bc throughout the whole movie it only showed how much he loves his boys

Movie Date - Jughead Jones

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Pairing: Jughead x Reader
Description: You and Juggy go to a movie date at the drive-in on a cold, foggy night
Warnings: extreme fluff ♥
Word Count: 1,364
hey guys, this is my first riverdale related imagine but i’m obsessed with the show and Jughead so I just had to write something. Today where I live is super cloudy and misty and that’s what gave me the inspiration to write this, bc it reminds so much of the show and jug’s character. Enjoy.

It’s freezing out at the drive-in and as soon as you get there you think that you should have worn a thicker jacket. The wind blows the hair out of your face and you wrap your arms around yourself trying to shield your body from the cold. Looking around, you’re surprised to see that the usually crowded field it’s almost empty. Who would want to stay outside for 2 hours freezing out in such a cold night as this one, right? Only two weirdos like you and Jug. But to be honest, you prefer it this way.

 It doesn’t take long for you to spot the familiar black beanie and a tall figure  sitting on a chair with a bunch of blankets and snacks. A smile automatically  appears on your face while you walk until where he is.

“BOO!” you scream, jumping from behind the chairs and trying to scare him. 
“Ha-ha”, Jug mocks you, clearly unimpressed. “Did you really think I would get  scared that easily?” he asks, smirking.

“Yeah, yeah, I know, silly me.” You answer, smiling and playfully rolling your  eyes.

“Come here, sit. It’s freezing and the movie is about to start” Jug says, lifting  one side of the fuzzy grey blanket and patting the spot beside him.

“Oh, and what are we watching today?” You ask, curious about what he had  chosen for tonight. You loved his taste in weird and old movies and were  always surprised by the films he liked to watch.

“The Shining”, he says, lifting one eyebrow and doing a funny, dramatic voice.

“Oh my god Jug, are you kidding me? You know how much I hate horror  movies!”

“I know, but c’mon (Y/N), look at this weather. It’s freezing, it’s chilly, it’s misty,” he says, lifting his hands in the air and pointing to the sky,” I’m sorry, but this night demands a horror movie.”

“Okay, okay, I’ll watch it” you give in and sigh, realizing you have no choice. “But why do you have to be such an emo?” you purposefully mock him,  knowing how much he hated when people called him emo.

“Oh no. You did not just call me that!” He complains, turning his head to look straight at you, a surprised smile on his lips.

“Okay, I’m sorry, I’m just messing with you” you reply, chuckling “let’s just watch the movie already so we don’t stay here until too late.” You finish your sentence and kiss him on the cheek, wrapping your arms around his neck. That way you knew he wouldn’t say no.

“Yeah, let’s watch it. Even though you don’t like horror movies I think you’ll like this one. Jack Nicholson’s performance is phenomenal, one of the best until this day, in my opinion. The way he conveys his madness throughout the film is what makes it such a classic.”

“Look at you, geeking out again for these old movies” you say, looking at him with pure adoration in your eyes and stroking the black hair in the back of his neck. You love how nerdy he was when it comes to movies and books and you love it even more when he talks about it.

He was looking especially handsome tonight. His green eyes were sparkling and his cheeks were rosy due to the low temperature. Pieces of his dark hair were sticking out of his beanie everywhere, making him look even more adorable. You feel his warm hands on top of your cold ones.

“How can you not geek out when you’re about to watch The Shining? It’s one of my favorites” Jug answers, while the opening title appears on the giant screen.  

“Yeah, you got me, I’m curious now. I just hope it isn’t too scary”

“It isn’t, I promise.”

During the first hour of the movie you two just silently watch, surrounded by blankets. Legs are tangled in each other, Juggy’s arm is around your waist and your head is on his chest, the both of you struggling to keep as warm as possible.  Every now and then you would just look up to see the complete concentration on his face.

Suddenly, his voice breaks the silence “are you enjoying it?”

“Yeah, I thought I wouldn’t like it but the story is actually pretty interesting”

“I don’t mean the movie” he says with a serious look on his face, looking sad almost. 

“What? What are you talking about?” you ask confused, while sitting up so you could look directly at him.

“Are you enjoying this?” he questions, moving his hands between you and him “I mean, are you enjoying… us?”

He quickly looks down, a wave of insecurity getting the best of him.

“Juggy… why are you even asking me this?”

“I don’t know, I just… I just realized it’s almost midnight and you’re out here freezing your ass out, watching a movie you probably won’t even like”, he answers, a sad smile appearing on his lips, “and it’s all for me. I just need to make sure you’re enjoying it as much as I am”

“Oh my God, you’re adorable, you know that?” you reply, laughing and putting your hands on both sides of his face. “Of course I’m enjoying it. Are you kidding me? You’re the best boyfriend I could ever ask for, you’re my best friend. And a boy that brings me on a date like this, c’mon! We’re binging junk food, snuggled up in 5 different blankets, with this whole place practically just for the two of us. And the best part is that I get to be with you. To be close to you. I wouldn’t trade you or this moment for anything, okay?

You immediately bring his face closer to yours and press your chapped lips against his pink ones, mouths moving perfectly in sync with each other. You needed him to know how much you mean every word you just said.

“I wouldn’t trade this for anything either, (Y/N).” Jughead says, sighing and moving a strand of your hair behind your ear.

“Hmmm, not even if I offered you a hot chocolate right now? Your hands are colder than Cheryl Blossom’s heart.”

“Oh wow, my hands are really freezing then” he replies, an adorable laugh coming out of his lips. “But no, I wouldn’t trade you even if you offered me a big, delicious, creamy hot chocolate with a bunch of marshmallows on top. That statement right there is a big step on our relationship coming from me, I hope you know that.”

“My god, I didn’t know I was that important. Now you convinced me” you joke back and kiss him again, this time harder than the last, you just couldn’t contain yourself when you were near him.

These were the moments you cherished the most, the ones where it was just the two of you joking around, kissing, enjoying each other’s companies without a care in the world.

“Well, now that we have already lost important parts of the movie while being a disgustingly cute couple, can I take you home now? It’s getting colder even for me and I think it’s going to rain soon. Plus, I really want a hot chocolate now” Jug says smiling with a pleading look on his eyes.

“Yeah, let’s go. We can finish the movie at my place. And I’ll make you a big, delicious, creamy hot chocolate with marshmallows on top, how about that?” you ask smirking, remembering what he had said to you just minutes ago.

“Sounds good to me”, he replies, kissing the back of your hand and looking into your eyes, a playful smile on his lips, “it sounds really good to me.“

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boyfriend; jangjun

a/n: requested by anon // gifs do not belong to me, credits to the owners + love jangjun everyone !!


