ri5k replied to your post:also i havent really seen anyone say anything abt…

The chain thing creeped me out so much…… It’s like she was dropping a hint because she “tried” to jump and couldn’t and it rattled

idk i felt like the chain theory was a bit out there like wouldnt her abuser have seen her filming/editing/etc (or been editing themself) and cut out any suspicious shit like that? 

i think the scariest part is that she keeps insisting shes fine like its probably one of three things or a mix of them (abuse, drugs, mental illness) but the fact that she wont even admit that theres a problem (which mmakes sense if its abuse or even drug related and definitely if its mental illness) when so many people are clearly telling her we know shes not 

but its also hard to not beleive its abuse especially bc of the bruises and in the q and a when she starts talking abt her fave band, looks to the side, then down and gets really quiet its like…..why why would she do that unless theres someone in control of her and in one of her vids i forget which her bf is filming her and like directing her “spin around” and shes got that vacant stare and when she doesnt realize hes filming she just looks dead and scared 

but putting the bruises aside, sure maybe she did just fall, theres still soooooo much shit like. shes not even the same person she was in her vids a year ago and the fact that her friends and even HER MOM are saying theres nothing going on is so worrying  OK I TYPED A NOVEL SRRY