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Random relationship hc for the RFA

(this wasn’t a request sorry but i’m slowly trying to get back into the whole writing thing hhhh my bad, if you want i’ll do a V and Saeran edition)


  • would be so damn cheesy : he’d try every cliché lines, dates, moves and just about everything he’s seen in romantic movies
  • if you played video games with him, he’d try to do couple stuff in there : he’s Mario and you’re Peach in Mario Party; matching outfits in LOLOL, you’re always in the same team/guild when you play multiplayer, he’d name both your Pokemons with matching names
  • If he ever played a game where you can romance someone (like Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Fallout..) he’d avoid talking to any of the romanceable characters just bc he’d feel like he’d be cheating on you (lol nerd)
  • he takes cooking classes so he can be better at it and loves to make you a cute bento box for lunch
  • loves coffee dates and loves holding your hand even though he’s super shy about it
  • kinda shy with PDA but if he’s really happy, he’ll get super confident and will kiss you and hold your waist all the time
  • biggest cuddle bug you’ve ever seen : you’re working on something? he’ll find a way to sit behind you and wrap his arms around your waist. He’s playing LOLOL? He’ll ask you the second you enter the room if you can sit on his lap. You both just came home from college/work? He’ll drag you to his bed and cuddle until it’s time for dinner.
  • Loves pet names but he’s so embarrassed with them; he loves stupid names like cutie pie, my hero, my player 2, honey bunny (he’s so embarrasing jfc yoosung)


  • I mean he’s no better with pet names but he’s a bit more traditional (with babe, honey, darling) but if you do something cute or just if he’s in the mood to coddle you (which is very often) he’ll give you long and embarrassing names like ‘my fluffy cutie sweet beautiful adorable little cupcake’ it’s bad and it’s even worse that this man has no shame - he’ll say that in front of everyone good luck with him
  • he’s so dedicated and observant though. Doesn’t matter that he only sees you in the morning before going to work and at night when he comes home and you’re already sleeping - if something’s wrong or you don’t feel well, he’ll know. It’s like he has a radar and he just knows even if he’s away from you, when you’re not okay and he’ll do anything to help and cheer you up
  • he’s always so open about his feelings and how thankful he is to have you - not only will he never take you for granted but he’ll always make sure you know just how much you mean to him, how grateful he is for staying with him despite how his career isn’t making things easy for your relationship together
  • doesn’t matter if you’re in college or at work or even in another city or country - he’ll find a way to talk to you almost all day long - not necessarily in a clingy way (although he can be clingy if you let him) but he’ll check up on how your last class went, make sure you’ve had lunch (although he’d do what he can to always eat every meal together), call you when you both have a break, send you selfies when you’re at work
  • he loves suprising you : there’s a beautiful bouquet on your desk at work/home? that’s him. you’ve had a stressful week and you’re about to have a breakdown? let’s go on a date where it’s just the two of you and you don’t have to worry about anything or anyone. He has a lot of work and spends his time practicing? He’ll leave a bunch of sticky notes everywhere for you to find and he’ll write compliments, declarations of love, things to cheer you up and help you get through the day.


  • Not very open with PDA, she feels like it’s not proper and she’s not a fan of showing her love to strangers. she’d prefer walking close to each others rather than holding hands for example
  • since she loves baking, she always makes some stuff for you and she also makes you try all her new creations to know what to improve before she makes them available on her coffee shop’s menu
  • ahh and if you love coffee (and I hope you do if you’re with her) she makes the best cup and always prepares you one in the morning - she absolutely loves having breakfast together and wouldn’t mind waking up extra early just so you can both take your time and enjoy the moment before going to work
  • she’d always be there if you needed help with your work or making notes for school - she’s so organized and her way to make notes and color coding are on point
  • she’s not spontaneous and she hasn’t been in a relationship in a very long time so you need to take things step by step with her but with time she becomes a lot more open to you and while she’s not very good with voicing her feelings and thoughts, she’ll always make sure you know what her feelings for you are
  • she’s independent but she’s also been alone for a long time, she would want to start living together kinda early on in the relationship just because she wants to share as much as possible with you
  • she gets incredibly touched and flustered at random acts of affection because she is just not used to them and it means so much to her, even or actually, especially the little things : you made her breakfast? she’ll give you the brightest sleepy smile you’ve ever seen first thing in the morning. You saw something in a shop and it reminded you of her so you just bought it? doesn’t matter what it is, she’ll keep it with her at all times and smile every time she looks at it. You tell her how proud you are of her for following her dreams? she’ll be in tears in less than two seconds


  • you’d think this man would be proper and distinguished and what not but no. When he’s with you, he’s like a giddy teenager who just looks at you with so much love in his eyes that it terrifies anyone who knows Jumin Han the Robot Man.
  • you’ve got him wrapped around your finger and you don’t even need to do anything about it. You just have to exist and bam, he’s 100% smitten with you. You can ask him anything and he’ll get/do it for you. Ofc, it makes more sense for him to show you his love through material stuff like expensive clothes, jewelry and fancy trips to the best spa in the world; if you didn’t want him to spend his money on you then too bad because he’ll buy you stuff anyways, he just can’t help it, it makes him so happy to buy you stuff – but with time, he’ll learn how words alone can affect him and you. 
  • He’ll feel so wonderful when you tell him that you love him and just if you tell him your feelings - it won’t take long for him to do the same bc he wants you to feel as happy as him - and he has a way with words + no shame so good luck trying to survive this combo bc the fluff this man brings will be the death of you
  • he loves to show you off, he just needs the whole world to know how perfect you are and he’s pretty handsy too - he’s never felt the need to be so close to someone both physically and in a relationship so it’s pretty overwhelming for him and if you give him the okay then he won’t see the point in holding back - he doesn’t care about what the others say, as long as you’re fine with him holding you, kissing you, nuzzling into your neck and resting his forehead against yours in front of everybody (be it at the office, in the street or in a super important party with fancy people from all over the world) that’s all he needs
  • you know, he’s kinda rivaling with Yoosung on the #1 RFA’s cuddle bug bc he absolutely loves holding you and there’s nothing better in the world for him than waking up with you in his arms, still sleeping with your face hiding in his chest
  • he’s still shit with taking pictures and it’s a shame bc he’s become a selfie slut (watch out Zen, a new challenger has arrived) but, he only takes selfies with you
  • and he download more or less every single app that lets him add stupid filters to your faces so you can have kitty whiskers or flower crowns and what not
  • despite how busy he always is, he always tries to see you in the morning and makes it a point to come home for dinner - doesn’t matter if he has to bring home five full folders from the office and work at home - dinner time with his love is important and he won’t miss it

707 (i don’t know how to write him so it’s gonna be bad sorry)

  • it’s gonna be a rollercoaster of emotions with him so I hope you’re patient with his shit bc he’ll still have his emo days where he just wants to be alone with his deep dark edgy feelings so yeah you deal with that 
  • most of the time though, he’ll just goof around, prank you H24, try to make you two become a meme
  • he has 0 domestic skills so hahhh I hope you do. either that or you’re fine with living in a constant mess and eating junk food all the time - you’ll either have to be like his caretaker or his partner in crime (or both if you can manage)
  • he doesn’t take most things very seriously though and making you smile and laugh is his number one priority so there’s that
  • he’s more or less a walking wikipedia + urban dictionary so if you need anything for an essay you’re writing just ask him - he’s full of knowledge - both accurate infos and random useless trivia
  • he’ll take you on every single date possible and once he’s done them all, he’ll invent new ones. The classics will be going to the arcade and getting the highest score on every single game or going to a lasertag or paintball and teaming up to be the winning team every time. He always gets so into it and you’ll both have code names like 'God 1, this is God 2, I have the enemy team in my sight do you copy?’ and if it’s a game where only one person can win, he’ll make you shoot him and be all dramatic about it 
  • for the more original ones, he’ll make the both of you dress up and wear wigs and pretend to be other people with other identities; like you’ll slip in weddings and pretend to be distant family of the bride while you stuff your face with the food there
  • he’ll make a bunch of stuff for you like he’ll make an app where there’s a 2D version of him and you can poke him to get voice lines, pet him and he’ll say “nya”, you can dress him up and you have interactions with him with dialogues choices (like in MM, how meta)

i hope this wasn’t too awful rip

idk what this is besides mostly crack (canon) that @skamforfaen and i discussed abt some things vilde might say, and do once she eventually!! becomes comfy with her sexuality. 

  • isak and vilde!!! yes gay pals!!! they’re going to be like “that’s homophobic” whenever something minorly inconveniences them and laugh so hard and everyone else is just “?????”
  •  i can imagine vilde sayin that first with the squads and then everyone’s “ …???…” and then isak goes all mock serious and “didn’t u hear her??? that IS homophobic smh”
  • *water bottle falls down on the floor* “well, THAT’S homophobic”
  • *gets bad grade on a test* my teacher is homophobic”
  • imagine sometimes how it just slips out at the worst of times bc vilde suddenly gets really into lgbt history/negative stereotypes and suddenly becomes really educated and she just, thinks everything is homophobic and oppressive (is she wrong tho)
  • “can that server tell i kissed my gf today??? Is that why my meals late? This is blatant rude homophobia im going to talk to the manager!“ 
  • and eva’s there like “vilde, we just kissed 2 minutes ago.” - “i know that eva! but our food is late! she’s homophobic!”
  • “vilde, you cant blame everything on homophobia.” - “and why not eva???” - eva gives her a look. - “well, you might not see the blatant disregard heterosexuals shoot our way because we are a same-sex couple eva, but i do! would a straight girl have to wait 10 extra minutes for her salad if she was with a boy?? i don’t think so!”
  •  "vilde it was one time and she gave u a valid reason.“ - “well we’ll see abt next time hmm." 
  • next time ends up being 2 days later and this time vilde ends up with no cutlery. "see eva, what did i tell you? homophobia.”
  • one time vilde says “as a gay,,” in isak’s presence and he chokes on air
  • “vilde,,,, you cant just- you cant just say that!” 
  • “and why not, isak?”
  • “you- cant-you- just- you just cant!?”
  • "i don’t have a problem with it isak. i’m gay. you know,,,, the stigma attached to the label can be very dehumanizing and hurtful but the more we use it the more it becomes ours and the less people can hurt us with it bc there’s nothing wrong it, is there isak? i like girls and you like boys and people just have to accept that.”
  • just give me isak and vilde learning from each other and gradually becoming friends and supporting one another (even tho it takes time to get there, vilde is forever thankful that she’s got isak and vice versa tbh)
  • just imagine vilde getting all philosophical and progressive once shes really comfy with herself.
  • just imagine vilde, isak, even and eva bonding over their sexuality and forming a group within their group!
  • pls vilde would so join “skeiv ungdom” (lgbtqia+ youth group), she’d be the fucking LEADER of skeiv ungdom oslo and organize all these pre-games and parties and demonstrations .  
  • she’d make sure its the safest place for everyone and just like with her first kosegruppa meeting, she’d make everyone do exercises and get to know each other and have introductions and make sure people use each others correct pronouns. 
  • and sometimes they play games or talk about their experiences and also the joys of being gay and how it gets better and how these groups are supposed to create a supportive place to talk and relate to one another but to also have fun and Hope.
  • some days they talk about certain lgbt topics and they vote on which one to dicuss first. e.g. compulsory heterosexuality, coming out, links between being lgbt and mental health, support networks, history, icons, songs, etc. 
  • and sometimes new members come in so they do this thing where every week they introduce each other again by their name, sexuality (if they want) and something good they want to share with each other that happened to them in the last week
  • sometimes people who’ve been coming to the meetings from the beginning end up introducing themselves one day but for the first time, actually coming out as well. so the constant introductions give all the members the option to come out when they feel comfortable or sure, bc not everyone in the group is out or labels themselves.
  • even is definitely co-leader along with vilde, she asked him specifically bc she loves the way he talks to people and the two of them have had numerous educational and supportive talks and have become pretty close. 
  • even “you don’t think that’s a bit of a superficial generalization?” bech næsheim.
  • i bet vilde would bake sweet buns (boller, like she did for kosegruppa) and pride cupcakes for the meetings too.
  • now pride: she’d make everyone bring at least one thing to pride (they’d make a day of it at isak’s place and get everything ready there and leave together) but she’d make sure she bakes and has a hell of a fun time frosting with her friends and gf eva. the frosting would be rainbow ofc and everyone ends up leaving the house with frosting smeared on their cheeks, cue a lot of kisses from everyones significant other.
  • just. concept: proud lesbian vilde, along with her fellow gay isak, his pansexual boyfriend even and her bisexual gf eva!
partners [george weasley]

request:  15 & 32 for george weasley? ( not even sure if you write for him but dang, i think your writing is really good and i’m curious on how you’d write for other characters. thank you. 😉 x ) - @bookthrills

word count: ~2200 (i totally lied about the 1500 word limit omg HOW did i go 700 words over my budget)

a/n: so basically i’m a terrible human being and HAD to write this before ANYTHING ELSE. i have so many requests atm AND I LOVE YALL FOR IT IM JUST SO OVERWHELMED so sorry if there’s a delay in ur request im trying my best!!! also this took so long bc im a bad influence and partied after finals. it got bad. ANYWAY I LOVE U AND THANK U SO MUCH @bookthrills UR A GR8 WRITER go check out her blog she rocks my socks

15: “can i kiss you?”

