anyways anyone who reads any of my skk fics is now required to picture white suit!dazai whenever i have him written as the mafia boss. i make the rules, not sorry. 


Who was Claquesous? He was night. He waited until the sky was daubed with black, before he showed himself. At nightfall he emerged from the hole whither he returned before daylight. Where was this hole? No one knew. He only addressed his accomplices in the most absolute darkness, and with his back turned to them. Was his name Claquesous? Certainly not. If a candle was brought, he put on a mask. He was a ventriloquist. Babet said: “Claquesous is a nocturne for two voices.” Claquesous was vague, terrible, and a roamer. No one was sure whether he had a name, Claquesous being a sobriquet; none was sure that he had a voice, as his stomach spoke more frequently than his voice; no one was sure that he had a face, as he was never seen without his mask. He disappeared as though he had vanished into thin air; when he appeared, it was as though he sprang from the earth.

dream supergirl episode

int. shot: early evening, sunset in the windows. kara’s apartment - kitchen
alex & kara sitting at table drinking smth

alex, smiling: “how is the love of your life?”

kara, confused: “what? mon el? we broke up”

alex: “you were so good together. mon el loves you. he is good. he is kind. he is trying.”


kara: “you’re right alex, i should give him another chance.”


int. scene. DEO headquarters.

kara is in her supersuit now. she looks uncomfortable but that could be the lighting. winn approaches.

winn, happy: “supergirl! come to pick up your hubby?”

nudge nudge wink wink scene silent banter from him. kara smiles.

kara: “not right now. i came to see you, actually.”

winn: “uh?? im honoured ! what can little ol me do for you”

kara: “show me what you’re working on? i just want to get my mind of this whole mon el situation for a while”

winn: “you should give him a chance. he’s good. he’s trying. he really likes you.”

kara: “o kay thank you winn”


ext. night: warehouse

james in full guardian suit steps into the warehouse. in the centre is a raised platform with some weird glowing alien shit


int. scene: night. lenas office

lena is working late. supergirl flies to her balcony & knocks on the door

lena, clearly pleased to see her: “supergirl! what a nice surprise. im not being threatened again, am i?”

sg, laughing: “no. i actually came to ask for your help”

lena: “of course, anything”

shot of kara talking to her from what appears to be a nearby building. nothing can be heard. the shot moves quickly with a buzzing sound like a drone. it moves closer to sg & lena.

sg: “thank you so much for this lena”

lena, smiling: “what are friends for?”

the buzzing sounds resumes as the shot moves out again. supergirl seems like she might hear it & turns to look. she doesn’t seem to see where it is coming from.


int. shot day. catco offices

kara is in james office. he is talking to everyone about job stuff bc he is the boss of catco. he is very good at it.

james: “Kara, stay behind?”

kara closes the doors & comes to the balcony to join him. james shows her photos of the strange alien shit he found.

james: “weird right? should i take it to alex:”

kara: “NO! no, um, take it to maggie. or i will. a tip from a confidential source.”

james agrees to send her the photos & gives her the sample he took.

kara looks at her phone & photos with a dark look. she pauses outside James’s office & looks back, clearly torn. she walks back in.

kara: “thank you for showing me this”

james: “of course. i thought maybe you would know what it was. those symbols look almost kryptonian.”

kara: “i can’t tell you what it is just yet, im sorry”

james, standing, comes around his desk to sit on it so he’s the same height as Kara: “hey that’s alright, you’ll tell me when you can. i trust you, kara.”

kara, still hesitating: “maybe i should tell mon el? he might know about this.”

james: “of course. mon el should know. you should tell mon el about these things. mon el IS a hero.”

kara, surprised when her phone starts to ring: “i have to-”

james: “yeah of course, i have to get back to work too. boss never sleeps”

shot follows Kara into empty office. she answers her phone

kara: “maggie? hey i have some samples i need tested on the um down low?”

maggie: “that doesn’t sound suspicious at all. sure, bring them in. and hey have you heard from alex at all?”

kara: “Not since last night. why?”

maggie: “no, no reason. she just hasn’t texted me. i’m probably just being clingy…”

kara: “i’ll check on her on my way.”


ext. shot desert old DEO headquarters

j'onn in hank form meets supergirl on the hill

j'onn: “supergirl. i think we have a problem”

kara: “i agree. im so glad you said it”

j'onn: “i have the core group here. alex. vasquez. some of the senior agents.”

