bc ur worth it~

i hate when people on tumblr just say shit like “just surround yourself with positive people!!!! dont keep negative people in your life!!!!” like it’s not easy to just drop friends you’ve known for years and magically find a new gang of friends that you can trust so stop making it sound so simple


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For @asleepykid !

im kinda drunk and i kinda miss him and i wanna message him and talk to him but idk if i should o not

i was planning on giving this shit away when we hit 2k but we’re quite past that and also money so like. well the sentiment. it was there. you can all just order yourselves this cup urselves bc honestly ur all worth it. ill buy one for myself

if you’re a college student i honestly cannot stress enough how much u should look at thriftbooks.com for your textbooks before buying them from the college bookstore, or even amazon rentals. today bought just some of my (many, many) textbooks for the fall and i spent $40 as opposed to the $240+ that would have been charged me otherwise. they also have free shipping if your order’s over $10!! i love thriftbooks.com!!!

u don’t gotta love urself in order for other people to love u. someone will come along and love u and will help u learn to love urself and it might not be easy but it will be worth it because u will have them by ur side. other ppl will love u whether u love urself or not. they will see that ur a beautiful diamond even when u think ur a piece of coal. if u don’t have ppl in ur life that love u then u need to get some new ppl in ur life bc u are worth so much love.

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What will happen if I just give up and stop trying? I'm having such a hard time right now and I don't know what to do

listen if u give up ur just cheating urself. u’ve come all this way!! why stop now?? that would just be discrediting all ur previous efforts and sabotaging ur future. keep going bc it will be worth it!!

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i want to have casual sex but i have scars from self harm (they're old but still visible) and i feel like it'd be really awkward because it's such a taboo. do you have any tips/ways to make it less weird?

We are all human. Just for sex we shouldnt have to hide parts of us that are us or were who we were. We all have scars and markings and stories on our skin. We are all imperfect. If someone doesnt wanna get down w u bc of that they arent worth ur time anyway. Like ? Dont bother with assholes like that. Shitty casual sex with someone u have to hide urself from and feel uncomfy with can be missed ! U being u is more important than casual sex. Also b careful with casual experiences they can be not nourishing to who u are. Be mindful x

this is gonna sound dumb esp coming from me but like who gives a shit abt the ppl who hurt u ??? let go of them bc tbh they’re not worth ur time or energy ! don’t waste ur thoughts on them bc they dont mean shit !!!! 4get abt them who gives a fuck abt them anymore !! fuck closure just move on they dont matter anymore ! dont let them take over ur mind when they rnt even part of ur life anymore !

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Is it worth dating someone just bc like ur comfortable enough around them to be sexual/ youre physically attracted to them, even if you dont have a lot in common/conversations are kind of dry?

Absolutely not, sex is not everything, it’s definitely something, but not everything.

In my opinion, I’d rather be in a relationship where the conversations and talking are better than the sexual attraction, but that’s just me.

  • <p> <b>:</b> "Maybe bc u dont see ur worth, kaya ok lang sayo maghintay. Natural lang naman mainip if ure not being the priority. Those ppl feel that theyre worth more than anything thats y they become impatient.. mad even kapag pinaghihintay sila."<p/><b>:</b> " And ikaw u should feel that too. Normal yon. You're worth more than anything and not to me na pinaghihintay ka lagi. U should feel that kaya tinatanong kita."<p/><b>:</b> "You keep saying hindi sa mga normal na pakiramdam na tinatanong ko sayo. Alam ko naman. Im not saying na mas may alam pa ko sayo kesa sarili mo but im only saying that bc again, i'm you... and every one else. Normal ka pa din. But ure telling me otherwise idk y. "<p/><b>:</b> "And hindi ko yon gusto, you not telling me. Bc kapag ganon lang palagi ginagawa mo then im like everybody else you wish na hindi. Bc i owe u that, na maintindihan ka bc u trusted me with almost everything. Im the last person ure praying na sana hindi, na sana andyan, and everything. Im trying naman not to but u not telling me, ang unfair non. Hindi ko yon kaya. Sabi ko naman sayo ayaw ko dumagdag. But here i am don din nag end up. Yoko na"<p/></p>

is your family not accepting of your sexuality/gender?

well i have a v important message for you

you don’t deserve that

you deserve to be respected, accepted, recognized, and loved!! your family has NO RIGHT to push you to be something you’re not

so please remember that you deserve better because you’re a good, strong-ass person ok

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why won't you love me? im wayyyy better than tabitha

eliza. i know this is u. this isn’t funny anymore. i need u to stop this childish nonsense immediately.
if u are unhappy in ur marriage with bob then u need to get urself out of that negative and emotionally damaging situation bc nobody deserves to feel forced to love someone. ur emotions are worth more.
there are people out there who will love u for the real u.
i am not the rare pepe for u but i promise u that they are out there somewhere, i promise.