  • this guy would probably confess to you
  • like randomly
  • no one would even expect it
  • bc you’re a woollim trainee ((if you’re not, well you’re one from now on))
  • and he spends a lot of time around you like the others
  • but one thing
  • jangjun does mention you often
  • without saying your name
  • it’d be like
  • “yeah, they did that too.”
  • “that’s right, they watched that me, it’s an interesting movie.”
  • “i wish i could do that with them. do you think they’ll watch your name with me?”
  • “what? who?”
  • “oh, never mind.”
  • some of the members would find it weird but would shrug it off
  • bc it’s jangjun
  • and on one normal day in the woollim building 
  • you’d here jangjun screaming to himself in the bathroom
  • like
  • everyone would be looking at each other like
  • ‘what the flip flap flop is happening’
  • and you’d be sitting there confused af like everyone else
  • “did jangjun just mention my name?”
  • “yeah he did.”
  • he’d come running into the dance practice room and
  • literally take a chair 
  • place it in front of you and confess his feelings
  • “so.. please? do you like me back?”
  • “of course i do!!”
  • that was the start of your guys relationship and yall are perfect for each other


  • his dates would be so fun
  • he’d be in his hyper jangjun mode
  • so it’d be always fun
  • jangjun would always be making funny jokes 
  • and when you’re having a bad day
  • he’d shower you with lots and lots of compliments
  • through the whole day
  • “you’re pretty.”
  • “you’re so good at everything.”
  • “you’re the reason why i smile. i love you.”
  • he’d take you to cute dates 
  • like going to a pretty park
  • where the two of you can lay down and stargaze
  • while talking about all kind of things
  • “you know, sometimes i get tired of always acting like this.”
  • “i understand, i’ve been through that as well.”
  • “like everyone wants you to be a person you’re not. it makes me sad that i can’t be myself.”
  • “yeah… but you can tell them, right? tell them that you’re not that person and from that moment, you’ll show who you really are.”
  • “but wont they think that i’m boring, then?”
  • “no, i know you and you’re very funny, lovely, sweet, caring, supportive and i could go on.”
  • you two would just be so sweet at moments like that
  • i can also see the two of you having like a date but at his dorm
  • it’d be playing around in the dorm
  • like you and jangjun would be chasing each other around
  • you two would even make a fort and fall asleep
  • the other members would be like okay that’s kind of cute


  • his kisses would be pretty playful
  • you would be snuggled up next to him
  • watching some video
  • and you’d suddenly feel him kiss you
  • with that you would feel him smiling
  • “____”
  • “what”
  • “you’re cute. help”
  • “you’re cuter. help.”
  • youngtaek would be in the back like 
  • 'damn i can really feel the 'i am single’ feels now’
  • jangjun would kiss you so many times on a day
  • it’d be more than how much woollim receives in a year
  • especially when you two are in front of people
  • he’d love showing the others how much he loves you
  • too much pda boi
  • “oh, it’s haejoon and jeon woong?”
  • jangjun would literally stand in front of them with you and
  • start kissing you every where
  • so that he’ll get the two former woollim trainees attention
  • “oh, jangjun and ___?”
  • “yeah, that’s me. and how have you two been doing?”
  • “it’s been pretty good for me.”
  • “same goes for me, pretty hard at yg but it works.” im not 100% if he is in yg tho
  • “so… the two of you are dating, huh?”
  • “when’s the wedding?”
  • “maybe tomorrow,haha.”
  • throughout the whole day while talking to them 
  • you’d feel his lips somewhere on you 


  • a bit like kisses he’d be so obsessed with hugging you
  • it’s normal
  • whenever your friends or his friends are out with you and jangjun
  • you’d found you two hugging each other
  • “and there goes jangjun and ___ again.”
  • “shut up, they’re cute. you’re just jealous.”
  • “no, i’m not. we could make a cute couple together, let’s be like them.”
  • “yes, okay.”
  • jangjun would be hugging you in all kinds of ways
  • from behind
  • from your side
  • and he’d even hug your leg or arm
  • “____, you know… there’s something i wanted to show you.”
  • while walking you over to the place, he’d still be hugging your arm
  • like okay sure
  • “and here it is!”
  • it was kind of some shop where you can buy couple stuff that aren’t cringy af
  • but he made a reservation and it was only for the two of you
  • “let’s go in!" 
  • jangjun even hugs you while the two of you are standing on stage
  • he wouldn’t care what others think
  • as long as he’s able to hug you, he’s all fine
  • "what? i can’t hear you, bomin.”
  • “we need to leave for the next stage.”
  • “wait i’m hugging ___, just for a second.”
  • so this guy would be there to hug you anywhere, anytime

missing each other:

  • i think being away from each other
  • would be the hardest thing for him 
  • to deal with
  • but as you two promised
  • you and jangjun will work hard, no matter what
  • “i need to remember what ___ said.”
  • “what did they say?”
  • “i shouldn’t be feeling sad right now, i should feel happy. i’m doing what i love. but, it’s just that, they make me happy. without them i wouldn’t be here.”
  • “they’d be proud of you. you two even made a promise right.”
  • to be honest, he’d feel a lot better speaking with someone 
  • who had experienced it 
  • but deep inside, jangjun would still be sad
  • he’d remember every single detail of the past few dates before
  • he went to the other side of the world
  • he even remembered the day he left
  • jangjun wasn’t allowed to see bc you’re a trainee 
  • and you don’t have that much time to say goodbye to him
  • you wanted to do it but you couldn’t
  • so, while he was on tour
  • you secretly faced time him
  • “hey jangjun, i’m currently at the dorm right now and it’s like 3 am.”
  • “oooh, spooky time. aren’t you tired?”
  • “no, not really. we didn’t had practice yesterday, it was a free day and so is today.”
  • “that’s nice, we’re seeing fans around the world and it’s so cool, knowing lots of people loving you and everything, it’s amazing.”
  • “yeah, i love you too.”
  • “i love you three.”
  • “oh, i should go. there’s a staff that just came in and told me to sleep.”
  • “goodnight babe. i love you. dream of me.”
  • “i love you too and i will.”


  • waking up next to each other
  • it always feel as if you’re in a k-drama scene
  • and it’s perfect
  • jangjun would mostly wake up before you
  • and just smile at himself
  • when he notices you snuggled up while sleeping
  • i can see him playfully pinching your nose and stuff
  • bc you’re too cute for him
  • “____, you’re so rude. look at you, you’re making my heart flutter.”
  • jangjun would even snuggle up next to you
  • and try to fall asleep
  • bc he thinks then the two of you could be in the same dream together
  • but you two are already in a dream come true
  • you two are a couple and that was your guys’ dream
  • the moment you wake up
  • you’d start tickling him and even sometimes
  • when he isn’t in the mood, his frown would turn into a smile
  • “____! you know i can do that too.”
  • “no, no!!”
  • you and jangjun would be literally on playing around
  • you wouldn’t even realize he’s on top of you 
  • bc you two are having so much fun
  • “oh, hey. you look so beautiful from here. like always, you’re beautiful in all angles.”
  • he’d kiss you so much like
  • “okay, that’s enough but remember ___.”
  • “what?”
  • “you’re the best.”

