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And last but certainly not least is the final member of the maknae line, the second half of the Busan line, the golden maknae who has such a goofy side to him I love that he knows when to be serious but he can still have tons of fun, Jeon Jungkook aka kookie

  • This AU takes place in the college AU, college!kook is here, it’s the photographer!kook post, it isn’t necessary to read it, it’s really just to set the mood and give some feel of a scene for the post
  •  Visuals are up first bc I love this part so much
  • There are so many good looks to choose from, his hair is so nice and it looks so soft 1000/10 tbh
  • But I gotta go with the War of Hormone hair, black hair on Jungkook just looks so amazing idk what it is about it that is so nice but whatever it is, I’m here for it
  • WoH!kook has a special place in my heart though bc the parting of his hair was like oh wow but tbh Fire!kook is also one of my favorite looks he’s ever done so I’ll say he changes his hair style
  • He goes blonde for a bit, he does the pink, he does the red and he looks super cute with all of them
  • I love kook’s style, it’s so laid back and comfy, he wears tons of baggy t-shirts, I found it so cute how in Bon Voyage (I think it was BV at least) joon told kook not to pack any white shirts bc they could get dirty or something like that and kook is standing there in a white t-shirt, in front of like 20 white t-shirts and you just see the “well fuck” go through his head
  • There are so many good outfits to pick for player!kook I can’t choose just one bc there’s this one look where he’s in all black and he’s got black boots, a leather jacket AND a black beanie and he looks so boyfriend it’s ridiculous but there’s also a look where he’s in a white button up shirt with black pants and a black beanie and that’s also really nice
  • So those two will be his casual looks but his date night look is also really cute, I can’t tell what era it is bc he has black hair and he’s had black hair in a few different eras but he’s got this greenish gray coat on and this dark gray sweater underneath it and then blue ripped jeans and black boots and seeing it makes me want to scream both externally and internally
  • Forever in beanies, just gonna point that out, he’s always got one in his bag just in case
  • He’s more of a dater
  • He’s young, he’s doing photography, he’s dancing on the side, he’s got a job on top of being in school so he’s not really ready for a relationship
  • He always uses the term “friends” and he makes sure they know it’s nothing serious bc he doesn’t wanna hurt them by letting them think it’s something more than what it is
  • He’s not doing it to be a fuckboy or toy with anyone but he just takes a more casual approach to dating
  • He does go a couple weeks with one person though and he only dates one person at a time bc even if it is casual, it still feels weird to have a date one night and then go out with someone else the next
  • “Breaking up” is something he tends to try to avoid but when he does do it, he tries to make it as gentle as possible bc kook’s got a soft heart he’s a sensitive kid
  • Dates are always fun with him, he takes a second to get comfortable but once he is, he’s making them laugh nonstop and being extra
  • He loves a good dinner date, he likes going to the arcade or maybe seeing a movie bc it helps break the ice a lot faster bc then you have the movie choices and you can talk about which one to see and why it sounds good, get to know each other a bit and also he can do that whole fake yawn bit so it’s a win win
  • Flirting is a hit or a miss, depending on who approaches who
  • If he approaches them, he has time to prepare himself, he has time to come up with witty things to say, he knows how he’s gonna start, he has plenty of time to just figure everything out so he’s gonna be a lot more confident 
  • He’s gonna do the thing where he leans on the wall as he’s talking to them and he’s so tall and broad and he has a smirk on his face the entire time and he walks away every time with a date planned for that night
  • But if they approach him, he has z e r o time and he gets a bit flustered and is kinda in shock the entire time bc wait what’s happening
  • Similar to Yoongi, he can have that bad boy vibe to him sometimes, especially when he’s in the all black with the boots and like I said in that post, a lot of people are into that sort of thing so they’ll approach him
  • And then they see that he has such a cute, interesting personality and they’re hooked bc he’s got a goofy personality and he’s humble and sweet and just overall wonderful and then to top all of that off, he’s a good looking man, he’s the entire package
  • You two meet at a camera store
  • You’re there to help your friend pick out some supplies and kook works there, he’s a cashier but he also does some organizing and helps with prints when he has extra time
  • Your friend points him out bc the both of you recognize him from campus and you both know all about his reputation but it’s weird to even think of him as a player when he’s sitting there helping a little girl pick out her first camera
  • He’s being so patient with her and answering all of her questions and he even gives her advice and shows her how to use it and your heart is just melting bc he’s supposed to be t h e fuckboy of the campus who breaks heart without remorse but he’s being so sweet and making her giggle a lot
  • When he’s done helping her out, you decide to ask him a few random questions just to talk to him bc you wanna see if he’s actually that nice or if he was just a softie around kids
  • But he’s actually really sweet?? you can totally see why everyone who’s dated him doesn’t hate him, he’s got such a cute smile and he’s a bit shy and it’s not at all what you were expecting
  • “You’re not a fuckboy at all”
  • “What??”
  • In your head, all you hear is oh shi T bc you didn’t mean to actually say that and now he knows you know who he is or at least know about his reputation
  • He tells you that his shift is over in ten minutes so you agree to meet up in the cafe next door when he’s done so he can actually talk without getting in trouble for not working even though he’s the golden employee
  • The more you talk to him, the more you like him bc he’s funny and witty and even just his voice is really nice and you end up asking him out to dinner the next day
  • You two start up a lil summer romance from there and both of you are having so much fun together and he shows you all of his cameras and his photo albums and he gets really personal with you 
  • He even shows you his singing voice, which is something he’s never done with any of his dates
  • Time goes by too quickly and you’re preparing yourself for the breakup when the new term starts bc you assume that’s how it’s gonna go but instead you two only get closer and start spending more time together bc you end up in the same class
  • “Maybe we should give this whole relationship thing an actual shot”
  • “Thought you couldn’t be tied down, Jeon”
  • “So did I but I was a kid then”
  • “It was four months ago”
  • “How time flies”

