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so i saw your post about fire weapons and you said flaming arrows don't work bc of totally logical reasons. i was wondering why they're so common in tv shows and movies if they don't actually work? historically, were they ever actually a thing people used?

It’s called Rule of Cool. They look good, they look neat, they look dangerous, and they make the audience go “oooh”. Hollywood is a terrible place to look if you want reality, Rule of Cool is the decision making process behind 90% of all combat in all movies ever made.

The most important thing you can ever learn when looking at and consuming any entertainment media (or any media, really) is that unless specifically stated it’s relationship to reality is tangential at best. Real violence, for example, is fast, brutal, confusing, often boring to watch, and provides little in the way of entertainment value. They just aren’t fun to watch. You know what is fun to watch on screen though? The crazy ass Flynning duels from the Errol Flynn movies. Those big, huge, wide sword movements which make zero sense from any rational combat perspective but are easy for the viewer’s eye to follow.

Television, movies, and even books are about creating an entertaining experience, that is their primary goal. Any relationship to reality they have is at the direction of whoever is in charge of production and dependent on how much they cared about being faithful to what they’ve drawn inspiration from. This isn’t just combat either, the vast majority of ships seen in science fiction would be unable to function in space because they’re relying on rules that require either liquid or an atmosphere.

Movies want to convince you that what you’re watching is real, so you embrace the setting. They want cool fights, not real ones. That’s their stated goal: entertainment. Never trust entertainment to show you reality.

However, that doesn’t mean these movies and television shows and novels are lacking in value. They have entertainment value.

There are entire subsets of weapon categories fabricated wholesale by Hollywood purely because they look good on screen. See the swords wielded during the Golden Era of Hollywood for reference. They aren’t “real” weapons, they’re fabricated. This doesn’t change the fact they are perfectly suited to their purpose which is to look good on screen.

Audiences have become obsessed with “realism” and “realistic” more as a means of pointing out why one piece of media is superior to another when in reality neither of them are connected to a world that actually exists. In fannish conversations, “realism” has about as much weight as “chemistry”, it’s a vague definition used to discourage conversation or alternate approaches that violate a specific worldview.

Unless the creator has specifically stated an intent toward historical accuracy (and is backed up by historians), you can assume nothing you see on screen is “real” or has a basis in reality. Outside, you know, the stunt team and the specialists they hired to put on the performance.

Entertainment is built on being enjoyable and fun with just enough basis in reality to convince you to buy in and suspend your disbelief. I just happen to like knowledge because the more I know, the better I am at creating and choreographing convincing falsehoods.

Writers are liars. Our primary purpose when telling stories is to entertain, and a flaming arrow to the neophyte’s eye seems a lot more deadly than a regular arrow. Also, flaming arrows mean the prop team gets to figure out how to “safely” set thatch roofs on fire.

The director gets an epic fire filled scene of rampant destruction to sell to the audience and the prop team gets to have lots of fun.

Win, win.


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fave thing about the wonder woman movie is that steve trevor isnt there bc diana needs a man, hes there bc diana deserves love and bc it gives the veiwers a real idea of the pain she would have to feel by outliving all her friends. showing her in the future wouldnt be enough we had to actually see that she had lost someone she cared about and then we would make the connection that she lost everyone else too. it also shows that a woman loving a man doesnt make her weak, bc most women in superhero films are only there as love interests but diana was not only a whole person and the main character but she loved someone and was still strong and powerful and important and he helped her morally decide things without making it seem like she couldnt make decisions of her own and honestly its the most empowering and precious movie ive ever seen im still crying

Guess who saw the Lego Batman movie on Valentines day.

This was the best Batman movie that there will ever be.They’re not going to outdo it ever. It was beautiful. It was about how important the Batfamily is and Robin being adorable and Babs being awesome and Alfred being a Dad and Bruce being a Younger Dad and EVERYONE KNOWS THAT IS MY JAM.

Also like, weirdly followed the trajectory of most Batfamily arcs I have read in the comics. (Batman has a family, Batman pushes said family away bc he’s afraid of losing them. Batman realizes he is wrong, they get back together. It just didn’t have the essential Bruce-Dick yelling match and a fight where they break Jason’s case and then stand around feeling guilty but you know. other than that exactly the same.). 