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So I have no idea if you've seen Les Miserables, or what your opinion on the 2012 movie is, but if they ended up watching it with their s/o, which of the paladins would be into it, and which wouldn't? Who would cry?

bless u nonnie for gifting me this ask, i love les mis like you wouldn’t believe akjsdfghjkjh

funny story: i bought the cheapest tickets for a matinee (14 pounds-ish), sat at the crappiest corner of the theater and still cried my eyes out towards the ending even though i couldn’t see half of what was happening. bless west end for still carrying this show


  • okay, this man may not be the most knowledgeable on musicals, but he’s definitely heard of Les Mis 
  • you want to give him the full experience, so of course, you both book tickets for a show (both of you are packing the dough as compensation when the garrison sort of launched you to your certain death nbd)
  • at first, he’s amused at the energy in the theatre and sort of like goes “so this is how a real theatre is, huh?” and you’re like “whatever you do, pls don’t get the overpriced popcorn or the water.” 
  • he gets the popcorn anyway, and it’s not half bad
  • when the show starts, he’s already entranced with Jean Valjean and his story and probs teared a little bit when he heard Valjean defending himself from the accusations of the pub patrons
  • it hits a nerve with him and he’s quickly invested in the story
  • may or may not have resisted the urge to yell at Javert when he wouldn’t give Valjean a break bc he’s so engrossed
  • during the ‘Confrontation’ between Valjean and Javert, you would have to hold his hand bc “Y/N, there’s a fricking rifle on the stage!! A rifle–oh God, he just shot it!”
  • you would have to shush him and rub the back of his hand with yours bc it’s a little unnerving when Valjean fires the shot and you’re afraid it might reignite his PTSD.
  • but Shiro’s fine with it and you don’t have to ask who his fave character is
    • “he carries Marius all the way underneath the sewers of Paris?? what a man.”
    • “oh my God, he’s in love with Fantine, isn’t he?”
    • “he gave. Cosette. A home.”
  • full on bawling at the finale and is clapping with tears in his eyes. so yeah, you can say he really liked Les Mis


  • like Shiro, he doesn’t really understand the workings of a musical
    • “so they just walk around stage and…and sing?” 
    • “yeah, that’s how it works, Keith.”
    • “so, it’s like Bollywood??”
    • “the fact that you know Bollywood better than what a musical is, frankly, astonishing.”
  • despite the fact that he doesn’t know Les Mis as well (”wasn’t it like, one of the longest books written in history next to the Ulysses?”) he goes along with you bc you’re so excited
  • at first, he’s a bit bored bc all they’re doing is singing and he can’t follow the story line, but he slowly gets it and becomes invested
  • he’s immediately drawn to Marius’ character bc he reminds him a lot of himself for a reason (impulsive, loses all his friends…lmao, what do you mean, Keith?) 
  • he’s not really into the scenes with Fantine, but he does recognize ‘I Dreamed a Dream’ and surprisingly sings along to it under his breath
  • when you ask him how he knows, he would reply “Pops played it once when we took a long road-trip. Told me I best get cultured or something.”
  • totally gets goosebumps when he hears ‘One Day More’ and tries not to cry when Marius holds a dying Éponine in his arms
  • smiles throughout the whole exchange when the Thernadiers get what they deserve
  • his efforts to hold back his tears are for vain when he hears ‘Empty Chairs at Empty Tables’ and sees Marius’ haunted over the loss of his friends
    • will steadfastly ignore your teasing bc you never expected Keith to have a reaction like that to Les Mis
    • he digs it as well


  • ohh boy does he love musicals
  • totally a slut for Rent and Idina Menzel’s portrayal as Maureen in ‘Take Me or Leave Me.’ when you suggest Les Mis as a date night, he’s all about it
  • 10/10 the kind of boyfriend to buy theatre merch for you, never mind that it’s a bit expensive
  • “oh c’mon Y/N! pick a shirt– we’re only going to be here once in our lives!” 
  • you agree bc he looks so goshdarn cute when he’s so excited and you can’t help but be pulled along
  • he’s already read up on Les Mis but seeing it live blows him away and he’s immediately drawn to Éponine bc he sees a little of himself in her
    • when she dies, you have to pat his back bc he’s silently sobbing and when he hears ‘Bring Him Home’, you have to pass him a whole packet of Kleenax cause the pain in Valjean’s voice gets him
    • dw you both are sobbing bc it sounds like something that would’ve applied to your life in space
  • you both clap loudly and stand after the finale. 
  • when you both leave the theatre, he’s gushing animatedly about the show as he recounts all his fave moments
  • he looks so adorable that you have to kiss him bc you can’t– he reminds you of an excited puppy
  • you’re both still glowing from the experience tbh and can’t wait to tell your friends. 


  • he’s kinda on the fence about musicals bc he hasn’t seen one before, but his curiosity got the better of him
  • he prefers traditional plays, but he thinks ‘what the heck’, you’re excited and he can’t refuse you when you’re practically bouncing on your feet
  • he walks in expecting to be bored, but the moment he sees Fantine and how her life plays out on stage, he’s hooked
    • “why are her employers such cruel mofos??”
    • you almost don’t expect this language from him, but when Fantine dies, he’s crying softly
  • lowkey really loves Cosette and feels enraged when she’s being mistreated by the Thernadiers
    • “Fantine gave them money to treat her daughter like crap??” he’s indignant and you would have to reassuringly shush him that things would get better
    • cheers when she meets Marius and enjoys their blooming romance
    • “he’s just so sweet to her and after all that she’s been through…girl needs love.”
  • like Keith, he can’t help but grin when the Thernadiers get what they deserve, but he’s more hung up on the wedding
  • leaves the theatre admitting that it was a good show
  • “thanks for bringing me along, Y/N. I really enjoyed it. We should watch more shows together!” he’ll say sweetly and you can’t wait to introduce more musicals to him.


  • they’ve seen Rent once when Matt dragged them along 
    • he had a phase and wouldn’t stop singing ‘Seasons of Love’ in the shower (horribly ofc, not many people can hit that high note) so they know what they’re getting into
    • they’re kinda neutral on musicals tbh bc they’re attention wonders easily when it isn’t calculations or technology.
  • will most likely comment on the overpriced popcorn much to your chagrin, but you still get one for them just to hear them squawk in indignation 
    • “Y/N, the popcorn is inflated to ten times its price! we could’ve used that money for video games”
    • you’re pretty embarrassed cause they say this in front of the usher, but Pidge’s a savage and they don’t care who’s listening 
    • would steal your popcorn anyway
  • they’ve watched the movie, but the live production’s another whole story. Pidge’s transfixed on the costumes and they admire how Javert still remains a villian towards the end
  • “at least he got his redemption in the books, but I kinda like ‘forever evil’ Javert” 
  • they don’t admit to crying at Valjean’s death, but tbh everyone is heartbroken one way or another
  • they lowkey love it but isn’t trying to show how excited they are bc they doesn’t want you to think that they’ll watch more musicals
    • they’re still pretty much scarred from Matt’s constant singing so they try to not to get too immersed in musicals less he starts teasing them about it
    • “look at how much my lil Pidge-Podge loves musicals! You’re starting to get more cultured !!”
    • cue Pidge rolling they’re eyes so hard that they almost get lost behind their head.

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Hey,could you please write a HC about what the RFA+V+Saeran would do for MC'S birthday? I looooove your writing,thanks a lot :)

sorry i took so long!! hope u enjoy!!!! AND TO ANYONE WHO’S BIRTHDAY IT IS (or even isn’t) HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!