Gotta get me some sonic now, damn

There’s angry confusion, disappointed confusion, then there is Kevin Owens lmao.  

ENZO LOOKS SO GOOD HERE??? Wow. (Cass, you look good too bb.)

More confused face lmao


… puppy dog face Cass holy shit. 

NO BEARD ENZO WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF he looks so good without?? This coming from someone who literally lives for the beard and scruffy????? woW

Gotta have a pic with Deano bc I love him I’m SORRY

“Bitch, wut.” 

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NEED ME A TALL FRIEND LIKE THAT. It honestly takes no effort even, he just like reaches over and barely taps the stupid bowl. “COme on.” 

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I love Enzo and Cass so much omfg. 

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Need me a tall bear hug like that

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HAHAHAHAHA they are so good for each other i need emotional help 

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Basically, they remind me of my sister and her boyfriend and IT MAKES ME SO HAPPY YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW. 


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also top right ashton w/ glasses is such a power bottom and i'm just gonna leave this here

HHSHWHWHWHW i didn’t see this until just now but oh my gOd.,,, ur right. lil shit is so bossy and whiny and bitchy but it’s like,, kinda hot….. top right ash looks like he has an especially nice ass too n he probably shakes it around like an idiot but he’s got everyone wrapped around his stupid finger bc of it and wow can u believe i hate ashton irwin :-)) he can literally go from daddy big hands for smackin the booty to precious power bottom that likes to read in his free time smh