Kara: “are they alright?”

j'onn: “im not sure yet. i do know they’re better here than in the city. do you know what’s causing this? they…aren’t themselves”

kara nods, a grim look on her face: “i think i know. I’ve seen it before. once, a long time ago.”


shot: obviously krypton

alura looks pale & sick. she is sitting in the living section of her home. little kara sits with her.

Kara: “are you alright? can i get you something to drink?”

alura: “i just need to rest, my kara.”

kara looks upset. her mother smiles.

alura: “a drink would be lovely”

kara fetches her a tray with a jar & glass. she sits very still & nervous & watches her mother carefully.

Kara: “you’d tell me if something was wrong. wouldnt you, mother?”

alura, smiling. her voice is too soothing to be true. “of course, Kara. rub on to bed now”

Kara exits.

alura sits very still, stares out the window.


*quietly wonders if there was ever a time Konohamaru had to watch over baby boruto*

*also wonders if he panics while watching said baby and ends up calling Hanabi bc he didn’t want to ruin Boss man and Hinata’s night b/c Boruto refused to sleep without his parents*

*also wonders what if Hinata & Naruto comes home to find an exhausted Hanabi and Konohamaru passed out on the couch with a sleeping Boruto, and chuckles at the adorable sight*

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to that lucio main with a struggle: try to switch up his keys maybe? i mean, he still feels the exact same to me? also, what helps me is trying to play like dspstanky bc he's boss and i wanna git gud. (lucio's my main. i already have over 100 hours but i still feel like i'm not good enough.) or, just go to train with him again??

i feel like im a proxy in this discussion ^^ best of luck all of ya

bored so here is this Garbage

types as my friend group irl:

•my best friend
•Sass Sass Sass™
•sleeps a lot
•wears black All The Time
•laughs at everything
•sends me conspiracy theories at 2am
•scared easily
•t a c o b e l l 2 4 / 7
•but she takes me with her every time so it’s cool

•very argue
•doesn’t do the Emotion™
•red lipstick
•feminism 200%
•can’t cook anything
•will beat you up

•probably stoned 90% of the time
•random noises
•he scream
•too good at mortal kombat
•probably getting fired bc he told his boss to shut up by accident

•dared himself to eat tree bark
•threw up afterwards
•l o u d
•will beat you up if bored
•googled how to boil an egg
•thinks he is strong

•my blood is actually iced coffee
•anxious smol child
•eats pizza rolls religiously
•hair is practically every color of the rainbow
•too naive & trusting
•seriously though a l i e n s
•cat videos 24/7

•emo af
•claims she isn’t
•but she is
•black cats
•can hear colors
•gets Angered Easily
•can sometimes be a rude wrinkled no fun raisin
•only if she’s in a bad mood though
•cooks fish really well but can’t cook anything else
•only fish

holy shit our program director just got fired for sexual misconduct/assault bc he hooked up with one of the girls on my program while on a weekend trip

her roommate on the trip wrote a reddit post about it and it ended up on r/all and got a HUGE response and then she took it down (after a bunch of people found it), but basically the post was saying she didn’t believe it was assault bc the girl originally said nothing happened and then said it was consensual and then said she went along with it but didn’t really want to, and honestly regardless i definitely think he should be fired bc he’s her boss and significantly older than she is and was drinking and dancing at a club w her very inappropriately, by definition any sexual activity would be nonconsensual bc he has power over her and her job and her ability to stay on the program like….

he also has a (pregnant) wife and a child and i feel sick he was like in my house the other day for a meeting and i feel so sick i hate men so fucking much

***don’t reblog this pls i don’t want another reddit situation

also before i get asks abt it i am not worried about marcus and chloe at all. and their scenes just… weirded me out. just bc he’s her boss!!! and that is so heavily showcased (“yes, sir. no, sir. right away, sir.”) that i feel their huge power imbalance even in that ~deep moment~ they had. i like marcus a bit better now, but i still do not trust him or his motives, and i think this is on purpose.