32: do u like me? check yes or no

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I know we have had a chubby MC in the past. But, what about this (if I may ask):The characters finding out that chubby!MC has been doing some unhealthy things to lose weight because she feels like she’s not worthy enough to be with them as she looks now. (BTW: Love your blog!!!! <3 )

Author’s note: yoooo, long time no post, eh? TRIGGER WARNING: eating disorders!!!  please take care of yourselves… you’re all beautiful :)


  • he knew something was wrong when you two went to your favorite restaurant
  • and the only thing you ordered was a coffee
  • “MC?”
  • “What’s up?”
  • “Are you just… not hungry?”
  • “Oh… no, I ate before we came.”
  • lies
  • yoosung had been with you all day
  • and not once did you have bite to eat
  • but he decide to keep his mouth shut, until the car ride home
  • “Why did you lie to me?”
  • you looked over at the blonde behind the wheel
  • “What?”
  • “You said you ate, b-but I  know you didn’t.
  • “Oh… that.”
  • you started to mess with your hands
  • “Well, I stopped eating as much as I normally do a couple weeks ago, and then yesterday you told me I had looking better recently. So… I decided to continue, until I-I look my best for you-”
  • you were cut off by the swerving of the car
  • “Yoosung?”
  • his eyes were watering
  • slowly, he pulled over to the side of the road
  • “Yoosung, I-”
  • he unbuckled and reached over, hugging you
  • “MC, I didn’t mean to make you do this! I-I love you so much, and I would never want you to treat your body like this. I should be trying to look better for you! You are the most amazing woman I’ve ever met, a-and… a-and…”
  • he started crying harder
  • “Please eat. Please eat again. I’ll make you all the meals you want!! Even those gross v-veggies you like!”
  • “Brussel sprouts?”
  • “Yes!”
  • soon your tears matched Yoosung’s
  • on the way  home, he stopped by the grocery store
  • and when you two got home
  • he made a whole plate full of brussel sprouts
  • and watched you eat the whole thing


  • All it took was one time
  • One letter
  • One sentence
  • You read Zen’s fan mail all the time
  • Mainly bc you’re hella nosey but sometimes the fans mention you
  • So when Zen dropped a stack of envelopes, you helped yourself
  • “Bill, bill, complaint from Jumin, Bill, OH HERE ARE A COUPLE!”
  • You flipped through them, but stopped when you saw one labeled “Your girlfriend.”
  • You tore it open without any hesitation
  • I wonder…
  • As you scanned the page, your heart dropped
  • “Ugly… Loud mouth… stringy hair…”
  • “…Too fat to stand by your side…”
  • Zen walked over to the table
  • “Whatcha reading, babe?”
  • You quickly put the letter in your back pocket and held up Jumin’s letter
  • “Oh, nothing. Jumin sent you another note.”
  • “I swear, if this is about me taking his parking spot, AGAIN, I’m going to quit.”
  • You faked a laugh and looked away
  • “H-hey, I’m going to go to bed early…”
  • “Without eating dinner?”
  • You choked back a sob
  • “Yeah.”
  • Zen stared at you as you walked away
  • You went into the bathroom and turned the sink on
  • looking at the toilet, you grimaced
  • You have to do this… for Zen
  • Little did you know
  • He had watched as the letter fell out of your back pocket he was checking out your ass when it happened
  • You tied your hair back and bent over the toilet
  • Here goes-
  • “MC? MC open this door right now.”
  • “I’m a little busy, Zen.”
  • “Busy with what?”
  • “Uh…”
  • He didn’t wait for your response
  • When he saw you kneeling by the toilet, his heart broke
  • It one quick movement he picked you up, carrying you to the bedroom
  • “Zen-“
  • No.”
  • He set you down and kneeled in front of you, taking your hands in his
  • “You are so beautiful. You are so perfect. You are the love of my life, MC. So, don’t you dare let some jealous fan tell you otherwise.”
  • When he kissed your hand, you his warm tears fall on them
  • The next day, Zen made an announcement, saying he wasn’t going to accept fan mail for awhile
  • “I am extremely disappointed with my fan base, and the way they talk about my lovely girlfriend. The next time I hear even the tiniest of rumors about her, I will resign.”
  • And you never got hate from a fan again


  • After weeks of begging
  • Jaehee finally got a much needed day off
  • She was sOOO excited to spend the day with you
  • You two talked about how you wanted to spend the day
  • But after about five minutes of discussion, you both agreed on just staying at the house in your pjs
  • Jaehee organized the mail, cleaned her closet, and did all of the chores she never had time for with her work schedule
  • But through the day he noticed something
  • You hadn’t eaten anything
  • You were on the computer when she asked
  • “Hey, MC, have you had anything to eat today?”
  • “…What?”
  • “Are you hungry?”
  • “Nah, I had a cup of coffee this morning!”
  • She walked up to you and put a hand on your shoulder
  • “That was 8 hours ago… what’s going on?”
  • “I-I’m trying to lose weight…”
  • Now it was Jaehee’s turn to be confused
  • “What?”
  • You turned back to the computer, ashamed
  • “I just want to look perfect for you… that’s all.”
  • Jaehee bent over and turned your chin toward her
  • “You are perfect.”
  • She placed a delicate kiss on your lips
  • “But you need to eat. I’m going to take tomorrow off too.”
  • “Jaehee-“
  • “Nope. I’m going to go call Jumin. When I get back, you and I are going out to dinner. Go change into something nice,” she winked.
  • The entire night she made sure you ate, and the next day she made you breakfast


  • “If you would excuse me, I have to go and powder my nose.”
  • You smiled at Jumin and his coworkers
  • You two had decided to host the monthly dinner party, and you had just finished dessert
  • As you walked away, Jumin told a cheesy joke, making his peers laugh
  • Rolling your eyes, you went to the master bathroom
  • Eat your food, throw it all up, laugh at Jumin’s jokes
  • It was the same at every dinner party
  • Only this time you had the luxury of regurgitating in your own home
  • It had all started when you were playing tennis with Jumin’s boss and his wife
  • His skinny, blonde wife
  • You two had purposely lost, and you went to shake their hands
  • “Good game you two,” you smiled
  • “Thanks,” the wife responded, “I’ve been meaning to get a workout in”
  • Jumin’s boss patted his wife’s stomach
  • “You have been looking a little bloated, but nothing one of your diets won’t fix!”
  • It was disgusting
  • But then, the way Jumin’s boss looked at you
  • Looked at your body
  • Made you feel even more disgusting
  • Of course, Jumin didn’t hear any of this
  • He was still running around collecting the stray tennis balls
  • So now here you are, several months later
  • Once you finished, you wiped your mouth             
  • You looked yourself in the mirror and put on a smile
  • But as soon as you walked out of the bathroom, that fake smile dropped
  • “J-Jumin?”
  • He was sitting on the bed with his head in his hands
  • “How long?”
  • “Hmm?”
  • He looked up at you with a scowl
  • “How long?”
  • You slowly made your way over to him and sat down on the bed
  • Taking a deep breath, you turned to look at your husband
  • His eyes were red, and his hands were balled up, grasping the sheets of your bed
  • Was he shaking?
  • You looked past him to see a broken vase
  • …did he throw that?
  • “For a-a couple months.”
  • And that was all it took
  • He wrapped you up in his arms and pulled you unto his lap
  • He buried his head in your chest
  • “Why would you do this to yourself? You are everything I need, and everything I love in it. You’re my life. Why are you doing this?”
  • You sighed, telling him the story of his boss and wife
  • His grip on you loosened
  • “Jumin?”
  • He took you off his lap and stormed out
  • “Jumin where are you-“
  • You stopped when you figured out the answer
  • “JUMIN, WAIT!”
  • You ran out to catch him, but it was too late
  • Jumin tapped his boss on the shoulder
  • “Ah, Mr. Han-“
  • That was all he was able to say before Jumin broke his nose
  • But he didn’t stop there
  • Jumin followed him to the ground, continually punching his face
  • You were horrified
  • “JUMIN, STOP.”
  • He turned around
  • “But-“
  • “I said, stop.”
  • He stood up and straightened his jacket
  • Looking at the bloodied man now on the ground, he spit in his direction
  • He then looked up at his guests
  • “I believe it’s time you leave.”
  • He then retreat to you, hold you in his arms
  • “Never do that again,” you murmured.
  • He looked down at you
  • “Anything for you.”


  • It was around 2AM when you binged
  • Seven had just restocked all of his goodies, and you just couldn’t resist
  • You just hated what came next
  • You made your way down to the bathroom
  • What you had forgotten, in your tired state, were two critical things
  • 1. Seven never sleeps
  • 2. You didn’t shut the door
  • You pushed two fingers down your throat
  • The usual routine
  • Seven heard your gags and rubbed his sleepy eyes
  • “I guess MC came down with something…”
  • He pushed his chair away from his desk and went to go help you
  • “MC-“
  • He stopped when he saw the fingers in your mouth
  • you turned to him, eyes wide with fear
  • “Seven?”
  • the hacker stood still and continued to stare
  • he looked like his world was crumbling
  • you closed your eyes and prepared for one of Seven’s signature hugs
  • when you didn’t feel his arms around you, you opened your eyes
  • and what you saw
  • was the most heartbreaking thing you’ve seen to this day
  • Seven had slid down the wall and was hugging his knees
  • his glasses were off, and you could hear his sobbing and ragged breath
  • “Seven?”
  • “…I’m sorry.”
  • you could’ve have heard him correctly
  • did he just apologize?
  • you crawled over to him and lifted his face up
  • you stared into his red, watering eyes
  • “Did you say sorry?”
  • his bottom lip started to quiver
  • then he lunged forward you, wrapping his arms around you
  • his head found the nook of your neck
  • “Seven, please-”
  • “I’m sorry. I’m sorry I couldn;t be strong enough for you. I’m sorry I didn’t notice before. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you how beautiful you were more often. I-I’M SORRY I FAILED YOU.”
  • “You didn’t-”
  • “YES I DID! MC, you are the only person in this entire galaxy that I care about. Hell, if you cared about yourself even ¼ as much as I do, you’d have an ego like Zen’s.”
  • you giggled, despite the situation
  • “There is no creature on this earth that could describe your beauty, MC. Not even an angel is enough. God knows I don’t deserve you. But here you are, trying to change the way you looking, thinking you could improve. MC, you can’t perfect perfection. There is no ‘better’ when it comes to you. You are the holiest of holies, the queen among queens, a Goddess among angels. So please. No more.”
  • He unraveled himself from you, and kissed your forehead.
  • “I love you. Let’s get some sleep.”
  • he stood up and extended his arm to help you up
  • but you just sat there
  • trying to comprehend what he just told you
  • “…the entire galaxy… no creature on the earth…perfect perfection… “
  • a Goddess among angels
Space Christmas™