-he makes a Day of it
-three bouquets throughout the day
-one is straight up just red roses
-the other two are a lovely bouquet of seasonal flowers depending on MC’s birth date and a bouquet of MC’s favorite flower(s)
-each bouquet has the same amount of flowers, all depending on how old MC is turning!! (though he caps it at 30….. bc he knows what’s good for his health and his wallet haha)
-tbh Zen has thought A LOT about this (and all the holidays etc, he’s wanted to do this kind of thing for his SO since before even meeting MC that first time in the chatroom……. like….. remember the Christmas DLC? yeah.. he wants this to be a very special occasion. he literally has fantasized about this)
-he takes MC out for breakfast at a local family diner and the staff sings “Happy Birthday”/variant birthday song and it emBARRASSES MC to no end
-y this hyun
-and they go out for a movie after breakfast, whatever one MC wants to see
-the movie theatre is mostly empty and it’s.. really nice…….
-Zen and MC wander around town, window shopping (maybe actually shopping), and do food cart foods for lunch!!
-he knows where all the best ones are and he’s so excited to show them to MC
-it’s so cute he’s so cute!!
-next up!!
-motorcycle ride!!!!
-he rly gets a kick out of MC clinging to him while they ride haha
-Zen takes MC to a place with a great view, possibly his spot in the mountains if there’s time
-they manage to stop on the way home to watch the sunset
-it’s beautiful
-selfies r taken and subsequently posted to the chatroom
-Zen gets out some light snacks when they finally get home, and sets about making dinner (it’s curry, that’s his best dish)
-he planned this whole day out
-for MC
-and has just…… been v affectionate all day, physically and vocally
-he loves them
-so, so much
-more than he can truly express
-and he’s so glad that he gets to spend their birthday with them
-even if the day hadn’t gone to plan… he would have been happy just being near MC


-yo listen……. Yoosung throws a party. he invites the RFA..
-but like. okay.
-it’s not just like….. a party at home
-Yoosung springs for a party at a bowling alley with an arcade and open bar
-things get drinky
-Yoosung gets drinky
-he’s been so nervous about this all day he just wants to impress and please MC omg so precious fuck
-this boy can’t do shots though
-so he’s had like two cocktails in the last 20 minutes he is tipsy
-like….. cocktails have a p high alcohol content, my children……. but u can hardly taste it
-Yoosung wants to down these like juice, ‘cause that’s what it tastes like “MC just lemme have one more please i promise im not even drunk MC”
-“yoosung pls.”
-he’s so clingy…. just wants to hold MC forever, even just their hand!!
-and if MC isn’t in his immediate vicinity he is hanging off of one of the others (usually Zen)
-there is definitely. 4 sure.
-drunk bowling
-Jumin Han, not nearly as tipsy as anyone else, requires gutter shields
-Zen will neeeever let him live that down
-Jaehee wins every round she plays
-she brought her own bowling ball
-after a couple games the group splits up and Yoosung, MC, and Seven go to the arcade, which is on its own floor of the building
-there are plans to regroup back downstairs for junk food and cake later
-but first.. arcade!!!
-Seven heads straight for the racing games
-while Yoosung and MC take their time wandering around trying different things while Yoosung is sobering back up
-they play giant Connect Four
-and a couple crane games
-there’s a giant Fruit Ninja (Yoosung gets the new high score)
-they get into one of the two player booth games and it’s a horror/suspense game
-Yoosung is terrified.. and clingy
-MC is maybe not……. as scared.. haha
-Seven takes video
-there’s a lot of screaming (some of it is Seven actually….)
-all three go play skeeball together
-they’ve been racking up tickets this whole time
-maybe not enough for anything rly fancy like the PS4?????? that’s on display???
-but….. Yoosung and MC pool their tickets and manage to get a dragon plushie (it’s beautiful, like opal colors and ice blue horns and shit)
-they use the leftover tickets on candy
-they name the dragon
-it’s their child now
-they introduce the dragon plush to everybody back downstairs as such
-“This is our child, Iseul, and we love them dearly.”
-“they’re scaly and breathe fire, but they’re beautiful and we love them. Our lovely Iseul~”
-“I thought we agreed on ice powers??”
-“fire is classic, tho!!”
-“…….u have a point..”
-“oh!! oh!!! both???”


-they take a couple days off and go to the beach together
-the hotel has an indoor pool and hot tub
-so there can be swimming and chilling in the water no matter the time of year MC’s birthday is!!
-they go out early in the morning at low tide to comb the beach for shells
-so many sand dollars!!!
-they saw some rly big starfish in the tide pools it was awesome!!!!
-since they’re staying in a lil touristy beach town they have breakfast in a local café
-one that’s got like lace curtains and all the tables are only big enough for two people
-a cutesy cozy place!!
-after breakfast MC gets a FaceTime call from Zen and he sings them Happy Birthday what a dork
-MC and Jaehee are crying wth y is he so sweet???
-Zen is flustered at the crying and promises to do this same thing for Jaehee for her birthday too!!
-more crying
-Zen is freaking out whY ARE U CRYING PLS DONT IM SORRY IM SOR—
-aaaaand he accidentally hung up
-cue both MC and Jaehee receiving frantic apology texts from Zen
-they don’t reply fast enough??
-Zen has already promised VIP tickets to his next show to apologize for making his two biggest fans cry
-omg zen calm down they were happy tears
-aaanyway MC and Jaehee do a bunch of wandering around the kitschy tourist shops and spots
-holding hands and occasionally smooching
-they take a bunch of photos and selfies to document the trip
-they go to the local seafood restaurant for dinner and take a slice of cake each back to the hotel for dessert
-Jaehee and MC enjoy some quiet time in the hotel together, snuggled up on the bed reading separate books
-and then they start getting handsy
-it’s kind of become a competition
-how high up the thigh before u react type of chicken
-except they both win bc…… it leads to sexy fun times??
-anyway it is a good time!!! at the beach!!!!


-he promises that they’ll do whatever MC wants to do for their birthday (within reason)
-they choose an amusement park date
-Jumin does some research and ends up flying the two of them to Disneyland
-in France
-I mean……. they def discussed this trip before it happened but like..
-jumin is kind of extra i love him
-he wears a suit the first day in Didneylan
-MC is not surprised, but also…… “Jumin we’re getting u comfy clothes for this”
-he gets
-and a couple Disney shirts bc they’re everywhere
-he and MC get matching shirts
-it’s too cute
-Jumin tries to take selfies but they are all blurry af
-he keeps them and posts them to the chatroom anyway
-MC thinks it’s rly precious and takes much better selfies (but only posts the shitty ones, partly for solidarity but also bc Jumin thinks it’s funny too)
-also Jumin calls Yoosung every day bc he is pet- and penthouse-sitting for them
-FaceTime with Elizabeth the 3rd
-she cries over the phone
-she recognizes her humans omg
-oh my god Jumin takes MC to a fancy restaurant while they’re both still wearing their Disneyland clothes
-they almost get turned away from their own reservation because the place has a dress code
-but MC’s partner is Jumin Han
-they get in
-surrounded by other people all in their fanciest dinner clothes, Jumin Han is wearing a Mickey Mouse ears hat(“a classic! a tradition, even!!” MC had insisted), a shirt with the Aristocats on it, jeans, and sneakers, and MC is dressed p similarly as they eat
-it’s beautiful
-MC takes photos and videos for the chatroom this is the best goddamn thing Happy Birthday to Me
-Jumin is glad that MC is enjoying their birthday trip so much


