Kwami Week Day Two: Chosen(s)

A new problematic fave because of friend and fandom influence how dare you all make me care.

She’s transparent because I’m trying new aesthetics ya feel.

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uponthedusk replied to your post “Double Agent Vader fic: Rocks and Water (part 2)”

holy shit!!!! its!!!!! finally here!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh my god im So Excited i Love this verse so much its my Fave Ever (also ur like, Entire tattooine slave culture, esp from my perspective as a vaguely-jew who really only celebrates passover, ur whole thing abt connection to culture & also slavery means a Lot to me) anyways the IRONY!!!! THE. everything. the slave safe house & luke getting to be, finally, the person who Knows What’s Up (and han just being like ?????tf??) (but also not saying anything bc hes got at least a Bit of ahint, and also leia literally keeping track of what he calls her) anyways!!! leia!!! the mighty one! finally putting things together, but then also the like….. what Could Have Been if not for the whole “"secrecy”“ thing & how seriously Leia takes the rebellion, basically All The Painful Irony. and the holocron!! anakin’s development, from jedi to… decidedly Not, im SO PUMPED for bespin. ah i screm                            

Oh my gosh, thank you! I am delighted that you like it. :)

Ha ha yeah, finally Luke gets to be the one who knows what’s going on.

Poor Han has spent enough time on Tatooine that he can recognize the slave language, though he can’t understand it, so hearing Luke speak it has kind of suddenly and radically altered his view of the kid.

Although Leia is definitely concerned about security clearance and Rebel intelligence, she’s also very aware of the fact that her theory isn’t confirmed, and if she told Luke that she suspects his father is actually alive and undercover as Darth Vader, and then it turns out she’s wrong, that would be worse than cruel. (Because if she’s wrong, then Obi-Wan was probably right, and Vader did actually murder Luke’s father.)

So yes. We’ll still have to wait until Bespin for the truth to come out.


golden // zayn 

every single jigsaw piece
seems to be you complete

the choices we make 
change the path that we take
but i know, that somewhere out there
there’s a path that we choose
there’s a life that we share
there’s a love and it grows

I Finally Found You, My Missing Puzzle Piece // @tender-vadge

I want you to think of this like puzzle pieces, okay?” said a mother whose baby had just come to her, asking her what love meant.

“Puzzle pieces are meant to fit together perfectly, right?” she asked and Zayn nodded. “Well, every person in the world is shaped a certain way. Like a puzzle piece. And each and every person has another person who fits with them like a puzzle piece does. Because they’re shaped in a way that works with you. Puzzle pieces that fit together have things about each other that makes the other person happy. Like, your daddy always knows how to make me laugh. And I know how to cheer him up when he’s sad.

“You know the puzzle pieces in the center of the picture, with a lot of holes?” Zayn nodded again. “Well, some people are like that, too, and there are a lot of people who might be able to fit with them.”