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Shoujo?That's romance?I LOVE ROMANCE I CRY HARD AT ROMANCE FILMS AND LAUGH AND JUST SO MANY FEELINGS BRO!! liKe I've watched she's the man WAY too many timeS IT IS A CLASSIC !! And Wrap me in a blanket and someone TO Cuddle & GIVE ME SOUP AND PAT MY HEAD THEN MY HEART WILL MELT ANd Yes I ALSO THINK A LOT LIKE THAT!! Yesterday one of many ppl I had a presentation With ASKED ME IF I WAS GAY JUST BC I HAD OUR NAMES IN RAINBOWS COLORS AND COMIC SANS LIKE BrO It IS PRETTY(I love gays) - sawa anon


 seems leggit.

# all support for the LGBQT tbh

im not a fan of yaoi or yuri or anything tbh. like i ship moderately. like i can for example scream at the screen if i see a cannon ship moment happen like:

for example christa of snk is sort of one of my faves and she s so different after ymir died tho im.

cant read that shit anymore´

(im just not much into the shipping world tho tbh bcs most of the people there -not all but most - can be such asses to the characters and destroy friendships, distort cannon facts  make them all ooc - i mean, if you like the character so much accept the fact they’re happy with who they are but without destroying things that make them happy. if you trully love them would you nave them suffer? would you rip apart a friendship between a dear friend of yours? i mean, no. i mean, if you want to ship it fine, but stop reducing characters to just sexual content of your fantasies or diminishing them to ship trash i mean.  im just here for the plots tbh. )

me: okay okay, you kids stay there with some popcorn and cookies and tea, while i go watch some deduction / mystery or action movies. (mom mari is a sherlock / poirot / agatha christie fan like bruh u have no idea. )

like this once in detective conan i got the code down  the base at least, of a case before the cone, but it was based on mahjong and i dont play it so i did not decipher it and i was so frustrated bcs i could’ve gotten it ughhhhhh arghhhh!!

# distressed detective nerd noises

or maybe yeah let’s just watch fast and furious in the couch and going like # cringe whenever the cars crash or smth-

im not a big fan of romance tbh . unless its not cliched. like for example i liked the ‘ ps. i love you ‘ movie. it was so cute but also so angsty . ;W;

I know I’m just having a moment bc I just had the worst anxiety attack but fUCK!! Fuck!!! FUCK!!!!!! I just have no way of being able to deal with my mental illnesses in a satisfying way it just feels like my brain is constantly compressed and someone’s taken my heart out of my body

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Hey alicia, can you explain what naughty boy's tweet is referring to? I know its shade but I'm not sure at who/what exactly in relation to this Mess. Thank you!

honestly i’m not totally sure either lol i guess just the song in general? and zayn bc they had a falling out

Shoutout to the fact that after all was said and done, I was still going to get someone who isn’t even in my life anymore a small Christmas gift and had it all planned out, just bc I know they hate the holidays & I wanted to show that someone cared. But as of now, fuck that.

I’m slowly & painfully realizing it’s useless to care about people who don’t only not care about you, but continue to hurt you.

I just have to be done.

Completely done.

Foreign Boy Update

So today I got to the bus earlier than usual bcs I was just that excited to talk to the boy I had met yday. (I missed the morning bus, so this is in the afternoon) so I sat down in the front bcs it’s easier to get the seat to yourself up there since everyone piles in the back. Unfortunately someone sat next to me. So I pulled my “claustrophobia card” (I actually have claustrophobia but it’s not severe) and told the guy if I could sit in the outside. So he was nice enough to let me whereas other kids try to argue and don’t move. So I sat and waited, I was shivering so bad though. About five minutes passed and he finally arrived. He ditched the seat in front of me and sat in the one beside me and we said our “Hola"s. We started up a conversation on his phone using a translator. He mentioned how he wanted to talk to me for a while but I intimidated him. And I felt so bad, like how many friends do I not have bcs I intimidated them out of talking to me. He said he was kind of happy that I talked to him and am friendly. But that’s not even it. He actually remembers that the first time ever he sat with me, I was drawing and he was apparently very impressed and wanted to tell me it was good. But again, he was intimidated by me so he didn’t. I don’t blame him, I kind of glared at him for staring at me while I was drawing. Wow this is so long…anyway I showed him the sketchbook and he recognized the drawing right away and another one I had started but never finished. When we were nearing his stop, he asked me if there was some way to talk to me and he looked a bit shy so I was like “are you asking for my number?” And he kinda just nodded shyly. Oh shit it was so adorable so I gave him my number and am currently waiting for *William* to text me. He thinks my name is pretty why am I dying.

trynna replace your current bias list by shooting it and taking it’s place like

i want r76 to fuckn marry
let them use their dogtags as wedding rings like

“i don’t have a ring and fuck i don’t care. just please, don’t leave me” “engagement rings never suited us anyway”

just let them promise each other in the middle of the ominc crisis, that if they survive this shit, they will stay together and with each other
and just when they meet again as reaper and soldier 76 let gabe see the dog tag around 76 neck

“you still wearing it?" 
"we said forever didn’t we?" 

hb was so heavy today lol…….we read Ecclesiastes and job which are like the only two books i’ve been able to relate to and it’s just hard bc i’ve had so much discomfort around never feeling connected to a religion and these two books actually kinda nail what i’ve always felt about god and life an everything so like i’m feeling heavy right now bc the ideas that they discuss aren’t really comforting or happy but also like i’ve found something that kinda gets me……..so like Double Sadness today

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hi! sorry if this sounds rly weird and disorganized but i just had a moment of realization bc ive been following you for a long time now and i didnt rly know who u were or why i followed but i liked u and ur content so i was always like yes this person is cool bUt i just realized why i always felt like i knew u from somewhere i guess omg? you wrote one of my fav fics i read a long time ago the persephone/hades AU i just got so excited i remembered i guess omg im glad ur still here!!

my that’s certainly a while! woof! i’m glad i’m still here too, and i’m glad you’re here as well! thank you for the message and for liking my garbage posts! and for thinking i’m cool that means a lot ngl. 

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