Wedding Day HCs??

So.. Tythan + Teamiplier wedding…

°Let’s be real… Tyler’s the one wearing black and Ethan’s wearing White…

°Tyler so nervous and excited

°Mark is best groom bc… He’s their boss so… Yeah..

° Amy getting fUcKinG LIT on the dance floor.

°Ethan panicking and ditching his room before the wedding, causing everyone but Tyler to panic.

°Mark conforting Ethan next to a gas station while it rains.

°Ty standing @ le altar in complete awestruck fashion as Eth slowly walks down the aisle (tux friggin SOAKED in rain)

°Tyler’s heart exploding when Eth says ‘I Do’.


° Chica barking as everyone applauds

°Kathryn salty cuz she got her dress wet driving Mark’s dumb ass to get Ethan.



Who was Claquesous? He was night. He waited until the sky was daubed with black, before he showed himself. At nightfall he emerged from the hole whither he returned before daylight. Where was this hole? No one knew. He only addressed his accomplices in the most absolute darkness, and with his back turned to them. Was his name Claquesous? Certainly not. If a candle was brought, he put on a mask. He was a ventriloquist. Babet said: “Claquesous is a nocturne for two voices.” Claquesous was vague, terrible, and a roamer. No one was sure whether he had a name, Claquesous being a sobriquet; none was sure that he had a voice, as his stomach spoke more frequently than his voice; no one was sure that he had a face, as he was never seen without his mask. He disappeared as though he had vanished into thin air; when he appeared, it was as though he sprang from the earth.


Fili is the older of the two, so [he] really is being groomed by Thorin to be the next-in-line, the warrior. – Richard Armitage

Someone plz gif the chicken/pizza/etc scene because I can’t stop thinking about it or Ho Won’s delightfully vicious “I picked the terrible companies that don’t pay their employees anyway so they can suffer a loss.”

About Tamlin

Look, i don’t blame Tamlin for thinking Feyre was under mind controlling because, we know, Rhys is the most powerful High Lord in history. I blame Tamlin for assume she was under mind controlling. Bc he didn’t say “how i could be sure that you aren’t under mind controlling?”, he said “you are under mind controlling.” - like, if mind control was the only reason why she could ever left him. Like if she wasn’t drowning and dying before she left.
I don’t blame Tamlin for went after the supposedly love of his life, i blame Tamlin bc he made a deal with Amarantha’s boss to get Feyre back even knowing she sacrificed herself to stop Amarantha. - and, you know, bc it means he will help the king basically destroy her world.
I don’t blame Tamlin for not pushing Feyre to learn how to read in acotar, i blame Tamlin for not asking her to learn after the second task bc, you know, she and Lucien would be killed if wasn’t Rhys.
I don’t blame Tamlin for not being able to help with Feyre’s PTDS and depression (let’s be clear here, she was depressed), I blame Tamlin for not actually trying. He did ask her what she wants, but when she answered, he choose not to listen and did what he thought was best for her. She was drowning and he let her. He locked her. Tamlin probably even pretended he was sleeping just to not help her.  (I really can discuss how much he loves her).

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Igore the crappy edit I made, but please hear me out.

I’m not sure if anyone will read this, hopefully some will hell hopefully Jack will but I’m going to write it anyways because I think it needs to be put out there.

Jack (Jacksepticeye, if not subscribing you really should! <3) is one of the BEST youtubers, no wait.. PEOPLE out there who doesn’t get enough credit as he should. (not that everyone isn’t amazing, I just wish he was like the most talked bc he’s so BOSS). He is the sweetest, most honest person I’ve ever known. I haven’t met him, I haven’t talked to him, but coming from his videos and his words from heart? I can tell.

Can we talk about how much he cares for his viewers? He puts so much emotion into when he’s thanking everyone, or just talking about everyone in general. He puts so much love and value into his words. He puts so much time into uploading, recording, replying and so on. He cares so damn much, and that’s just something so rare, so amazing to see now a days. Someone actually caring for his viewers, his friends. He always says how much we mean to him, and I just really hope he knows he means as much to us.