look we know its july we just have a lot of feelings ok

  • ok so everyone’s always talking about how much Lance misses his big family and whatnot, but how would that carry across to a holiday like Christmas?
  • like, forget about missing just his siblings and parents what about the massive extended family? also (we’re not trying to shove beliefs onto a character or upset anyone in general please don’t yell at me) A LOT of people are religious and quite a few more practice exclusively on holidays like Christmas or Easter.
  • plus, even if Lance wasn’t strictly religious there’s something about being raised in a family that is that ingrains bits and pieces of those things into you just as a byproduct of being raised that way.
  • either way you can’t tell me that Lance’s family didn’t celebrate Christmas and since he has younger siblings it would still be a big deal since they would still believe in Santa.
  • so it gets to the point that Lance is spending the nighttimes heartbroken thinking about the presents he had planned for his little siblings that he won’t be able to give them this year because he’s an amazing sibling like that, or wishing for just one day, THIS day, that he could be back with his family, because anyone who has gone from spending Christmas with a big family to spending it almost alone know that it’s one of the loneliest feelings on the world.
  • Pidge’s family is kind of a mixed situation
    • like her dad’s jewish so they just decided as a family to celebrate both Christmas and Hannukah
  • the holidays weren’t really at the front of Pidge’s mind when the ‘winter months’ rolled around
    • because FIRST OF ALL it looked NOTHING like winter normally did (bc space), 
    • and anyway for the past couple years she and her mother had grown apart and holidays were hardly the first thing anyone would think of when a family falls apart like that,
  • but she’s the one that notices Lance disappearing more and stumbles upon him crying twice as many times as she normally would, so she figures something’s up.
  • it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that they have reached what would be on Earth the month of December and to link that a little further to Christmas.
  • now Pidge understands a lot, but humans have never been her strongest suit so she does what any reasonable person would do and goes to Hunk and lets him take the wheel on what to do. Pidge does what she can to help (she’s probs the one that makes the cool decorations) 
  • she misses her small, intimate family Christmases and it was trying to get that family back that brought her here in the first place, but along the way the team has kinda become her family too so why not embrace that for a little while?
  • Pidge makes a metal tree and everyone helps to decorate it
    • Lance goes nuts
    • people’s thing’s just start going missing and they end up on the tree
    • everyone knows it’s Lance and it’s mildly inconvenient but they can’t bring themselves to say anything bc he just looks so happy
    • they start voluntarily putting their things on the tree
    • Keith puts fingerless gloves on it. Lance almost cries laughing
    • Shiro puts his fucking arm at the top of the tree bc he thinks he’s funny
      • “Shiro, no you need that what the hell”
      • “I just wanted to lend a hand, Keith”
  • Pidge teaches them all about Hanukkah too, and the Alteans love the dreidel
    • Coran is really hung up on the menorah thing
      • “But if there was only enough for 1 day, how did it last 8?”
      • “I don’t know, that’s why they call it a miracle”
      • “Fascinating”
  • Keith doesn’t really get this Christmas thing.
    • like obviously he knows what Christmas is, he’s from Texas of course he does, but he’s not quite sure how to celebrate this.
  • after Pidge tells Hunk about Lance’s odd behavior Hunk arranges a paladin (and confused Altean) meeting where everyone decides to try this “Christmas in Space” thing out, but Keith is kinda left stranded on what to do.
  • he wants to help, in the way that you can’t help when you’re maybe, hopelessly in love with someone and would do anything to make them happier, it’s just, holidays were never a part of his childhood and what if he does it wrong?
  • one thing Keith’s sure is part of this is gift-giving so one day during a battle he picks up a Galra shooter and tosses it to an unarmed Lance with an offhanded “Merry Christmas.”
  • so he just keeps giving Lance things?
    • like he sees a cool rock while on a mission and just puts it in his pocket
    • a couple of days later he stumbles upon a gorgeous blue gem-type thing on some planet and does the same thing bc it reminds him of Lance’s eyes.
  • and he’ll just like slide the gift over to Lance in the middle of meals or just leave it in front of his door
  • and Lance always just grins like an idiot bc Keith is being nice to him and he just feels lighter
  • soon all of the paladins start incorporating casual Christmas gift-giving into their daily lives and as Lance’s mood starts to brighten more day by day Keith can’t help but be a lil proud that he could be the start of someone’s happiness
  • and everyone starts giving each other gifts and Keith is just really proud bc he started this and he just loves these guys so much and is this what a family is like bc he gets it now
  • one day Keith’s in Lance’s room (who knows why lmao) and he just sees all of the stuff he’s given Lance placed a little bit away from the other’s gifts and he just smiles a lil to himself
    • (sorry we’re klance trash)
  • Hunk’s a good best friend.
  • he’s also a bit of a people-watcher so when Pidge comes to him with her research* (*stalking) on Lance and the current month on Earth his own thoughts on the matter are confirmed and he jumps straight to planning Space Christmas™.
  • a secret meeting is arranged promptly to inform the other paladins/alteans of what’s going on (a long explanation of earth customs is required) 
  • then he and coran get ingredients for the Altean equivalent of cookies and just go to work
    • Pidge and Lance bend cookie cutters out of scrap metal and use those and Keith just cuts out shapes with his knife bc of course he would
  • cuz if they’re doing Christmas, then they’re doing it right. Hunk’s typical holidays involve so much food, especially as gifts 
  • large family dinners become a mandatory thing, every time getting more elaborate and delicious.
  • Hunk always makes people share about their day because it’s what his family always did
    • “So Pidge, how was your day?”
    • “Hunk, I was with you all day, we had the same day.”
    • “But how was it?”
  • when Christmas would roll around Hunk’s younger siblings presented him with small and, to the outsider’s eye, meaningless gifts so when he starts getting handed shiny rocks, or little people made of twigs, or one time a small robot that did nothing but blast screamo he can’t help but be reminded of his family too
  • Shiro had quite honestly forgotten that holidays were such a big deal.
    • in his defense a lot had happened and they just had slipped his mind.
  • he’s not opposed to the idea when Hunk brings it up, but a week later he’s fully invested in the holidays and has crocheted several sweaters, because he looks fantastic in red, ok.
  • growing up with a single parent and a much younger sibling has hardwired into his brain the need to make every holiday as big of a deal as possible and he starts spending late nights decorating various parts of the castle to make this the most magical experience possible because now he had 4 little sibling to share this with and also he needs to and it gives him peace of mind when his nightmares are too intense to sleep through.
  • every opportunity he gets he spends squirrelling away presents for the 25th or furiously crocheting sweaters for everyone else because what’s Christmas without the ugliest sweaters you’ve ever seen?
  • ok quick side note but we promise this is relevant: so we all know about the headcanon that Lance knits but consider this: Shiro crochets
  • and Lance like will not stop giving him shit about ‘wow only one needle? I have two so…’
  • and Shiro’s a good sport so he just kind of plays along bc wow Lance has started another dumb rivalry who would have guessed
    • but then Shiro crochets him this blue hat with lion ears on it and Lance can’t really bring himself to keep the the ‘rivalry’ going
    • (he wears the hat everywhere)
  • Shiro and Lance team up to make the team stockings and Shiro even makes tiny ones for the mice
  • the Alteans don’t know what’s going on
    • like obviously they notice that there’s something off about the paladins, so when Hunk calls his meeting about Lance, they’re kind of like ???? bc they noticed these things with everyone but if they want to pretend that it’s just about Lance then okay
  • learning about Christmas is….. interesting to say the least
    • “So you’re telling me that the people of earth tell their children about a reverse thief dressed in red that breaks into everyone’s home?”
    • “I mean I wouldn’t say it like that”
    • “Well then how WOULD you say it”
    • “He just visits everyone to give them gifts-”
    • “I’ll prepare the castle’s defenses for an intruder immediately!”
    • “No that’s really not necessary”
    • They get it eventually.
  • Allura’s really into the ‘Santa’s reindeer’ thing (something about them reminding her of an altean animal) so she works with pidge to make little reindeer antlers for the mice and also ENORMOUS ONES for the lions
    • ((Keith is FURIOUS (and a little confused) when he sees the large red ball attached to red’s nose but Lance is just laughing and smiling so he guesses it’s okay))

@ dreamworks just give us the space fam doing space things for the holidays. just a christmas episode that’s all we’re asking for

Also we hope y’all love long posts cuz this bitch took forever and we’re very proud and feel free to add your own and make it EVEN LONGER

How we actually met (1/1)

Summary: Two ladies develops love online. They both travel around the world separately as their jobs. They only knows each others first names. Now they describe how they meet in person.

AN: Non Power Rangers AU. Modern AU.

So this is based off of a short film called Modern/Love starring Naomi Scott. You can choose to either read the story first or watch the video first. If you choose to read first, it will be spoilers for the video and vice versa so yeah… You choose.

It’s a great 10 minute short film and I highly recommend it.

Read on FF Ao3

They met online accidentally.

Trini was suppose to message a partner from work when she mistyped the username and started chatting with Kxmberly, a woman named Kimberly who had an icon picture of an aesthetic pink background and a silhouette of a women (Trini presumed it was Kimberly).

Meanwhile, Trini had the username TriniBee with the icon of a selfie, one hand covering half of her face.

It’s been 6 months since the two have been chatting online, they were confident with each other that the person on the other side of the screen was not a troll or some creep on the internet. At the same time, they also made a mutual agreement to no pictures and no last names until they meet personally just to make it more intimate between the two of them.

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a saeran hc post

i know there’s a ton of these out there and this is SO LONG im sorry i dont know how to shut up lol, i want to update my fics but im in the home stretch of getting through this week of classes before i go on break ;;;; so uh, have this post of some kind of general hc’s and some thoughts on how saeran feels about each of the members of the rfa + some vanderwood

spoilers of course, also mentions of smoking and vague notions at abuse and stuff, also this is just super long and ridiculous and im sorry aha

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anonymous asked:

so do you have any character headcanons?? like for different aus or something?

i actually have a whole lot but um
lemme just put like thomas and laurens
we’ll see how much room i have 0.0

modern au john:

~ has like seven 80s chokers and wears one specific color/charm for each day of the week
~ listens to a whole lot of music, ranging from kpop to lady gaga to musicals
~ is a complete slut for cute/baby animals
~ has these big “hipster” glasses but usually wears contacts
~ beanies, beanies, BEANIES
~ wears oversized sweaters almost all the time, and they usually slip off his freckled shoulders and then ham usually has to come along and cover up the strong shoulder game bc “you’re distracting everyone, do you WANT to get harassed??”
~ short shorts are BAE for this one
~ is actually a successful cover artist on youtube, and his most viewed covers are bad romance perfect illusion, both by lady gaga, try everything by shakira and feel the light by jennifer lopez
~ can play piano, drums, flute and acoustic guitar
~ once was dared in truth or dare to start an argument about the dumbest thing he could think of with ham and then make up about something even dumber and eventually it got to a point where ham yelled, “oh, fuck you, john!” and not even thinking, john replied, “i have been wanting you to for years, alexander!” and it was so awkward and john was a literal freckled tomato but they didn’t stop and when they made up it’s bc ham said “joke’s on you, i got that ring from a kid’s meal!” and john just froze and looked at him all hopeful like “you bought a kid’s meal…?” and then they did the typical fake make out and everyone applauded them
~ dared jefferson to kiss the prettiest girl in the room during the same game, and he said “notice how i charitably said ‘girl’ and not ‘person’ because, let’s face it, if smoke all you bitches”
~ is GAY but when isn’t he
~ is actually great at doing his own and others’ makeup
~ has a pet turtle, sphinx kitten, parakeet, snake, shiba inu puppy AND one year old siberian husky
~ biggest potterhead he knows
~ often gets into fake wizard duels with lafayette and peggy
~ did i mention he can fucking crochet
~ once had all his friends take a gary potter quiz about which house they’d be in and based off the results stayed up for days, only sleeping once or twice, making scarves for everybody for what house they’d be in
~ has scarves for the four houses himself and wears them even during the summer bc why the hell not
~ the last thought that runs through his head before making any decisions is “eh, fuck it.. if it fails… well let’s not dwell on that”
~ “i will throw you across the room”

modern au jefferson:

~ calls every one of his friends “sweetie” for some reason
~ casually watches home, then angry birds, then home, then angry birds, then home–
~ is a slut for disney
~ keeps flirting with johnny boooiiiiiiiiiiiii for hamilton (“hey, john, just look at that fine piece of ass, go grab it!” pushes john toward hamilton)
~ gets sick a lot bc he spends too much time with madison but oh well that’s what boyfriends do
~ once climbed a tree during a game of hide and seek and fell out and crushed the seeker
~ is a slytherin
~ is fluent in french, italian and german
~ great at painting/drawing scenery
~ kinda sketches madison for “practice”
~ can actually cook very well but all he fucking makes is macaroni anD CHEESE
~ awkward boi
~ cheesy as all hell
~ is a dance teacher, as in he teaches people to dance to certain popular songs and he is gREAT
~ had some students who became teachers bc they loved dancing and him and they always get the job considering he’s basically the manager
~ can’t spell for shit on his phone bc tiny ass phones are hard to type on but he can’t afford a bigger one bc nobody pays him but hey it’s whatever, james is the one with the paying job and he gets paid a lot so we’re all goooooood fam
~ can play practically any string instrument you put in front of him
~ also piano
~ and french horn
~ loves just playing songs like dance in the dark by rihanna or red balloon by charli xcx really loud when he’s home alone so he can just dance around while doing stuff
~ actually has like six cats even though he’s allergic
~ keeps flirting with alex for john (“hey, alex, some nice hands you got, they’d look even better on john’s ass!” pushes alex in john’s direction)
~ actually loves cheese
~ actually has a lot of star wars, harry potter, and really any broadway play/musical mercy in his room
~ casually runs around the neighborhood at six in the morning while it’s pouring down rain
~ actually one of those lil tree things with mini solar panels that dance when placed out in the sun but shshshhh don’t tell anyone

ok that’ll do

Nakta as boyfriend

- having a 6 ft tall boyfriend makes ppl think that he’s super intimidating but don’t get fooled cause he’s actually soft on the inside!!!
- like he sleeps with his animal pillows called doldol and palbari
- and even though u actually dont understand how a giant like him needs stuffed animal companions when he sleeps, u actually think it’s super cute!!!
- but when you sleep with him, he will gladly shove aside doldol and palbari bc he says “i like hugging you more” <33333
- when people asks you what’s your boyfriend’s name and you tell them nakta and they go ?????? cause how can you have a camel as a boyfriend???
- and u go, “no no, his name is yooncheol, but his nickname is nakta cause he looks like one”
- and they get more confused cause YOUR BOYFRIEND??? looks like a camel????
- and yes he looks like a camel but he’s the most handsome camel you’ve ever seen!!!
- and since he’s a camel, you like ‘riding’ him agdgajdhjaid ok im sorry
- nothing cheers you up more than his camel impersonations!!!
- and since he’s basically a living giant, it’s actually very convenient!! like riding trains, when u can’t reach the bar handle, he will be the one to hold it and ask u to just grab on his arm <3
- or like grabbing stuffs from high places like the kitchen cupboard or like when u need to change the lightbulb in your bathroom!!!
- Nakta is also a producer and he goes by the name “Kinda” and you’re super proud of his works and downloads them and always listen to his music whenever you miss him!!
- and sometimes he has gigs and shows and you make sure that you attend every single one of them and you even make a mini banner for him that says “i <3 kinda” and when he sees it from the stage, his face would light up :) :)
- he loves frogs so much and although you think that frogs were disgusting at first, you learned to love them bc Nakta told you a lot of stuffs abt them and abt how they are actually harmless creatures who does a lot of good things for the environment~
- because he is hella tall, he uses it to his advantage EVERY FREAKIN TIME
- he likes teasing you and getting ur stuffs and raising it above his head and even if u try to tiptoe or jump you cant even touch it bc??? Duh giant!!
- or like when u want to kiss him but he’s being an ass and wants to make ur life harder so he will tiptoe and you cant reach his lips bc again, G I A N T
- and you like wearing his shirts bc its basically a dress for u when you wear it
- although frogs are his favorites, he loves all animals so expect zoo dates!!!
- and you would buy matching animal hats and take pictures with them and even try feeding the birds or giraffes
- and at the end of the day he would thank you for spending the day w/ him bc he knows that you’re not much of an animal lover
- but you’re like “no, no, i enjoyed a lot today!!!!”
- and it’s true!! Every moment you’ve spent with him are happy ones and you’re actually thankful bc Nakta made you realize that the things you used to dislike were not so bad afterall~
- Nakta tends to worry a lot and overthink and sometimes he’s not confident w/ himself and it breaks ur heart whenever he feels that way bc he’s actually a talented and amazing person!!!
- so you always tell him how much you love his voice and how a lot of people actually enjoy his music and he’s just really glad that he has you by his side
- he’s also shy/not really a bold person in bed or whenever you’re making out and he always worries that he might be hurting u or that you’re feeling uncomfortable in some way so you need to reassure him that everything is fine!! <3
- Nakta also tends to over work like he literally spends the whole day in his studio 24/7 and sometimes he forgets to eat so you drop by from time to time with some food just to make sure he’s still alive and eating LOL
- and he’d be like “just 5 more minutes jagi, i’m just gonna save this file-”
- and he will sigh and just give up bc even though he’s waaaay taller than you, u can actually do crazy stuffs when ur mad
- deep inside he’s really touched that you go all the way to his studio to make sure he is eating right and tbh you’re the only reason he still goes home to the dorm to sleep and not just doze off on his computer table
- he knows you are always worried about his health so he does his best to eat on time and he even sends you a picture of his meal as a proof
- and you’d be like go take a selca with your jajangmyeon with a fork on your hair so i know you’re really eating at this hour
- and then he thinks it’s funny and stupid at the same time but he does it anyway
- and when he sends you the proof photo you’d be like “HMMMM IM NOT SURE U MIGHT HAVE TAKEN THAT PHOTO WEEKS AGO”
- anyways, you love shin yoonchul so much bc he’s really patient and he’s the only one who can actually handle your craziness :) :) :)
- and he might not show it at all times but he really loves you and he can’t imagine living in a world without you

