bc this is priceless

in all seriousness, the next one is gonna have to work so hard for my time and affection bc that shit is priceless and i’ve given it away for free way too many times. he doesn’t see a future w me? no. doesn’t make plans for us? wrong. doesn’t want me to give him a son? move along.


2 years ago, 13 beautiful boys blossomed in the korean music industry…

two years ago they were known as the monster rookie seventeen.
a little over a year ago, they won for the first time in a music show.
around half a year after that, they won for the first time in a public broadcast.

today, they are known as the icon of youth seventeen.

#2YearsWithSEVENTEEN #세븐틴_2주년_영원히_함께해


the evolution of hongki’s reaction to what is obviously ftisland’s “favorite” single /s

last night at prom after the candles were blown out and everyone was sitting at the tables there was a couple dancing in the middle of the dance floor and drunk me spots this guy standing not far from them so i go up to him and we start dancing

the couple next to us was dancing to the slow song and there was me trying to take the lead with this guy who was a good head above me like , , i did my best to switch roles and everyone was laughing it was fantastic !!!!

once the song was over tho i tripped back to my table and a classmate of mine yells ‘go kiss him!!!!!’ and i scream back ‘i’m a lesbian!!!!!!’ and basically that’s how i came out to everyone

Was talking to my dad today about SNL this weekend and he was like “oh, I loved that celebrity jeopardy time warp skit - whoever played mick jagger was dead on.” And I kinda looked at him funny for a bit, I guess, cause he was like “what’s with the face??” And I was like “well, that was harry styles” …. I wish I had recorded my dad’s face bc it was priceless for my dad to finally realize that, in that moment, he, too, loved harry styles

Youtuber!Jin as a Father

It is time for the next series, which I’m s o excited for !!! I’ve wanted to do this for a couple weeks now so I’m rea d y as fuck, to start us off, as he always does is our prince himself, the cutest sweetest lil muffin with super cute eyes and an adorable personality and a pRECIOUS SMILE (fight me I love his smile his so much) Kim Seokjin aka Jin

