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Can I ask Klee, Haring, and Munch? Thanks!

klee: answered :)

harring: what is your all-time favourite band, movie, and painting? 

I’m not gonna pick a favourite band but I really like angus & julia stone

my favourite movie right now is foxfire (1996) it’s got 90s soft-butch angelina jolie and a Lot of gay subtext

I’m not an Art Person who knows paintings by name or knows anything about them really so I’m gonna say Klimt’s The Kiss just bc we had a print of it on the wall when I was a kid so it reminds me of home

 what is your medium in art? is that medium your first love?

writing! and yeah I’d say so

I had a friend that I only recently left behind bc of how toxic she was for me and it just made me realise how much I need to look after myself and surround myself with good loving people.
She copied everything I did up to the point where she tried to mimic my mental illnesses (not eating and pretending to not eat for days bc I had anorexia and hurting herself just bc I did ) and I hope to God one day she finds who she is as a person bc it was suffocating for me with her wearing the same clothes, getting the same tattoo, taking the same photos on Instagram, copying words and phrases that I said and making me feel terrible for having my best friend around bc I didn’t choose her instead.
She made me feel so guilty for so many things and I wanted to message her but I didn’t know how to word anything and i now realise I don’t owe her anything even though she was a good friend at times.
Sorry for ranting ugh I just !!! so angry honestly


I stated twice I was not feeling physical / comfortable with touch (note: you adressed it as the effect of your cause bc you had JUST exploded on me while I was being there for you after a stressful day ) First time I said it you seemed to understand and respect it but then you started (lack of better word) freaking out and so I held you and you kept sobbing into me and begging me with “please daddy” and i apologized that i was still working through physical discomfort with my own body stuff and that holding you was all I felt capable of doing (the 2nd time) and instead of A) telling me that’s nothing to apologize for bc my body is mine B) pulling away from me and giving me physical space or C) anything good really, you said “well then I can’t feel little.” I apologized again that all I felt capable of doing was holding you. You then sat up and sobbed and repeated I NEED YOU DADDY I NEED YOU I NEED YOU until I held you and said okay. I helped you fall asleep with your head on my bruised ribcage. Now you’re asleep and I feel sick : ))))))))

Daily Log

I’m gonna start posting everything I eat on here so maybe I can shame myself into not eating so much, btw
So this morning I had
1 packet of microwave cream of wheat with nonfat milk (200 cals)
1 cup of espresso with 2 mini creamer cups of half and half (45 cals)
And ½ of a blue agave full throttle (110 cals)
I weighed in 5 lbs less than I did yesterday but knowing that my cheap scale is inaccurate I probably haven’t lost anything lmao

Today was shitty just bc I had a bunch of homework I had to get done before tomorrow and work kinda sucks and now both of my parents are sick. And also bc I hate myself for being childish and fucking selfish.

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Just had to ask bc I found ur blog and rly liked it to begin with, but are you a person who excludes trans women from your feminism? Let me know now bc I don't want to be following someone who is putting women who need support in this community in even more isolation and danger :-))))

Come to your own conclusion about my blog. I do not work to put anyone in any form of isolation or danger. I do not wish harm or violence on anyone. I do however, focus my efforts on women. 

@allmyfavesareflawed replied to your post “recipe for disaster thoughts belooow[[MOR] why the fuck is a food…”

Snide didn’t get as much screentime as Heckyl. I think it was a wasted opportunity to have them like that.

@allmyfavesareflawed replied to your post “recipe for disaster thoughts belooow[[MOR] why the fuck is a food…”

I feel like

True. The character concept was wasted. I love the Jekyll and Hyde allusion bc it’s one of my favorite classics. I just wish Chip had actually done something with them. (and I mean there’s still a handful of episodes left so maybe? but ngl i don’t know if it’ll happen.) They just kind of ended up being there but not really doing anything except lounging around Sledge’s ship.

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why did you hate hs did you get bullied or something?

Ummm, nah not really i mean there were a few instances where i did get picked on by a group of boys, but then i bursted out crying in the middle of class and they stopped can you believe crying makes boys that uncomfortable lmao amazing. Nah hs was just a time i was struggling with my mental health, i’m pretty sure i skipped a day of school every week just bc i couldn’t handle it. I had severe body issues too and just used to not eat and so i’d be really sluggish and my mind wouldn’t work and yeah it was just basically the most unhealthiest i’ve been in my entire life so that’s why i hated it