cregtuckjob  asked:

this is for the ships thing: Kallura pretty please? o: Love your blog btw

thank you j ilsfhsdjk

  • Gives nose/forehead kisses: They both do!! when they get home from a long day, their favourite thing to do is sit on the couch and give each other little nose/forehead kisses until it turns into a makeout session
  • Gets jealous the most: Keith gets pretty jealous. Allura doesn’t flirt with people or anything and she always tells next to everyone she meets that she has a boyfriend, but he still gets jealous when she gives one of her beautiful smiles to someone else, or when she’s drunk and hugs other people longer than she normally would. He can’t help it. He doesn’t tell her how jealous he gets, but Allura Knows. When she started figuring it out she would always hold Keith’s hand in public places and stay even closer to him. She doesn’t mind since she loves being around him anyway and fuck, Keith thinks he fell in love with her all over again
  • Takes care of on sick days: Thank fuck Allura doesn’t get sick too often, because Keith is really awkward when it comes to taking care of sick people. Allura doesn’t really know what to do when Keith gets sick, but she buys him banana bread (she tried to make him some once but it was such a disaster that she told Keith he’s “not allowed to tell anyone about this incident. Do I make myself clear?” and Keith just kissed her and told her he’d clean up the mess). She talks to him about her day, her week, and other random stories while he eats the banana bread. Listening to her talk makes him feel so much better. One time he got sick while he was away with Shiro, Hunk, Lance and Pidge and they offered to buy him banana bread but Keith declined because “it’s just not the same as when Allura gets it for me” and Hunk said “dude. it’s literally the same brand.” but Keith still refused. why he gotta be so damn stubborn
  • Drags the other person out into the water on beach day: Allura, Keith, Lance, Pidge and Shiro start going on annual camping trips next to a lake they really like. Shiro normally drags along a boyfriend. They all try to get Hunk to come but “are you guys insane??? think about all of the bugs! what if I actually see a bug?” Anyways, Keith absolutely refuses to go in the water at first bc he’s Emo. Everyone tries something to get him to go in. Nothing works. That is, until Allura says enough is enough, picks him up, and carries him into the water. He’s kinda scared of touching the ground so she swims out deep enough so neither of them can touch the bottom anymore and they just. stay there. together. giving each other kisses and attempting to hold hands underwater without sinking
  • Brings the other lunch at work: When Allura has a day off she brings Keith lunch just bc she wants to see him but when Keith has a day off he just sleeps all day… Why does Allura have such a problematic boyfriend
  • Tries to start role-playing in bed: One time, when they were drunk, Allura tried to convince Keith that they should role-play as batgirl and robin (because apparently that’s a thing in drunk Allura’s mind) and Keith was so upset because “nooo I want to be wonder woman!! robin can’t fly and he doesn’t have a knife as cool as mine” and Allura was like “yes he can. also wonder woman has a sword, not a knife.” Keith was so insulted he started crying and he could not, for the life of him, remember why he slept on the couch when woke up in the morning. Unfortunately for him, Allura wasn’t that drunk so she remembers everything and she will never let him forget how badly he wanted to be wonder woman.
  • Embarrassingly drunk dancer: They are actually both extremely embarrassing to be around when drunk. One time someone asked Shiro if he knew the couple who were doing the “lying on the table and making out” dance. He took one look at Keith and Allura doing… whatever they were doing on the table and said “nope. don’t know them at  a l l”
  • Firmly believes in couples costumes: neither of them understand the point of these at all?? Shiro is so upset with them, they don’t even come to halloween parties with him. when they do they just buy a really cheap costume to go to a party and steal alcohol before ditching everyone, going back home and getting drunk alone together.
  • Breaks the expensive gift rule during Christmas: neither of them, Keith doesn’t have a lot of money and it makes him pretty uncomfortable when Allura spends too much money on him so on Christmas their gift to each other is to go tobogganing together
  • Makes the other eat breakfast: Neither of them ever miss meals but sometimes Keith gets up early to make Allura breakfast in bed
  • Remembers anniversaries: nah they’re forgetful as hell. normally one of them remembers a week or two after it passes and they buy a cake and eat it in bed while cuddling
  • Brings up having kids first: Keith. Allura is kind of reluctant at first since she’s never really been good with kids, but after seeing how much Keith loves hanging out with their friends’ kids she begins to think maybe it wouldn’t be the end of the world to have a kid. They start babysitting Shiro’s six year old once every two weeks and Allura finds herself looking forward to it. One time, the three of them tried to make cookies together and although they didn’t quite complete the cookies, they still got to sit down on the kitchen floor and eat cookie dough together. Keith made him promise to tell his dads that they ate salad while sitting at the table.
  • Kills the bugs: ok they are both the Bug Killing Champions. Their house is the most bug free place on the planet. no bug will ever get past these two. they’re known for it. Hunk has them come over to cleanse his apartment of bugs. they are the angry bug killing power couple
  • First to define them as a couple: Allura. It wasn’t that big of a deal since basically everyone knew they were together by then but it still felt really nice to have her refer to Keith as her boyfriend when she introduced him to her family
  • Who hides their guilty pleasures longer: It takes a year for Allura to tell Keith how much she likes having ice cream for breakfast. It takes two for Keith to tell her how much he likes having brownies for breakfast
  • Snorts while laughing: Allura, and Keith thinks she is so cute. every time she laughs he can’t help but kiss her, even if it’s just a little kiss on her cheek. it doesn’t matter if they’re in different rooms when he hears her laugh, he has to go wrap his arms around her and kiss her. if Allura starts smiling and laughing more often after Keith starts doing this, it’s her own business

Jesus Camp: A Full Documentary

As I always say, if you have to manipulate and traumatise children… to get your point across? WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?!

How to become an angry little volcano: watch this… try not to practice your Darth Vader strangle-hold on the adults involved (especially the pro-life asshole).

Holy shit… you are talking about kids as ‘warriors’ who need to DIE for THEIR GOD.

If you are putting DUCT TAPE over kids (as young as 5/6)’s mouths to protest against abortion… something they do not really have a concept of other than your twisted ‘tiny fully-formed baby model gets murdered by heartless women who dared get pregnant’ spiel… that’s NOT OKAY?!

If you have kids in hysterical tears…

…if you have them CONVULSING ON THE FLOOR…

…if they are so emotionally distressed they have o idea how to cope with it and are physically ill…

…if you teach them they are nothing but blank tools for God to use… and tell them being indiviuduals/having your own thoughts is WRONG…

…if you have them apologising to your imaginary fucking friend, to the point they reach any of those stages… 


It’s brainwashing? What the fuck is wrong with you?!?!?!?!?!?!?!


And the anti-Muslim spiel in the first 7 minutes… rude.
Pretty sure they DON’T make 5 year olds do Ramadan, nor women who are menstruating or pregnant. Nor do ‘They’ (bc clearly all Muslim people are a block of identical clothes).

She throws down the idea of child soldiers (Islamic children learn to use guns and teach kids to strap on suicide bomb belts, apparently)… but then she starts endorsing the idea of Christian children being soldiers for God…

“I want to see them as radically laying down their lives for the Gospel, as they are in places like Pakistan… because we HAVE THE TRUTH!”

…you want to weaponise children.
No matter what cause, that’s wrong…

“Gotta take back the land.”

“The world is hostile to us true Christians…” 

…perhas because you’re just as fucking radical as ISIS at this point?!

‘Weaponise the children to die for God!’ she says, completely unironically as she condemns the ‘Islamic People/Muslims’ (they’re the same thing to her, apparently) for using children as soldiers.’



“Evolution is based on belief.”

…so… so is… your fucking religion?

“Global warming is a myth.”


This is why we still have racism, sexism and general human stupidity. 
Groups of radicals form communities, they teach their kids only Topic A, and that Topic A is the only thing that exists… anyone who believes Topics B through Z, are wrong (and going to hell).
It stops their ability to LEARN, to GROW and change.


“If you look at Creationism, you learn it is the ONLY possible answer to all the questions!” 

“Science doesn’t prove ANYTHING!” says the homeschooling mother, to her son. I am sorry the education system failed you so badly, madam… or did your parents not let you attend, either?

“Why would I send them to school, be away from them for 8 hours a day?” 
-so they can learn new things
-so they gain independance
-so someone can tell them rats-tails are so fugly
-so that they get sum lurnin’ in their noggins and don’t turn out like YOU


“I can go into a playground full of kids who don’t know Jesus, and in moments I can have them seeing visions of God… I can lead them to Jesus…”

Um, a) how fucking dare you approach other people’s kids wthout permission?
b) The metaphorical assumption all kids want to be taught about Jesus or ‘saved’. What if they had a religion already? Going to tell them they’re going to Hell over it? What if they decided they were atheist?
c) ‘Having visions of God/Jesus’… kind of sounds like you drugged them.
Stay the hell away from the kids.


The girl who keeps praying before she does ANYTHING… and keeps ‘conveying the messages of God to others’… that is not healthy.

“God just wants me to tell you…” (long rambling talk, to stranger lady who is humouring her bc what the fuck else do you do?)

The correct answer is a trip to the GP or psychologist

“I want to be a person who paints nails, so I could have someone there that I could then talk to about the word of the Lord…”
So, captive audience? You know they could walk out and tell everyone you’re nuts, yeah?

[It is annoying to be trapped omewhere and have someone start rambling about how you’re a sinner, and need to accept Jesus… I usually tell them I’ll see them in Hell, wink, and leave.]

She actually rings a lot of alarm bells, from a psychosocial assessment perspective; something else is going on for this kid.


The other kid who is told not to dance for fun, because if it’s not for God, it’s sinful. And believes it.

The same one who has to have a pledge of allegiance on the bible before every meal… that’s not grace, it’s like four paragraphs long.

Her mother:
“All children are on loan from God. And I said, Lord, you’ve given me this daughter, how am I supposed to train her? How am I supposed to take her to a place where she can learn these things? But the Lord told me what you have to train her in, is you have to train her in character…”
…character does not involve dancing unless it’s for God?


We haven’t even GOTTEN to camp yet…

[As you can tell, I have a long list of reasons I hate that this was  thing, and no matter how many times I watch it, I am still angry about it.]


Praying over pews (my really weird Gr 5 teacher used to pray over our individual desks every morning, it was really uncomfortable… esp when they -like he other teachers- reminded my non-Christian ass I was going to hell… detention for telling them I’d see them there, more than once).


“Let’s just walk out among the pews and stuff and  just pray over the seats… in the name of Jesus we just speak over every person that’s going to be sitting in these chairs this week, and Lord we just ask them to be covered with the blood of Jesus! Open Hearts, Lord! Open Hearts! Father we pray over the electrical systems, we pray the electricity will not go out in this building in Jesus’s name… because of storms or any other reasons and I just pray for this equipment. I just pray over this powerpoint presentations, all of them, video projectors, and we say Devil we KNOW what you love to do in meetings like this, and we say you WILL NOT -in Jesus’s name- you WILL NOT prevent this message from going out! No microphone problems in Jesus’s name, in the name of Jesus we SPEAK that, (babbling in something I think is meant to be Hebrew but sort of sounds more like a vocal exercise for singers when she says it).
Father we just ask you, in the name of Jesus that this will be a defining moment in their lives; Father I pray that Jesus will be glorified on this camp.”

-Weird Preacher Lady (who would probably never survive Ramadan, look at her… says I, a fat chick also). 

[…not unlike the morning, begin-class, end-class, before lunch, after-lunch, and home-time prayers f my weird cult-like private school (bf I transferred the fuck outta there)… which was why I nearly missed the bus all the time.]


“So we’re talking this week, about how the Devil uses tactics to destroy our lives. The first tactic that he uses, is to tempt you with sin. 
See when you first start out as a kid -cause see, that’s when all this stuff starts- see when you start out as a kid, sin just doesn’t seem ike that big of a deal…”

Well no, because they’re fucking KIDS… and should be worrying about being children, growing up, learning things and finding who they are… not worrying about apologising to some invisible old bearded guy in the sky for their existence and every second since?

Using the idea of burning alive for eternity is not a good parenting strategy?
Have you fucking HEARD of Super-Nanny?
USe a fucking NAugty Stool?!?!?!?!

“It looks kinda cute in fact, warm and fuzzy…” 

Well now you’re hurting your own cause, give me 40 of your SIN-ba the Lions Cubs… 

“…but sin is designed to destroy you. 
And you feed this baby long enough, and he’s gonna grow, in your life… until you’ve got yourself a tiger by the tail. And you don’t know which end is up, and what used to seem very innocent, now controls your life…
The Devil goes after the young… those who cannot fend for themselves, that’s why we’re trying to help you; we’re trying to warn you. 

