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im looking at ur masterlist and im sad!! bc theres no minghao there!!! may i request college minghao please!!!

aaa im sorry !!! here u go💗

  • minghao is one of those college students who is quiet and soft-looking but also seems like he may break ur arm in a fight
  • u usually end up sitting next to him in class + to begin with he doesn’t rly say much and just seems rly studious
  • one day u miss the beginning of a lecture so at the end u ask if u can take photos of his notes
  • then when ur looking back over them later u realise he’s decorated them with barii-san and kumamon stickers which u kinda find cute ??
  • from then on u seem to notice him round school more often
  • he always goes round wearing a massive hoodie and oversized glasses (a smol)
  • if the teacher calls on him he seems to go all pink cheeked
  • then he’ll flash nervous glances at u before pretending to be more confident than he actually feels
  • he always gets the right answer and seems to get perfect scores in class despite the majority of his notes being cartoon stickers
  • he’s always willing to lend u stationary and smirks whenever u struggle with the clicky bit on the top of his pens bc he finds it adorable
  • after a while he realises u have a habit of forgetting it so he presents u with a brand new stationary kit whilst trying to play it cool as if he totally didn’t spend 2 hours trying to pick the perfect one for u
  • u repay him by always trying to starting conversation and walking with him between classes just bc .. u can feel urself beginning to warm up to him more and more
  • you might text him asking if he can explain some class work to u so he’ll gladly agree to meet up in the school library and help out
  • sometimes you’ll study together and he’ll just put one earphone in the ear furthest away from u and ever so slightly bob his head up and down
  • he always buys u coffee for class on monday mornings bc he knows u struggle sleeping sometimes and can barely make it out of bed
  • if u don’t do too well on a test he’ll be extra supportive and offer to help u go over what u didn’t get
  • .. or just invite u round to play video games and binge eat
  • he’ll send u songs to check out and will listen to them with u whilst ur studying which involves him getting flustered over how close ur sitting and the way u smile at him when u like a bit in the song
  • he loves hanging out with u and secretly gets sad when u can’t
  • after u find out that (thanks to his help) ur grades are one of the best in the class, u excitedly run to tell minghao and almost end up bowling him over when u throw ur arms around him like “we did it we did it we did it we did it!!!!!!!!”
  • when u pull away his face is red and his eyes are wide and it takes him three attempts to get his mouth to form coherent words
  • he eventually manages to explain that it was u who put the hard work in so u should be proud of urself altho ur not really listening just bc of how thrilled u are
  • u both develop natural habits of physical contact, like he’ll brush ur hair out ur face if ur telling a story so he can see u better
  • he always does the shyest little laugh at ur jokes
  • then one night u unknowingly both turn up to the same party
  • it just so happens that ur only friend there and his only friend there get drunk and end up eating each other’s tongues in the kitchen
  • u both awkwardly kind of stand together waiting for them to finish but end up getting bored
  • so u both go outside and sit yourselves away from everyone else whilst looking at the stars for a bit
  • minghao suddenly blurts “u look rly pretty tonight” whilst swinging his legs back and forth nervously
  • u turn to look at him in astonishment but u notice how his eyes are firmly fixated upon the floor is if he’s too embarrassed to look at u
  • so u reply “thank u, ur looking pretty good urself” which is the understatement of the century
  • at that remark face flushes bright pink so u giggle a little and teasingly poke him in the cheek
  • then to ur surprise he gently intertwines ur fingers hovering near his face with his before placing ur interlocked hand and his in his lap
  • he mumbles something to u in chinese, not expecting u to understand
  • but he underestimates ur love for chinese dramas
  • so u say “i love u??????”
  • and his face goes slack as he panics and he’s like “y-you understood that???”
  • instead of answering his question u just smile at him and look back at the sky
  • u softly squeeze his hand and reply “wo ye ai ni” [i love you too]
Dramatic- Carter Hart

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Ok so here we go! A little baby goalie loving for you all! And if this isn’t me idk what is so I hope someone can #relate as well! Lol! Enjoy guys!

Warning: drama, mentions of death

@santa-fes Request: Hello fren, could u pls write me somethin bc I am not havin a good time atm. If u could it would be much appreciated. Thank you katie 💕


              You were laying on the couch, your arm thrown over your face, taking deep breaths when Carter came home from practice.

