bc they made me mad last week

[ rant ]

My math teacher kinda made me mad last week bc he called out this girl for wearing shorts that weren’t even that short and a half shirt- she complained to him that boys kept looking at her & being gross and he said that it was her fault??? He also said that wearing clothes like that means you WANT people to look at you,ect

…. Like hold up … if someone feels good about their body they’ll show it off, duh. But that doesn’t mean she’s giving people the right to say disgusting shit to her- its the boys who have no self control. People are going to look naturally, yes. We have eyes-
but just because you show a little more skin than usual, that’s not a pass to say “ go ahead and talk to me like im a stripper” or something. i h8 people…

When can female’s wear what they want without getting harassed by people¿¿