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Boardwalk Empire + favorite villain // Giuseppe ‘Gyp’ Rosetti

Nothing’s personal? What the fuck’s life, if it’s not personal?!

(requested by @meyerlansky)

[ part two ]

episode three: pestilence.

Since when did the rich become such cowards?
What are you doing here? You need to leave the city. ❞
My father gave me this, it will protect you.
We are all sinners.
You are not the only one she has hurt.
Do you love her?
Legacies make great families, not men.
How did you escape the city?
Thank god you’re alive!
What are you doing? Your place is here with your family!
We cannot run from it, not from a thing like this.
You must be exhausted, come and eat.
I am pleased with you and I am proud of you.
Don’t wait around here for me to die.
If God should save anyone it should be the sick and poor. And me.
Make yourself indispensable and no one will find cause to exclude you. ❞  
There are more ways for a woman to be indispensable than in just bearing children.
It is so good to see you.
He is not you.
I value you and you know that. ❞     
Unhand me! You have no right! ❞   

episode four: judgement day.

I am innocent.
I see the money has arrived.
Punch him! Kick him in the balls! ❞
I will light a candle for your soul at mass.
I’m sure you did not mean to start this family meeting without us.
An innocent man fears nothing.
You look so well, what a beautiful dress!
I’m a wealthy man!
Noble power is ordained by god himself, we exist to rule.
Stand up and show you’re a man.
Does our Lord truly forgive all sins?
You used me!
What about honour? My honour?
Forgive me, father, for I have sinned.
You were paid to poison my wine!
We didn’t mean to deceive you.
We invade at midnight!
We have to get you out of here, the family cannot survive without you. ❞
I do not fear death. ❞ 
There is no “us” if you are gone.
Everything can be sacrificed.
You are not the man he is and you know that.
You think noble blood entitles you to rule the world, not anymore.
What have you done?
How could you put your own needs before the needs of my family?
If we leave it broken like this between us we will grow into the break.

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Cesare & Lucrezia in Los Borgias [2006] - [part 1 of 2]

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Rec some blogs? 😅 Maybe some mx writers or monsta x in general. I'm not picky haha

of course!~ and ah i dont actually know many writers bc i don’t read much sorry :( but @mxwriters is the place to go!! (they have some amazing writers^^)

and here’s all the mx blogs i follow~

@chaerismatic @94wons @kittyminhyuk @blackhairedwonho @sonhvunwoo @sonuwoo @hyunqvwon @m0nst4x @shinhosok @moonbebe @ukihyunnie @flowermx@ourwonho @nottechae @shlnhoseok @sleepyw0ns @m-b-b @kkungki @warmwonho @sh0wnu @babywoon @kihyunswife @hotseok @wonkkyun @kukungie @minhyuk1 @kyunie 

&& do check out @monbebe-net and @mxnetwork if you need more because i don’t follow enough :(( sorry bab i hope this was helpful✨

it’s very last minute and not what you guys deserve (bc u deserve so much more ahh!!!) but it’s fic writers appreciation day so I’d like to take a moment and give a smol shoutout to these fantastic writers for bringing us the joy of reading yall’s amazing fics:

so @whythehandbasket, @shslshortie, @aphhun, @makkachuuri, @sagechan, @matsinko, @thatravenclawnextdoor, @ladyspiderqueen, @story-kat, @ladyseara, @for-shou-yo, @rayrayswimusic, @nee-saan, @harmonization, @starrwinter, @apodays, @fuckgrimm, @amaanogawa, @iwritevictuuri, @andramion, @sapphylicious, @icanhinatashouyoutheworld, @mazarin221b, @alexwspark, @the-world-of-illyas-james

I know that some of you have struggled with keeping on writing, some still do even now, and it’s completely fine to struggle or even drop out of it completely so please don’t worry about disappointing us ever, bc in the minds of your readers you are still all fabulous writers and will remain as such for as long as your works are read. and they’ll be read for a long, long time still!!

so thank you for all the multilayered plotlines, the incredible characterization, the sights and feelings you’ve recalled with your writes! thank you for the soul you put into your writing, for hours on hours of your hard work on plotting out, drafting, writing and editing your fic so that we might enjoy the best part of it! thank you for replying to our comments, for all the additional scenarios and the rants in the author’s notes, and liveblogging your writing process! thank you for the other fic content: the art, the playlists, the sequels and prequels! thank you for never forgetting us, the audience, and thank you for - what is most important - sharing your works with us, bc that takes courage and I’m grateful to have been a small part of your journey!

thank you ♥️

hi guys! to celebrate 500 followers, i promised to do a special ‘500 followers follow forever!’. so here they are: all the blogs i love and would definitely recommend others to check out/follow! 

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first i have a couple of very special people, who i consider all to be my friends! some of them i know in real life, others i met through this website. i’m gratefull for all of you!

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u seem to think "pandering to me specifically" is like, a Bad Thing but no. No. the best fic is always the fic the author wrote bc they wanted to read it AKA pandering to their specific interests. the more self indulgent a fic is the better tbh u don't have to apologize for it they're all amazing

youre absolutely right bc authors pandering to themselves specifically is when you get the most unhinged and out there plots and thats really where the creative engine gets going. thank you for the encouragement, i will stop being so self-deprecating in the future =) 

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Some girl in my women and gender studies class said nasty shit about butches today so I would just like to say that I love all butches they are gorgeous and incredible and if a butch girl talked to me I would melt from sheer bliss bc they're all so amazing

butches are fantastic and that’s just facts!

  • <p> <b>me before Pokémon Go:</b> eh I like tall boys with dark hair and similar interests as me i dont care about much else<p/><b>me now:</b> we have to be on the same team. Any other team and my competitive ass will straight up murder him<p/></p>
  • Person: Chen is so amazing! His voice is strong, his high notes are breathtaking, he is a good performer & on top of that he is the most amazing, and adorable person!
  • Me: Yeah :)
  • Person: But he could never be my bia-
  • Me: Unyeah :)