  • For the original youtuber!Jin post, click here, for his proposal, click here and for father!Jin, all of the father related posts are here
  • For everyone that hasn’t read the original father!Jin post, he has one daughter aka his princess
  • Just a quick summary of original youtuber!Jin post, he has a cooking channel where he does recipes, food reviews, mukbangs/eating shows, all the food related things
  • His channel has the Nerdy Nummies/Feast of Fiction feel to it
  • Most precious duo tbh
  • Super tiny and super tall
  • Forever carrying her, he has to learn how to cook using one hand bc she wants to see everything he’s doing and he spoils her a l o t
  • Always always always has a mini apron on, even if she’s not doing anything but watching
  • She’s a stylish lil bby too and his viewers l o v e seeing her in his videos bc they know she’s gonna look super cute as always
  • She’s always in dresses if she’s not in her pajamas and her hair is always in really cute hairdos, lots of braids, lot of buns, lots of pigtails and she almost always has some form of a hair accessory, a tiny bow, a bigger bow, a hairband, a flower clip, a heart clip, anything
  • She’s in almost all of his videos once she’s old enough
  • Even if she’s off camera, you’ll still hear her lil voice that’s so soft and cute and Jin’s a pretty loud person so she’s equally as loud but then bc she’s a toddler, that gets amped up even more so silence is a rarity
  • There’s literally one moment in a video where she just screams off camera (she had gotten excited about her favorite show coming on) and he doesn’t even blink
  • During the first year or so, he doesn’t have her on camera too much but she makes plenty of brief cameos, especially in his live streams bc then he can’t edit things in or out
  • You can see the exact moment you come into the room carrying her in his older videos bc you’ll just see him look off at something beyond the camera and his eyes will get all soft and he’ll always (a l w a y s) get a really wide smile
  • But after she’s able to walk around and talk more, she’ll normally be in his arms or looking at his set up in fascination bc there’s a camera and the viewfinder is turned towards him so she can see herself in it to keep her distracted while he goes through his recipe
  • They get to watch her grow up, which is one of his main reasons for having her in his videos
  • He loves his subscribers and he’s very close with them and they’ve been able to see a lot of his life journey, they got to see the proposal, the pregnancy announcement, they knew the gender of the baby and the name before she was born so they have a very close bond with him and he feels the same
  • But on top of wanting to share that side of him with them, he also wants to be able to look back in ten, twenty, thirty years and be able to watch his bby grow up, be able to watch the video where the two of you announced she was born and watch the video of her first steps that he’d accidentally caught on tape while he was filming a mukbang/eating show and have all of these memories to watch forever
  • She helps a lot in his videos, as much as a toddler can help someone cook
  • “I think we should add more sprinkles”
  • “Bby you added the entire bottle of sprinkles, we don’t have anymore”
  • She always gets a lil snack bowl that normally has a bit of whatever he’s making (a couple chocolate chips if he’s making cookies, some carrots if he’s making a stew, etc.) to keep her entertained for when he’s doing the actual cooking part and has to go near the stove/oven
  • Bc he’s v v protective over her and he is not about to let his bby near fire, that’s gonna take like another ten years tbh that’s not happening for a while
  • He spends half of the video just giving her chubby lil cheeks kisses and laughing at her antics like she could literally just blink and he’s giggling he’s so in love
  • Lots of zooming in on her face bc he R EXPRESSIONS ARE PRICELESS
  • We’ve seen some of the faces Jin makes, imagine a tinier version of that in a polka dot dress with pigtails
  • They make faces at each other a lot, he’ll look over at her and she’ll just make a face so he has to do one and then she does another and they end up standing there for ten minutes just squishing their faces around to make the other laugh
  • He teaches her how to do his outro (blowing a kiss at the camera bc Jin) and he spends about five minutes laughing every single time she does it bc she’s so cute she’s his lil mini me
  • Lots of dancing while waiting for food to cook, a couple of dance offs that he leaves in the video
  • There are a lot of really really sweet moments too, along with them goofing around
  • There’s this one moment where he’s stirring something and she walks up to him and hugs his leg just to hug him, there are a lot of moments where she’ll lean over and kiss his cheek to get his attention, there are p le nt y of moments where she won’t wanna be put down bc she loves being in his arms so she just lets her head rest on his shoulder and her tiny hands are grabbing onto his shirt and she looks so comfortable and happy
  • Filming with a toddler is never gonna be the cleanest event but he somehow always ends up with food all over his apron, he bakes a couple of sweets with her and he walks out with flour e v ery whe re, it’s in his hair, on his shirt, on his socks and he’s not fully sure how it happens he just knows after filming = bath time
  • So every year, Jin does a Halloween video where he dresses up as something
  • If you think he is not gonna take the opportunity to have family costumes, you’re in for a suRPRISE
  • His first ever video was a Mario themed video so for bby girl’s first Halloween, he dresses her up as Peach and he’s Mario and you’re Toad or Yoshi
  • And the next year, you all dress up as Toy Story characters and then the next is Finding Nemo and so on
  • And every year, he does a Christmas video as well where he’ll normally wear some reindeer antlers or a Christmas tree hat or anything Christmas related so he gets one for bby girl
  • “You’re my favorite present”
  • His favorite video he’s filmed with her is the video he makes for her birthday, where he’s baking her a cake bc there are so many precious moments in it
  • She’s got her lil birthday dress on, it’s all princess and her hair is done in such a cute style and she has the new teddy bear Jin had given her that morning in her arms and she’s just so excited about everything bc she’s starting to grasp the idea of birthdays so she knows she’s gonna get cake and lots of kisses and hugs and the entire day is gonna be about her (which is pretty much everyday bc Jin’s wrapped around her tiny finger)
  • She’s s o giggly in it and she gets to decorate her cake once it’s cooled down and he could honestly just watch the video over and over and never get bored
  • “Happy birthday princess”

Phil tries so hard 

when u and the squad waits for the light to shine and it shines and u guys are like “yOOOOO…lets do it again”