The only thing I didn’t like was ship-tease between Bruce and Babs because NO WHY DO WE KEEP DOING THIS. Though at least this version of her seems to be the same age.And it was entirely onesided. Babs didn’t seem interested. She’s hooking up with Black Canary in every universe we all know this. 


I’m going to see that multiple times. I. LOVE. THE BATFAMILY.


• gets hella hyped for this holiday like as soon as Christmas is finished he’s excited about the upcoming one like seungcheol!!!! chill!!!!
• like he buys 200 advent calendars so that he could always be counting down for Christmas 25 days at a time aw
• but this upcoming Christmas was the most important for him bc he gets to spend it with you and it has to be the best Christmas you’ve ever had!!!!!
• makes you watch marathons of cheesy Christmas movies on the couch all day and he’s more into it than you.
• “jagiya, let’s be like them too, okay?”
• and even though it’s a Christmas movie and everything ends happy in those, he always goes through an emotional roller coaster bc of it like he’ll be so depressed and crying in the sad parts but like ecstatic and crazy when it ends happily ever after what a cutie
• goes full on hard out when it comes to decorating, he’s got like a whole shed filled with tinsel, wreaths, etc. and is always going on about using them ALL otherwise they might feel left out
• draws an entire plan out about how he wants the house to look bc if the members come over to visit, then it has to look better than what they got
• told you he didn’t need a star or Angel on top of the tree bc your the star of his life and an angel that came from heaven :))))
• doesn’t know what to get you at first but asked his dongsaengs to find out for him and report back, but you caught onto it real quick and told each of the boys different things and it just really confused the poor boy
• like dino came back saying that you wanted a necklace
• but jeonghan said you wanted a huge teddy bear
• but hoshi said you wanted socks???
• you on the other hand found it so easy to get his present bc he’s been making it so obvious, he’s been eyeing this one mixtape for ages. not to mention the fact that he tries to drop that word every chance he can.
• wears reindeer antlers and a red nose wherever he goes bc he’s ‘seungcheol the red nosed reindeer’
• tries to make you wear ugly sweaters with him, like those itchy stuff you get from your grandma and you literally have to sleep with one eye open bc you know this boy will probably try put it on you in your sleep.
• got REALLY excited when it started to snow and literally dragged you out of bed and dumped you on the snow and started chucking snowballs at you and yOU WERENT EVEN READY LIKE STOPPPP :(((
• but eventually you came to your senses and started to chuck them at his face as well YAY
• dislikes the fact that Christmas is only a one day thing and it’s at the end of the year and he gets rlly sad bc of it
• spent all day shopping when it was Christmas Eve bc he didn’t have time to buy the members presents so he went all out on that day and you didn’t see him until like 9pm
• when he got home he immediately declared the two of you go to sleep or else Santa won’t come and you just laugh bc ur boyfriend is so cute and go to sleep with him
• when it’s finally Christmas Day he’s literally on top of you, prying your eyes open and yelling in your ear BC ITS CHRISTMAS!! he then proceeds to contact everyone he know wishing them a v v v v merry Christmas at like 6 in the morning. He THEN opens the door to the world and yells out MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALLLLLL and all the neighbours are like SHUT UP
• you two celebrate Christmas with the members and their family and it’s just filled with laughter and happiness and all that good stuff
• when it was time to open presents seungcheol handed you this MASSIVE bag and inside was all the things the boys told him you wanted and you were in awe bc omg did he actually buy it all and you were flustered and happy and AWJSJWJSISM
• when he saw what you got him, which was the mixtape he nearly cried and was like HOWD H KNOW I WANTED THHIS MY LOVE??? and ur just like in ur mind idk I just guessed, it definitely wasn’t bc of the many times you pretty much said it
• then later on in the night, seungcheol sneakily out a mistletoe above the two of you and started wiggling his eyebrows and winking at you and you wanted to be a tease and walk away but he just grabbed you and kissed you happily.
• “this has been a Christmas to remember, thank you, seungcheol.”
• “I love you.”