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Holy Pt. 2 {Luke Hemmings Smut}

RATING: A for angst and S for smut
REQUESTED: yesssss!!! so many ppl wanted a second part so here u go!! 

guess who’s back!!! well not rly bc i have so much work to do but i managed to churn out this monster fic in like….3 days lmao ! just letting u guys know, it deviates from the religious aspects that r mentioned in the first part; this part definitely deals more w their relationship and there’s literally sooooo much angst so y’all can thank me for that later ;-) anyways, hope u enjoy!!!

[part 1] [masterlist] [come yell at me]


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Jikook (ft. Yoonseok) Internet Friends AU 16


:-) All of this is in Hobi’s perspective

Where Jungkook and Yoonseok decide to pull a prank on Jimin

Wow we got some violent Jimin here LMAO Yes I’m talking of Danger’s Jimin, that was hot. He be showing his hidden fighting skills. This is yoonseok talking bc I needed someone to say what was happening. Aren’t they cute ^u^ The prank was basically Jungkook going w a mask and molesting Jimin. Such originality. TWO DAYS TWO POSTS WOW LUA IS ON FIRE //sighs If u want to request, ask, or say something, go ahead!

Sorry for the small mistakes and I hope you like it!


comfort object


Among the tales of sorrow and of ruin that came down to us from the darkness of those days there are yet some in which amid weeping there is joy and under the shadow of death light that endures. And of these histories most fair still in the ears of the Elves is the tale of Beren and Lúthien.

sleepy sunflowers, sunlight, and summer: a playlist

this playlist is when the sun turns golden and you feel its warmth kissing your legs, the smell of summer on midnights, and you can feel your hair caressing your nape. this is for when you just got home from a long-tiring road trip or when your hair is soaked with so much sand but you feel perpetually tired, this playlist is the feeling that you get before that nap. i hope you enjoy them as much as i did !

white winter hymnal // fleet foxes

such great heights // iron and wine 

flume // bon iver

full circle // half moon run

the hurry and the harm // city and color

private lawns // angus and julia stone

limit of love // boy & bear

flapper girl // the lumineers

paint // paper kites

Seokjin’s Thighsss

requested from my wife beck…here ya go babi

are u dead bc i am


oh jesus fucK

masterpiece just waiting to be painted

eye contact 

thats a good under thigh

i fuck with specs ya know

this is nice


^^ that hand on taes knee tho

is that his pink flip phone omg adorable 

well this is a nice sight to see


i need some of that water to cool me down wooH


omfg kill me now


this is so adorable i canT

i really love this

happy birthday beck ily

I hope u liked it!

gifs and pics aren’t mine

Jealous (Matt Murdock x Reader)

Request: could you write a matt murdock fic where matt gets really jealous of you and foggy bc u two are getting really close and then he blurts out that he likes u?

Warning(s): Language, fluff. A bit of a Captain America: Civil War plot that involves Tony Stark.

Word Count: 2,038

A/N: I’m so sorry this took about 20,000 years to get to but here you go, lovely anon. You can find the song inspiration for the chapter here. Keep sending requests, they’re open! Hope you enjoy <3

In most cases, both inside and out of the courtroom, Matt Murdock was never one to play fair. Especially when you were the topic of discussion. And when it came to it, he was more stubborn than a donkey in the mud. That was mostly because he had always been partial towards you. And now he hated to admit it, but suddenly the usually well-balanced blind man was tripping over his feet and falling for you.

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anonymous asked:

My request got so stuffed that the word limit was reached yet here i come as a message to you: Even tho this blog is relatively new (i assume?) it's already one of my fav bnha imagime blogs bc of your writing skills and u just seem so sweet idk? Bless your soul and if u have time, answer this msg with some random facts about you (examples) what u do, how life is going and more! I bet ur followers would also love to get to know you. Feel me throw my appreciation at you!

OH MY WORD 🌌 Bless your soul, anon 💕

If you are really interested, I’m happy to share some random trash about my life. 

I’m going to start with the basics, so if it gets too boring or too creepy, you can always stop 🙈

I’m a 22 years old hobby author, currently living in Japan. I major in Japanese Studies, so I decided being an abroad student would be a good opportunity to improve my speaking skills. Actually, I’m from Germany, so neither English nor Japanese are my first languages, therefore I apologize for any future mistakes. I consider myself the most fluent in English and Japanese though. Further, I’m also able to understand French and Spanish, but I can’t really communicate 🙈 It’s been such a long time since I spoke either of them. 

