bc why not

i just realized im actually kinda worked up over that autism thing like bc if a character canonically shows autistic traits and someone says the character is autistic, you don’t get to say “he cant be autistic bc i relate to him” you can say “i disagree that he’s canonically autistic” but you cant go actin like a character’s autism is a shamefull thing. even NTs can relate to an autistic character bc everyone has a handful of mild spectrum traits and even without spectrum things they can relate to the character’s opinions and personality outside of the spectrum traits..////fjas;fasdjfl;asjflks

anyway im going to have a glass of wine and i super dont want to talk about this so please dont reblog or ask about this thing specifically im totally up for other asks rn tho

Me, barely holding on by a thread of positivity: I feel really depressed but at least it probably won’t get worse!!!!

Invalidity and jealousy: :)

Me: Maybe if I go to sleep itll be gone in the morning

The stress of school keeping me awake: :))))))))

i had a dream that i saw porter n hugo at kmart and wanted to say hi, but my mouth was full of cake and i couldnt really say hi. i was really sad about that and thought to myself “EVERYTIME i see them, my mouh is full of cake. why”
i think they were in the shopping center because they were gonna perform a set??? apparently they were there to perform for a primary school or something???
a while later, they left kmart and walked towards me. porter gave me his red jacket as a “mentor and student gift” or some shit??!?!? and started rambling about how much he liked anime and comic books. i told him i’d watch more anime. i was ,, so honoured,, it was the best. kinda sad it was just a dream. i said thank you and jokingly called him parappa the rapper.

i went to a bus after that nd porter and hugo were also in the same bus?? we casually talked for a while. there was a sink in the bus? For some reason i distinctly remember washing my hands right next to port ????? ? ? ?
what kind of dream even is this