[My favourite line from all of this mess:]

“ And while I’m on the subject, let me say something about HARRY POTTER!
Warlocks are ENEMIES OF GOD…  and I don’t care what kind of HERO they Are, they’re an ENEMY OF GOD… and had it been in the Old Testament, HArry Potter would have been PUT TO DEATH!”

Well thank fucking Christ Jesus said to ignore the Old Testament, then… huh? 

What fucking Witch or Wizard broke your heart to make you like this,you beetroot-cheeked, anti-magic galoot? 

…on the upside, it means Lucifer clearly has quite the extensive Potter library down in the Pit, so we all have something to read when we get there…

(same sermon, continued on after awkward clapping)

[How about you try to fucking stop me?!]

“This is a generation that is going to stand for PURITY, and righteousness and holiness, and you’re gonna serve the Lord all the days of your life!”

…that… that sounds a lot like slavery, the way you’re pitching it, tbh.

“And we declare all those things over you! I believe this so much, that I have given my whole life to see to it, that you get there…”



And now, the ‘Some kids here are liars, who dare to be different kinds of people when in church… and when at school with friends (where fanaticism is generally a leading reason for ostracism), so they are Christian liars!’ gambit.

“You’re a PHONY and a HYPOCRITE!”

…well I bet the Church tithes go towards your fucking kickass car, mansion and appetite you self-righteous bitch… you are trying to deliberately emotionally destroy a room full of kids to make them pliable to your agenda. WTF is your PROBLEM?

“ You do things you shouldn’t do, you talk dirty just like all the other kids talk dirty…  And it’s time to clean up your act… come up here and get washed!”

Yes, she does indeed have a water bottle. There are kids panicking to get washed clean. There are kids in tears…

“Because we can’t have phonies in the armies of God…”

Hold up, why must you perpetually refer to these children as soldiers?
It’s really disconcerting, how are the parents not seeing this shit as dangerous?
…also, God is supposed to be a peaceful, loving dude who forgives… why does he need an army? Why children? What sins are you hiding  she-of-the-pubic-coif?

 There are kids chanting, in trances,  in tears, having physical symptoms, having convulsions, falling to the floor, freaking out, so emotionally distressed… they CANNOT cope, swaying like they’re not in this reality…


“Father we wash them with the water of your word! We say Devil, no more! Say it boys and girls! Name it,repent! Name it! You know what you need to be forgiven for… name it, SAY IT OUT LOUD!”

…how… 1984 of you. 
What’s next? Rat-cages? 

Oh, look, kids are being lead out one-by-one to admit what they did wrong, and then pray under scrutiny… what the fuck…


Finally, that bit ends.

It’s storming… hah, the original anti-storm prayer failed.
Perhaps you should have left an offering for Ororo/Storm of the X-Men. 

Kids having fun in the dorms in the dark, being kids…

In comes asshole man, telling them not to have ghost stories because “Ghost Stories don’t honour God!” 



She’s editing a powerpoint… two slides… one says SIN, th othr DEATH… the latter she’s trying to augment with a font that allows it to look as if DEATH i dripping with blood.

Hang on, back the fuck up friends… is not the entire point of your religion… that if you do right, Death is NOT to be feared? There’s an Afterlife with Heaven and the like? Why make children fear dying?
Children die everyday around the world… and you, madam would make a fucking terrible terminal/hospice-styled social worker… 

[‘Well I’m sorry Timmy… you’re going to hell when the cancer comes for you tonight. You just wouldn’t take my aggressive religious propoganda to heart what with all this false-optimism and ‘enjoying your time remaining’ nonsense you keep pulling instead of reading the Bible and this book on Creationism I keep leaving here after every visit…’ 
Okay but seriously there are religious assholes who volunteer at services/hospitals for the terminally ill, and try to bully the patients into converting (to ‘save their souls’) which in no way takes into account the patients needs or care… it’s self-righteous nonsense and if I hear any of you are pulling this stunt… you’d better start running now.]


…and the punishment for a good, sinless life is ALSO death… what is your POINT here? She feels very technosavvy having mastered three slides… it’s kind of sad to look at.


“This generation,  particularly is a sight-and-sound generation… and so it’s very difficult for them to sit down with a book and a tablet and pencil and try to learn the way we’ve learned. ”

Alright, so if we’re the can’t-sit-still-to-learn generation… all of us, in a giant, genderless lump… what’s your generation? The bigoted, can’t-work-out-my-email-without-help-from-previously-ragged-on-younger-generation-member’s-help generation?

I just… why do adults perpetually do this.

She’s holding a fucking Barbie and Ken ‘Adam and Eve’ set… this is her version of Engagement. Try a laser pointer and some pixie sticks, it’ll get them moving…

“ They learn VISUALLY, They learn by demonstration…”
(shifts Ken!Adam and Barbie!Eve about to show them off). 

Oh god, she’s using a fucking balloon to symbolise God breathing ‘the breath of life’ into Ken!Adam’s nostrils… this hurts… she’s so SERIOUS…

“I tell the kids, ‘If you want to become a better Christian and have your spirit-man be STRONG, there’s certain things you need to do.. if you pray everyday…’” (pauses to blow balloon up more, it is our spirit apparently) “ ‘your spirit man will get stronger. If you go to church  and learn more about God…’” (more balloon blowing up), “ ‘your spirit is going to get stronger!’”

She now tarts to let the balloon deflate via the classy fart-iculation methodology. To emphasise what happens if you don’t read the bible, go to church or pray… which equal a weak-spirit-man…

For people who claim that transpeople don’t exist, she sure goes on about having spirit-men inside us… we’re all secretly dudes on the inside, huh? 
Et tu, hypocritus.


She has an arsenal of silly crap… I would misuse them all to be pro-sin…


Okay, her views on how kids’ minds work are hella offensive; like they’re idiots that can only be taught by shitty analogies. I would fight her. Immediately. 


During the morning grace, the man with the queerest voice I have ever heard (possibly on a pray-the-gay-away plan with the church) said the following to a room full of kids:

“And Lord Jesus we plead your blood over our sins and the sins of our nation. God end abortion, and send revival to America! Thank you Jesus, amen!”

…sir… sir I think you have some other things you may want to discover about yourself if you took a moment and put the religious propaganda aside… 

Not only that, but it’ not the first prayer, either. “Let’s pray again!” he shouts over the room. Some of the kids are trying desperately to eat in-between the never-fuckin-ending graces and prayers… let them eat, you dickbag. 


Ah, rat-tail boy is now preaching rising up with all your heart.

What if… I rose up and dealt with your rat-tail, son?  What does the Lord think on that one?


Oh, it’s ‘fun-time’ now… but like, why the ominous threat of ‘being different people after tonight’? that sounds like…  something very disturbing.

“How many of you want to be those who give up your lives for Jesus?” says the fat dude who probs wouldn’t give up his third burger to a starving homeless orphan. 

What fun?


“we’re going to break the power of the government! They came to your schools and they took Jesus OUT of your schools… but what they couldn’t do is take Jesus out of your hearts!” 

So your plan is to smash shit… because you are upset that school chose logic over fables? Um, okay, but anyone else who tried that sort of mindset, gets eithe th naughty stool or arrested. Great conflict-resolution ideas.

The ‘Holy Ghost Hammer’ smashing ceramic cups of sin… you couldn’t just play musical chairs? 

Kids making proclamations before smashing cups.


The chanting and swaying is back… kids are crying… one little dude on the floor seems to be having convulsions… little kids are highly distressed…

They’re breaking Satan’s power over the government.

Oh, girls out the front are trying to use the Force. Someone keeps screaming JESUS, kids are crying… oh look, trance states… 

“Unlike Mcdonalds, this isn’t about how fast you can go through the drive-through, you gotta cook a little!” 
o… what you’re saying is you’re hungry right now and making shitty analogies based on food fantasies happening in your head rn? It happens to the best of us… but REALLY?

GOD I A HAMBURGER, MY FRIENDS, you heard it here first.



Sir… sir, I’m going to need to see your Working With Children Permit… NOW.


Kids are back to wardancing. There’s camo paint on their faces.

How are parents okay with this?!

She’s screaming THIS MEANS WAR over and over, empowering small children to kill for God.


Rat-tail boy says, “Whenever I run into a non-Christian, there’s alwayssomething that doesn’t eem right about them…” 
No offence son, but you look like your parents were related and can’t seem to make a sentence without including God, Jesus or Christian in it… they’re probably more concerned about whether you’re going to flip out and shoot everyone in the name of the Lord… 


Okay, so… why are Rat-tail boy one and Rat-tail boy 2 wandering around, alone, in caves (with camera crew, but they are not registered guardians) without proper camp counsellor supervision?


Oh god, I forgot this part…

SO THEY HAVE THIS CARDBOARD CUT-OUT OF GEORGE W BUSH… and they treat it like he’s alive and there. Encouraged to talk to him.

“Welcome President Bush, we’re glad you’re here” kids chorus.at the prompting of this wrinkly old lady who looks like she missed Jesus’s call only by shear fact that her hearing aids weren’t on at the time (and she can’t work her new-fangled voicemail).

They’re blessing Mr Bush now, and she’s encouraging them to run around touching him… because he is Jesus’s avatar in parliament. 

Now she’s encouraging them to point at the cutout and remind him, “Mr President, it’s ONE NATION UNDER GOD!” 



The Part I Hate Most.

The Pro-Life, I’ve-Never-Taken-Biology-In-My-Life asshole, speaker.

Who the FUCK invites an anti-abortion avocate to a CHILDREN’S CAMP? 

WHO?! No one Normal?!

Most of these kids are young, and the rest have never received roper sexual education… they’re just fed ‘it’s a mummy/daddy thing’ and ‘all life is sacred/starts at conception’ crap… even if they have no concept what conception is. Most never get the heads up on periods or puberty, either, becauese it’s somehow shameful…

But this guy, I actually want to physically fight.


So here he is… he’s wearing a red t-shirt with a hand-written ‘LIFE’ on it.
Note: he’s a dude. Easy for him to be o anti-abortion/pro-life… he just has to ejaculate and his part is over… 

Everything he says, with actions:

“I’m really excited to be here tonight, I usually talk to big people, but tonight I gedda talk to probably the most important generation in American History. Whoa! And I’m not just joking, where’s the young man? The young man with the long-hair?”
(looking for Rat-tail boy in audience) 
“Come here son. Stand right with me, what’s your name?”
[Rat-tail boy: Levi]
“Levi? Wow that’s a great name, Levi… you like Levi’s name?”
[Audience agrees]

“Here’s the deal, before you were born… God knew you. Extraordinary, he said this, ‘he said he formed you in your mother’s womb’…”

Spoiler Alert: Most of the kids don’t know what a womb IS, asshole. No proper sex ed other than abstinence-only. 

“You’re not just a piece of protoplasm…”

[Apparently he watched ghostbusters instead of taking biology?]

“…whatever that is…”

[Cute, but we know you watched Ghostbusters, motherfucker, too late to back out now.]

“…not just a piece of tissue in your mother’s womb. You were created intimately, by God…”

[So uh, apparently the whole sex thing is a shame and reproduction as we know it is a lie… gonna do it anyway, but hey, God’s making all the babies from here-on-out]

(Keeps making creepy faces at audience, supposed to be clownish to engage the children… comes off ‘I will take you behind the shed-ish’. Not a joke, creepy)

“Isn’t that incredible?”

[Yeah, actually, incredible, un-credible… impossible given how the human body actually works, your words…]

“God wrote a book about your life, and he wrote… ‘Levi, Levi would be a god-seeker from an early age and he would become a voice that touched America. And he would not sell-out, in his teenaged years, he would go for God all those days and he would be a man of prayer and in his twenties he’d begin to shake things real strong for God within the nation. God’s dream -the novel of Levi’s life!- signed, God.’ “

[I don’t know where to start… planning out the kid’s life… telling him not to ell out when the speaker and preachers are all evangelists with fancy clothes/cars/houses and their followers are poor (wonder how that happened), the fact this reads like a letter I once got from an unmedicated, delusional, god-fearing friend before she ended up re-admitted for her own safety…]

“What do you think of that? Pretty cool, huh? You’re pretty cool!
Now listen to me you guys, since 1973 up to 50 million babies never had a chance to fulfil the dreams God had for them before they had a chance to live their lives. That sad, isn’t it…?”

[So… just abortions… or do we count the children dying all oer the world everyday?
What about infants who are carried to term and killed at birth by gvernmental iofficials in China and similar places? What about the mothers in Africa and India who are foribly sterilised after a certain number of children and left to die of infection?
What about the baby girls of China, of India, of Africa, of many impoverished or war-ravaged countries where their worth is not seen as great as that of a male child, who are killed at birth or abandoned? The mass female infanticide that has thrown off the population figures, because they cannot be fed, or are seen as a burden… and the girls who ARE rescued and placed in orphanages face, dim, awful lives in poor coditions… those ones are counted, yes?

Oh, wait, no… you’re talking about the handful of women/transmen/agender persons and young teenaged uterus-havers who have had an abortion for any reason whatsoever. 
Well fuck you, sir… you will never know the complex situation of being pregnant when you do not want to be, and those people DID. Some of them maybe even wanted to be pregnant but had to have medical abortions for their own safety/health… pregnancy is incredibly dangerous.

AND, in America, it’s super-expensive.

‘Give it up for adoption’ doesn’t count… unless you have a family lined up and waiting, who will pay the medical fees… it’s not feasible for some people? And what if baby isn’t the perfect little bundle of joy? Adopters will find some other pregnant teen with a healthy/perfect baby, and leave you with a child whose needs couldn’t have been met even if they were born as average as any inant.