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your co-worker probably said that bc he didn't want your boss to see you two birds talking (which looks like dating). haha. this happens with most of us, like when i talk with my "female" classmates about something not related to studies my buddies often say to me later, "Dude she was totally flirting with you, you moron".

hahahaha nah he said and i quote “it was so cringe and awkward to watch” so he obvz didn’t enjoy it and that’s fine but we were talking all day yesterday and my boss didn’t say a word, he probably only said the dating thing last week bc we were so over enthusiastic about the venue lol

Igore the crappy edit I made, but please hear me out.

I’m not sure if anyone will read this, hopefully some will hell hopefully Jack will but I’m going to write it anyways because I think it needs to be put out there.

Jack (Jacksepticeye, if not subscribing you really should! <3) is one of the BEST youtubers, no wait.. PEOPLE out there who doesn’t get enough credit as he should. (not that everyone isn’t amazing, I just wish he was like the most talked bc he’s so BOSS). He is the sweetest, most honest person I’ve ever known. I haven’t met him, I haven’t talked to him, but coming from his videos and his words from heart? I can tell.

Can we talk about how much he cares for his viewers? He puts so much emotion into when he’s thanking everyone, or just talking about everyone in general. He puts so much love and value into his words. He puts so much time into uploading, recording, replying and so on. He cares so damn much, and that’s just something so rare, so amazing to see now a days. Someone actually caring for his viewers, his friends. He always says how much we mean to him, and I just really hope he knows he means as much to us.

This Irish dork has helped me more than my own friends/family has ever had. We don’t have to talk about my problems, we don’t have to be “in real life pals”, but just seeing how positive and happy he always is gives me hope, that there still are good people in the world. His videos make me laugh when I’m in tears, they make me laugh when I don’t think I would ever laugh again, and they just make me so, so freaking happy. Also seeing him happy makes me happy. I know he’s helped so so so many other people like me, and I’m thankful for him for that cause he’s helped some of you guys cheer up too, which is really good! You all deserve to be happy! I hope one day I can thank him in person for not just saving me more times than I can count, but for saving so many of you guys too.

I’m going to get really personal here, so if you don’t want to “hear about my problems” please skip to the next paragraph. I’ve been going through a hell of a rough time lately. I have really bad anxiety and depression. One day I was having an anxiety attack, screaming at myself and telling myself to end it all, cause I wasn’t worth it. I punched walls, I scratched my arms, I threw up from all the tears and panic, but you know who helped it all? Who helped me feel okay? After I felt enough to turn on my phone, I got on Youtube and played any Jack video I could find. He made me forget about the pain for a little while, he made me forget how shitty I was for even 12 minutes, and that’s enough for me. He made me laugh through the tears, he made me smile, and he made me feel calm again. He made me feel like I had a friend there helping me cheer up. Few weeks later and now whenever I’m really sad or feeling down, all I have to do to forget is watch him. He makes me feel like a normal person, and he makes me actually want to wake up every day and I know he makes a lot of other people feel that way too. I will never forget the nights he helped, and the ones that continue.

Also let’s not forget, his community is the BEST! I’m not even freaking over exaggerating I’ve been in so many “community’s” and none of them have ever been this kind and opening as this one. You all and Jack deserve a huge pat on the back along with lots of cakes and cookies for being so freaking fantastic. Even if we all can’t talk to Jack, we can all help each other.

So Thank You Jack,

For being the best dang person in the world. You deserve so much freaking credit. It’s such a great, warm feeling to see someone care so much for their viewers. It’s very rare these days which is really sad, but you give me hope. You give me hope that it will be okay, that not everyone is bad, and there are still happy people in the world. High five to you, and thank you for everything you have ever and will continue to do for us. I hope one day I can meet you in person, or even send you a personal message to thank you but for now, this will have to do.

