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NCT 127 Reaction to You Telling Them That You Aren't Close to Your Father After They Ask to Meet Him

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taeyong ; you two were just walking, hand in hand, when taeyong turned around to face you and stopped you from walking. it looked like he wanted to say something so you kept quiet and waited. “can i meet your father? we’ve been together for a while now and i think it’s time.” you became a little uneasy once you heard his question. you and your father weren’t on the best of terms and talking about him was something that you usually avoided. “we aren’t that close anymore..” you’d start but taey would cut you off and pull you into a hug. “aw i’m sorry baby.”

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johnny ; you were talking with the dream members when johnny called you upstairs to his room. he told you that he had an important question to ask you so you didn’t hesitate to get to him. “yeah?” you made asked him as you stepped into his room and plopped down on his bed beside him. “well i was thinking and i think that i want to meet your father. if that’s okay with you?” “we’re not close.” you spat out almost immediately after he asked the question. even the thought of johnny wanting to meet your father made you uncomfortable. “oh shit sorry…you wanna talk about it?” you nodded and crawled closer to him, leaning into his chest while you started to tell him what was up.

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jaehyun ; you and jaehyun were cuddling, joking around, eating snacks and having a good time when he decided to ask you a question that he knew would probably kill the vibe. “baby, can i meet your father?” he sat up and rested his hands on your legs when you put them on his lap. “why would you wanna meet my sperm donor jae? we’re not close and it’d be really awkward.” you sarcastically frowned. “sarcastic thot why did you never tell me? that’s kind of sad.” he responded. you leaned toward him and ran your fingers through his hair. “it’s okay. i’m okay. i have you.” *touching moment af for jae*

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doyoung ; doyoung sneaked in an empty hallway and video chatted you. once you answered, you started yelling at him about how he shouldn’t be doing what he was doing but what he had to ask you was really important and he wanted to tell you before he forgot. plus he wanted to see your face before he performed. you were his good luck charm. "y/n, baby, the love of my life, wife, i have a question.“ he cut you off. "alright.” you decided to stop nagging and hear what he had to say. “can i meet your dad?” he asked as he continuously looked to his right to make sure that no one was coming. “no sorry, we don’t talk anymore.” doyoung looked startled as if he had saw a ghost behind you “aw what?!”,,, but that was the last thing you saw/heard since he abruptly ended the call. a few minutes later (caught),, he texted you. “we’re talking about this when i see you.”

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taeil ; taeil was playing in your hair when he finally decided that now was the time to ask you about something that he had been thinking all day. “when can i meet your dad?” “never, we don’t talk anymore. it’s pretty sad actually..” you quickly responded. “pretty sad? that’s really sad. i’m sorry that you have to go through that.” learning that you and your father’s relationship wasn’t that good made him kind of,, sad. ;(

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win win ; ya’ll were chilling on the bed, watching cartoons and talking about your future together. win wanted to ask you something since last week but he more scared of actually asking you than hearing your answer. you noticed that there was something on his mind though, so you asked,, “what is it? you look like you need to ask or tell me something.”  he hesitated but asked you the question (Bc It wAs NOw oR nEvEr) “can i meet your dad?” “we don’t talk like we used to anymore, it’d be mad weird.” you sighed, thinking about your relationship w/ your father. “oh! well that’s fine! we don’t have to.” *an understanding bean*

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donghyuk ; “y/n!” donghyuk shouted your name, waking you up. “what the hell did you you wake me up for?” *you were highkey pissed, you were trying to sleep obv* “i just thought of something..” he paused. you sighed,,, leaned your head on the headboard of his bed and waited for him to continue. “i want to meet your dad.” “well that’s not happening, i’m not talking to him,,,anymore. we’re not that,,,close.” you said in between yawns. “spill the beans (lowkey tried to make you laugh but failed).” he said looking shocked and concerned. “okay so…” you started.

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yuta ; “y/n” yuta called your name in a cringey but cute way. you were in the shower but he needed to ask you something right then. “what is it?” you shouted,, not even knowing that he was in the bathroom until you heard him clear his throat. “your dad….can i meet him?” he asked,, leaning on the door frame. “uhh….” you dragged on. “you don’t wanna meet that headass, and i don’t wanna speak to him. we aren’t on good terms” “oh shit, that’s sad. are you okay?” he became concerned. “yeah im okay, i’ve been okay.” you responded. his frown turned upside down and- (c gif) “alright, hurry up and get out though, i’m bored.”

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mark ; you were getting ready to cook mark’s favorite meal since he was in town for the weekend and he wouldn’t be back for awhile after he left. while you were getting ready to bake the cereal, mark snuck up behind you and backhugged you. “i got a question..” he swayed the both of you side to side while he waited for your response. “go ahead.” you said, stopping the water and wiggling out of his grip to get to the stove. “can i meet your father?” “eh i don’t think so, we’re not cool like that anymore.” you shrugged. mark was taken aback but immediately had the urge to hug you. so he did. “why are you hugging me so tight?” you asked, about to die. “i think you two should work things out.” you could tell that he was somehow hurt by what you told him.

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Last year I went to the doctor and the dr literally said "ur almost considered obese, how ab u get a hobby besides eating" and that made me SO mad bc the reason I went was the week or two prior I had to go to the hospital bc my body was rejecting all foods and liquids bc My bulimia had gotten really bad. we just wanted to make sure I was doing better and this guy hits me with that. Makes my blood boil to this day

My jaw literally dropped oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhh i’d smack him so hard he’d need a new hobby besides eating

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[ rant ]

My math teacher kinda made me mad last week bc he called out this girl for wearing shorts that weren’t even that short and a half shirt- she complained to him that boys kept looking at her & being gross and he said that it was her fault??? He also said that wearing clothes like that means you WANT people to look at you,ect

…. Like hold up … if someone feels good about their body they’ll show it off, duh. But that doesn’t mean she’s giving people the right to say disgusting shit to her- its the boys who have no self control. People are going to look naturally, yes. We have eyes-
but just because you show a little more skin than usual, that’s not a pass to say “ go ahead and talk to me like im a stripper” or something. i h8 people…

When can female’s wear what they want without getting harassed by people¿¿