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kestrel and arin feat. temple ruins ⇾ part i
She touched the feather’s ticklish plume, the slight scratch of the quill. She explored it, trying to ignore her pleasure at his unexpected gesture. “Is that your secret?”
“You wouldn’t ask”—Arin’s grin was mischievious—”if you didn’t guess that it is not.
Come see.”

The steps were broken in places and wobbled beneath Kestrel’s feet. When they reached the hilltop, she could see the jumble of marble that had been the temple’s foundation. Perhaps it had been destroyed after the conquest; the Valorians had razed all Herrani temples to their gods. But these ruins looked ancient. The marble was bleached bone white. The carvings, polished smooth by time, were blurred and mostly indecipherable, like a dream after one has woken.

“It’s greener here, isn’t it?” Arin’s voice was hushed. “Than the rest of this region.”

and here’s a finished commission for the super sweet @thelazyhermits-! a special scene from a special fic indeed ;D

stars i love me some G!Sans - and the excuse too to draw G!Pap as well! a simultaneous cheek kiss from these two? dear gods, sign me up.

morning guys can u believe xanxus and squalo have stuck it out w/ each other / their friendship for sixteen whole years ( by the time squalo is 32 / my main verse )???? neither can i

{ X : out of cages } : [ updates ]


also i finally put a bio and personality section on the pop-up, added my mains, and some tag on the ‘nav’ page. i should probably put a powers section and ptu up all my verses but GUESS WHAT i’m fucking stupid and i have ten thousand verses and its gonna take forever

Words really can’t describe how EXO have been nothing but a positive influence on my life ever since they came into it. I am who I am today because of them, and all of my achievements so far are because they’ve motivated to reach for the stars. Thank you boys for always giving me encouragement with your own achievements and kindness 💕💓💘💖

i ate today! and it wasn’t just a tiny thing i ate an actual meal and i also had some snacks! its great bc i was honestly planning on not eating whatsoever. im going to try to not let this problem (is it an eating disorder? maybe??? maybe i should bring this up with my doctors) fuck me over again

i hate that audible labels all book segments as chapters and numerically…i get why they do…but it is a bummer not to 1. see chapter titles 2. see divisons w prologues etc. as the author intended (and like part 2 chapter 1) 3. have the sort of mental map that i can build w those markers…it’s like how e-books stress me out bc i can’t flip thru and orient myself physically and also judge how far i am into a book the way that i find satisfying

hi im wanda maximoff and this is JACKASS [unravels the very fabric of reality]

a terrible excuse for an angsty starter for @agneshq whichever muse u wanna use for this

aiya had spent a majority of their time together that night tongue in cheek. she was a girl who enjoyed a fun time which is what this was supposed to be, but in reality ? she was having a terrible time. ignoring whatever they had to say at the time she scoffs and rolls her eyes, “–oh my god will you stop ? god, you’re so ridiculous i can’t even believe you right now. if the night’s going to keep going like this, then i’m gonna’ call a cab because i think i could have more fun by myself with a bottle of tito’s vodka in my apartment.” 


hey i’m sure people have realized by now but until the update that hopefully fixes market boxes, imma whine abt it–esp because it’s relevant to this event since animal requests are kinda mandatory for white dahlia seeds…

first pic is what everyone else sees, second pic is what i see. meaning…

  1. market box only shows first four items
  2. market box places oldest items first
  3. market box sells only through direct interaction with friends’ avatars
  4. …nintendo greatly underestimates people’s stubbornness and no one removes old fish they didn’t realize was overpriced or accidentally listed (cough cough) you can put this fish in the void for free when you pry it out of my cold unfeeling bird cultist hands 
  5. no one wants to go through loading screens there and back for 100 friends to see if someone maaaybe has something we can’t see listed
  6. “no one buys my shit? clearly no one needs this shit!”
  7. chances someone has something useful go down 
  8. ???

[I think I might have a cold coming on :( hoping it’s just a sniffle and I’ll feel better tomorrow but currently I feel like shit so idk if any more drafts will get done or not but we’ll see.]

“I can’t. My dad’s arranged to come up -”

“He’s taking time away from the Ministry?”

“He wants to go on a walk - something to show me - share with me - something.”

“A walk?”

“I know, I think it’s a bonding thing or something similarly vomit-inducing. Still, you know, I think I’ll go.”

Scorpius reaches in and hugs Albus.

“What’s this? I thought we decided we don’t hug.”

“I wasn’t sure. Whether we should. In this new version of us I had in my head.”

Hug Four out of Four

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What're your favourite/most commonly used words at the moment?

Uuuhhhhh, not sure?? Keyboard mashing ( asdfjkl ) for one if that counts. ‘Pffft’ isn’t really a word but it’s up there. 'Aaaaaaaaa’ / 'aaaahhhhh’ bc I’m a pro at words, obviously.

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Wow I didn't think you could ever disappoint me but you did. How dare you think "racism" against white people is a thing. I know you're white but white privilege is what let's white people be racist in America. If you haven't noticed, poc don't have this privilege and simply can't be racist towards white people. Your ancestors were not called "crackers" or "whites" as they were brutally murdered

Alright, I hear you, and I’m sorry.
I meant it more as ideas that “all white people are racist” and that sort of thing, and I would be a fool to believe that white people are actively being discriminated against on any level like minorities are. However, I understand that I came off like that, and I apologize.

I’ll delete that reblog, as I clearly didn’t understand what I was talking about, and I’ll be cautious not to repeat my mistake in the future.

Thank you for telling me I fucked up, I honestly appreciate it. I try to stay understanding and such and to be a decent ally, but I honestly don’t have a lot of life experience in this department, so I fuck up sometimes and I’m glad you told me instead of letting me continue to be wrong.

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📝 + umineko, rozen maiden, OR vanitas no carte (if youre not very familiar with any of the three then wildcard! Your choice!)


while I am a fan of the other two as well— I’m mostly invested in vanitas no carte so here we go!


remember this gorgeous maiden?? I love her design so much!!! this badass existence that seemed to be burdened by her own vampirism— the love of my life. 

but on a more serious note: why would I rp her? because I adore strong female characters, as if that were not an obvious point by now && t b h I hate how it seems like most of her characterization seems to be thrown under the bus by her love interest thing going on with vanitas. she is meant to be an emotional && tragic character, or so I thought from the very beginning. && I would love to shine a light back on her as an individual rather than as in a pair. 

VANITAS himself.

this I find rather shocking since it’s usually out of my comfort zone for muses, but I really felt a grasp for his character from the moment of his introduction. this MADNESS he exhibits is something I have always ADORED writing in all my characters. && as I read the manga— I can fully understand the deeper meanings behind all his actions— or at least I feel I do. vanitas was the real reason I became invested in this series. this unpredictable yet predictable suicidal/self-righteous mad-man 

why would I not play them? simple. not only do I have a complex for portraying male && MAIN characters within a series (im quite self-conscious), but I already feel like there are many people that portray them completely perfectly already. I don’t feel a NEED to put my two-cents in (save for jeanne).

then why not jeanne? sadly, because I can see little interaction ever occurring. or being caught in the shipping wars && sea of NoexVanitas. not that I am against either ship— but it’s discouraging if from the get go your muse is already shunned.