bc u guys are upset


i blocked a guy who hurt me pretty badly a few months ago and every now and then i get a pang of stupid emotions and i want to unblock him and see what his life is like and read the posts about his girlfriend and and see how happy they are together and the fun that they’re up to, and his job and what his friends have tagged him in, and if any new photos have popped up even though he rarely ever gets tagged in photos

but i recognize that the feelings come from a really dark place of jealousy and longing and bitterness and self-loathing, and various other negative words

and what i’m trying to say is that it’s happening 


right now 

and it hurts

anonymous asked:

Ok i know its just fanfic and youre not obligated to take criticism but.... Holy shit youre dragging CAM out unbearably. Like i love this fic but its Been WEEKS of waiting for 1 thing to happen and every time u update and its like "FLASHBACK 5 YEARS heres a whole chapter on something boring and pointless" i just groan. Theres a line between tension building cliffhangers and literally just boring the fuck out of the reader after waiting weeks for it. Every week i wonder why i was excited

hey man. for one thing, there’s a definite difference between constructive criticism and downright anon hate, and this is certainly on the line. to call my work boring and pointless isn’t constructive [though it certainly is criticism, ya got me there!] and is just plain rude. you have no obligation to read my fic, much less to make yourself excited for it when you already, as you said yourself, know it’s going to be boring and pointless ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

however, there is a point to it all! [imagine that!]

in case you haven’t noticed, maybe you missed it, almost each boring and pointless flashback chapter reveals something that either comes back into play or clears up something that you didn’t quite know yet. this boring and pointless chapter showed phil’s original motivation for becoming the raven, his first irl confrontation with the panther, and just more of what the panther has acted like as a villain. still, each of my chapters are relatively short, and almost none of the flashback chapters are longer than 3k, because i know that that’s not what’s happening presently, not what’s leaving everyone hyped and wondering what’ll happen next chapter. ideally, when someone reads this fic in its completion, they’ll recognize that each of these chapters are maybe 10 or 15 minutes of total reading time.

anyway, i hope you have a fantastic day anon! don’t feel obligated to read the next boring and pointless chapter :)



clone fucking vs the squad ft. 

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yoon jisung as your soulmate

(as requested)

  • its not really clear how ure supposed to find ur soulmate for awhile
  • and u know a lot of people have rlly vague clues, so its not unusual
  • but still
  • u spend a lot of ur life in the garden in front of ur house, wondering if ur soulmate likes nature as much as u do

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