bc this eye thing is a trend right


#2YearsWithUp10tion ♡

You did it, boys. You freaking did it. These six amazing eras only prove what excellent performers you all are. And yeah, i might not have joined the fandom right after your debut. I must admit, it took me some time to find you in the sea of k-pop groups. But I’m so glad I did. Because you changed my life in unimaginable ways. You gave me hope, a source of happiness and pride and most importantly, someone to shower with love.
For that, I am eternally thankful.

And now I’m here, making this gifset, crying my eyes out at the sight of Wooshin whom I miss dearly. And there you are, breaking records, setting trends, proving your worth every single day. And there we are, Up10tion and Honey10 celebrating a second year together.

I’m always going to support you, whatever you’ll be doing and wherever you’ll be. I only ask for one thing in return. To walk the honey road together with you.