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joshua+aquarius: trapped in an elevator together and realising we live in the same building

okay wow nice this is cool

  • would fall on his butt when the elevator shakes and then stops
  • then pretends nothing happened and stands up
  • and then he would start smiling and laughing at himself 2 seconds later
  • literally his whole face creasing up in laughter
  • lowkey avoids eye contact after bc you’re still laughing at him so hard and he knows it
  • a few seconds pass
  • “hey I think we’re trapped in here”
  • you give him a ‘you don’t say?’ look
  • you’re the first to realise he looks familiar bc he’s too preoccupied with ringing the bell to try and get help
  • acts calm and controlled
  • but is actually freaking out on the inside
  • and suddenly
  • “hi I’m joshua hong”
  • and that’s when you realise he’s the guy who lives in the room a floor above yours
  • the one who plays guitar all night and has like a group of 12 friends
  • you remember that one time you were waiting for the elevator and when it got to your floor there was like 13 people
  • and you offered to wait for the next one
  • but no
  • “don’t worry there’s room”
  • bc he’s such a gentleman
  • even though he violently pushed all his friends into the back
  • and his snotty tall friend was suffocating in the corner
  • “don’t you live in my building?”
  • and he has this really dazed and confused look for a few seconds before he realises
  • “oh you’re that girl from- oh yeahh haha”
  • he’s all smiley again and seems to have forgotten that you’re
  • and then it’s awkward
  • bc you both know that you’re always running into each other but almost never say hi
  • tbh you thought he just never noticed you or something
  • “so what do we do?” you say
  • and he shrugs bc he already tried the bell and no one answered and he doesn’t look like the type to furiously smash all the buttons in
  • “we wait it out?”
  • so you sit down and he sits down and he’s all like
  • “you wanna play a game or something?”
  • literally his face is all friendly like you guys have been besties for 78 years
  • and you’re bored so you say “what game”
  • he doesn’t know
  • so he just goes
  • “i can sing though you wanna hear me sing?”
  • and you’re like “yeah sure” bc you secretly hear him all the time from above your apartment ceiling and he’s pretty good
  • but you would never admit that so you just sit there and listen to him
  • you’re almost surprised that he hasn’t managed to pull his guitar out of his ass or something
  • you can tell he’s been trying to see if you’re anxious
  • bc it’s just his nature to comfort people
  • he ends up persuading you to play truth or dare anyway bc he’d been singing so long
  • eventually you’d pick truth and end up admitting that his half american friend is cute
  • “vernon?!”
  • he’d get kinda pouty and blame it on the fact that he’s been stuck in ‘a tiny awful space’ for like half an hour
  • even though the lift is pretty big and it’s only been about 9 minutes
  • and when you two finally get out he offers to take you home but only because
  • “we live in the same building anyway”
  • and bc he’s such a gentleman ofc
Werewolf!Jin Part Two

So someone requested werewolf!Jin falling in love with a human and I thought it sounded really cute so without further ado, here is our lovely, ever so talented sweetheart, Kim Seokjin aka Jin aka can we take a minute to talk about his hands bc I am a huge hand girl I love hands and his are just so wow like they’re unique and adorable and they’re beautiful can I just say that like they’re w o w wow the fingers are all long and nice and they look warm and he just seems like he’d be great at hand holding I love Jin and his hands