My hobbies include (surprise, surprise) writing, reading and drawing.  Before I began with Japanese Studies, I wanted to apply at an art school, but my lazy ass kept me from doing a portfolio 🙈 My favorite writers are Kafka and Dazai Osamu and my favorite book is “No longer human”. I know a lot of people who don’t appreciate his writing, but I can’t really understand it, to be honest. 

I also do sports a lot, but I don’t particularly consider it a hobby. I might be addicted, but I’m not really a fan of it😂 I’m doing it mostly because of health related reasons.

By the way, speaking of Kafka, I’m going to write my Bachelor’s thesis about the motifs of Kafka’s “Metamorphosis” in the manga Tokyo Ghoul. 

Manga and Anime are a huge part of my life and like most people, I’m a multi fandom person. This might take a little longer, so I’m just gonna list them 

  • Yuri on Ice - I’m a slut for Viktor Nikiforov 💕 you only need to mention his name and I’ll fangirl for hours. Makkachin makes literally my soul happy, I mean, I own a smartphone case with him and every time I’m depressed I look at it and feel way better. Viktor comes for me as a pair with Yuuri, so they are my babies ❤ and not forget to mention my smol, angry kitten Yuri Plisetsky. I love him to the extend, that I own his jacket and I’m actually wearing it as a normal one.
  • Bungou Straydogs - I started to watch it because I have a thing for Japanese authors and there are really some great references in both, manga and anime. I fell in love with Chuuya and I’m mentally married to him. I love Akutagawa because he’s ugly 😂 I own a lot of BSD merch, particularly Chuuya stuff.
  • Touken Ranbu - but it’s more the game than the anime 😃 and I’m a sword fanatic, thanks to them 🙈 Two of my most treasured figures are the two most beautiful Jiji’s in the world, Mikazuki Munechika und Tsurumaru Kuninaga
  • Tsukiuta - not really the anime either, this is all about the voice actors. I really love voice actors and in this project there is like a compilation of the best. For example Kimura Ryouhei, I adore him so much, I bought the fanclub’s bracelet of his Tsukiuta character Shun and I wear it constantly. I also own a huge collection of Drama CD’s, most of them delicate ones and I hope no one will ever touch them, or I’ll die in embarrassment 
  • OF COURSE BNHA!!!! – One of my best friends recommend it and it’s one of the best shounen I’ve ever read and seen. I instantly fell in love with Deku 💕 every time I see him, I just wanna hug him and ruffle his hair. He’s my son 😍 and Shouto is my sleepy boy ❤ all I want to do is hug him all day long and beat the shit out of his scum of a father. Kiri and Baku are my Bae’s and I low key want to get laid by them? OMG… did I just really write this? Tbh, I really love all of the characters in the series because every of them is so thought through!

I mean, bnha is the reason why I started this blog, it’s such a huge inspiration for me 😍

Talking about inspiration, when I’m looking for some writing inspiration I always check @goddamnitdazai ‘s blog. She doesn’t know, but Em is a huge role model for me and I adore her writing so much! Her style is like really smooth and it always hits 100%

Other random facts about me, my life depends on coffee 🍵 I call my best friend Shithead or Taichou, depending on the circumstances. She calls me Yuri because of my jacket. Fun fact about me and Taichou (btw she’s from France, keep that in mind for what is about to come) Last vacation we went on a trip to Korea, no one of us speaks any Korean (My Korean friend lied to me, when she told us we could use English or Japanese, my ass, you can’t) and we ended up in one of those demonstrations for/or against the president (I’m still not sure which side) and people pressed some Korean flags into our hands, putting us on a screen and celebrating. We feared for our lives because we were the only foreigners and didn’t what was happening 😂 every time we bring this up, our Korean friends are starting to laugh there asses off 🙈

My favorite place to write for this blog is on my bed, with my tablet on my legs, and my 707 mysme pillow in my back.

Anyways, I think this is enough of my life’s garbage and I’m kind of sorry for everyone who read this 🙈 I also realize that I sound like a huge otaku?! I’m actually not 🙈😃

Sending you lots of love 

The “Jae-ha is bi as heck” post

requested by @xxmissdreamer !! here ya go miss!!! ^^

Here are a list of panels that show Jea-ha’s blatant  gayness for Hak: 



im gonna cut this bc its wayy too long

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