bc her parents own a cabin

a lot of rick’s takes on women are so boring

Drew Tanaka: mean for no real reason

Aphrodite: vain

Silena: shallow

Piper: internalized misogyny that she randomly gets over one day (?)

Reyna: possibly a robot

Athena: a bitch w no emotions

Marie Levesque: an evil abusive woman who sacrificed her child selfishly

Calypso: island hoe who just wants a man

Hera: evil


what is so hard about

Drew: inferiority complex because everyone always compares her to Silena so she externalizes cause she’s 15 without a therapist

Aphrodite: a primordial goddess who sees the beauty in everyone but especially in her own kids and she doesn’t understand boundaries and just wants everyone to have A Good Time

Silena: helped Luke for literally any other reason than “he was cute”

Piper: gets read for filth by her cabin who sense and are over her superiority complex bc she doesn’t like make up and like idk figures out she’s letting her parental angst rule her life

Reyna: maybe communicates an actual emotion like a person OH AND SHE’S GAY

Athena: a warrior goddess who is familiar with the way the world has always punished women for being strong and whose anger at the Romans is super justified and she can like be a mom (as much as any goddess can) without being super emotional

Marie: a woman brought to her knees by generational and institutional poverty who wants nothing more than to be able to Rest, who loved her daughter but got lost and fucked up because she’s oh I don’t know a person

Calypso: island queen who gets off the island and goes off to explore the new world but mostly hopes she finds herself along the way

Hera: a woman who has been Broken by a bad man and while she still sucks you at least get why

anyways I’m bitter and women always deserve more and don’t @ me, just leave me here w my raw emotions thank u bye