From me (Allie), and my bag of Halloween candy.


its kinda late and i wanna sleep but uh on the pc version of my blog there’s a who am i? tab and i filled it out with all of het van amstel’s details but it deleted so i’ll do it again soon. as a long story short reference for now: hes a mob boss by night, respectable brother by day hannah montana cliche act and he sometimes kills people. sometimes idk. he has an energy manipulation kinda power? so he can focus it to certain parts of his body - a sudden strong fist, better speed, bedroom perfomance

But so yeah thats the rough basics. he kinda stalks the back alleys bc hes a mob boss but a grungy one and rarely makes face to face contact with his underlings. god im so tired love u all

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ceo!calum gives you everything you want.., you've got him wrapped around your finger and what you want now is a little baby hood running around and he'll do anything to give you one

omg yes he’d be sososo whipped for you like he’d cancel his meetings if you asked him to and he never took orders from anyone bc he was the boss of everyone but it was his mission to please you and with the baby like he’d buy more than enough things and would come home one day with bags full of baby clothes that he picked out and he’d be 100% attentive to you during your pregnancy like if you were craving peanut butter then he’d always have extra in his office and he would even send someone to bring you some at home and he’d just want the best for you omg ok bye

CEO!5SOS blurb night with quiffedluke and featuringluke!!

like here’s the ultimate me cupboss ranking

most fun boss: king dice and devil tie

boss i took the longest to beat: grim matchstick

boss i had the most luck: cala maria

first boss i got an a rank on: djimmi the great

first boss i got an s rank on: goopy le grande

boss that made me hate something i previously liked: also grim matchstick

grossest boss: king dice (fuckibg camera vore)

cutest boss: hilda berg

boss who is mostly a tutorial boss and should not have given me as much trouble as it did but it did and i’m still not good at it and i would not have beaten it if they did not Not use a certain attack for an entire fight: ribby and croaks

gayest bosses: hilda, cagney, spectre, and maria are up there. king dice is trailing just behind SOLELY bcs he makes icky noises

boss who reminded me most of a stephen king novel: beppi the clown

boss who i absolutely slaughtered with charge shot: rumor honeybottoms

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But CEO!Michael would wanna fuck his assistant (girlfriend) all the time in his office, the lounge room, and printer room. He'd make sure you were quite but when he orgasms he'd be loud as fuck.

omg yes he’d have a major thing for doing it in places where he could get caught, and he loved watching you squirm beneath him as he pleasured you and he’d have a hand over your mouth so you wouldn’t be loud, so as payback you’d blow him to the best of your ability and michael would lose all sense of self control and wouldn’t even care if the other people in the office heard him bc he was the boss and he wasn’t afraid to prove it 

CEO!5SOS blurb night with quiffedluke and featuringluke!!

daddy!calum walking into his teenage daughter’s room to tell her dinner was ready, only to find her making out with the rebellious “bad boy” from her english class, and calum’s cheeks would turn bright red and he’d clear his throat loudly to make the two kids rush apart and teen girl hood would look so ashamed but also a bit angry and she’d jump off her bed and start yelling at calum for not knocking and how he disrespects her privacy and calum would get so mad at her and he’d be like “why is he even in here? how did he get in because i sure don’t remember him coming through the front door! i’m not gonna tell you that you can’t see this guy but i will ground you for sneaking him into your room!” and calum’s voice would be demanding and authoritative as he spoke and teen girl hood would try to protest like “daddy that’s not fair!” but calum would just give her a death glare and go “nor is it fair that you’re in here, sneaking around behind your mother and i’s backs! now come eat dinner!” and calum would be about to leave as he remembered the guy, so he’d quickly turn back with another very scary death glare at the guy and demand “and you, you are leaving. now!” making that big ‘tough’ guy cower, and calum would walk away with a satisfied smirk bc damn right he was the boss of the house and no one should ever doubt that

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How would the S and M react if their s/o told them that she used to work with the mafia bc he dad is the mafia boss and she told them that she had hurt a LOT of people

Shu- That’s fine… As long as that’s past you now.

Reiji- How barbaric. He wouldn’t get along with her too well after she told him this. 

Ayato- That is so fucking cool, show him all your awesome tricks. Like, now. 

Laito- …. Interesting, you aren’t going to do that stuff anymore, right? There will be problems otherwise.

Kanato- You’d likely be killed quick, him not trusting you like that.

Subaru- Subaru would be very off-putted by that, but he’d get over it maybe.

Kino- SWEET. You have the skills to help in his killing vampires plan! Good for you!