“i’m more built than you.” / “yes you are.” / “and i’m gonna be taller than you.” /  “mhmm. you will.” / “..say i’m taller than you” / ”i’m taller than you.” / ‘HIDE!’

so i saw that dvd cover and gods. g o d s. so many headcanons so little time. also thanks seiyoko for screaming on twitter with me. ;u;

Z.Tao at Challenge The Impossible show

a staff from the show who witnessed Z.Tao doing the recording shared some thoughts on him (pls read and you will see how precious and wonderful Z.Tao really is)

“Tao at the recording totally had no idol image, he was absolutely different from my imagination, very cheerful, very talkative and very cute, he has so many good points, it made me suddenly want to become a Hailang, no joking. He also overcame his acrophobia by challenging a height project bravely, just so wonderful!
I will reveal a little bit bts details~~ before the recording, Tao has just been back from US and another show recording in Hunan, the staff said he hasn’t rested for 48 hours, plus the jetlag, Tao at that time was really really tired (author’s note: not only him, i was also so tired with that schedule too), but even so, ht was still the one who cheered us up!!! For this recording, when Tao just landed, he & some staff immediately went to the filming studio, other staff were still at the airport to help him gather the luggage.
Once he saw me, he immediately asked: “Is my purple hair suited for a big show like CCTV?”, i silently said: “No…” then he started spraying his hair to look formal again. He also asked me to discuss the show while doing his hair to save time. I then summoned all the directors to his room, the atmosphere was so serious, i was kinda overwhelmed~~
During the recording, Tao had to face his acrophobia in a project. In order to let the staff rest, Tao asked to bring the property to the corner, he would practice by himself there (A/N: he was really so thoughtful to other people). Then i watched him practice, again and again until he was sure he would succeed.
When it was official recording time, the height and difficulty made Tao kind of want to give up, but with the staff and audience’s encouragement, Tao finally overcame his fear and succeeded.
When he came down, his face was full of sweat, his whole shirt was wet, there there taozi, you’re really great!
After finishing the recording, Tao immediately continued to film the VCR. He tried to hold back his fatigue to speak every line and do every moves clearly. When everything was officially done, it was 1AM already…. but Tao still politely greeted every single staff with “You’ve worked hard”, it was really every single staff… After the greeting, Tao’s job was finally officially done.
I was with him during the whole time, you can consider me as a Hailang at that time, I want to say: Being an idol is not easy, but with a hard-working attitude like this, there’s nothing in this world is impossible to you!“


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#소녀시대8주년 Happy 8th Anniversary SNSD! It has been 8 years ever since you girls debuted with Into The New World and I am tremendously proud of all nine of you, regardless of OT9 or OT8. I’ve only met the nine of you once and it was the best night of my life, it has thoroughly changed me so much with the amount of love you gave to us fans. Thank you so much for all the things that you have done for SONE and stay healthy and happy. Know that SONE will always be behind all nine of you, Taeyeon, Jessica, Sunny, Tiffany, Hyoyeon, Yuri, Sooyoung, Yoona and Seohyun, we only want you girls to be happy. I love you! 지금은 소녀시대! 앞으로도 소녀시대! 영원히 소녀시대! ♡

How many times do I have to say Season Two won’t be split before people stop spreading rumours about it being a split season




it’s 13 straight episodes.

Sam had mentioned a number of times the season in halves, where the first half is in France and the second half is in Scotland with the battles, but that’s just describing the storyline setup. Because season two isn’t going to be split!