This Irish dork has helped me more than my own friends/family has ever had. We don’t have to talk about my problems, we don’t have to be “in real life pals”, but just seeing how positive and happy he always is gives me hope, that there still are good people in the world. His videos make me laugh when I’m in tears, they make me laugh when I don’t think I would ever laugh again, and they just make me so, so freaking happy. Also seeing him happy makes me happy. I know he’s helped so so so many other people like me, and I’m thankful for him for that cause he’s helped some of you guys cheer up too, which is really good! You all deserve to be happy! I hope one day I can thank him in person for not just saving me more times than I can count, but for saving so many of you guys too.

I’m going to get really personal here, so if you don’t want to “hear about my problems” please skip to the next paragraph. I’ve been going through a hell of a rough time lately. I have really bad anxiety and depression. One day I was having an anxiety attack, screaming at myself and telling myself to end it all, cause I wasn’t worth it. I punched walls, I scratched my arms, I threw up from all the tears and panic, but you know who helped it all? Who helped me feel okay? After I felt enough to turn on my phone, I got on Youtube and played any Jack video I could find. He made me forget about the pain for a little while, he made me forget how shitty I was for even 12 minutes, and that’s enough for me. He made me laugh through the tears, he made me smile, and he made me feel calm again. He made me feel like I had a friend there helping me cheer up. Few weeks later and now whenever I’m really sad or feeling down, all I have to do to forget is watch him. He makes me feel like a normal person, and he makes me actually want to wake up every day and I know he makes a lot of other people feel that way too. I will never forget the nights he helped, and the ones that continue.

Also let’s not forget, his community is the BEST! I’m not even freaking over exaggerating I’ve been in so many “community’s” and none of them have ever been this kind and opening as this one. You all and Jack deserve a huge pat on the back along with lots of cakes and cookies for being so freaking fantastic. Even if we all can’t talk to Jack, we can all help each other.

So Thank You Jack,

For being the best dang person in the world. You deserve so much freaking credit. It’s such a great, warm feeling to see someone care so much for their viewers. It’s very rare these days which is really sad, but you give me hope. You give me hope that it will be okay, that not everyone is bad, and there are still happy people in the world. High five to you, and thank you for everything you have ever and will continue to do for us. I hope one day I can meet you in person, or even send you a personal message to thank you but for now, this will have to do.

From me (Allie), and my bag of Halloween candy.

anonymous asked:

Hey. I just had a terrible day at work. I got accused of doing something I didn't do and was then threated with termination. I've been there for three years and have never done anything wrong before. So how would the boys react if this happened to their s/o?

I actually wrote a response to this when you sent it in but I just noticed it didn’t go through, so I’ll do it again. I’m so sorry!!

darry: wants you to do what you have to do to prove you did nothing wrong!!
steve: has some nice words for your boss
soda: makes five fake accounts and writes horrible reviews for your workplace
pony: persuades and talks to your boss which slightly triggers you bc he didn’t need to get involved but he loves you
two-bit: probably beats your boss up which was literally the most stupid thing he could have ever done
dally: gets pissed when you tell him, swears, tells you to try again and yell at him this time
johnny: we'regoingtocourtrightnowgetyourshit
tim: maybe it’s fate ?
curly: well I’m just gonna draw you a nice warm bath and you can just…

NCT as your Officemates (hyungline)
  • Taeil: finishes his assigned work in time or earlier. your boss loves him because his mental capacity is A++++. gets promoted every month
  • Hansol: the quiet officemate. he does his work efficiently, but is not promoted yet...
  • Johnny: mr. congeniality. maintained his position in the office for almost ten years. didn't get promoted yet. looks forward to his debut erhm i mean promotion
  • Taeyong: sprays febreze everywhere. has hand sanitizers on his desk. asks if you washed your hands when you hand him papers. also the boss's favorite bc he can do almost anything
  • Yuta: someone you want to avoid. you don't want to be the subject of his comments bc he roasts others on a daily basis. he's been to almost everywhere. name a place, he's been there. spends his vacations on mountains
  • Kun: also someone you wanted to avoid, but you were too late. you never knew how he managed to get receipts on you, no matter how careful you were
  • Doyoung: very talkative. very loud. always talks but only Jaehyun listens to him. his opinions clash with Taeyong's. always bickering with Ten
  • Ten: also very loud. extra af. floods your inbox with emails, and most of them are his selfies. easily scared. screams when frightened. hates spiders
  • Jaehyun: that officemate whom you got a crush on. a HUGE crush on. has a super handsome face and a super hot body(you can tell even if he's wearing a dress shirt). makes adult jokes. always munches on chips
  • Winwin: your new officemate who is the center of everyone's attention, even though he does basically nothing. he is capable of doing the work that's assigned to him, yet someone always offers to help him(or rather, do all the work for him bc y'all are under his whoop whoop spell or smth). he knows his charms, and probably uses it to his advantage

there’s a blizzard so work closed two hours early today ❤

can we not talk about jihoon like he’s this aggressive and entirely bitter person? i’m tired of it. yes, he’s salty sometimes, but some people make him out to be this evil person who hates everyone and i don’t understand why.