  • Part one is here, werewolf!Jin as a father is here
  • Falling in love with humans isn’t exactly forbidden but it also isn’t encouraged
  • It can be kinda tricky tbh
  • There have been countless times where the human finds out their lover is a werewolf and then breaks up with them
  • Werewolves fall d e e p so when their partner leaves, it’s crushing it just absolutely breaks their hearts
  • That’s actually the main reason they avoid dating humans bc there’s always a huge risk of them being rejected
  • There’s not really that risk when it comes to dating fellow werewolves so a lot of them just try to find their loves within their packs or packs that are close by
  • When werewolves do love someone though, that someone becomes their everything, human or not
  • Jin is the first of the boys to find his love
  • It starts off super casual, he has no intentions of falling in love
  • You two start off as friends who happen to be in the same class and have the mutual friend of Namjoon
  • The three of you hang out together a lot, whether it’s studying or getting something to eat or just chilling out together
  • But you start developing a crush on Jin bc he’s Jin
  • He’s lovely and a total sweetheart how do you not have a crush on him when he’s being all cute 25/8
  • Like this one time, all three of you are hanging out and it starts raining
  • Namjoon has a class to get to so he can’t drive you home (he’d been your ride to the café)
  • Jin, without a single bit of hesitation, gives you his jacket and is like I’ll give you a ride no problem
  • The entire car ride he’s making sure you’re all comfy like is the heater high enough do you like this song do you want to stop for food on the way
  • And despite the both of you being a bit drenched from having to run to his car in the rain, it’s actually a shit ton of fun
  • He makes you laugh and smile the entire time and it’s never awkward like he doesn’t push for conversation but he also doesn’t allow awkward silences and he balances it really well
  • At one point, he starts singing along to the radio and his voice is all soft and he’s giggling through most of it
  • And his laughter is so infectious so you have to laugh too and eventually you start singing along with him
  • You can feel your heart doing the thing and it’s just like here we go
  • It takes a while for either of you to make a move
  • Like the both of you spend months giving each other secret love filled looks and staring at each other’s hands while really just wanting to reach over and grab it
  • One day he takes your hand without realizing it bc werewolves tend to just rely on their instincts and his told him to hold your hand so that’s what he did
  • It all kinda just goes from there it’s really natural and simple and no one worries too much about it
  • It’s just a hey I like you, you like me, why not do something with that???
  • There is one thing he’s worrying about though
  • You’re human and he’s not and he’s really !!!! over how he’s gonna tell you
  • Here’s the thing, Jin is a really honest person like I don’t see Jin as someone who would lie about things like that
  • The second he realizes he’s in love with you, he starts thinking of ways he can tell you
  • Should he be upfront and just say it, get it over with?? Should he try to ease you into it?? Should he get Namjoon to help him??
  • In the end he decides it’s best to just be honest bc that’s what the both of you have always wanted from each other
  • He explains the entire situation to you, answers all of the questions you have
  • He’s completely honest with you and tells you all the good things about being a werewolf and all of the bad things
  • He’s like holding his breath bc he’s trying to figure out what your reaction is
  • You haven’t left yet so that’s a good sign but you also haven’t given much of a reaction like he’s just really curious as to what’s on your mind
  • He loved you with all of his lil heart and the thought of you leaving him over this was just no mm mm
  • You’re kinda ??? when he asks if you’re gonna leave bc that thought never even came to mind
  • “Why would I leave?? It’s a part of who you are it’s not like you can help the way you were born I still love you”
  • He honestly almost starts crying bc he’d grown up with stories of humans rejecting werewolves after finding out the truth and now you were staying and his lil heart is so so happy
  • He gets this huge smile on his face and he just hugs you really really tight
  • “Thank you”  
Arranged Marriage (Taehyung)

And now it is time for the second half of the Daegu line, my bby squish, my love, the cutest lil pup with s u ch a cute giggle oh my g OD it’s literally just so precious and I want him to giggle and be happy forever, Kim Taehyung aka V