-it starts at midnight
-“MC!! MC!!! It’s ur birthday!!!!!! Happy birthday!!!”
-Seven is shoved onto the floor
-no mercy
-he’s laughing tho
-and pouting and whining playfully
-“but it’s your birfday and i luv u”
-MC leans over the side of the bed to squint at him
-“love me in the morning when im a human again”
-MC bundles back up in the blankets, they become a blankety burrito
-dramatic GASP from Seven
-“my SO is an alien” v soft tone, full of wonder
-he crawls back into the bed and flops onto and embraces the burrito MC (“ugh, be gentle, Saeyoung omg” “aaaaa sorry sorry I’ll be gentle I promise! im the gentlest boy!!”)
-“the love of my life lived among the stars….. in a SPACESHIP!!”
-“pls sleep Saeyoung…….”
-but he just keeps going and it’s less MC Is An Alien, and more….
-“MC did u know? that statistically you r a miracle?”
-MC turns their head “…..yeah?”
-Seven’s eyes are wide and earnest and his tone has gone from jokingly in awe to genuinely so
-“yeah!!” he snuggles up nice n close “like,, even just genetically ,, , you exist because certain events led your parents to each other and if any one little thing had gone differently….. you wouldn’t be here.. and it’s the same for them! Their parents and their parents’ parents!!
-“the chances of you being here in this moment are so astronomically low!! but ur here!!! u exist here and now and I–”
-he stops for a moment, just.. overwhelmed with his feelings
-“and im so glad that you exist, MC”
-he sounds out of breath like the thought knocked it out of him
-“im so so glad you’re here.. i love you”
-he presses his forehead to the space between MC’s neck and shoulder, nose pressed against their skin
-his nose might be a lil cold
-but his breath is warm
-“happy birthday, MC”


-he does not want to go out
-he’d rather stay in to celebrate
-okay. three words
-ice cream cake
-the goal here for Saeran is to get one
-to just… experience it
-but also for MC’s birthday
-there’s a conversation that goes something like:
-“MC, can we just stay in? nothin fancy?”
-and MC shrugs “sure. that actually sounds p nice……. although…….”
-Saeran is suspicious “although what?”
-“I kind of want…… ice cream cake?”
-and just. he stops
-he stops???
-“that’s a thing?????”
-MC goes for a dramatic look and answer
-“that is a thing
-“y didn’t I know about this what the hell yOURE GETTING ICE CREAM CAKE FOR UR BIRTHDAY MC”
-and he is on his way OUT THE DOOR
-MC shouting after him “U CANT FOOL ME SAERAN!!!! I KNOW U WANT THE CAKE FOR YOU!!!!”
-and i mean
-he’s not gonna deny it
-he is gone for three hours
-comes back home with two ice cream cakes bc he couldn’t decide between the funfetti one or the chocolate one
-MC is a lil exasperated, but indulgent bc hey ice cream cake for days!!
-as long as they moderate themselves
-they otherwise stay in and Saeran surprises MC with a lil necklace with a skull charm and a heart charm
-Saeran with a shrug about the charms: “the skull is me and heart is you”
-“r u sure tho”
-“shut up MC”
-a blushing Saeran……… what nice gift


-they start with a lazy morning in bed
-sloppy kisses
-soft touches and messy hair
-intermittently falling back to sleep
-eventually they get out of bed and get ready for the rest of the day
-breakfast at noon
-pancakes and eggs and bacon and sausage and warm flaky biscuits and coffee
-after breakfast V presents MC with what appears to be a scrapbook
-he kisses the side of their head with a happy little “happy birthday, sweetheart” while handing the gift over
-it IS a scrapbook
-it’s full of photos starting from MC’s first time working with the RFA on the party, and over the next few years up until this point
-it’s……. a journey through their life together
-their friendship, their love, their relationships with their friends
-there are notes scrawled all over every page in every free space between photos
-notes from their friends
-little stories giving context to the photos
-a few little doodles and well-wishes
-it honestly makes MC tear up
-it just….. feels so warm

Father!Yoongi Part Two

And now it is time for our lovely lil marshmallow, our d-boy the ever so talented Min Yoongi aka Suga aka speaking of hair I’m loving the gray hair highkey I feel like yoon is someone who could pull off just about any hair color?? like he’s had black he’s been blonde he’s had orange green pink brown and he looked 10/10 with all of them but I cant even pick a favorite really I think its orange but theres also green but also black like I have so many choices fun fact I didn’t really believe he dyed his hair right away bc of that shit with the black hair before where we were like oh my god its back and then a day later it was just jk im blonde like okay I see how it is so now I wait like two weeks before I believe it

  • All of the father related posts are here
  • For everyone that hasn’t read part 1, he has a lil daughter
  • I have this head canon that she’s like a spitting image of him
  • Like she has his eyes (and his eye smile) and his gummy smile and his lil cheeks
  • He’s the cool dad though
  • Like he’s the dad that doesn’t embarrass her in front of her friends
  • He’s pretty laidback and she picks that up from him
  • She doesn’t really have a shit ton of friends but that’s on purpose
  • Growing up and watching her father be so happy with his lil group kinda makes her realize it’s more about quality rather than quantity
  • She’d rather have one good friend than twenty shit ones
  • Her best friend is like a son to the Mins tbh
  • Like they grew up together and lived across the street so Yoongi isn’t all that worried about him
  • Yoon can’t even count the amount of times he comes home to find him sprawled out on the couch
  • “Hey mr min”
  • “Hey kid”
  • But he is protective of her
  • He doesn’t go overboard with it though
  • He understands that she’s a teenager and she’ll probably want to do the typical things most kids her age do but then is happily surprised when she doesn’t
  • She’s not really into the whole party scene anyways??
  • She only ever asks to go to one once bc she hears there’s gonna be pizza
  • He just kinda :D like that’s my kid fuck yeah why don’t we just order some here and like watch some movies you can show me that new show you were talking about
  • They’re highkey best friends
  • She comes to him with anything and everything that bothers her and he gives her the best advice he can
  • Cuddling is still common
  • One of them is always playfully whining about the other’s grip being too tight and trying to leave but both of them are always smiling
  • She still falls asleep with her head on his chest, normally mid-sentence
  • She’s just as hard working as he is so she can sometimes pull all nighters to study for tests and shit so sometimes she can’t help it
  • Plus he’s just really comfy and relaxing and his arms feel safe and warm
  • He teaches her how to play the piano
  • Something I love about Yoongi is how talented he is, like not only can he rap and create these beautiful songs that truly have meanings and depth but can also make songs that you can just relax to and have fun with
  • From a young age, he teaches her how to play so she grows up with it
  • But he also doesn’t push it onto her
  • He tells her from day one that if she doesn’t want to do anything with music he’ll understand and support her no matter what she does end up doing
  • But thankfully she does love music and she loves watching him play
  • She was the one to ask for lessons but the catch was she wanted him to teach her bc father daughter bonding time
  • She’s really good though
  • She loves loves loves playing bts songs on piano
  • It makes him so happy bc she’s always loved his music which already makes him ecstatic but to see her take the time to learn how to play it is just wow
  • He tears up the first time he hears her play let me know
  • He actually doesn’t cry much throughout her childhood
  • He cries once when she’s having a bit of a rough night and he’s comforting her and she just mumbles out a “I’ll always be your little girl right??” and it just hits him but he’s also grateful that she isn’t in a rush to grow up
  • He cries again after she moves out bc he’s so not ready to let her go yet
  • And he cries when she gets married and has kids of her own but that’s in the far far future
  • When she does move out though, he’s there every step of the way
  • He helps her and her best friend find a nice place to live, he offers to help with rent if she ever needs him to
  • He understands that she needs to learn to live on her own without his help but at the same time he doesn’t want her to feel alone in all of it so he’s just like you know if there’s an emergency I’m just 10 minutes away
  • He helps her pack up and comes across an old bby pic of when she fell asleep on his shoulder in his studio
  • He remembers the first time he held her, how lil she felt in his arms how her teeny tiny fingers couldn’t even fully wrap around one of his, how she fell asleep in his arms and how quickly he had fallen in love with her
  • He kinda stops her for a second and hugs her really really tightly with no real explanation
  • She doesn’t need one though bc she’d been waiting for that moment every since she announced she was moving out
  • She never actually moves out of Daegu though
  • She travels the world a bit with her lover but she always comes back home to Daegu
  • They never live more than an hour away from each other and honestly once she has kids, she moves even closer so the grandbbys can see yoon and you on a regular basis
  • Father!Yoongi is really chill and is just v v proud of his lil girl every step of the way and never lets her go completely like he lets her have room to grow up but he stills makes sure she calls him regularly and that they see each other and they’re just best friends for their entire lives
Camera headcanon