he doesn’t take shit, but he clearly likes the members. he does care about them. he’s not rude or violent.

when i made this post a few days ago, i very briefly mentioned that people should stop making the guitar memes. those are tiring. we’ve had enough, let’s not turn into the bts fandom with ‘no jams’ please. and one woozi stan wrote in the tags of that something along the lines of ‘i will NOT stop making the memes about him chasing people with guitars bc i appreciate boss ass memes and he’s a violent person and it’s hilarious’.

……..no he’s not???

he has manners. he’s a nice person. and i hope to god that if he were a generally ‘violent person’ he wouldn’t have this many stans. if he were really a jerk like that, i hope he’d be called out for it and people wouldn’t find it hilarious. because when people are jerks, it isn’t hilarious or worth stanning them for. but if this misconception a lot of fans seem to have about him is what you like about him, that worries me.

Going out in public
  • me: do i wanna look rlly great but get sexually harassed today
  • me: or do i wanna chill, and be slightly less harassed
  • me: the struggle is real. *purposely leaves house as pissed-off-trash-hobo bc it's less effort*

*quietly wonders if there was ever a time Konohamaru had to watch over baby boruto*

*also wonders if he panics while watching said baby and ends up calling Hanabi bc he didn’t want to ruin Boss man and Hinata’s night b/c Boruto refused to sleep without his parents*

*also wonders what if Hinata & Naruto comes home to find an exhausted Hanabi and Konohamaru passed out on the couch with a sleeping Boruto, and chuckles at the adorable sight*


- suho is finally a dad now, the guys are relieved that he doesnt hang around the dorm anymore bossing everyone around bc he is not their dad for the last goddamn time
- “junmyeon the baby doesnt need pepperspray she cant even walk yet”
- “you never know when danger strikes, trust me, i know” he speaks as he stares in the distance, head clouded with memories of kyungsoo
- overprotective dad suho bc his child is his life
- suddenly you hear loud cursing from the baby room like ?? tf he doing
- ‘’am i really this fucking ugly? stop crYING’’
- aka the baby never stops wailing once they in his arms bc he kinda scary
- ‘’so how is life with a baby’’
- a tired junmyeon snaps around to stare at baekhyun
- ‘’shut the fuck up baekhyun’’
- he truly can’t handle any more nights being woken up by the baby
- the boys are very happy to come over when junmyeon isn’t there, scared that he’ll attack them at any time if they ever say anything about the smol child
- ‘’it kinda looks like an alien’’
- ‘’i will castrate you park chanyeol fucking try me’’
- suho has like everything set up for the baby ??? like he already knows which schools she’s going to, which boys she is NEVER going to speak with and how many kids she’ll have on her own
- she i also fucking spOILED SHE HAS LIKE EVERYTHING
- ‘’she can’t even do anything but poop and speak why did you get her a karaoke machine ??’’
- ‘’they grow up so fast, like my members !! let me tell you about the time chanyeol was 15–’’
- but junnie loves your baby and this was short bc i’m getting back into writing again but myeonnie is such a cute im crying already

theactualluna  asked:

Hey girl! I'm a new SB (I live smack dab in the tristate area but will stay mainly based in NYC and northern Jersey), have you ever gone freestyling, I've been wanting to try it out but I'm not sure where I should go? And should I go alone or with another person?

I’ve personally never gone free styling intentionally. That being said, I worked at a club last summer and ended up going on dates with this one guy and he would just buy me stuff lol. Also got a lot of offers from older guys to be my SD, but they were all experienced SD’s, personally I turned that down bc I was scared my boss would fire me if he found out.

I’m not an expert at free styling, but what my SD told me was that he usually meets his SBs from clubbing. The promoters bring the hot girls to his table and that hot he used to meet em.