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Do you have a preference of DC over Marvel? Just curious. I think your muse choices are diverse and pretty cool

oOPS, am i that transparent ?? l o l yes i do tend to connect more with dc as a whole than with marvel. i think marvel has just really disheartened me lately with the shenanigans they have been pulling whereas dc is just more consistent? i mean, even when they’re letting me down, it’s still something i’ve dealt with ever since i started reading dc comics, whereas with marvel, they just have been making a plethora of bad decisions all at once and it’s been a little overwhelming. but even if they hadn’t, i think i’d still be dc af just because i connect with the characters in dc comics a lot more than i do with the characters in marvel comics (kate obviously being an exception) SO YEAH. i am dc af and thANK YOU friend i love my children

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Okay. OKAY YES PROMPTS. Based on your tags on my prev ask... "Hey pal whats new" wherein synth shaun's havin a kind of down day, and Deacon comes along and puts on the dad/uncle gloves and tries to lift his spirit with totally-not-dad jokes, and maybe slips in actually advice with them. Bless your deacon lovin soul.

((I HOPE THIS IS OKAY– Writing Deacon’s pov is a little new, I’m usually writing from Sol’s! It was fun though!))

“Hey, Pal, what’s new?”

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Hi! Submitting again bc I’m hella cute and bc I realized I have literally Every Cluster B PD


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Psssst the reason the boys don't break eye contact with u is bc ur hella cute

NAHHH MATE i thought this might have been the case but it happens whether im all dolled up and walking to a party or if im sweaty and in my gym gear. it aint an attraction thing its a “im a dude and ur a girl so im gonna make u uncomfortable” thing

I was tagged by @sebootypoppin tyyysm xx

1. blonde or brunette: Probably brunette
2. winter or summer: Summer 
3. unicorns or pegasus: unicorns bc @bangtanmeharder
4. black or white: both but probably black 
5. ice cream or cookie: cookie its way too cold for ice cream like fuck
6. dark or white chocolate: dark chocolate
7. lipstick or lip gloss: i live in matte lipstick so hah
8. listening to music or reading a book: listening to music bc my life
9. tall or short: Tall bc I’m hella tall 
10. sexy or cute: sexy…
11. salt or sugar: suga ples
12. glasses or contacts: idk both
13. waffles or pancakes: PANCAKES 
14. tumblr or ig: both my ig is tashaoconnelll i will fb shameless promotion
15. hugs or kisses: both
16. tea or coffee: i love coffee but i am a walking english stereotype so TEA
17. morning or night: night (fuck the morning)
18. heels or flats: i love heals but I’m tall af so i basically become a giant
19. veggies or fruits: Fruits yasss
20. skirts or dresses: both idk
21. smiling or laughing: genuine laughing 

22. chocolate or cake: chocolate kill me

23. vampire or werewolf: I used to think I was a vampire idk

24. fairy or mermaid: idk mermaids + electricity probably dose not work so fairy
25. pen or pencil: Pencils

I tag: @bangtanmeharder @actual-jimin-trash @itsbtass @parkunpi @opsjimin @bts-is-fun @m8please

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Yo punk do you wanna fight?...or cuddle bc I'd feel really bad about fighting you 'cause you're hella cute and nice n' stuff.

PUT ‘EM UP (ง •̀_•́)ง