Those teen mums that your kind always bitch about anyway, demanding they stop being sluts or get jobs… where you would once have talked them into having the infant over abortion… now baby is here, you couldn’t give a damn about it!
The theoretical child, the cluster of cells in a uterus you do not possess or have ownership of, is more important to pro-lifers than the resulting child. It’s so paradoxical it boggles the mind. 
Not to mention, abusers can often use pregnancy to trap a female/uterus-having partner into remaining in the relationship; a biological tether, as it were. Or maybe they have six kids already, and he won’t gt a vasectomy… but (as a controlling arse) won’t let her have a hysterectomy as it’s against god’s law… but she’s over having kids. Maybe it was rape or incest or something horribly traumatic.
Maybe it’s medical. Financial. Or maybe they just don’t want to be pregnant.

And, it’s the damndest thing but… that’s their fucking right as sentient human beings with bodily autonomy. Babies are medically, parasitical creatures… they form inside the host and steal nutrients; like any parasite; this can cause detriment to the host, which occasionally results in necessary termination.
There are a lot of factors to consider… or not, because if you don’t have a uterus, you don’t really have a right to say anything about it. It’s that simple????]


“…you know a third of your friends could be here tonight, but they didn’t make it…”

[Um, alright… where to start?
1 in 20 fertilised eggs form correctly/start cell division in a manner that might form into an embryo. The majority(19/20) end up flushed out in a period, and miscarriages happen all the time -which a lot of Pro-Lifers like to use as evidence that a mother was sinful or undeserving, the vultures.
Two, how the fuck are they friends if they are hypothetical?  They could be the next Hitler/Donald Trump, that was thankfully remove as a cluster of microscopic cells? How dare you pull this on kids?]

OUT COME THE BIOLOGICALLY INACCURATE EMBRYOS... NEWSFLASH, MOTHERFUCKER, we don’t start out as microscopic fully-formed babies that enlarge over 9 months and the fact you are knowingly perpetuating this bullshit is just sad.

“A person’s a person, no matter how small…”

Look at this bullshit:


“God has a dream for them, like he has a dream for you.
You ee that? It’s kind of awesome! Look at that! Seven weeks old!”

Fully-formed baby at 7 weeks:


“Tonight, I believe, something is gonna start tonight that is gonna change America. Seriously, kids I believe that you are the beginnings of a movement that can raise up in moral outcry and overthrow abortion in America. Would you like to be a part of that kind of company?” 

Kids delightedly cheering. All attempts to teach them biology in future will fail. 
[I wonder how super-religious pro-life couples cope during their first sonograms… 
‘Um, where’s the baby?’ 
‘Ma’am, that is your baby, it’s only 8 weeks, though.’
‘No, it’s supposed to be a baby…?’ demands the father. ‘What is this thing?!’
Sonographer stares at ceiling bc they are sick of re-educating pro-lifers… gets out set of biologically accurate fetus moulds. ‘Okay, so when conception starts…’]

NOW hE PULLS OUT ALL THE STOPS… This is the part I disagree with most… to get them to show their dedication to not having abortions/allowing others to have abortions… he, creepy pro-life dude, pulls out RED DUCT TAPE.

What does he do with it? Scrawls ‘LIFE’ on a piece with a permanent marker, and then starts slapping them over the mouths of children.




They repeat it louder.

And the girl (pictured above, weird needs-a-psych eval girl) starts shouting they need Blood, Blood, God demands Blood….

After a lot of chanting about Abortion is sin… the fat preacher lady returns:

“You made a covenant with God, tonight, that you’re gonna ray to end abortion in America. Don’t take that lightly, don’t be a promise-breaker, on’t be a promise-breaker… be a history-maker.”

Wow, fuck, they’re all kids and you lay THAT on them!


Magically fully-formed from conception fetus + pro-life/anti-abortion band:

These kids are so brainwashed it’ll take years to iron out the kinks.

Oh, and I was right, JUST AMERICA.

Screw the people in the other countries, it only matters if uterus-havers in america (people with their own minds, rights and sentience) dare to choose not to be pregnant or cease being pregnant for whatever reason…

How dare you (a bonafide human being with needs and a future) offend a bearded dude in the sky who may, or may not even exist…  by choosing to exercise your right to bodily autonomy?!


And then they go on to watch an evangelist in a mega-church (who clearly is far richer than his poor congregation… hmmm, wonder where he got all that money?), he talks to rat-tail boy.  
Rat-tail boy and some others LEAVE The ChURCH CAMP with Pro-Life dude (and seriously where are the halth and safety people on this, he could just take them anywhere? He can just check out kids like library books for any purpose? Are the parents aware?)  to go protest abortion in the snow, highly inefectively. 

Then cut back to preacher-lady talking about the success that the camp was, proud of herself, etc.

A memo that the camp was investigated and shut down for child-related abuse/issues after this was shot. And that fat preacher lady clearly continued to do youth-based preaching after anyway. 



We made it to the end, Fam. 

Witchy Self-Care for Finals (or whenever!)

It’s no secret that I’ve been going through a pretty rough mental health patch. And with final exams this week, that is not a good thing. But because every cloud has a sunbeam behind it, it inspired me to create this witchy self-care guide for whenever you really need it. (Prob going to be a long post, sorry.)

It’s real important for us to keep up our self-care routines, if only because our body is the conduit through which magic flows. If the channel is damaged, our magic will suffer. 

Eat small and eat often. Our brain needs calories to function. Food is energy, it is not the enemy. But if preparing food is just too much work, try eating small meals that are easy to prepare and clean up after: instant oatmeal, fruit, instant potatoes, cheese and crackers, etc. Add spices/certain elements for intent. 

Limit caffeine. Don’t completely cut it out bc then you’ll just have withdrawal and be miserable. But try subbing coffee or energy drinks for tea. When in doubt: water is the best option. If you can’t stand the taste- try adding mint, lemon, or other fruit to match an intent. 

Don’t sit in the same place all day. I am hella guilty of this, but we are not sedentary creatures. Even if you’re studying like a madman, get up to stretch once an hour. Try to take a walk everyday, get some time outside. Again, if you’re really really low energy: you can do stretches in your bed. Try these.  If you really need a break or stress removal- try to do a full workout vid. 

Please sleep. Even if it’s a little bit. We cannot function on no sleep. It limits brain activity, and you won’t be able to perform at your best. If you can’t relax enough to sleep for 8 hours at once, try sleeping in short intervals. Anything is better than nothing. Try sigils, herb sachets, sleepy time tea, to relax. 

Bath magic! When we’re low energy, it can be difficult to devote time to making spells work properly because we can’t channel enough energy towards our intent. This is perfectly normal, but can be frustrating. Bath magic kills two birds with one stone. It’s a low energy form of magic, you get clean, and relax all at the same time. Try @recreationalwitchcraft for some awesome ideas.

Hope these help! Add more self-care ideas to the chain. Every little bit helps, you never know who will read it when they need it most. 

Many blessings- Kate.  

anonymous asked:

RIARKLE WITH "You know you are in love when the two of you can go grocery shopping together." PLEASE

okay i have way too much material for this one so we’re gonna headcanon it out babe this is gonna be hella long prepare yourself i’m so sorry

  • so riley and farkle have been dating since their junior year of high school right
  • and now they’re in college and riley is at harvard for english and women’s studies and farkle is at mit for biological engineering with a minor in planetary studies fight me on this
  • and they survived their freshman year perfectly okay and they saw each other all the time bc the campuses are close but like it wasn’t enough
  • it’s a 20 minute walk from mit to harvard and it was just too far for these lil babes they’re so in love i cry
  • so they get an apartment together in the fall
  • it’s a little closer to mit than harvard bc farkle’s labs usually start at 8am and it’s never fun to start the day off with a 20 minute walk while carrying a ton of books and lab equipment
  • riley’s cool with it tho bc the apartment they found has a lil courtyard and she likes doing her reading there
  • so they both still have meal plans at their respective schools bc sometimes they’re running between classes and just don’t have the time to make a packed lunch in the morning or go back to the apartment
  • but they always keep food in their fridge and bring back take out from their dining halls
  • and then midterms hit
  • let me tell you
  • it’s disastrous
  • the floors are covered with crumpled notebook pages and somehow there are highlighter marks on the walls??????
  • riley’s reading two novels a day
  • farkle says chemical equations in his sleep
  • riley literally forces him out on the couch one night bc she can’t take it anymore she’s gotta memorize shakespeare’s soliloquies not the periodic table omfg
  • it’s all school all the time and they barely remember to talk to each other let alone eat
  • but the week ends and riley is finally done!!!! she has finished her last midterm!!!! hallelujah!!!!
  • she comes home and she’s like “i’m going to have cold spaghetti and lots of ice cream and chocolate and i’m going to watch that pluto documentary again bc i am FREE
  • but she gets home
  • and opens the fridge
  • and nothing’s there.
  • absolutely. nothing.
  • riley literally screams as she stares into the empty fridge and scares her neighbors and they come check on her
  • two hours pass and farkle is finally back from his organic chemistry exam and riley is in the same spot
  • she literally has not moved she’s still staring into the fridge
  • “riles, babe, what are you doing you’re wasting energy stop”
  • “who cares”
  • and her voice is so quiet and broken that farkle gets so worried like omfg she blanked on her midterm the essay was terrible she completely bombed it whAt hAPPENED
  • so he runs over to the fridge and looks inside and i s2g he screams even louder than she did
  • and now these two are just screaming into the empty fridge and the neighbors don’t even bother coming over this time
  • riley slams the refrigerator closed and fucking runs to grab her purse and drags farkle out the door as he’s searching up local grocery stores on his phone bc they are not adults they don’t go grocery shopping send help
  • while they walk there riley is mentally compiling a list of all the things they need and boy is it long
  • this is never happening again riley matthews will not allow it
  • they walk into the shop and it’s like 9pm and the place is basically empty and farkle just stares at the aisles and goes “what the hell do we do now”
  • “we buy everything”
  • riley and farkle each take a cart and start on opposite sides of the store and just go at it like it’s a competition
  • they literally run through the aisles and pull everything they could possibly need and five minutes later they meet in the middle and survey what they got
  • “farkle we are not buying coke and mentos”
  • “you don’t want to make stuff blow up in the courtyard?”
  • riley has to pause and seriously consider it before she makes the executive decision that no they are not risking getting thrown out of their apartment halfway into the semester and puts the items into a basket of things to put back
  • farkle slips them back into the cart while she’s not looking
  • she wants to blow stuff up after this hell week he knows she does
  • “how many boxes of peeps did you get???”
  • he just rolls his eyes and puts them in the cart bc let’s face it he could never say no to riley especially when her eyes are so bright and he finally sees her real smile for the first time in two weeks he missed her he loves her BYE
  • so they get the coke and mentos and peeps and a bunch of other basics like milk and bread and butter
  • but then they’ve gotta put back everything they aren’t buying
  • and let me tell you these two make the employees puke from cuteness they are so adorable
  • farkle pushes the cart of food while riley carries the basket and they hold hands and she leans her head on his shoulder as they walk
  • every time riley puts back an item farkle whispers “goodbye” to it all lovey dovey like and she just smirks and rolls her eyes and gives him a lil shove but then wraps her free arm around his waist while he wraps an arm around her shoulders and kisses her temple
  • they’re basically all cuddled up walking through the grocery store aisles
  • at one point they get to the cereal aisle where they have to put back this weird new organic cereal farkle picked out for some reason
  • call it the effects of studying organic chemistry for 17 hours straight
  • but it’s on the top shelf and farkle, though he has grown quite a bit since middle school, is not tall enough to get to the top shelf
  • so riley just turns to him all confused like “how did you even get up there????? is my boyfriend actually a robot??? it’s been like three years how have i not known this?????”
  • and he just shrugs nonchalantly and says he was on a mission
  • so riley fucking climbs on farkle and somehow weasels her way up to sitting on his shoulders so she can reach the top shelf
  • “wait, riles, no” “what are you even doing???” “riley you’re pulling my hair” “that’s my face, thanks” “ow oh my god COME DOWN JUST PUT IT ON THE BOTTOM SHELF NO ONE CARES”
  • but no miss riley matthews is on a mission of her own and places the cereal box on the shelf and throws her fists up in victory
  • farkle almost tumbles over from the force of it omg
  • and he’s begging her to come down so they can get back home but that was their last item to put back and riley decides she likes it up there so she remains sitting on his shoulders
  • she tilts his head up and bends over to give him an upside down kiss and it’s all very cute and that’s how riley is able to sit on farkle’s shoulders while they check out and she plays with his hair and kisses the top of his head the whole time
  • the cashier doesn’t even care omfg the place is closing in five minutes and they’ve gotta clean up and the cashier is hella tired but these two are so cute she doesn’t wanna end this it’s the highlight of her shift
  • but riley’s gotta get down so they can leave so she clambers on down off of farkle and takes some bags and as soon as get out of the store she basically starts making out with him
  • like straight up pressed against the wall of the store with the grocery bags in their hands making out
  • and it goes on for like five minutes before they hear the employees start to leave so they break apart and settle for resting their foreheads together
  • riley keeps her eyes closed and just savors the moment
  • “i missed you”
  • “i missed you, too”
  • “midterms suck let’s never do them again”
  • riley bursts out laughing and just loops her arm with farkle’s and they start to walk back to their apartment
  • when they get back it’s like 11pm so they put on some music and dance around while putting away groceries
  • they throw things back and forth not the eggs tho and sing at the top of their lungs the whole time
  • once they’re done they just collapse on the couch all tangled up together and they wake up there the next morning and the music is still playing and then they realize that they never even ate dinner last night oh my god these idiots are so IN LOVE BYE

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pairing; doll/mannequin!jihoon x creator!reader

summary; No man has ever caught your eye. You saw them as stuck up, annoying, disgusting and arrogant… That is, until Jihoon began to function without strings and fingers to pull them.

word count; 1,421

a/n; wowie! haven’t posted any of my works for weeks! my biggest apologies everyone, im v busy w school and work. im currently in bed w the flu so ive been writing a butt ton all day! im tagging @fairyjeons​ bc she’s beyond excited to see this! <3

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anonymous asked:

Can you give me any tips for highschool? I was stressed out last year enough to scare my teachers and I don't want that to happen again. And I know after high school theres college and thats even more stress full.I'm planning to take mostly AP classes is there any way to manage the work?

youve come to the right place, honey, i am someone who took 6 ap classes my senior year of high school. (at the end i will talk about college)

so, youre gonna take mostly ap classes !! bravo honey !! ap classes (though most of the time students are put in them bc of their parents) are a wonderful way to challenge your academic abilities through a higher form of study which are at a mock-college level. here is tumbler user nedleee’s declassified school survival guide: high school edition, ap volume

1. DO NOT PROCRASTINATE. this is the golden rule. tattoo this to your fucking arm, okay !! procrastination is the number one cause of stress and panic among students, especially ap students. let me tell you my personal experience with it: david gave us a project during spring break, it was due one week after spring break, i didnt do it until the night before. erica gave us a BIG art timeline project, i procrastinated until the thrursday before the due date which was a friday: i did not sleep at all, i was sluggish and half-dead all day. this is what killed me during my last two years of high school, and i am sure if i didnt procrastinate, i’d have much higher grades !!

