bc u guys are upset

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Thank you for making that internet support group post, you know a lot of people forget that Dan is very very self conscious about the videos he uploads and everyone hyped this video up so much for something they needed that they are just being kind of rude now that it wasn't what they expected. Like Dan did say the video he was going to make just didn't really fit how he was feeling at that moment. People really need to chill and be kinder.

OH god yeah. i def played into the hype bc its fun but i Always made sure to clarify it was all just fun u know?? isg is one of my favourite dan series?es? and im really happy he uploaded bc i was super sad 2day and he made me smile a lot :(( hes like a big warm hug

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i think you should dude! its your blog and also i think people would appreciate it!

:00 i think ur right!!! ty for this message!!

@those of u who are somehow upset bc “you guys are making fun of peter parker i thought tumblr wanted teenagers to play teenagers!” this age issue was brought up exclusively for female characters, mature women playing high schoolers breeds body image issues in young girls, relax