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so my friend said very loudly to me, with a group of other history majors “yeah i’m not gonna vote bc i’m sure hillary will win”

literally all six of us looked at her and said “vote” 

and she goes “ehhh, maybe i will, if i remember to”

and my friend leans in her face and was like “don’t worry. we’ll remind you. bc you need to vote.”

so yeah here’s your friendly fucking reminder that you should have ABSOLUTELY NO PEACE OF MIND and that you need to GET YOUR ASS TO THE POLLING STATION AND VOTE THIS NOVEMBER 8TH.

Please everyone vote for Monsta X

I’m literally begging you, I don’t care if you’re part of their fandom or not, they’re working really hard and monbebes are too and really we need all the help we can get after Youtube fucked us up….

Please, specially if your favs have already had their first win, this guys haven’t and they honestly deserve it so much… please just take one of your votes and give it to them? You don’t have to constantly stream or vote, even if it’s just one it helps a lot!!!

You can find out how to vote here  and here !!!!!!

Also stream their MV here! and here’s a tutorial on how to stream their album on melon!!

Please it only takes a few minutes and can really make a difference ^^

if you ever feel that your country’s politics have become a joke just remember that in serbia a guy dressed fully in white riding a white horse leading a party called “you haven’t tried sarma” became the second strongest politicial option in his municipality without any campaigning and that he’s now running for the president

he was just trying to make fun of the government he didn’t think that people would actually vote for him but here we are


if you are eligible to vote in the presidential election and are purposefully not voting, if you are voting for trump, gary johnson, jill stein, or whoever else that is not hillary clinton, i would like to take this moment to extend a big wholehearted fuck you.

if you are not voting for hillary, you are putting people in real, serious danger.

i dont know how many times we have to say it for people to understand. a third party candidate will. not. win. a vote for third party is a vote for trump. but i just cant bring myself to vote for either trump or hillary, theyre both horrible, you say. it goes against my morals to vote for one of them, you say.

will you still give a shit about how you stuck to your morals when millions of family are ripped apart and children taken away because trump deported their parents?

will you still give a shit about how you stuck to your morals when lgbtq+ people are getting fired, denied jobs, sent to conversion therapy, getting disowned, harassed, abused, murdered?

will you still give a shit about how you stuck to your morals when hate crimes against racial minorities skyrocket? or when refugees fleeing their war ridden country are denied access to ours because they are muslim?

when women are dying in labor because they are forced to deliver their already dead fetus. when women who cant support or dont want a baby are putting themselves at risk to get an abortion because now its illegal?

when people living in poverty have to decide between eating and paying their utilities bill all while the wealthiest people in the country are getting tax cuts?

open your eyes to what is at stake. honestly who gives a shit if hillary used a private email server? the fbi investigation found nothing. twice! what more do you want? 

its not like she bragged about being able to sexually assault women, or scammed students with a fake university, or went to court for rape, or degraded and mocked a disabled reporter, among countless other horrific things.

that would be bad.

and to all the people who are writing in bernie: fuck you too. bernie wants you to vote for hillary. bernie is not registered for a write in. IF YOU WRITE IN BERNIE SANDERS YOUR VOTE WILL NOT COUNT.

take a moment to ask yourself why you hate hillary so much. is it because you think shes a criminal? if so, you need to do some research. what crime has she committed?

if you do not vote for hillary in this election and trump wins, you are partly at fault for the things that follow. you had the chance to stop him but you chose not to. you are responsible

We know next to nothing against the Sandaime Kazekage and yet he’s one of the coolest kage to exist. Like, as a person, not as puppet for whom Sasori may or may not have held an unhealthy fondness. I mean:

- aesthetically pleasing design

- considered the strongest Kazekage ever by his own people

- either they loved him so much or had so high an opinion of his strength that they didn’t believe he was dead for years and kept searching the desert for him

- they reluctantly elected a Yondaime Kazekage (Rasa) but still kept searching for their Sandaime

- he reverse-engineered Magnet Release by watching the One-Tails and created his own Iron Sand technique, the most feared weapon in Suna’s history

- was his Magnet Release a kekkai genkai or did he teach himself how to use it by combining wind and earth chakra natures without the benefit of a bloodline? I want to believe the latter since he reverse-engineered the technique, and that makes his accomplishment all the more impressive

- he could render puppets unusable by clogging their joints with sand and could bypass chakra shields with his Iron Sand

- he could turn other people’s weapons against them with his Magnet Release and form makeshift weapons of his own out of his Iron Sand

- when revived by Orochimaru with Edo Tensei in the anime, he is unimpressed with what Sasori did with his body (turning it into a puppet) and equally unimpressed with Edo Tensei

- he declares, “I am the Sandaime Kazekage. I am not your pawn,” and proceeds to actually break free from Orochimaru’s control and release himself from the Edo Tensei, leaving Orochimaru to face Sasori and Deidara’s attacks alone

- so savage

- he’s like ‘you raised me from the dead to defend you? think again. I’m not fighting for you even if it is against my own murderer’

- won’t even engage in a zombie grudge match because he’s so disgusted by Orochimaru

- just nopes out of there like breaking Edo Tensei is nbd

- leaves Orochimaru to get slammed by several tons of iron sand and dozens of exploding clay birds

- ur fave could never

- and he wasn’t even given a canonical name


❄️ BTS Lockscreens ❄️


White feminism definitely needs to be criticized don’t get me wrong, but i kind of find it weird that people are dubbing the majority of white women voting for Trump in the US a failure of feminism. I highly doubt the women who voted for Trump are feminists… Trump was anti-feminist in every sense of the word. No feminist, no matter how white and liberal, would agree with his statements and actions. Just because someone is a woman doesn’t make her feminist and not all women have feminist issues at heart. The said, the outcome of the election is definitely shows that white women as a collective have more solidarity with white men than they do with WoC–and that they will literally vote against their own interests to preserve white supremacy.

Donald trump won Florida by 1% because of third party voters. That is inexcusable. You should not be so uneducated that you allow trump to win just to make your pitiful statement.

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To the people saying that there is always one side who is disappointed after an election, this is more than disappointment. Every single women in this country is now extremely vulnerable. Not only are we more vulnerable to rape and getting pregnant, Trump/Pence want to make abortions illegal. Even though nothing has happened politically yet, the US has already changed.