And this is my most resent. Hope this brightens up your day. Keep writing I loved the protective harry and Gil aahhhhh the feels💓💓

camera headcanon

I’m writing this because it just came to my mind and my beadtime head canon is starting to look a little forced so I decied to work on something else for right now
inspired by a pic of china with a camera(wow that’s sound so obvious lol)


when Uma first found out about this they didn’t know what to make of it

Uma gil and harry were out strolling through auradon looking to buy some stuff

clothes, junk food , the new movie that was picked out (peter pan 2004 Uma thinks this is hilarious, Gil curious and harry has mixed feelings but is was picked out so their seeing it )

when they walk past a electronic store and there it is sitting at the window

she thought it looked interesting so she goes in to the store to check it out

after looking throughout the store she gets a electronic one and a vintage polaroid

she loves it

she takes photos of tress , birds, buildings hell everything (you can’t lie you would take pictures of the most stupidest things if you got a camera)

soon she was stopping them every five minutes to take a picture
gil and harry didn’t mind they loved the look of pure childlike wonder in her eyes when ever she took a new picture
they were just content with the fact that she was having a good time because they almost never got to see her this happy on the isle when they weren’t all alone.

soon she started to use her new camera to educate the people of auradon about the isle of the lost.Uma harry and gil asked king ben if they could all visit the isle for a day to take pictures of the poor conditions there

ben of course said yes saying that this is what the people auradon need a good dose of reality

once there Uma went to work taking pictures of

rotten food ,

the sick people stuck on the street

the broken down building

they even took pictures of the insides of some of the houses

showing that people actually live in them

the children in rags looking like they haven’t eaten in weeks

she took pictures of the same children stealing because its the only way they could survive

went they got back she started making posters to post around auradon prep and the kingdom alike

she called it “the true isle of the lost” ( cur me a break on the name its 4 am)

some had captions like
“this is what your making them do to survive”
‘this is where we’re forced to live’
‘this is what we’re forced to eat’
‘this is how we’re forced to stay because we have no medicine’
ending with either ’ Are you happy now?“ “is this justice?”

this made the citizens of auradon realize that its not just the villain suffering there but there children as well who have done nothing to deserve this.

this give the kings campaign a much needed boost it needed and more people came on broad but they still face challenges with who should be let off the isle or not its slow but there making progress

now I bet you’re wondering what is she using the polaroid for then
this is her personal camera

she uses it to take pictures of her and her boys on movies nights

she got a perfect one of when the popcorn was about to enter gils mouth
of when there out chilling

she has one when they were all laying the grass of harry looking out with sun just making his eyes…light up its beautiful

gil reaction to his first A+ (his smile was so wide she thought his face would break)

off guards are her favorite to take

sleeping ones next (she has tons of photos of gil and harry sleeping)

especially of harry since he can and will fall asleep anywhere

she keeps of these in a plastic zip lock bag in a shoe box in her closet

what she doesn’t know is that gil and harry do the same thing and

have there own little uma stash of there own

harry has ones of her


giving a speech for there isle of the lost campaign with a megaphone

doing homework because he loves that look she gets
smiling when no ones looking ( those are one his most precious ones)

and laughing the way her eyes lit up and even shine with unshed tears of joy is something he cant explain with words

gil takes more odd ones he finds her the prettiest when she not even trying

he loves taking them when she’s eating( don’t tell her but hey who doesn’t love a girl who can eat)

when she’s sword fighting with harry or other wise but he finds it 10x better when their with harry because he always ends up shirtless

he even has a nice set of photos of when she got in to a fist fight with a princess who said that harry should be put in an asylum.

(just think of the scene in lilo and stitch two when stitch does the same thing)

harry doesn’t pull her off until he absolutely has too but gil has some pictures of his face when Uma throws the first punch its a mixture of pride, awe,and love

he even catches the kiss harry gave her afterwards as a thank you for sticking up for him (god he loves them)

his favorites are the ones when she catches his taking them

he would proceed with quickly running away with the photo while harry video tapes it all while laughing the whole time.

the best ones are of all of them together smiling.

hope you like it
ps pass it on Gils official sprit animal should be stitch 💓💓

boyfriend!chanyeol: early stages

> he finds you adorable 24/7 but just doesn’t say it, instead he acts all arrogant and says things like “i look handsome, right? ;-)” bc he wants to know if you find him as good looking as he finds you

Originally posted by moon-min-ah

> you end up rolling your eyes at him when he says things like that which makes him pout bc he really wanted to hear you compliment him

Originally posted by exofetish

> chanyeol frequently steals glances at you but looks away when you turn to him bc of his big ass pride,, tho he always looks so awkward that one could probably guess what he was doing previously

Originally posted by dulcetyeoll

> he showers you w lots of love at random times like when it’s quiet in the apartment he’ll suddenly hug you or jump on you and cuddle :’)

Originally posted by purpleuhan

> he gets real insecure and nervous when he shows you things he doesn’t usually show other ppl but he fights that feeling and shows it anyway bc he wants you to know more about him

Originally posted by chanyoelpark

> you two are scaredy cats so even if sometimes he wants to act cool when you guys watch a scary movie, he’ll always end up screaming louder than you do

Originally posted by wooyoung

> when you compliment him i swear,, that boy takes note. like weeks later he’ll do the same thing just so he can hear it from you again and he’ll get overconfident

Originally posted by dazzlingkai

> he’ll start bragging to his members and friends about that one part you complimented about him so much that everyone will start telling him shut up nobody cares but it doesn’t affect him in the slightest bc you said you liked it

Originally posted by luderella

> he suppresses his negative emotions a lot bc you guys barely meet as it is so he doesn’t wanna ruin the mood but when you say “are you sure?” with your eyebrows furrowed he gets sOFT AF 

