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Full vid of Dk and Woozi getting kissed you’re very welcome

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(HAPPY BIRTHDAY izumisays!!! )

Something good happened today so I thought I’d share this with all of you soooo…. STORY TIME on how I calmed down a crying 4-year old girl by showing her Viktuuri pictures ahem

So today I was at church and I helped my friend with her Sunday School. Her students are all children, so we all know that they aren’t the easiest to handle. They were so noisy; They kept running around the classroom and even getting into fights.

So this one 4-year old girl was suddenly crying, she had a fight with another girl. She was screaming and all, so I tried to calm her down by carrying her and I kept telling her,

“KZ, please stop crying. Do you wanna play?” 

But she didn’t answer me. She kept crying for a while but thankfully she has toned down her screaming a little, until I remembered that I have my tablet with me. So I told her, while still carrying her,

“Do you wanna play something here? Oh, but wait.. I don’t have games on my tablet. Do you wanna look at the photos instead?” 

She still ignored me. I opened my gallery anyways. She slowly looked at my tablet, so I said,

“KZ, do you wanna see cartoon characters? But I don’t have photos of cartoon characters, only anime, hehe.”

I have a lot of separate folders for different anime and of course my favorite ships (lol) but what caught my attention is that she tapped on my Yuri!!! on Ice folder first. She stopped crying, I was surprised.

I showed her a “family photo” fanart that I found here.

“This is Viktor, this is Makkachin and this is Yuuri.” I said.

I tried to quiz her for fun and for her to not cry again. So I was like,

Okay, I’m going to ask you KZ, who is this?” (me pointing at Viktor)

“Viktor!” we both smiled.

Very good! Now who is this?” (me pointing at Makkachin)

“Dog!” I laughed.

Yes, I know it’s a dog, but it has a name! Ma..kka..chin. Say it again, please?”

“Mikkachin.” she confidently said while I was smiling so big.

No no, KZ. It’s Makkachin. What’s the dog’s name again?”

“Makkachin.” I was like, yes, finally!

Okay so who is this? (me pointing at Yuuri)

“Boy!” she laughed again. I was enjoying this moment.

No, his name is Yuuri. Again, who is he?” (I pointed at Yuuri again)


Haha no, it’s Yuuri, not Yuure.”

“Yuuri!” then she pointed at him.

I was happy that I cheered for her. Then she went to look for another picture. This time, another fanart with the one where Viktor and Yuuri were kissing.

I was quite nervous. All I could think about was,

Crap. What if she says something like, “Ew.”? What if she cries again after seeing this? What will her reactions be?

To my surprise, she never reacted like that. In fact, she was smiling again. So then she looked at me and asked,

Are they married?” I smiled, but internal me was fangirling of course.

Well, no they aren’t, but why do you think that?”

“Because they kiss and hug. (Points at Viktor) Look, Viktor (points at Yuuri) and Yuuri, kiss.”

Right? They love each other so much.” I smiled again.

I want them to get married.”

“Me too.” 

I never expected that kind of response. I was just smiling all the time. I thought to myself, “This kid sure is something, huh.” 

Now that she has completely calmed down, I put her down so she can walk around and play with her friends again. 

I laughed because she kept screaming “Viktor! Yuuri! Mikkachin! Kiss!” while running around the classroom.

Side note: I was standing the whole time because KZ didn’t want to be put down because if I did, she would cry again so basically I was standing while carrying a child for about 15 minutes ouch

This moment was just too glorious for me to not share it IM CRYING U GUYS I AM SO HAPPY

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Assassination Classroom : Isogai Yuuma ( also shoutout to maehara he is also surprisingly precious )

Tales of Xillia ½ : Jude Mathis ( aka clone of isogai )

Tales of Zesteria : Sorey ( innocent precious son )

Tales of Vesperia : Ba’ul ( bc who doesn’t love him )

Tales of the Abyss : Mieu ( smol af )

Bungou Stray Dogs : Tanizaki Junichirou ( edgy long-sleeved son )

Isshuukan Friends : Hase Yuuki ( aka as dorky as maehara )

Acchi Kocchi :  Tsumiki Miniwa ( a furry <3 )

Yumeiro Patissiere :  Ichigo Amano ( also shoutout kashino is literally gakushuu omgf )

Blue Exorcist : Kuro ( best cat ever )

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ahhh the day finally came huh, it sucks that i just found out that kuroko  existed last year ( that and my tablet broke )  this has been one of the  series  i really enjoy ( and have been able to catch up to ) and though there is still another ep that is supposed to come out in a few months, I just feel really sad that it’s over :’(   ( but this does not mean that I  will stop drawing them bc they are all too precious, seriously )