  • For the original prince!Tae post, you can click here
  • I am gonna be straying a bit from the plot of the original post but the actual characteristics of prince!tae will still be the same
  • For everyone that hasn’t read the original post, he is just the cutest lil prince tbh
  • He doesn’t think of the people in his town as “his people”
  • They’re just his friends, his family, his favorite people
  • He’s out there on a daily basis, even if he can only spend like an hour with them, he’d rather do that than not see them at all
  • He lo v es playing with all of the kids, he’ll literally have like 20 to 30 kids around and he’s just giggling away and playing along with all of their games
  • He’s the b es t at playing freeze tag ask any one of those kids who the best is and they’ll all immediately point to him bc he never leaves anyone frozen for long
  • And if he gets frozen o H BOY, there’s just this lil army of kids all running to him to tap him back into the game bc they can’t lose their MVP
  • He could honestly spend hours with them and they all love him so much like we’ve seen how Tae gets around bbys and kids, he’s just s o amazing with them and it’s just all so cute
  • And the adults love him just as much bc it’s tae how do you not love tae he’s a walking ball of sunshine who just wants to have fun and make people happy and make them smile and laugh and he’s just cuteness
  • He takes care of all of them and has monthly parties where the castle chefs come out and cook a shit ton of food for everyone and everyone’s  just happy and he lo v es that day so much
  • His parents tell him about the marriage a couple months before the wedding date
  • They tell him that the two kingdoms are gonna be joined together and turned into one and it’ll only be positive
  • They also tell him if he really really doesn’t want to do it (they do insist he meets you and gives it some time to actually get to know you before he makes any decisions) they’ll call it off immediately
  • He goes into it with as much of an open mind as he possibly can bc he knows that his parents would never arrange a marriage for him with someone they didn’t think would he would be able to love
  • He puts on some ni ce ass pants and a nice shirt and he’s in all black and it’s just really fucking nice bc have you ever seen tae in black that is some good shit right there especially if it’s all black !!!!
  • His hair is that beautiful orange color that just made him look so w ow like he looks wow in every hair color let’s be real here but the orange will always have a special place in my heart the styling of his hair, the color all of it was beautiful
  • He’s a lil bit nervous about meeting you for the first time bc there are so many different ways this can go down, you can possibly hate him, you could have zero interest in him, you could blame him for the arranged marriage like there are so many things !!
  • But when he sees you, he still smiles all wide and honestly once you see the eye smile your heart does the thing bc here’s your future husband like his face is beautiful, his body is nic E but then his smile is so cute and pretty and it’s square and that’s so fucking adorable
  • And then you hear him talk and the v oi CE is just oh wow who would expect this smol bub with the cute smile and the adorable eyes to have this voice that’s just d e e p as fuck
  • And as the night goes on, you find out that not only is this bub adorable as fuck, he’s good looking AND he has a great personality like what the fuck how
  • He’s funny and goofy and he doesn’t take himself too seriously and he’s so laid back like you can ask him to go on a late night stroll, he’s down, you can ask him to travel with you to Iceland and he’s down as fuck, he’s just ready for adventure
  • You two already know you’re gonna be best friends, by the end of that night, he’s glued to your side and he keeps making you laugh and smile and your cheeks are honestly sore by the time you go home but you can’t stop smiling, even just thinking about him makes you smile
  • You meet everyone in his town and seeing him interacting with all of the kids is honestly s o fucking endearing bc he gets so happy and that makes you happy bc tae has one of those smiles/giggles that are contagious like when he giggles all of the kids giggle too and it’s all so fucking cute
  • It doesn’t take him long to fall in love and honestly by the time you two move in with each other a week before the wedding, he’s head over heels
  • There are just nonstop cuddles and being woken up by kisses and sleepy “good morning babe” and we’ve heard his morning voice and I would like to just scream right here and now just thinking about it :)
  • He starts making these lil hints that he’s not feeling anything platonic anymore and that it’s been bumped up to romantic
  • He starts holding your hand more, his kisses start getting closer to your lips instead of your cheek, he gives you those love filled looks, he hugs you every two seconds
  • He’s trying to figure out if you love him in the same way like he knows you definitely love him as a friend but is that shit still platonic to you??
  • This one night he gets brave and decides to actually kiss you and thankfully, you do kiss back
  • He doesn’t stop smiling for the rest of the night bc he’s just so happy and he’s giggling into your shoulder
  • The next time he sees the parents, he makes sure to shout a “thank you for introducing me to my love, I’ll be the best husband ever!!”

louis makes me so happy like i could be having such a shitty day but i just look at pictures of his smiley face shoes or read about his charity work and it’s like all the bitterness in me goes through a coffee filter and i’m left with this warm, energized feeling in my stomach louis tomlinson is literally my cup of coffee when i’m feeling down