can’t put a read more but feel free to just ignore this as it’s pointless. I just, I wish I was better at comforting people, you know?? Like so often my friends are sad and I just have no idea what to do and I feel so lost. I can never think of anything to say because I’m just not good with words and it makes me sad because I want to cheer them up and I want to be someone that people can come to with their problems but I’m the worst at consoling them. I just wish I was better at cheering people up, but I never know the right things to say. I just hope my friends know how much I care about them and love them even though I’m so shit at comforting them when they’re sad. I’m always worried that it comes across like I don’t care or something. But in reality I care so fucking much about them but I just can’t find the words to properly express how much they mean to me, and I can never find the right words to cheer them up when they’re sad. Idk I just wish I was a better friend.

mibuchireo the hidden vocals thing i started was A Mistake i…


yeah that me im kpophiddenvocals and omg im hot shit in the bts fandom rn vee ur talkin to an internet sensation