Originally posted by jungkooktouchbutts

> he kisses you on the cheek and caresses your face bc he’s touched that you care yknow tho you guys aren’t rlly at the level wherein y’all can reveal your deepest darkest secrets so you end up staying mute :/

Originally posted by parkchny

> he spoils you like no man does bc he wants to show how much affection he has for you, that boy goes all out i’m telling you,, he gets you the freshest flowers and makes sure to go to the most expensive of restaurants so he’s 110% sure you enjoy

Originally posted by sehuntiago

> he takes 999999 selfies of every moment and 90% of them are him doing his signature peace sign bc you once told him he looks cute when he does that so he does it even more than before,,

Originally posted by luderella

> when you come out wearing a dress for each date, his reaction never changes, it’s absolutely priceless when he gets all cute, flustered, and insecure and wonders if the date’s gonna be enough or if he’s underdressed or if he’s actually worth it or if maybe you might be disappointed- basically,, his mind goes into hyperdrive when he sees you all dolled up

Originally posted by teethrich

> although you’re touched and you do enjoy his splurges on you sometimes, you’re a simple girl so after your date you usually sit between his legs on the bed while sharing popcorn as you watch movies or play video games

Originally posted by 1-2-3-we-are-one

> you like to surprise him too with breakfast in bed and all that then he gets so flustered to the point where his cheeks and ears get red so he gets embarrassed about it and tries to act arrogant again but ends up looking even more funny and cute

Originally posted by lawlliets

> he gets so jealous like damn,, he watches over you with 18 pairs of eyes aka him and his members . he’ll even try to impress you in front of the guy in any way, it’s a one sided competition

Originally posted by yeollovemebaek

> if the members say they saw you talking with another guy, he starts going all sherlock holmes on them like “are you sure they were just tALKING hmMMm?”

Originally posted by porkdo-bi

> you have to reassure him 24/7 bc behind his confident facade is a super insecure boy so you end up acting all cute and start complimenting him which makes him blush and smile A LOT

Originally posted by porkdo-bi

> when you look like you’ve had a bad day he’ll deadass do the weirdest shit just so you can smile that it makes you wonder why he’s your boyfriend or why you even know him but he ends up looking cute so you bear it

Originally posted by lionbaek

> when you have trouble sleeping he’ll grab the guitar he always keeps beside the bed no matter how tired he is and starts playing guitar and sing

Originally posted by daenso

> chanyeol ends up looking 999x more adorable bc his hair is all fluffed up and his eyes are closing but you’re touched bc he keeps doing it till he thinks you’re asleep

Originally posted by daenso

> sometimes you stay awake on purpose and pretend to be asleep just so you can hear his whole mini performance, also so you can put his guitar back on the stand bc he ends up falling asleep while playing

Originally posted by beautyeol

> he makes so much songs about you but doesn’t tell you bc he’s embarrassed,, you always listen to him sing when he’s recording something from your bedroom and you always hear when he pauses and runs to your door just to make sure it’s closed

Originally posted by chensoomyun

> he doesn’t know you can still hear him perfectly bc his voice is loud tho lol

Originally posted by unrealyeol

> he gets really flustered when you do sweet things for him like massage him when he’s tired so you guys end up just cuddling afterward bc he doesn’t know how to repay you,, he’ll end up staying up late thinking of more ways to surprise you and make you happy while he’s not busy

Originally posted by biubaek

> he tries to be there for you often and constantly calls and messages you, although often he’ll joke around and play with you when you’re together, once he’s away he gets extra sweet, asking if you’ve eaten or if you’ve gotten home safely or if any sasaengs attacked and things like that 

Originally posted by parkchny

> he makes sure to always sends you videos of him and you do the same so you both can still feel each other’s presence even if you guys are far apart

Originally posted by sehunsi

> when you guys see each other again, his smile gets so wide and his eyes crinkle up so much and he just looks so damn happy which also reflects on your face

Originally posted by dibidibi-disrespectful

> he never misses the chance to spin you around whenever you two dance no matter what the song is bc he took note of how you aww’ed at the scene of a couple doing the same thing in a cheesy movie before you guys started dating, even if the song was gangnam style by psy he’d probaby still do it

Originally posted by wooyoung

> chanyeol adores you, he really really does and he’d honestly fly back and forth between you and his schedules in other countries if you ask for him

Originally posted by chanyeolandpark

> he remembers every important detail of every date you guys have, every compliment you tell him, every significant event in your life, and he honestly, genuinely, sincerely, wants to make you the happiest girl alive bc he strongly believes that it’s what you deserve

Originally posted by datkaidoe

> he may overreact a lot and you might think that he always overthinks and worries too much but that just goes to show how much he cares about you, and you guys may have only started dating for a few months but somehow his love for you seems to have grown to immeasurable heights

Originally posted by wooyoung

> you’re literally the light in his life, you bring him joy and happiness in everything that you do and he always wonders if he’s done enough for you bc he’s frequently gone and busy

Originally posted by itsyeols

> his determination to succeed and to work harder in life has diminished throughout the years bc of his constant busy schedule but you managed to bring variety and energy back into his life leaving him to appreciate you more than he lets on

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send requests, ranging between exo, bts, svt, or blackpink!

• you always thought he was intimidating bc of that little glare he does every so often so you never talked to him and he thought you hated him which was why he never talked to you

• but it was really just lack of communication and the both of you had this mutual attraction towards each other but couldn’t bring yourselves to say it

• but you’re good friends with jongin and chanyeol and the both of them are just stuck in the middle and have to listen to both you and kyungsoo babble on and on about how cute the other person is and how they wished they could talk to you

• it just reached a point where they got v fed up and was like ‘yo we gotta make them hookup i can’t take this anymore’

• so jongin convinced you and chanyeol convinced kyungsoo to go on a blind date w each other // which was a v V close call btw bc chanyeol doesn’t know how to be lowkey

• jongin wanted to go for something big like that expensive french restaurant downtown that serves fucking escargot and champagne or whatever but chanyeol was like ‘nAAAhhh fham, it’s too much effort, just make em go to the moo milk bar or smth’

• jongin actually wanted to protest against this ‘moo milk bar’ idea but the blind date was so last minute that it ended up getting planned so poorly and later when you both start dating, kyungsoo blames chanyeol for taking his first ever date w the girl he likes so lightly

• the both of you were fuming when you found out that a suggestion that sehun made, just to be a brat, was to make your first date at fucking Subway and chANYEOL ACTUALLY TOOK HIM SERIOUSLY

• but then mama suho came along and saved the day all like ‘nono u idiots, u gotta take her to AT LEAST a sushi buffet cmon’ so everyone settled on that but made suho pay the bill bc he always has the money $$$$

• so you show up and kyungsoo showed up but the second you saw him you were fuckfuCK GOTTA BLAST-

• kyungsoo was v mad at himself for not knowing it would be you bc cmon, who ELSE would they put him on a blind date with

• but more than being angry at himself, he was v angry w chanyeol :)))) and he was just messaging him all like


• everything was just a huge fucking mess, both of you barely spoke a word during dinner, the people behind you had an obnoxious seven year old that just would :)) stop :)))) rocking back and forth in his chair :))) and kyungsoo tripped on his own feet while pulling out your chair to sit just to be a gentlemen

• but you told your friend abt this blind date and you asked her to call you and pick you up in case it was going to shit but the second she calls you, the fucking darth vader theme just resonates throughout the whole restaurant and you’re fumbling your phone bc it was so loud like ‘fuck shit wa itoka y i swear i wasn’t trying to bail out on you i jsut-’

• but kyungsoo is like ‘hold up ,,,, you like Star Wars?“

• so ya you both ditched your meal imMEDIATELY after you both finished it and paid and just went to your unit in your condo to watch Star Wars movies

• everybody was getting so worried but when kyungsoo busted in the dorms looking tired as shit with prominent eyebags, everyone was like ‘kyunGSOO FUCKING SHIT, YOU GOT ACTION RIGHT ON THE FIRST NIGHT !!!!!!’


