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hey @eightmonkeys , y’know that au where laurens lives??? i can totally dig that :^^)))

(( On August 5th, 2016, I posted the introduction post for this blog! Ahhh I can’t believe it’s already been half a year, so much has happened (except.. plot… which I just finished kicking off. RIP.) and I don’t really know what to say except thank you! Thank you all for sticking with me this long! Here’s to 6 more months of your local Buff Lizard Girlfriend and Hissboy. <3 ))


there’s a good reason these tables are numbered honey, you just haven’t thought of it yet // panic! at the disco

keep on crashing into you

pairings: draco/harry, ron/hermione, dean/seamus, marcus/oliver, with background luna/ginny and neville/hannah
setting: canon universe, new year’s celebration
word count: 3176
a/n: erin writes fluff??? something cute to ring in the new year! Happy 2017 to everyone, I hope this year will be kinder to all than the last ♡

“Ronald, don’t tell me we’re going to be late!”

“You’re the one who insisted on driving!”




“Potter, I know you’re all for good intentions,” Draco starts picking at one of the champagne corks, “But in what universe is ‘invite all of my friends, who happen to, at least, highly dislike my boyfriend, to a New Year’s party’ something that’s even in the slightest margin of smart?”

Draco could tell Harry was purposely avoiding his gaze, choosing instead to check his watch, and then the door.

“Shouldn’t Ron and Hermione be here by now? There’s only thirty minutes left until the countdown.”

Draco bites back a snort. “Mm, yes, what a tragedy.”

He glances surreptitiously at the surrounding bar from their corner, noticing how Finnigan, Thomas, and Longbottom were swaying and singing along with the performer on the newly installed wizarding television in the bar. A gaggle of redheads - the Weasley crew - were attempting a many-limbed dance led by one of the twins.

“Personally, I think one missing Weasley doesn’t make much an impact.”

This time, Harry did turn a glare on him. “Are you really going to be like this?”

Draco sighs - as uncomfortable as the whole ordeal had been initially, plying all the guests with alcohol had significantly decreased the amount of tension, to the point where Longbottom had awkwardly patted him on the back and told him, in the fashion of a gentile grandfather, to “treat our boy Harry right”.

And Merlin only knows, he’s aware of how much Weasley and Granger mean to Harry.

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in which raphael is an heir to a hotel empire and he likes to take his rockstar boyfriend simon on trips around the world. parsons students clary and izzy always tag along  (even when they’re not freaking invited). 

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if someone took you on a date, where would you want to go?

Okay hot damn this just ? Blew my mind ?
I finally went on a date ???? Holy shit sorry you don’t even understand how dead I am right now ???

Sooo like I’ve dated quite a few people now ?? But none of them asked me out on a date ???
And I FINALLY HAVE ! okay sooo um tbh I’m good going anywhere on a date tbh. If it’s with my girlfriend

We went to the aquarium together and that was super fun! And also a concert! And we walked around the park. And then we did a ton of stuff with Bri that I’m also counting as dates: going shopping, going to red rocks and taking pics, park again, out to eat & get ice cream a ton, etc etc


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top 6 things you like about me ;) lol just kidding. Top 6 poc characters :)

1. iris west
2. bellamy blake 
3. zay babineaux
4. magnus bane 
5. amy santiago 
*6. j’onn j’onzz 

top 6 about u ;) 
1. youR FUCKING NAME. like, god i love your name. 
2. your edits are always amazing *BIG HEART EYES*
3. you didn’t think i’d do this, did you? you’re super unapologetic for who you are, i rlly like that. 
4. your stance on representation in the media. 
5. your icon/URL bc damn 
6. hella cute. 


hey kids, wanna buy some memes

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