2. Time Management. This is quite literally the most important, and most overlooked, part of an ap student’s life. ap classes can have two extremes: generally have more homework than regular, or, no homework at all. I suggest getting a notebook planner (none of that digital shit, tho, bc writing it down helps the brain remember it and add a greater sense of importance to it), and writing down all of your assignments, due dates, bell schedules, etc. Manage your time in order to make sure you have sufficient amounts of time for each thing, while making time for yourself and social stuff and rest and eating. DO NOT: do all of a big assignment all at once (ie: reading a book, an essay, etc), because this leads to the assignment being sloppy, inadequate, rushed, and you might learn something later on and think “damn, i should have put that in there.” It is much better to allot your time and assignment so that you do a little bit each day up until the day its due, that way it’s more structured, organized, and will have the sufficient information. 

3. Extra Curricular: This goes along with time management, my advice is this: dont. I always always suggest people do their extra curriculars during your first two years. Unless you can manage your time to the point where you can go to a club, a sport, or a job, I wouldnt really recommend it because it can deprive you of down time and rest. The body and mind needs rest in order to function well, and to be able to perform better academically. Youre better off studying all semester responsibly and adequately rather than cramming and pulling an all nighter the day before a final. 

4. Take the Advantages. If the teacher offers extra credit, TAKE IT. If the teacher offers a re-take on a test: TAKE IT. If the teacher offers a tutoring session: TAKE IT. And please, for the love of all that is pink and frilly, if you do not understand something or are troubled, ask the teacher for help. Pull them aside and say “Can I talk to you after school for some help.” Chances are, they will help and will do their best to. I know we can be shy, we can feel our hearts beat and our palms sweat and think that theyre gonna think we’re dumb and dont know how to pay attention, but dude, do it. I know, when I walked up to david for the first time and asked him to help me on my essay, i was nervous, i was scared, i had trouble talking and babbled out “I need help on this.” I went after school with him, he broke it down for me, reassured me and basically made me feel more comfortable about my essay writing. And this goes a long way. I can easily say that that was one of the main reasons i was able to make such an outstanding essay to the point where he even said that it is the best final project he has ever received. 

5. AP Tests: They are scary, yes they are. Make sure you eat a good meal before hand, relax, and do your best. Let me tell you what erica, cindy, and david told us, “if you dont know it by now, there’s really nothing else I can do.” sounds harsh, but theyre right. Think about it this way, you go to bootcamp. You train all those weeks, months, etc. all for the big day when they assess your strength and ability. Youre not gonna just hyper-exercise for three days before the big day, no. That’s ridiculous. Youre just gonna be very tired, sore, and unable to do good on the big day. What will make you do good, is making sure youre trying hard every single ay and training yourself well all throughout the time at bootcamp. It’s the same thing for an ap class. Mike Wazowski it all year long, study every day, do your works, etc, and you should be fine. If you need to, retouch on some subjects you remember struggling on previously in the class. As for AP Test Study books, yeah theyre okay, but I feel it is better to rely on what youve done throughout the year. Bc ap tests of all types all have one thing in common: it’s about analysis and application, not solid memorized information. You may disagree and say “oh, but ned, you gotta remember shit for ap art history, nah?” Nahhh. Yea, there is always memorization involved, but let’s say I see a painting on my art hist test and i have nEVER ever seen it. I can say, hmmm, well, the lighting in this looks carravagist, so it is from the Baroque period !! There is no religious symbolism in it, so it is Dutch Baroque, not Italian Baroque. Who was a famous dutch/flemish baroque painter? Rembrandt. HEY! LOOK AT ME !! I ANALYSED A PAINTING AND ANSWERED THE QUESTIONS CORRECTLY EVEN THOUGH I DIDNT KNOW THE PAINTING. WOW !! 

6. Sentimental shit: I know it’s hard. Trust me, I’ve been there. I’ve taken 10 ap classes. Ive struggled a lot, and I have had instances in which my personal life made things ten times harder. I’ve stayed up late at night crying, ready to give up, ready to kick the bucket and just struggling. Ive cried at least 6 times in my ap chem class. ive lost days of sleep bc of ap art history and us history. BUT YOU HAVE TO KEEP ON GOING. JUST FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, DO NOT GIVE UP ON ME, CHAMP. I know youre gonna cry, youre gonna get mad, youre gonna fall, I KNOW. I know we each have differences that make life harder for us, whether its poverty, domestic abuse, mental/physical illness, low self esteems, family problems, death, etc, but i know im gonna sound like a total douche, but thats life. life is not gonna be served to us on a silver platter, its not always gonna cover your eyes and walk you through things, we cannot avoid everything, no matter how much we want to. life is gonna kick us in the ass. but you have to take this in stride. remember your little victories, youre outstanding performances, the fact that you will sHINE. You know that piece of paper that your principal is gonna give you at the end of those four years. yea. Thats what its gonna be. That paper is not just a paper saying “hey~ generic high school kid, you made it lmao” it is saying “You know what, champ, you fucking did it. You fucking did it. All those nights you spent along in your room crying while doing an essay and marina and the diamonds was on repeat on your ipod, it was fucking worth it. youre here, the bulk is over !! colleges are practically on the floor BEGGING you to go there. you did your best, and you fucking made it. I’m proud of you.” And you know who is gonna be saying all that? You. Because throughout all this, you were your greatest ally. 

AND NOW COLLEGE: this is what I observed from college so far. It’s one million times better than high school. Why? BECAUSE YOURE ALREADY HERE, AYYYY. Something that I loved about what college does, at least mine, is that they say, yes, learning is important and all, but you have to have fun and relax and enjoy yourself. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. SO GO OUT AND PLAY JACK. STUDY NOW, PARTY LATER.

And from what I’ve learned is that, the bulk of the people who suffer in college, and it pains me to say this (and it makes me look like a douche) brought this upon themselves. They were the ones that decided, Nah, im not gonna study right now. Nah, Im just gonna chill in my dorm and do nothing. Nah, Im not gonna take advantage of office hours and not ask my prof for help. Nah, im not gonna go to that cool concert on campus. Nah, nah, nah, NAH. stfu, get involved, have fun, take advantage. Dude, youre an adult know, have fun. And studies do show that students who get involved and bond with their profs do much better and have much higher gpas than those who dont. 

Apply for your scholarships, buddy, dont be like me and apply for none. (Though I was lucky to get a 15,000 cal grant and the chancellor’s scholarship via recommendation, as well as a few pell grants). 

Stress is gonna come, its inevitable, but if you manage your time wisely, understand why youre doing all this, and keep your goals in mind. You wanna know what mine is? To become financially successful. My motive: i grew up with a family that is “well-off” but financially strained. We’ve had eviction scares, everyday my dad half-heartedly thanks the lord that our insurance covers almost everything bc if it didnt, we’d be done, my mom and dad had to sell their wedding rings, and we move so often. 

Get your goals, get organized, and go hard, but dont go home.

You can do it, champ, I know you can.


Game; pt. 2

Jeon Jungkook. 1444 words. Fluff.

Part | 1 | 2 | 3 |

❝ Recounting every little moment he spends with you. ❞

Originally posted by minpuffs

“So you’re here.”

It’s ironic because this how you first talked to him; you hear him before you even see him. The only difference is, he plops down next to you onto the grass. You don’t expect the tree you’re sitting under to have some magic power to make you invisible and shield you away from the searching eyes of Jungkook. But you hoped that you could get through today without having to meet him, especially not after what you’ve just heard and walked away from.

“I searched everywhere in the library.” He mutters mindlessly, oblivious to your prominent silence.

At that, you can’t help but scoff. It’s kind of like an instinct, call it sixth sense. Just like people allergic to cats sneeze in the presence of mere cat furs, you scoff at the presence of bullshit.

“You don’t think I have places to be just because I’m a nerd?”

“Well, no. You’re always there, so my first thought was to look for you there.” The dark haired boy tries to explain, disregarding the tone you’re using.

“Of course.” You roll your eyes. “What better place to look for a nerd than inside a library?”

Jungkook’s head finally turns your way with eyebrows knitted together over your uncalled for hostility. The only time he’s ever received such coldness from you was when he first mustered up the guts to walk over and talk to you.

“Why are you saying that? Like it’s an insult to be smart and intelligent.” He frowns, somewhat offended by the way you’re addressing yourself.

Which you find completely hilarious coming from the guy that makes bet on you because you’re the definition of what he’s getting offensive over right now.

You scoff again, though this time, it turns into laughter. But in spite of that, he sees right through you; he sees the bitterness underneath your heartfelt chortles, the malice he knows is directed to him somehow. He’s always known you’ve always had a spiteful side to you, and to be honest that’s what he likes about you. You see things black and white and speak your mind, but he’s got to admit, being the one on the receiving end of it isn’t so pleasing.

“Really? I mean, you sure don’t think that intelligence is a good thing. If you were, you wouldn’t be placing bets and treating us like a joke, would you?” Jungkook’s eyes widen to the point that they would almost fall out of their sockets.

His lips part but no words come out, he just sits there, staring at you with a whirlwind of emotions flashing across his dark eyes, gaping like a fish on land. It’s then that what little hope you have left perishes away, blown by the wind in the clearing.

“I gotta say; nice one.”

He stopped coming.

Jungkook stopped coming to the library since then and it’s been a whole week. The library again gains the tranquility and undisturbed silence without him. No more does the librarian have to look up from the book she’s reading at the counter, push her glasses up as her eyes land on the table you usually occupy and shush the boy sitting across from you.

The next day, you spot something on the table at the exact chair you sit at every other day. You’re about to take another seat, in case the usual one is already taken and the person uses the paper bag to mark it. But your eyes catch the little note attached to it that has your name written in a handwriting no worse than yours and you instantly know who it’s from.

’_____. If you won’t talk to me, read me.’

Day 1.

Inside, there’s Oreo with another piece of paper, written horribly on it is,

‘I’ll be the Kookie to your Oreo and you be the cream to mine.’

You raise your eyebrows, doubting his level of intellect but gives up and slips the note in between the pages of the book you have with you.

Jungkook hadn’t seen you smile so wide until now. You’re basically an oozing happiness, munching on the Oreo he brought with him.

”You like Oreo?”

”I like them better than I like people, yes.”

Day 2.

A day after that, you find another paper bag at your seat yet again with a cute little red velvet cupcake in it.

‘You’re like red velvet; fierce on the outside but sweet on the inside.’

And just like yesterday, you slip the note in between the pages of the same book from yesterday─ though you really don’t know why since that sure isn’t a good start to forgetting the fake friendship you’ve established with him.

“What’s your favorite cake?”

“You called me just to ask that? Don’t you have anything better to do like catch up on your studies?”

“Just answer the question, damn it.”

“Red velvet. Because it’s yummy.”

And you keep finding food there every time you come into the library. You swear the librarian’s a part of this too because you come in during her shifts so you know she sees Jungkook sneaking in─ unless he’s made truce with her and promised not to cause any disturbance so he can just waltz in instead─ and put the paper bags at your table. Because let’s be real, as cool as flying paper bags sound like, the world has yet to create them and humanity has yet to become slobs in moving chairs just because they can get anything with a press of a button.

Like it or not, you find yourself looking forward to his notes more than the food it comes with and that really means something because you love food.

Day 5.

An apple.

'You’re like a fruit; gross but good for the body.’ Even though sometimes you feel insulted by them.

“My mom packed me an apple.” Jungkook pouts.

“An apple contains phtyto-nutrients, and anti-oxidants, dietary fat that helps prevent absorption of dietary-LDL─ It’s good for you.” You finalize when you see him gawking.

“Okay.” He smiles, biting into it willingly and joyfully.

Day 8.

Mac n’ cheese.

“Your eyes are like stars in the galaxy.”

“That would indicate that my eyes generate light which is a lie because I still can’t see in the dark.”

“… I thought girls like cheesy lines though?”

‘You once said─’

─“The only cheesy I like is on my macaroni.”

And sometimes you find yourself smiling alone reading them.

Day 12.

Happy meal. Literally.

'You’re like happy meal. You make me happy.”

You end up laughing by yourself reading the note, capturing displeased gazes and ones that question your sanity.