• but that was most probably the best shitty date he has ever been on

• you constantly argue over anakin skywalker

• ‘no, christ, kyungsoo, you don’t understand okay anakin jUST MADE A MISTAKE HE JUST NEEDED A LIL LOVE-’

• tbh kyungsoo couldn’t care less abt anakin, he’s more of an obi wan kenobi person but he only snaps back at you bc 1) you only like anakin bc he’s hot and 2) he doesn’t want to know which celebrities you find attractive other than him

• but really, he tries to avoid ACTUAL arguments as much as possible bc when he gets way too into it, he literally will not stfu and sometimes he talks so much that it results into you crying bc you got so frustrated with him and kyungsoo is just like 'agh fuck :)))’

• v afraid of your parents, esP your father

• when he came over to your house to have dinner for the first time, your dad was generally nice and was like aye whattup and put his hand on kyungsoo’s shoulder as a casual man-to-man welcome and he literally tensed as harD AS a fucking rock

• he was sweating profusely during dinner and your mom was just like ??? u good fham ????

• 'wh- whAT ??? ohOHOH O me ??? im pERFEC T :)) fAntAS TIC ACTUALLY !!! hOoO boy, it suRE IS A LIL HUMID IN HERE OR IS IT JUST ME !! :))))’

• kyungsoo is usually v composed and calm and chill and hella rad but all it took was one dinner to send his walls crashing down

• overall, dinner was a success bc aside from, you know, your boyfriend being a nervous wRECK- he was v v polite and respectful and made his intentions w you clear + your parents liked him bc he was talented

• your parents invite him over for karaoke night a lot and always make him sing open arms by journey // and if they’re feeling pushy, maybe sabor ami

• you call him 'mom’ as a nickname bc cMOn okay, he can cook, sing you to sleep, clean up after your mess, look out after your needs and once you proposed to him w a ring pop

• probably the furthest you ever took this joke was when it was 2 in the morning and you wanted to text your mom who was on a night shift at her work to get you some on sale cereal on her way back home in a couple hours but you accidentally called kyungsoo

• he still brings it up to this day w a scowl on his face and uses that as his excuse every time he does something wrong

• 'okay yeah, i might’ve eaten that last slice of cake in the fridge that was primarily for you but remember that one time you called me at 2am :)))) a night before a concert, mind you :)))) thinking i was ur mom and asking me to get you some fucking honey nut cheerios :))))’

• 'ok listen that was oNCE’

• you guys sing in the shower a lot

• w8 don’t misunderstand, not tOGETHER IN THE SHOWER but when yall have your separate turns both of you sing a lot which causes the other person who’s in the kitchen or smth to hum along :)))

• he always cleans up after your messes

• when you have some friends over and have a makeup night or smth and they leave, your whole room is just a mess with bread crumbs everywhere, maybe some spilt water, and kyungsoo will literally stop whatever he’s doing to help you clean up bc 1) he hates mess and 2) he feels uncomfortable with the sight of you cleaning alone

• isn’t a fan of couple items so when you asked if you could at least have like, something v discreet like couple rings, he was like ,,,,,, yo idk ,,,, if the media and the company finds out about us i ,,,

• this slightly upset you but you gotta understand his point of view bc idol life is hard so you just smile all like lmao right i got you its all good, i didn’t really want em anyway but the idea just sounded cool hahahHA

• but lay awake at night just thinking about it and is all like yo jongin, u up

• so he just kinda chats w him for the next hour or so just contemplating bc he’s just like 'ik she wants these rings man gdi she told me she doesn’t want them bUT I KNOW SHE DOES so like ??? what should i do ???? i kinda want them too they’re cute af but the manager might bust my ass joNGIN DID YOU FALL ASLEEP’

• but one day when you’re both watching those star wars cartoons on teletoon or smth, he’s like hey gimme ur hand and you’re like k and she just kinda slips that ring into your finger

• you’re just kinda staring at it wide eyed and before you can say anything, he’s just like 'w8 ok this is not a proposal, i would’ve given it much more thought than this if it was’

• so he has this habit now that he takes your hand and kisses your finger that the ring is on

• gives you tremendous support in your studies

• when you’re confused w something, he’ll either come over or FaceTime you to help you study or when you’re distracted, he’ll get your focus back on track like what would u do w/o do kyungsoo honestly

• whenever you both watch a romantic drama movie that he’s starring in that has many cute and romantic scenes w his costars, he points at a close-to-kissing scene all like 'i was thinking of you when i had to shoot this okay’ or 'don’t pay attention to this, let’s skip it forward’ or 'im just going to remind you right now that you’re my number 1 and i love you so much’

• and you’re like chill soo, i know

• probably willing to buy you pads or tampons

• literally willing to do anything or try anything for you

• one time he asked you what your favourite dish was and you said smth like idk, beef stroganoff ????

• he was like hm i dont know how to make that and you were like lmao it’s chill, only my mom knows how to make it and if you thought he would let go of the topic so easily, guess what’s coming

• you come back home from school or work, tired as shit and ready to take a nap but the second you enter your house, a smELL SO GOOD AND SO FAMILIAR WAFTS TOWARDS YOUR NOSE AND YOURE LIKE WAIT IS THAT-

• yes fam, it’s kyungsoo in the kitchen cooking your favourite beef stroganoff

• you’re like holy shit and he’s like try it !!! and it tastes exactly !!! like !!! your mom’s !!!!!! and you’re like hey how did you get this recipe, its my moms secret and soo was like lmao i asked for it :))

• he rarely ever cries but the only time you remember him crying was on his birthday and he was in another country on tour so he couldn’t spend it w you but the boys planned smth and next thing he knows, your face is on the big screen on stage and the fans have their flashlights out and waving it all around and everyone including yourself is singing him a happy birthday and he just :’)))))))

• so when the concert is over, the whole fandom knows about your relationship but let’s not talk about that bc its kyungsoo’s birthday and he spent the whole night facetiming you and just expressing his gratitude

• 'i love you so much for this, you know that?’

• 'yes soo, ive only known in the past five times you’ve told me in the last ten minutes’

• he also gives the best hugs

• usually, he’d just lazily snake an arm around your shoulder to pull you close and give you a forehead kiss or smth; kinda like a half hug

• but in times when you haven’t seen each other in long whiles, like when he’s back from tour and you come to the airport to meet him, he will put both hands around your waist and clasp them at your back so you can’t get out and lean back a lil so you gotta go on your tippy toes

• he’s also gonna put a hand at the back of your head and kiss either your temple or your hair