bc i just had to

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i'm white-passing and obvs benefit from privilege and acknowledge that it but really annoys me when i see other white people like "do you hate me bc im white? :( can i still followwww?" its like shut the fuck up jesus christ (i hope this doesnt sound like. performative or smth its just been grinding my gears watching it happen on this blog yfm)

NO i feel u thats why i responded the way i did. like i just had a breakdown bc white people were harassing me and ur gonna go and make it about urself? not on my watch

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dude ur S5 Quakerider fic is honestly one of the best fics ive read in a long time, period. Im genuinely struggling to find words to describe how much I enjoy it. i will definitely be leaving a long, detailed comment on the fic once my brain pieces itself back together lmao

oh my god thank you so much!

you have no idea how much that means to me to hear. i’m so used to being in fandoms where recognition for fic writers is so small, this honestly just made me cry a little bit.

you’re oh so sweet for taking the time out to message me!

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I'm 16 and haven't had a boyfriend yet idk what's wrong with me..??

there’s NOTHING wrong with you. my first boyfriend was when i was 14 and i dated him for three days just to say i had a boyfriend bc i felt the same. it’s okay to not date, actually smart. i wish i didn’t date when i was in high school and i know EVERY older person says that but it’s soooooo true. everyone’s so immature, they think a spark equals love, they lie, they don’t know everything that comes with a relationship, and you always get hurt. very small percentage of people end up with their high school sweetheart and if i knew all of this back then i’d be 18 and never had a boyfriend and it would be beautiful

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❛ I will not be another flower, picked for my beauty and left to die. I will be wild, difficult to find and impossible to forget. ❜

              “Lucky for you, I happen to quite like wild things.”

Although… never had he thought he’d witness such a creature. Seven hells, what a catch she was! No one could doubt him to be the true heir to the Iron Islands when he returned to shore with a mermaid. If this did not prove his worth, then surely nothing would.

His grip on her wrist tightened, his other hand pulling a blade from his belt as he worked at cutting away the net that she’d been caught in. He was not about to let her go anywhere once she was freed. No.. she was his catch. 

                “Won’t be letting you die, though. Don’t you worry
                 your pretty head about that.”

also just… a friendly message that i appreciate each and every single one of you that has taken an interest in writing with zaiden. it makes me so warm & happy that people genuinely seem to enjoy this character that i put so much time, thought, and love into creating. i’ve been in a weird spot all morning regarding my writing and my oc’s, but just thinking about all the positive feedback i’ve gotten since starting this blog just puts such a smile on my face. so… thank you to everyone that’s taken the time out to read anything i’ve written & even more so for interacting, plotting, and headcanoning with me. it means more than you know.

I nearly just had a fucking heart attack bc I straight up thought my cat had died bc I went into my parents room and she was lay on the floor in the corner in a really weird place and her eyes were like half open and I couldn’t see her breathing for a minute?????? but then she rolled over and looked at me like wtf are you staring at you dumb bitch

i fell asleep for 5 minutes and they fucking left in the middle of the night without telling me so i woke up alone and fucking confused and freaked out bc they usually NEVER do that

and then it turns out they went to get snacks n got some flr everyoe else but me. wow cool. but like fuck

thanks for telling me anything sjdjdndnf im so angry bc i just woke up and this is the first experience i had RIP they came back and i said “yo thats not cool guys u usually dont do that” and instead of apologizing they said they were “being nice to me” wkekdnd idk

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I want to say that it was you who played Mystic Messenger? Hopefully it is, but did you hear that V is now going to be a romantic option? If you never played this game before... never mind 😅

I’m supposed to be doing something else rn but I just had to respond to this BC YEAH I USED TO PLAY MYSTIC MESSENGERS BAHAHA omg is that true?? I think I like seven too much to date his twin bro though LMAO are you playing his route?

most of u might not have noticed but j reblogged memes frim a cat blog that turns out to have been run by a t/erf

i think i saw the callout before bc i just saw that on my blog while scrolling and had a kneejerk “what the fuck” moment

ok i deleted everything from c/atsu/ggest sorry for rbing ter/fs everyone

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Excited for stream!! :0

Awe thanks, I’m hoping I can soon. It’s just everything is being slow at the moment and every tutorial on how to use xsplit to twitch doesn’t make sense to me. I just had to take out my laptops battery bc it froze. It might be another hour till I actually figure this out

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this isn't me asking for advice and i don't really expect you to reply but my crush just told me i was really smart and i'm dying and i just had to tell someone bc i have no friends but aghhh i can't stop smiling and ik it probably means absolutely nothing but stilllll thooooo

hey, all of the best guys have always said nothing is sexier than smarts

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Hello! (Me... again) I just had a thought... maybe bc I already have 4 male bettas... what if I got 3 (after cycling) and put them each (SEPERATELY) in the twenty longs with tankmates? What would you recommend for tankmates with the bettas? I know that harlequin rasboras and I've heard that ember tetras are okay and corys, but what else?? Oh! But um... shrimps are illegal (I know 😒) where I'm at. Thank you!!!

Hello you!

i’d say be safe and have a backup plan and recognize that you may have to either play musical tanks with your other bettas or return/rehome/rehouse the new bettas in case one of your new bettas isn’t community-friendly, but other than that, sounds good to me! :p

in terms of tankmates, rasboras are the way to go imo! there are a ton of cool rasboras and you could do a good-sized school in a 20 long since a lot of rasboras are like, 1″ as adults (microrasboras) :p other than the fish you mentioned, maybed kuhlis? :3 i love the noodles and have heard that they work pretty okay with bettas :3 and snails of course! (if they’re legal wear you are…sorry about the shrimps friend ;n;) there are so many good squiggle species <3 mystery and nerite snails are the bomb! rabbit snails are pretty awesome to :3