“Aren’t happy meals for kids?”


“… Right, I see no difference either.”

Day 15.

Unlike the past two weeks, the paper bag is empty with an exception of the usual note.

'Under the tree.’

It doesn’t take a genius, though you’d like to think you are, to figure out which tree; it’s the one you’ve made known of your knowledge on the bet and walked away after having the last laugh despite the joke being on you. He wants you to meet him there.

But instead, you open your books and begin studying. Because there are only two things you chase in life; one, it’s a 4.0 GPA and two, it’s ice cream trucks.

The library usually closes at 7:00 PM and you usually get out three quarter after six. There’s barely anyone else on campus but you still pass by people scurrying along on campus ground every so often on your way to leave.

And it’s times like this, when you’re taking a leisure walk and feel like your brain is fried enough to even think about anything education related, your mind wanders off to a particular boy with the rosiest lips you’ve ever met.

Is he still waiting?

Jungkook sighs, weighing the wrapper of melted vanilla ice creams in his hand. The solidness of the tree trunk he’s been leaning against is starting to get to him. Lifting his arms in the air and crossing them, he intertwines his fingers as he stretches.

That’s when he sees a pair of black and white sneakers coming to a halt next to him. With eyes of wonder, he looks up to meet yours, his jaw falling in surprise.

The fatigue you see that settles on his features, the tired sigh, all goes away at the sight of you and needless to say, your heart explodes when his lips upturns into one of those boyish smiles, his eyes turning into mini crescents.

Yes, he is.

Author’s note; tbh when i said i might or might not make part two, i really wasn’t gonna make one in the first place bc sometimes you just get so lazy yanno? so here’s to the ones that messaged me; thank you vv much, you don’t know how much it means to me. knowing that you’d take time out of your life just to do it, i just can’t not make part 2 now can i? tho this probably calls for part 3 lmao.

snowflakehyojin-deactivated2016  asked:

!! Prince!woozi !! It will kill me but !!!

I wasn’t as fond of this one but hope you like anyway!!

  • He’s actually quite a lot like Prince!Suga
  • 100% sure they’re part of the same royal family XD
  • He’s extremely cold looking most of the time 
  • And very straightforward and blunt
  • So he’s slightly feared by the subjects
  • However he actually has this adorable, ridiculous side
  • He just doesn’t show it often bc people need to understand - when he’s in work mode (aka 99% of the time) he doesn’t have time to be nice and have fun!!
  • Nah jk if you get to know him he can be surprisingly sweet
  • No one understands him bc he’s forever sleepy and stays up working all the time but despite the lack of sleep he gets so much done to a high standard.
  • Omg his clothes
  • He looks good but there’s meaning to all of his clothes
  • For example his dress shoes that have such high heels that they’re almost women’s shoes
  • All he wants is to look taller
  • He also likes to wear those long coats and robes - the white ones with all the gold embroidery and the epaulettes and stuff?
  • He especially likes how they sweep behind him on the floor (even though it makes them a hell to clean)
  • It gives him a sense of power and authority
  • He’ll wear white suits underneath and they’re always so crisp and clean
  • Top that off with the golden crown he wears every day bc he’s a proud man
  • He’s extremely conscious and mindful of his appearance, in short
  • He just feels that as a prince, it’s his responsibility to give a good image
  • He doesn’t realize he’s naturally beautiful I mean
  • Beautiful <3 (that pose tho XD)
  • On rare/special occasions he’ll wear a black or grey suit and holy shit he should more often that’s all I’m saying
  • Thank you high quality image
  • look at his hands holy shit he really is a little suga
  • Anyway
  • He stays in the castle most of the time, only going out if he really must
  • When he does go out he generally looks stoic and uninterested so people tend to stay away
  • But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t care
  • Like once he saw a homeless family outside 
  • He felt really bad for them and gave them a proper meal 
  • Aka feast wow
  • And a little place to live near the castle
  • Bc he’s very rich and actually very sweet
  • He does a lot of speaking at meetings and gets involved in whatever he can like he isn’t ruler yet but he has quite a bit of control and influences many big decisions
  • He’s extremely passionate about what he does
  • It’s so admirable
  • Right so in his spare time he likes to read
  • Like A LOT
  • The royal library is kinda just his library
  • No one else really goes in there
  • You’re hired to keep the books in good condition and keep them organized and stuff
  • He really loves the classics
  • Like he reads a lot of Shakespeare and shit
  • At first he’d only go in there every few nights before bed, maybe like once a week
  • But then he actually got his nose out of the books and noticed you
  • His first thoughts were ‘she’s cute’
  • And it was unfamiliar to him bc he’s never really liked anyone properly before
  • Like one day you were sat behind your desk reading Hamlet and like he’s been reading Hamlet
  • He just feels this connection suddenly
  • So suddenly he goes there every night
  • He stays there for like 2 hours
  • And there are so many places to sit but no
  • He chooses to sit as close to you as he possibly could without giving himself away immediately
  • Cute
  • He’s so calm and cold all the time but around you…
  • One foot in that library and he’s a shy blushy mess
  • And half of the time he isn’t even reading
  • He’s glancing over at you when you’re not looking (almost all the time) thinking you don’t notice
  • Every time he does he’s ever got this soft, thoughtful smile or this wide, admiring grin
  • And you do notice
  • You have no idea how anyone could possible be scared of him bc omg is he adorable
  • Besides checking you out he also spends a lot of time wondering how he could approach you and speak to you
  • He’s 19 but has never been in love or dated or anything
  • He’s never really known girls
  • So he decides to turn to his best friend Soonyoung (who is also his archery teacher ayyyy)
  • They spend like a week coming in for hours at a time and planning everything out
  • They’re not subtle about it
  • They do it all in the fucking library
  • At a table kinda close to you
  • In earshot, anyway
  • But he’s trying so hard and it’s so cute so you feign ignorance
  • This prince who generally knows everything and is good at everything is getting nervous and doesn’t know how to approach you
  • How can someone be so freaking lovable?!
  • One night, Friday, just as he planned, he comes in and goes straight to your desk
  • Notice he’s wearing his highest shoes
  • And his black suit
  • He’s left his crown off too
  • He thinks it makes him more approachable and casual looking
  • You put the book you were reading down to give him your full attention
  • And once your eyes meet his his little smile disappears and he freezes and he’s stuttering
  • He’s getting really flustered and blushing and it’s the cutest thing
  • ‘Hi, Sir Jihoon. Can I help you?’
  • ‘Um - I just - Hamlet?’
  • He has like no game and you can’t help but giggle
  • Cue Soonyoung face palming behind the large plant he’s hiding behind
  • ‘You’re really cute’
  • You drop the formalities because as soon as you said ‘sir’ before his nose scrunched
  • And even though he was already getting embarrassed you could tell it displeased him
  • Anyway you’re trying to take control 
  • He does not look happy when you call him cute either
  • ‘Hey, I’m not cute. I’m badass.’
  • He puffs out his chest and tries to look confident whilst he mentally curses himself but you aren’t buying it
  • ‘Oh, ok cutie.’
  • ‘Shut up. You-’
  • He’s bright red by this point as he tries to compliment you
  • ‘You’re way cuter
  • He mumbles it and all the words kinda just string together but you understand
  • And now it’s begun
  • Like he seems a lot more comfortable already when you respond with a kinda flirty smile
  • You’re actually very intrigued and confused bc even before speaking to each other, you were seeing the side of this “uptight” prince that just about no one else saw
  • ‘Jihoon, I’m guessing you didn’t come here to talk to me about Hamlet.’
  • ‘No… but you’re j-just so pretty it was hard for me to-to find my words.’
  • He keeps stuttering 
  • He’s surprising you bc you can tell it’s hard for him to give compliments and stuff but here he is being a sweet lil muffin
  • ‘Oh really? Thank you…’
  • Great now you’re getting shy too
  • You’re both just smiling and blushing as you both struggle to overcome this sudden shyness you share
  • ‘So your name is Y/N, right?’
  • He’s giving you this fond smile and trying to lighten up the kinda tense atmosphere
  • The way he’s looking at you is making you MELT
  • ‘Yeah’
  • ‘Even your name is pretty.’
  • I swear he is bad for the heart he’s that sweet
  • ‘Um… so do you… maybe… wanna go out sometime? Tomorrow’s Saturday and I know you like to go out on Saturday mornings, so…’
  • He’s getting embarrassed again and hiding his face and you’re just like
  • Wow omg how does he know this
  • You’d find it creepy but there’s nothing creepy about him he is such a cinnamon bun
  • You agree in a heartbeat
  • Like how could you say no
  • How could anyone say no like please
  • He winks at you then he cringes 
  • You’re trying not to faint
  • Suddenly he runs out and Soonyoung pops out and you can see them through the window leading out to the corridor
  • They’re jumping around and screaming “SHE SAID YES!! SHE SAID YES!!’
  • Turns out he’s a huge dork, and you love it

I loved writing this he’s such a cute lil thing inside and I just can’t XDD Hope the fluff makes up for the upcoming angst which will be Jeonghan ;)

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Head Down Low (Eleven)

Summary: Dan isn’t right. He’s not like most of the others, he’s not genetically pure. He has no destined path, he has nothing going for him in life. He’ll be lucky to get himself a job in a fast food kitchen, and everyone looks down on him like he’s a piece of dirt stuck at the bottom of their shoe. Except one person: Phil Lester.

Warnings: Non-con/dubcon, later consensual sex, mentions of depression and low self-esteem, references to ocd, references to ptsd

A/N: this chapter is a bit of an info dump, but dont worry bc u get 2 chapters this week so it makes up for it c:

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Dan throws his bag onto the floor. He flops onto the bed, burying his face into his pillows.

He hasn’t been able to wipe the damn grin off his face all day, and even now he’s smiling into his pillows. His stomach has been constantly turning and churning in the best kind of way, and his legs feel like jelly every single time his mind wanders to thoughts of Phil.

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anonymous asked:

So the other day I was like "What if Enjorlas loses a bet to Grantaire and he has to wear a flower crown for an entire meeting"? and I thought maybe you'd like it and could expand on it bc I just really love Enjorlas' curls. They are just begging to have flowers in them <3 (bonus points if its e/R fluff bc Im a hopeless fangirl)

I really liked how this was turning out until I got to the last bit and had no idea how to finish it well. But here you go, anon! :D

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anonymous asked:

I'm crying I totally see Riley doing that!!! I need more headcanons pls, can you share some others??

Okay um since you specifically mentioned liking Riley’s actions

  • Sometime in 11th grade, Riley makes it her goal in life to absolutely destroy Farkle at everything she possibly can
  • They’ve already been dating for like a year so no one knows what really set her off
  • But she has to outdo him at everything
  • And half of him finds her sheer determination and stubbornness adorable and the other half of him has to defend his pride ya know???
  • So he also gets into it and they become that Super Competitive Couple
  • (The only difference is neither of them really actually cares if they loose or not they’re mostly doing this for fun lmao)
  •  They do this over everything, but of course grades are important since their parents already had them competing with those and they’re in most of the same classes
  • But it continues on after they graduate high school
  • And college
  • Are you ready to play: ‘Who Can Write The Best Wedding Vows?’
  • (No one could pick a winner for that one bc everyone was crying)
  • And literally on their honeymoon they’re racing to see who can reach wherever they’re going first, or who can grab the bill first at the restaurant, or who can name the most (useless) facts when the nerds tour a museum on their honeymoon
  • At some point it’s literally like “Which of these dorky newlyweds can find the best for sale apartment first?”
  • The have a 7 year old daughter by this point and she’s so incredibly used to them that when she starts hanging out at friend’s houses she’s so confused about why their parents are so chill and not dramatic
  • It gets way to real
  • They slap the table instead of buzzers to yell out the correct answer
  • But the dorks don’t wanna loose right so they keep trying to sabotage each other
  • Like shoving their hands away from the tables or throwing pillows at each other
  • Their children get so used to it but every now and then they’re like “c h i l l” and Maya, who’s over visiting for dinner is cracking up not only at her ridiculous best friends but also the fact a bunch of little kids under the age of 10 are telling them to calm down
  •  They’re both very successful in their chosen career fields and sometimes they try to see who gets mentioned more in the news lmaooo
  • “Hey Farkle our anniversary is tonight so I booked us a reservation at the most exclusive restaurant in town!”
  • Farkle, who brought a swivel chair into the kitchen for this exact moment, spins around with a smirk on his face and a plate in his hands
  • “That’s so interesting, honey, because I already prepared a gourmet five course meal why you were at work.”
  • “You Bastard.” 
  • They time how fast they can drive their kids to things and compare notes at the end of the week lol
  • One Christmas Maya surprises them by booking them to be on an episode of Jeopardy- she made the profiles and took the practice tests without telling them, and the two of them just have to show up for the audition
  • They act just as ridiculous as they do at home and it makes the producers laugh so much they get on the show
  • Their episode ends with them in a tie it seems the end times are near
  • So the producers are like “Kay well we’ll just bring them both back at a later date to settle it and see who progresses further” except they tie AGAIN
  • It’s a nightmare really
  • But they’re having a lot of fun so who really cares
  • (The internet is split into #TeamRiley and #TeamFarkle it’s fucking fantastic)
  • And the Jeopardy War doesn’t stop them from competing over anything else (Like Maya had lowkey hoped it would)
  • Nope they get worse
  • One day Farkle comes home after picking two of their daughters up from a party. They’re met at the door with Riley and the other two girls holding water guns at them threateningly
  • The Great Minkus Water War becomes a yearly family tradition after that
  • Don’t even get me started on holiday decorating
  • Don’t even get me started on buying presents
  • “Who Can Make Their In-Laws Love Them More?”
  • guys this is getting away from me add onto it please